"Isn't she just another level of cute?" A student said wistfully under his breath.

"And she's got spunk too, yeah?" He turned to the other guys in the circle and they all nodded vigorously in agreement.

"She's pretty and smart, cute and sweet—"

"Just the complete package, you knoooow?" One of them imitated her trademark phrase while the others cheered him on.

These idiots didn't understand how badly they were being fooled. Simple adolescent urges controlling their teenage minds, logic does not compute for those who are head over heels for a girl. How embarrassing, but yet… probably somewhat blissful, to have no self-awareness of their surroundings or situation.

"—gaya! Hikigaya! Dude, what do you think?" One of the students was waving their hand in front of my face.

Oh that's right, I was sort of in this circle of chairs and people too.

"Hm?" I responded, having lost track of where we were in that conversation.

"C'mon, we were asking what you think of Isshiki? She hangs out in your club, yeah?" They all leaned forward in their chairs.


"Nah, not sometimes, she's been there every day she's not in the council room. And you're always coming in here with her? You're not, you know, dating right?" He wiggled his eyebrows at me and leaned even closer.

I pulled on the collar of my shirt, the heat was rising. "Uh, we—"

"Bah!" He cut me off and slapped me on the back, "Just kidding, man!"

"Yeah, like she'd go out with Hikigaya!" They laughed in unison. "No offense."

How insincere.

"None taken." That was sincere.

They all went back to joking about how she'd never go out with a guy like me. He's really creepy. They were saying things like that right in front of me, so much so that they weren't even paying much attention to the girl herself, who was taking the opportunity to sneak me glances and covertly wink at me, as if she knew what was going on.

I wouldn't be surprised if she was enjoying listening to this.

"In fact, don't you guys feel like there's something off about her?" I said out loud, while looking at her.

Just to test their reactions.

But as expected, they completely missed my point.

"Off? You mean like how she's grown some lately?"

"Oh yeah! I saw that too!"

"A total angelic babe."

They all nodded and hummed in agreement.

I sighed and massaged my temples. These hormone-riddled men are blind to the truth.

"No, I mean, doesn't it feel like she's extra sweet and caring comparing to other girls?"

"Is that a bad thing? Don't be so weird about it." They brushed me off.

"It's not a bad thing to be cute or charming, rather, isn't it that she's a little too cute and a little too charming?"

They looked at me quizzingly, and then at each other and shrugged their shoulders, as if they didn't understand a clue of what I was implying. It can't seriously be only me that sees this? I mean, she's not that sly. Right?

"You know Hikigaya, maybe it's because you somehow found a way to be around those three beauties all the time," he leaned over the table and stared me down, "but most of us guys aren't that lucky. You think it's right to put a girl down?" Another one of them piped in, "He's already done that before hasn't he?" They all looked at me with a dark glint to their eyes, a barely suppressed cool-rage of sorts.

I put my hands up in surrender, trying to diffuse the strange and sudden tension. "No, no. Forget I said anything."

"Pfft, whatever." He sat back down and folded his arms across his chest, his attention back on her, and the rest of them followed along.

Can't say I didn't try to help them. Maybe she just really was that good of an actor? Surely they weren't all that dumb, just emotionally vulnerable. Like the rest of a high school student body. I wasn't so arrogant to say that emotions didn't have an effect on me as well, I was still a growing teenage boy, but I wasn't so dumb as to let them control me so completely. At least, that's what I liked to think.

"Oops!" I turned to see her bonk her head with her knuckles, probably in response to dropping something, which caused some whooping and hollering from this group.

"Soooo cute!" They said together in unison.

"And she's innocent guys, innocent!"

Pfft. Cute and innocent—if only they knew how wrong they were, even I'm cuter than that sly fox.

Having finished the student council president's work (Read: My work) for the day, everyone had cleared out of the room after putting away their chairs and desks. Save for one. I was currently sitting at that desk and enjoying a cup of tea, a past-time I indulged in whenever given the opportunity. It was a relaxing time for me, in a life of sudden business, it allowed me the return of a sense of relative normalcy, a time without people or friends, ironically a time where I was less "normal."

Alone, where I was most at peace.

Well, almost alone.

"We should have sex."

