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An all new story with much tragedy and drama coming your way!

Based on and inspired by the amazing story Orange by Takano Ichigo which made me cry my eyes out and really rethink everything about friendship, I thought I'd put together something more Sonic world based.

I also want to credit AutumnBae's "Make Amends", 01SonAmy01's "Me, Myself and Andy", Sonamyluver718's "Destiny and Fate No Just Luv and Alot of Hate " and SilverDawn2010's "Head Over Heels" which are also an inspiration to this and have brought me to love writing just a little more ;D

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Letter 1: Letters

It was quiet at Tail's workshop that afternoon. The garage door was opening allowing the light breeze to enter. The wrench twisted and turn as he fixed his aircraft's engine which was the only sound that echoed inside. That was until suddenly Tails heard the sound of a sigh and steps rushing inside. Tails raised an eyebrow and rolled out from his rolling creeper finding Sonic walking into his workshop with a tired out face. He had a shell bracelet on his arm and a flower made necklace around his neck.

"What happened to you?" Tails wondered rubbing his forehead without knowing he smeared some black oil all over his forehead.

Sonic took off the flower necklace and placed it on the desk in front of him. "Amy," He said in a matter a factly.

Tails got up and walked over to his best friend chuckling. "That's the second set now. Wait! Did you run away from her again?"

"That's not it," He said taking off a bracelet he wore. He placed it next to the necklace on the desk and scratched his head next to his ear. "Eggman was causing trouble again and I had to go but she chased me just so she could give this to me."

"Did you stop Eggman?" Tails inquired with wide eyes.

His hand ran across his face whipping his tired look away and then he crossed his arms and looked seriously at Tails. "He disappeared. He's on to something bigger. If you hear or see anything Egghead related alert me."

"You don't have to worry about that. You can count on me." Tails assured him his hand above her eyes in a salute posture.

"Thanks bud—"


The two flinched and whipped their head to the entrance of the garage. A pink hedgehog, panting breathlessly and bent down with her knees supporting her hands found Sonic's emerald and she gasped, "Wow!" She took another breath. "You got faster."

Sonic nervously looked over at Tails and Tails mirrored the same look. No matter how many times he'd be stuck in this discomfit situation he still couldn't get used to it and this was on regular basis. Same applied to Sonic. Amy just wouldn't leave him alone but he couldn't just push her away.

"I can say the same," Sonic nervously stated. "Uh, did you follow me all the way here?"

"Yea, you left before I can hand this over." She said taking one last airy breath and standing up straight with a wide grin. She walked up to him and handed him a white envelope with a heart stuck on the seal. Sonic took it and looked at it. On the back it had words written on it: Birthday Party invitation.

She took out another one and handed it to Tails.

"A birthday party? Who's birthday?" Tails asked making Amy flinched as she turned to him, but she quickly fixed her commotion and nodded.

"Ah, it's mine. I thought this year I could personally make and hand the cards out myself instead of Cream." Amy said nervously looking around, a swear drop appearing on the side of her forehead.

"Ah, yea! I'll look forward to it!" Tails exclaimed astonished himself that he'd forgotten. Then another thought came to mind. He gasped and walked off.

Sonic smiled at Amy. "Thanks. Can't wait for it"

Amy nodded her smile somewhat ebbing away. Sonic stepped passed Amy and her eyes followed him as he walked out. She noticed that he wasn't wearing the flowers she gave him earlier and that they were on the desk inside. She didn't say anything about that but instead said, "W-Where are you going?"

"Eggman escape today. That's the third time he made a brief appearance. I feel he's up to something big if he's keeping quiet about it. I have to stop him before anything big happens." He explained looking out into the horizon where the sun was barely reading the sunset stage.

Amy slowly approached his side with her hands behind her back and she said with a smile. "I'm sure if it's you you'll stop him. You always do."

Sonic turned to her with a smile and lifted up the letter wiggling it around playfully. "Yea, you're right. I'll also make sure he won't ruin your party."


"You should be going home now. It gets dangerous at night." Sonic warned her.

"Please, no one can mess with Amy Rose." Amy quipped as she showed off her arm as if she had muscles. Sonic quietly chuckled and patted her head leaving her in a daze.

"Of course," He agreed.

Amy blushed slightly and stayed quiet hoping to hear something, anything else come out of his mouth, but Sonic was looking at her awkwardly, waiting for her to get going. Amy forced a smile and walked off looking back at him. She wanted to say it, but she quashed down that feeling and faced forward sadly. "Guess, it's not so important." She muttered to herself.

Sonic watched her leave down the hill and once she was far away he sighed, a frown upon his muzzle. She was having a party while Eggman was still lurking secretly around. That could already be a target for his diabolical plan, whatever it was. He rubbed his chin while arms crossed. He had to make sure nothing happened during her party.


Tails called out from behind him. Sonic turned around and watched as Tails lifted up another envelope and hand it out to him. Sonic grabbed it and looked at it. The only thing written on it was his name. Sonic.

"It doesn't say from whom." He said raising an eyebrow.

"Yea. It came in my mailbox this morning, but I forgot to give it to you. Now that Amy gave us these I remembered." Tails explained and turned focusing back on his main project, his aircraft. Sonic held on to the two letters tightly and walked to the desk placing them next to the flower necklace and shell bracelet.

