Ammy smiled contently at the small boy in her arms. She had somehow gotten attached to this small child and for the life of her she could not be bothered to care. She already knew she cared for him, very much and she never wanted to let him go.

However, when the soft knocking on the door woke her up from her inner thoughts she looked up at the door with wide eyes before looking back down at the child and felt a very big problem. She was hungry and she knew he was hungry…but she did not want to let him go.

The person knocked again this time harder and louder and it caused the little boy in her arms to squirm lightly and nuzzle more into her with a small groan. Ammy's eyes grew wide as she held him and rocked him to soothe him back to sleep. She looked back up at the door with a little glare and decided to get up, child still in her arms and walk to the door.

She opened the door with narrowed eyes child still asleep in her arms.

"What is it?" She asked sternly, her ears twitching. "You woke up the little boy." The man on the other side of the door blinked.

"I'm...sorry..." He replied. "I'm only here to provide room service." Ammy blinked.

"Well...Perhaps you could bring us some breakfast?" She asked, her tail wagging excitedly.

"Of course, ma'am!" The man replied. "We will have it up shortly!"

"Thank you!" she cheered.

The man smiled and nodded at her as he walked away. Ammy closed the door behind him and smiled down at the small child who was rubbing his eyes. Ammy pouted slightly. 'Darn! He woke up' she wiped it off however when he looked up at her, replaced with a brilliant smile. "Hello little one." She said gently.

"Hi." He said softly still a little sleepy.

Ammy cooed down at him and held him close. "Sleep well?" she asked sitting back down on the bed with him.

He nodded up at her letting out a cute yawn. "ThenksMsAmmy" he mumbled and nuzzled into her.

Ammy felt a warmness enter her she had not felt in a long time. Her eyes grew wide and a warm smile spread over her face. 'Praise! He's giving me praise!'

She was absolutely delighted! It had been so long since she had received any form of praise! Her tail began to wag furiously in her joy, and she let out a bark, despite still being in human form. Harry tilted his head as she blushed.

"Doggybawk?" He asked, confused.

"It was...ah...unintentional." She replied sheepishly.

"Youhappy?" Ammy nodded.

"Oh yes, my dear. It's been such a very long time since I've been this happy." Harry clapped his hands.

"Happy!" He cheered.

Ammy giggled and held him close kissing his head. "Very happy." She agreed and smiled down at him tenderly.

Harry smiled up at her glad she was so happy, it made him happy too! He reached his arms up for a hug witch she gave and pulled him up. He wrapped his arms around her neck and smiled at how warm she was, he giggled lightly as her hair tickled his arms.

Ammy smiled warmly and held him tightly. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran her hand on the back of the head and his back. The knocking returned and she gave it a dirty look for breaking this moment but smiled soon afterword's her tail wagging. "Breakfast is here!" she cheered.

"Yay!" Harry said happy. He did not know what breakfast is but he always remembered getting placed on something hot when he woke up.

He tilted his head as Ammy made her way to the door. "Whabweaky?" He asked curiously. Ammy smiled.

"Breakfast is food, dear." She replied.

"Foo! Foo!" Harry cheered. He LOVED the smell of food...And he got to eat some last night...Maybe he'd get some of this too?

Ammy opened the door and smiled at the man on the other side. "Hello." She greeted, accepting her meal. "And thank you."

The man gave her a nod. "Always happy to serve ma'am." He said politely.

She smiled at him and placed some money in his hand. "Keep the change dear." She said with a wink making the man blush and nod before walking away.

She smirked lightly before closing the door and walking over to the little boy. She looked down and blinked at the round fluffy disks on her plate. She was not yet fully up to speeds with some of the new food yet this looked very good and the smell was intoxicating.

"Pancakes!" the little boy cheered. He always loved the smell of them whenever his aunty made them, but he was never allowed to eat them. He was always sad about that.

Ammy giggled at the boy and smiled at him "Are they good?" she asked.

Harry gave her a nod. "They reeeellly good!" he cheered sticking his arms in the air to show how good they were. An act that to the goddess was absolutely adorable.

She gave him a warm smile and giggled lightly at him. "Okay then." She picked up the knife and fork and cut him a small piece. She moved the fork full of pancake over to him, "Say aah" she said sweetly.

Harry tilted his head. "Me eat?" He asked, pointing to himself. Ammy giggled and nodded.

