"Radek how are we looking on that assistance? We could really use some guidance down here," Daniel said. He was running around deep inside the city scanning everyone to find the Goa'uld who had slipped through the gate from Destiny and they were having no luck.

-We're doing the best we can Doctor Jackson, but it seems whatever caused our long range sensors to malfunction is disrupting the internal sensors too. We can detect lifesigns Doctor but there's no way of telling what's Goa'uld and what's humanoid,- Zelenka's voice replied.

"Well, there should be two of them right?"

-I thought there was only one Goa'uld?-

"There is. But if the sensors can detect the symbiote too then you should have two lifesigns overlapping."

-That could work. There's two lifesigns closeby which could be what we're looking for. Go up a floor and towards the ZPM room on your floor. He should be just above the ZPM hub.-

"You heard him," Daniel shouted to his men, trying to copy O'Neill's hard military attitude. "Captain take your team and circle around."

"Yes Doctor," the Captain that Daniel had brought with him said and hurried away with his men.

With half his group disappearing down the corridor Daniel and the rest hurried over to the nearby stairs and rushed up to the floor above. As they neared the room the Captain and his group approached from the other side.

-The Goa'uld should be in the room to your left Doctor Jackson,- Zelenka's voice came through the com badge. -One of the main power conduits run under the floor of that room. He could do some damage if he reaches them.-

"Thank you Radek, we're going in." Silently Daniel pried away the door control's cover and overrode the lock. When he was done two of the soldiers prepared to open the door. A thought from Daniel dimmed the lights until the corridor was almost pitch black. With their Alterran eyes it was still enough for them to see everything as the group slipped inside the room without a sound. On the bed in the middle of the room they saw movement and in seconds the bed was surrounded. Slowly Daniel increased the light in the room and saw the two naked people in the bed staring at them in disbelief.

"Radek where's the next pair of lifesigns?" Daniel asked while he walked out of the room with the men following in his wake.

-There's two pair of life sings three floors above and others below you.-

"New idea. Beam us to the Odyssey Radek," Daniel ordered. "I need to access the Asgard core."

-Just a second.-

A moment later Daniel and the group was transported away to the corridor just outside the Asgard core, leaving the two lovers without any explanation.

"I need you to stay here with your men Captain," Daniel said when they all tried to follow him into the room. "What's happening inside this room is not for your eyes."

"Sir I have top level clearance," the Captain replied.

"Yes, but this is a project for my and Mokar's eyes only." With those words Daniel stepped inside and closed the door behind him. After stepping through a second door he was inside the room, there Thor, Heimdall, Loki and Herminoid were working on their new bodies. "Hello Thor. I just need to do a few things with the Core and I'll be on my way again."

"How is your hunt going?"

"We're having some problems finding the Goa'uld, but I'm going to fix that now." In seconds he had done what he needed to do and begun to beam the canisters he had just designed into the city."

-Doctor Jackson the city's sensors show that you're beaming something into the city and it does not like it.-

"It's just a few hundred canisters of symbiote poison. It might be a little unpleasant to breath inside the city for a few minutes but it is the easiest way to target a Goa'uld. Seal all doors and make sure the poison can reach every part of the city."

"Sam, how are things looking?" Jack asked.

-The shield's are taking a beating down here but we still have full shield strength. They're not getting through these shields,- she responded.

"Good. Teal'c thinks that the last of the 305s have returned to Earth so I will be arriving in a few minutes to wipe them out." Outside the viewport he could see the blue tunnel that was hyperspace and in front of his ship was the other Aurora and five of his retributors.

-The longer we wait the more chance that all of the 305s are here.-

"There's been a few developments in Pegasus and the fleet's needed there so we're going to hurry up our plans here on Earth. How are we looking on the emitters?"

-The traveler ships just left with the last of them. The network should be operational in a few hours.-

"What about the surface base and the space base?"

-The surface base is almost fully operational and the space base will be launched in two days.-

"Remind me why we're not just building it in space straight away?"

-Well for once there's an armada just above my position so if we tried to build it where it needs to be they would only need a lucky shot to destroy it and it's just as easy for us to take it up from here to where it needs to be as if we would move it into position with hyperspace and sublight engines from another solar system. And it's a lot easier for us to connect the two bases with cables if we do it here on the ground than if we try to send the cables in either direction.-

"Well then. Be ready. We will be there in half a minute."

-Copy that, Carter out.-

"Alright everyone, stand ready for battle," Jack roared out over the bridge and immediately a stream of confirmations and status updates were shouted back.

