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(In no particular order)

SILVERMUSE: - I'm glad you like my poem. Thanks for making me sound good at writing, even though I'm not.

ONLY HUMAN: - Thanks for explaining to me about Sam, I valued your opinions. I know Sam wouldn't just leave, but I didn't know how else to do the story. But I'm glad you liked the first ending. That's my fave one too.

CRAZYTOOK: - You've reviewed so many times, you really must like it! Thank you.

SAMWISE THE BRAVE: - Yes I know, Rose would be sad, but I'm sure she would have understood. Thanks for reviewing.

CHESHIRE CAT 46: - Thanks for reviewing, it means a lot that you thought it was really good and I will write more.

DARLIN: - You're very welcome for the story. I'm very glad that you liked it and thank you for emailing me; I like it when people do that. And I apologise that my chapters are too short.

MICHELLE FRODO: - Well hello, Michelle. Hmm, what to say to you. Hehe. Thanks for being a great reviewer and reviewing my story loads. I really appreciate it. And I'm sorry I made you cry, really I am.

LEGYLUVA: - Another great reviewer, thank you so much. You were the first to review. Thank you. Hehe, just one more word: - OOOORRRLLLLLIIII

BOOKWORM 2000: - Yes, it's over, but there will be more soon. And what's that about the killer oatmeal?

HERALD 7: - Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you find it sweet.

DAISY BRAMBLEBURR: - Thanks for reviewing, and u tell your English teacher that you can write because I think your stories are really good. English teachers are daft. Take no notice.

BS-er…:- Hi, thanks for reviewing with such a detailed review. Your comments really helped and I'm glad you liked my story. I think u should post some stuff, like your poem. It's really good. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

SHLEE VERDE: - Thanks for liking the story, and I agree, Sam is very sweet.

OLIVIA: Thanks for liking the story.  I gave you more, hope you liked.

LOTRFAN 4EVA: - Thanks for reviewing; hopefully I have kept up the good work.

PILOT 3001: - Yep, poor rose. As Bilbo would say "My, my you have been productive."

ANORITHIL: - Thank you for saying it was beautiful. I'm glad you thought that.

SKYE: - Thanks for granting me the Artistic license. Hehe. I appreciate your review and I hope you carry on with your work. It's great.

SAILOR MYSTIC: - Ok, I did write more for you. I hope you liked and thanks for the review.

KAE: Don't worry, Sam's heart didn't break, depending on which ending you read, but I did it nicely.

AMAIA: - Sorry for making you cry, it wasn't intentional. Thank you.

LILA GRUBB: - Thank you or the review, glad you liked, and I have now read Skye's story, Up until you reviewed I hadn't read it.

DANILOTHLORIEN: - Thank you for reviewing. It made me very happy.

LEXID523: - Thank you for the review and you don't have to apologise for your comment. I knew this but I just wanted to do a different take on the story.

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