It was at Malfoy Manor that Harry leant the truth, Lucius had him in a different Dungeon from the others he could hear Hermione screams of pain and all he could do was standing there. He thought of Dobby and was about to call him when the cell door open and in walked Lucius. The blonde looked at him with his cold eyes and Harry felt his heart stopped as he tried not reach out and warp his arms around his stomach. The blonde marched up to him and pushed him against the wall and kissed him on the lips, it was a bruising kiss that had Harry's lip splitting as sharp canines broke the plump pink lip.

Licking the blood off his lips he stood back and looked at Harry the boy wiped the blood of his chin as he glared at him "I have missed that." He smirked as he hooked his fingers around the teen's chin "It's a shame our affair must end." He said "What nothing to say?" He asked, with a chuckle Harry pulled his hand back and bite down on his hand. The blonde snarled and pulled his hand free before back handed Harry "You little slut." Harry fell to the ground holding his face

"I wonder what your wife would think?" Harry snarled at him as his fangs started to show, Lucius spun back around and snarled as he grabbed the teen by his throat and pulled him up pushing him against the wall

"Listen to me I fucked you just because I could not pass up such a great opportunity to fuck the great Harry Potter. Around the Dark Lords table there are bets placed on how many times I can fuck you in a night how many times I get to fuck you in Hogwarts right under the noise of Albus Dumbledore. The best of them all was the Dark Lord betting me that I couldn't persuaded to let me turn you. Don't think your special to me." He pushed Harry away from him letting the boy fall to the ground with a hard thud, he then left the cell leaving the young vampire on his own.

The teen wasn't going to cry he did that when Lucius show him his true colours when Snape killed Dumbledore. Standing back up Harry rubbed his stomach and sighed as he wiped his lips "Dobby." Harry called out with a soft pop the house elf appeared

"What can Dobby do for Master Harry?" He asked,

"We need to unlock the door and then help me get the others out of here." Harry said, the elf nodded and clicked his fingers and the cell door open. Harry moved quickly freeing Ron, Luna and Ollivander along with Griphook. However Ron remind behind to save Hermione.

Harry sneered at Lucius when he warped his arms around Hermione and pulled her away from Bellatrix and passed her to Ron. He then rose to his full height and showing his vampic side to everyone in the room. Bellatrix sneered at Harry calling him a slut and whore letting slip to her sister that Lucius has been sleeping with him "Bellatrix will you shut up!" Lucius yelled as his wife stood frozen in horror. Harry flicked out his wand and pointed it to her

"Oh what is little baby Potter going to do? Your no good a dark spell you have to…"

"Avada Kedavra." Harry said, he didn't flinch as he said the two little words the green lights hit the mad woman in the chest making her scream out as the green lit engulfed her.

"Harry?" Hermione yelled in shocked,

"Who will miss her?" Harry said dully, Harry looked towards Lucius who was looking at Harry with wide eyes "You will regret what you did to me Lucius." Harry hissed as he walked over to Hermione and Ron before letting Dobby take them away.

Once they landed on the beach Harry moved away from Hermione and Ron and looked out towards the ocean. The rain fell heavy around them and finely Harry's glamour drop showing what he had been trying to hid and protect since he started the Horcrucx hunting. He is 8 month pregnant "I'm bowing out of the war." He said as he turned back to them Hermione looked at him with wide eyes as ears ran down her face. I'm sorry, I can't keep fighting."

"You can't give up!" Ron yelled at him "We won't tell anyone what you did? Or that your vampire…"

"Harry." Hermione whispered, she walked up to him and cupped his cheeks "You could have come to us." She whispered, Harry looked into her eyes seeing her pain and he reached out and cupped her face

"He used me Moin, He made me love him for his own amusement." He said, it was the first time he was talking about to anyone and she leaned forward and kissed his forehead

"Your scar gone?" She said, Harry nodded "Being turned freed you of him." She smiled weakly,

"I will never be free of my father." Harry whispered and then he was gone, he pulled away from her and then disappearing from sight.

The dark Lord stood in the Malfoy study looking out the window, he just listen to Lucius go on about how it wasn't his fault that Potter escaped and kill his sister in law when there a loud pop in the room. Turning around Voldemort grinned as he looked at the dark haired teen before him. "Ah there is my pride and joy." He grinned, Harry just looked at him as he walked around the desk and open his arms to him.

"I kept my end of the deal, I told them I am backing out of the war and I killed Bellatrix, happy now that you made me a killer?" He asked, the red eyed man smiled down at his son as he rested his hand on the bump

"Ah yes so eager to get away from me aren't you." He purred as he moved back to the desk and picked up a document rolling it out for Harry to se

"You sent a man after me to woo me for whatever reason you had mostly for your own amusement. I came to you after Lucius made it very clear that I was good for betting on, I then let you use a ritual to take your blasted soul from my body and into the body of my child." Harry hissed as he picked up a quill and looked down at the contract and started to read it.

Voldemort watched his son with interest as he licked his lips as the teen read though the contract and then looked up at him "This seem reasonable." Harry said to him, the Dark Lord nodded

"Like we talked about my little raven, a list of those you wish to be under my protection, the mud…" Harry glared at him as he started to say Mudblood "The muggle born girl will be able to get a job anywhere she wants. The red head family with be left alone and your wolf will be able to start teaching at Hogwarts and so on and so forth." Harry looked at him and nodded

"And I will keep out of this war for my own part, however I will turn up to balls and galas that my father will host as he is the new Minister of magic along with my son." Harry said, as he rubbed his stomach, Voldemort smiled as he watched the dark haired teen and his face when blank.

"If I had known you were my son I would have never started any of this." He told him, Harry looked at him as his hand rested on the bump as the other hand held the golden quill till in his hand

"I wish to put one more thing on the contract." Harry asked

"What is that?" Voldemort asked

"I don't want any of the Malfoys near my son." Harry said, Voldemort grinned at him and nodded and picked up another quill and wrote it on the contract before letting Harry look at it.

"I have to call you father no do I?" He asked

"Just wanted to add something else." He told him, Harry sighed and then sighed the parchment.

Standing back up he watched as the Dark Lord signed the contract, the teen shivered as he felt the seal on the magic touched his skin. "Now would you like to rest for the night before I take you to your new home?" He asked, Harry nodded

"Yes that would be nice father." Voldemort grinned and warped his arms around his son and lead him to another room that was private so Harry could rest.