Half a minute later a giant hyperspace window formed over Earth when their fleet arrived. Almost a hundred 305s stood against them. From behind the bridge yellow streams of drones came rushing by before the 305s could react. Sitting in the control chair Jack felt the power at his control, without holding anything back he let lose his fleet. A curtain of bright orange plasma bolts raced forward moments later and crashed into the 305s. Over the huge distance between the two fleets the bolts flew wide and most missed to evaporate against the atmosphere. When they came within optimal firing range they opened up with a continuous bombardment of plasma. From the surface he could see several bright blue lances of energy jumping up and cutting the 305s into pieces. While his crew was focused on destroying the hostile fleet Jack had taken control of the beaming arrays on all of the ships and were beaming out any lifesigns from the 305s when their shields failed. Between the blue energy lances coming from the surface he saw Sam's two Auroras rise with their weapons pumping bolts of plasma into the rear of the 305 fleet. In response the 305s regrouped to face them on two fronts. Two lone 305s begun to break away from the fleet and powered up their hyperdrives. Before the ships could escape one of the Retributors used its FTL-drive to get close and knock out one of the ship's hyperdrive, the other just managed to flee before the Retributor was upon it. On the sensors Jack tracked the ship and watched it pass the blockade line, instantly it was joined by another ship in hyperspace and disappeared seconds later. His attention was called back to the battle outside when the four Retributors Sam had brought to Earth decloaked in between the twenty six 305s that remained. Instant panic was the result when they let the drones they had left loose on the 305s. Throughout the 305 fleet ships begun to activate their hyperdrives and tried to escape, a few succeeded but most were disabled. With all 305s destroyed or disabled Jack opened a channel to Sam from his com badge.

"Sam, can you send me the location of the new gate, I'm needed in Pegasus, urgently."

-Transmitting coordinates now.-

"Thanks Sam," he said as he beamed himself from the ship to the surface. In front of him was the gate and around him an almost perfect copy of Atlantis gate room was standing. "You have a week to take care of business, then I want you back on Atlantis. Daniel will take over here after you."

-I'll be back as soon as I can Jack,- was the last he heard before he stepped through the gate.

"Master Teal'c. I am picking up a hyperspace signal, it's Goa'uld. Given the speed of the craft I think it must be damaged," one of Teal'c's men said.

"Plot a new intercept course." His Retributor was packed to the brim with drones even after they had taken out three of the escaping 305s. While it might be unfair that his ship would get the majority of the kills he thought it a luxury he had as a commander.

"Course plotted." Outside the viewport the blue and white of hyperspace disappeared and turned pitch black when they returned to normal space far from anything. Before the ship had even come to a halt it had turned a few degrees to starboard and launched itself back into hyperspace.

In the gate room of Atlantis Jack came through the gate to find a thick blue mist covering the floor. "Daniel!"he shouted.

On the balcony above Daniel quickly appeared. "Oh, hi Jack."

"What's this?" Jack asked. He gestured toward the mist which whirled around his arms and his body.

"The mist?"

"Yes, what else?" With determined steps he walked up the stairs.

"They brought back a Goa'uld from Destiny that I had to chase down. We're having some problems with the sensors so we had some problems finding it, so I ended up beaming in some Goa'uld poison. I might have overdone it slightly. We used the city's ventilation system to concentrate the poison here so it can dissipate over time. It should also make sure that they can't come through the gate again."

"How did you ever come up with that idea?"

"I tried to imagine what you would do Jack."

"Just go ahead and blame it on the career military Daniel. But I think you should recycle the gas back into the system, there's no reason for us not to use the gas to stop the Goa'uld if they try to infiltrate the city."

"We could have the city's life support system create some of the gas around the city to make sure that we can keep the gas in the air."

"I'll see to it later Daniel. Right now you're needed on Earth to take over after Sam and root out the morons who did this on Earth."

"I'm still packing the last of my things, I'll be ready in an hour."

"Get going then. I'm taking over here," Jack said and chased him out of the control room. "Can someone get me Zelenka?"

Deep in space Mokar was sitting on the bridge of the Aurora which was rushing through hyperspace in pursuit of the ship he was tracking from the battle of the Traveler home fleet. A little over an hour ago the small shuttle he had used before had rendezvous with the Aurora and the eight Retributors. Now he was watching a hologram while he waited for the other ship to reach it destination. By now the improved sensors of the Aurora had determined that they were chasing a very large but horribly slow Asgard ship that tried to mask its hyperdrive's trail. After trailing the ship for hours it just disappeared from his hologram. "Report."

"Tracking has failed. Ship can not be detected on either subspace sensors or normal sensors," on of the Asurans said.

"Leave hyperspace where the tracking failed."

"Leaving hyperspace in five seconds. Four. Three. Two. One." The moment they dropped out of hyperspace they saw nothing, absolutely nothing. Everything was dark around them. The sensors showed nothing around them, not even the eight Retributors which should be surrounding them showed up on any sensors.

"Contact the other ships. See if they have the same problem."

"Subspace connections are unstable between the ships."

"Can we send orders to them?"

"We estimate eighty five percent of transmissions to be lost between the ships. Repeated transmission of orders should compensate."

"Have the fleet pull back to the nearest solar system."

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