"Ack!" I choked on the tea I was drinking and started coughing. Isshiki sat there smiling, more grinning, at me. "Ahem,"I cleared my throat, "did you, um, say...?"

"We should have sex."

"No hesitation."

"We should—"

"Wait!" I stuck my hands out, "I heard you the first time, and the second time, I just… what, uh, led to this?"

"Are you really questioning why a girl wants to be with her boyfriend?" She sighed. "Geeze senpai, I thought even you could figure this out."

"Don't say it in such a way that it makes me seem dumb."

She waved her hands in the air, brushing me off.

"Maybe, like, don't question your wife so much?"

"Another upgrade!?"

"Just kidding." She flashed the peace sign. "Also, we should have sex."

"She repeated it."

"In case you forgot. Actually, it was just because it's fun to say. And you get really red cheeks when I say that, so it's like sorta-cute? Maybe? Ew."

She made a bleugh face.

"You're grossed out by your own reaction to your own boyfriend?"

She stuck her tongue out and pulled down on her cheek.

Then she raised her gaze, and peered up at the ceiling. "You do bring up a good point though, was I drugged into this?"

No, no, no.

"If anyone was drugged, it was definitely me."

"Hehe, yeah~" She said wistfully.


"Anyway," ignoring my protests of hold on and do I need a lawyer, she continued, "I was walking home the other day, and while I was looking down at my cellphone, I saw the legs of this girl with this really cute skirt ahead of me. So I was going to ask her if her she liked mine—"

Of course you were.

"—But I decided not too because she was being all lovey-dovey with her boyfriend, in public!"

She paused and just looked at me for a moment, as if waiting for a response. Then she continued without getting one.

"I know, like, hello, right? So anyway, I heard them talking and she was acting all coy and shy and nervous, playing it up, trust me I know that stuff—"

Of course you do.

"—And the guy was just eating it up and he was saying stuff in her ear like how they should go to a hotel or something, and she acted like she wasn't interested but ended up agreeing to go. Like it wasn't obvious from the beginning, you knoooow?"

I leaned forward in my chair.

"Well, lots of couples go and, uh—"

"Have sex."

"Yes. That." I massaged my temples. "But I don't see how, of all times, that one made you bring up, um, this. Surely you've seen that enough times?"

"Well yeah, duh, but this time was a little different. I just thought, hey, that's kinda like us. The way they were acting, and even what they looked like, including what they were wearing."

"Well, you do like acting coy, but not to that extent," and not really around me anymore, "Even more so, I'm definitely not the type of guy to whisper in your ear."

"No, no, no. I'm the guy." She puffed up her chest and pointed to herself.

"So I'm wearing the skirt?!"

"Don't you think sooooo? Only in your case, you might not be acting nervous at all, can't even say sex. How coy, senpai."

I closed my eyes and massaged my temples again. This woman was—

Pfffuuu, she blew into my ear then whispered, "Let's have some fun."


I immediately fell backwards in a rush of panicking emotion, my chair coming down with me. My back hit the floor. But thankfully, my tea did not. Too smooth to let that happen, Hachiman.

"Shit." I rubbed my back while standing up. That's going to hurt later tonight.

And tomorrow morning.

"Hehe," she giggled, "Now that was quite the reaction."

"You know, other people might be fooled," I started speaking while brushing myself off and putting the chair back in its upright position, "But I knew from the beginning, you were never cute, just sly."

"And yet, here we are, together. What does that say about you?" She grinned.

"I really should hire that lawyer…"

"Wrong!" She put her hands in an X-formation. "Try again."

I adopted a thinking man's pose, playing it up, before responding.

"You're an even more deviously clever girl than I thought."

Immediately she bounced out of her chair. "What? Are you hitting on me? Sorry, but you already are my boyfriend, there's no need for you to butter me up anymore. Please reconsider your actions." She bowed her head down.

I sighed and facepalmed in response. She's never going to get sick of that.

Pfffuuu. The soft breath hit my ear again, "How about now?"

I jumped back and grabbed my chest, my face was burning and my heart was pumping. All from just having been whispered too in surprise.

While I was coming down from my panicking high, she just sat there smiling at me and giggling before saying:

"You know, you're right. I'm not the cute one, you are!"

Author's Note: I know I had this marked complete before, but I felt like this was better here than in a separate story. Now it's really complete. Probably.