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Amy and Sally woke up the next morning expecting that the events that happened yesterday was just a dream but unfortunately, it wasn't. They were both still in the same cabin that friend had built for them and they both groaned in annoyance.

"Goooooooood Moooooorning girls! Ready for challenge 2?!" Friend excitedly asked.

Amy and Sally both shook their heads.

"Well toooo bad! I am! Let's go!" Friend snapped his finger and led them to what seemed to be a mall.

"Omg…are we going to do who shops the best because clearly I was born for this." Amy remarked.

"No. This challenge is called Better clothing or Lame clothing. Best friends will always lend each other clothing or anything that they might need. But how willing are you to lend your best friend something that you really don't want her to have? Or borrow?" Friend asked.

"Simple. Just give them a piece of clothing you think is ugly and you don't like anymore." Sally replied.

"I'll explain the challenge. I will create two rooms that is full of random clothes. One room is for Sally and the other is for Amy. You have 2 minutes to pick out as many clothes as you can in a big basket I will give you and when your time is up, I will give you a mannequin and a different topic for you two to dress up your mannequin. If you fail to dress up your mannequin close to your topic, you fail the challenge." Friend explained.

"But I don't get what's the point of this challenge…" Amy muttered.

"You'll see…" Friend replied.

"This should be easy." Sally remarked.

"In your marks…get set…GO!" Friend yelled.

Both Amy and Sally ran to their assigned rooms and picked up as much of clothing they could pick up in hopes that they can match the topic that friend will give them. 2 minutes quickly went by and both Amy and Sally were teleported back to a blank room with two mannequins behind them.

"Now you guys have 3 minutes to dress up your mannequin with the clothes you chose and dress them up according to the topic I will give you. Amy, your topic will be rock star themed and Sally, your theme will be rainbow themed. Good luck!"

"Oh no…I have nothing related to rock star themed except these ripped jeans but the rest of my clothing is all colorful…and a crazy haired wig. Wait…why did I even get this wig…?" Amy asked, staring at the wig.

"Ha! I chose different colored outfit-…what? Why do I have almost all crazy and rock looking outfits?" Sally asked. She looked over at Amy's choice of clothing and gasped when she noticed all the colored clothing she had. She gulped and sighed.

"Amy? Do you mind letting me borrow some of your clothing?" Sally asked, trying not to sound annoyed.

"Why? You have your own." Amy replied.

"You have the colored clothes that I need." Sally replied.

Amy looked over at Sally's clothing and noticed she had the rock clothing that she needed.

"Only if you let me borrow some of yours."

"Fine." Sally responded, rolling her eyes. They both ran to get the clothing they needed with only 1 minute left. Amy and Sally soon started dressing their mannequin as they heard the clock ticking. With only 10 seconds left, Amy and Sally were both done just in time before Friend arrived with a clipboard.

"Let's see what we have here…" Friend muttered looking at Amy's mannequin. He smiled and gave her a nod as an approval. Friend soon transitioned over to Sally's mannequin and looked around it. He gave a nod which meant both girls had passed the next challenge.

"See? Sharing isn't so bad. You guys let each other borrow lame clothing or better clothing in order to complete this challenge."

Present Time

"That challenge doesn't really sound so important." Silver exclaimed, receiving glares from the girls.

"Like you would know." Rouge replied, rolling her eyes.

"I actually remember all of us looking for you two everywhere!" Sonic remarked, thinking back.

After Amy and Sally's argument, the gang simply left the two alone expecting them to come back when they were feeling calmer. But, that didn't happen. A day had passed and neither of the two were heard from. Sonic thought something had happened yesterday and they couldn't protect themselves.

"Guys…I think something happened with Amy and Sally. Amy would never just disappear along with Sally. One of the two would have come back at least." Sonic remarked.

"Agreed. I went to Amy's house yesterday and the lights were all off. Her door was unlocked and I quickly peeked inside but I didn't hear her reply to my calls." Cream explained.

"I went over Sally's house yesterday as well and everything was dark and quiet. I knew she wasn't sleeping because she always leaves a faint light on in her room and I didn't see it." Sonic explained.

"Then this means we have to set a search party." Tails suggested.

"Silver, Cream, and Rouge you guys will search the direction Sally went after she left and Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, and I will search Amy's direction. We report back after we think we searched enough for one night alright?" Sonic asked, receiving nods from everyone.

Everyone soon left and went separate ways hoping to find both of their missing friends. Clearly everyone was worried but little did they know that in the next 10 days, they were going to find nothing that would lead to their disappearance.

"We would have never thought you were taken underground into some magical place this friend took you. We thought you guys actually ran away and would never come back!" Blaze laughed.

"We both would have obviously returned after we were feeling better but friend literally wouldn't let us leave." Amy responded.

"Continue with the story please!" Cream begged.

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