"Of course, little one." She cooed. "Open wide." Harry smiled.

"Aaaaaah!" He said, opening his mouth wide. She placed the fork in his mouth, and he began to chew, making soft 'nomnom' noises as he did so. Ammy giggled.

"Seems you enjoyed that then." She said. "Let me have a taste..." She cut a slice of pancake and speared it with her fork. She took a bite. "Hmm...These ARE quite good." She said, pleased.

"Uh-huh!" Harry nodded. "Fankoo!"

Ammy smiled wide at the praise and leaned down and kissed the top of his head. "Your quite welcome!" she said joyfully. "More?"

"Uh-Ha!" He said nodding his head and opening his mouth for more.

They ate like that for around the next half an hour. Ammy smiled down at him when he was done, he was holding his tummy content. She poked his tummy causing him to giggle then groan slightly.

She giggled at him and picked him up. "Let's go out and get you some new clothes." She said sweetly before frowning slightly. "Hmmm. You can't go out though naked; it would not look right." She placed a finger to her chin and thought.

Ammy snapped her fingers and grinned. "I have an idea!" She exclaimed.

"Idee?" Harry asked.

"Yes. An idea." Ammy confirmed with a wink. And then, she closed her eyes and focused. Harry tilted his head and toddled his way over to her.

"Seepy?" He asked, putting his hands on her lap.

Ammy's eyes snapped open and they glowed a bright gold. Harry blinked up at her and tilted his head confused but then felt something odd happen to him.

Ammy blinked a few times and took a deep breath before looking over at the child and her eyes grew wide.

He was in a kimono much like hers. Yet the design is what surprised her. It was covered with lilies and a stag lying down and seemed to be asleep and a white wolf that was howling at the moon.

The goddess covered her mouth as the boy looked over his new attire. "Whatis? Wesame!" he said with glee as he griped her own kimono.

Ammy giggled. "Yes, we both wear kimonos now." She cooed.

"Kimos!" Harry cheered, fiddling with his new outfit. "Wike kimos!" Amaterasu giggled.

"I like them too, dear." She cooed. "But you can't JUST have a kimono." Harry tilted his head.

"Why no jus kimo?" He asked. "Kimo nuff."

Ammy frowned at him and lifted him up into her lap. "No, it's nowhere near enough dear." She said. "You need shirts, and pants and undergarments, all the things a growing boy needs." She said softly running her fingers through his hair.

Harry cooed and closed his eyes with a smile leaning into her more. The goddess smiled down at him contently. "You deserve more clothing and a few toys as well."

"Toys?" he asked with wide eyes.

The goddess smiled tenderly down at him. "Yes toys."

I…nevrgottoy…" he said with a small sniff as tears started to appear in his eyes.

Ammy smiled softly. "Well then it's time you did have one." She replied calmly.

"Toy..." Harry whispered softly.

"Yes." She picked him up. "Now come...Let's go." He smiled and let her carry him.

Soon enough, they were back out in the city. The goddess's ears flattened when she once again saw her old home.

Harry noticed her sad expression and raised a hand to her cheek. Ammy blinked down at him with a soft smile. "Ammysad?" he said softly.

Ammy let out a sigh and nodded slightly. "I am. My home is not the same." She said softly.

Harry tilted his head at her. "Myisdiffrytoo" he said softly to her.

Ammy blinked down at him. "What do you mean dear?"

"Myhomeiswithyou" he said with a soft smile.

Ammy blushed and smiled softly. "Oh my...You really believe so?" She asked. Harry nodded.

"Uh-huh! Youniceme! Yougimmewub!"

Ammy smiled. "Aww...You're so sweet." She cooed, stroking his hair gently. Harry giggled.

"Meseet!" He cheered.

"Yes. Very very sweet."

Harry smiled and snuggled into her. Ammy held him to herself and smiled warmly down at him. She felt content, and now did not feel that bad anymore. She gazed around and smiled lightly. 'It is different.' She looked over and saw a man and woman walking down with a child betting them holding their hands.

She smiled down at him. 'But it's a different that led me to you…my little sunshine.' She kissed the top of his head and started to walk. Her destination the shopping center to get him some new toys and clothes. She smiled content, glad to be able to feel like this again all thanks to the little baby boy who wanted some love.