"I'll take a lot at it later. I'm actually going on a quick run to Angel Island. I'm going to ask Knuckles about Eggman." Sonic said tapping his shoe's front on the floor.

"Want me to fly you there?" Tails asked with a wide grin. "I was hoping to try out the X Tornado's new features."

"Sure. Let's go." Sonic concurred. As Tails and Sonic readied for take-off, the wind from the outside blew at the letter on top of the one with the heart sticker until it carried it off and down to the floor where it landed at ease. It was left behind.


Amy rubbed her arms feeling the goosebumps rising. Every time she gave him something it seemed as if he didn't seem to care. She didn't want it to bother her, but she couldn't control that reckless emotion. He was a busy guy but she really wanted him to like her back.

"Maybe my birthday party will help get him closer to me and everyone else." She told herself with a smile.


The voice of a small little girl made her turn. Her best friend Cream ran down the hill with her chao Cheese. Amy waved at them and approached her small beige bunny friend. The blue chao went up to Amy to swirl around her head.

"Haha. Hi Cheese" Amy told it and it replied with a 'chao'.

"Amy did you give Sonic and Tails the invitations?" Cream asked. Amy grabbed Cheese into her hands and faced Cream.

"I did. I hope they come." Amy said.

"I'm sure Sonic and Tails will make time for something as important as this." Cream assured her, but it didn't seem to bring an effect. Amy's eyes showed a sort of dry look and when she spoke it showed it clearer.

"Cream, do you think—" she began but fettered replacing her words quickly. "I should change my party from my house to Angel Island? You know because of Knuckles."

"We'd have to ask Knuckles for permission first." Cream stated.

"You know I'm just worried for Sonic and everyone else. Eggman's gone into hiding but he keeps on sending his robots to trash around. Maybe to taunt Sonic. If we move away where Eggman is sure not to come, Sonic and everyone can be a peace a little.

Cream smiled lightly. "Are you sure? You really wanted it to be at your house this year."

"Yea. You're right." Amy laughed. "But I would be much happier if everyone else is too. Would you help me convince Knuckles and prepare sweets for the party?"

Enlightened from the question, Cream's eyes shone brightly at her and she grinned from excitement. "I would love to help. Knuckles is really nice so I'm sure he'll let us and I know how to make sponge cake and little baby cakes."

Cheese flew out of Amy's arms chirping along with Cream's excitement. Seeing them so happy, she couldn't help but laugh. She was beginning to think a bit pessimistically there, which scared her. Sonic was worried about the safety of everyone including her, so of course he had no time to wear stuff like flower necklaces or bracelets when fighting. That didn't mean he didn't care.

With a brighter smile, Amy locked arms with Cream and pointed outward into the sunset. "We'll ask him tomorrow! Let's go have tea with your mom first."

Cream cheered along with Cheese and Amy couldn't help but giggle. The laughter of the two girls echoed through the hilly grasslands and the orange-red skies until it faded away into the atmosphere. In the distance, the sun slowly went down the horizon until it disappeared and was replaced by the moon.


The letter stood unopened until late that night after the sun went down. The stars shined brightly that night as Sonic walked into the open garage. Tails was still inside cooking dinner and shooed him away since he was making something of a surprise for both of them. At that, it was also a good time for some thinking. Quietly, he pondered about how to secure the safety of his friends. Taking a quick peek at the stars he rubbed his chin.

"Why has he been so secretive lately," He mused and took a step forward where he felt he stepped on something. Looking down he saw the letter. He bent down to grab it and cleaned it.

"Ah, I forgot about this." He turned around facing the rest of the items he'd left behind. He walked over to it and took a break from thinking too much. Seeing Amy's gifts relaxed him, but sometimes she'd overdo herself a little. That's what he liked about her character, he thought with a smile.

He went straight for her letter and opened it, read it and laughed a little seeing Amy's own handy work. He set that aside and then he opened the unknown enveloped. He was expecting it to be one fan letter, but to his surprise he took out at least ten pages worth of writing.

"Wow," Sonic muttered looking at the stack in his hand. He set it down but took the first page into his hands.

Hey! How are you seventeen year old me? Still the fastest?

Sonic raised an eyebrow looking around dubiously. A joke, he wondered but continued reading.

This is actually you, Sonic the Hedgehog, writing from ten years into the future. Right now you might be thinking, 'this is some sort of prank', right? It's not. Bending the rules of the space and time continuum became possible because of Tails and now with his help I am able to reach you through this letter.

"What the─" Sonic uttered starting to get confused, but he couldn't let go of the paper. He read on.

In these letters I'm going to write all the events that happened starting from today's date.

You woke up early this morning

~Eggman's Robot appeared and you spin dashed his head off

~Amy gave you a shell bracelet, flower necklace and a letter to her birthday party.

~You went to Angel Island and had a talk with Knuckles about Eggman

~Tails won't tell you what he's cooking but he's making your favorite Chili dog special.

Sonic looked out towards the doorway. "Really?" He said with beaming eyes, but then it hit him. How did this letter explain everything so perfectly? He focused back on the letter.

Haha, yea. I was pretty happy about that too. Anyway, that isn't the reason why I'm writing. This is an important message that I want to share with you. As careless, free and fast as I was, I carried with me many regrets and mistakes later on.

One of them is that Amy is no longer with us five years from now.

Sonic's eyes narrowed, leaning closer to read faster than he was before.

There was an accident that occurred to her on her fifteen birthday and I wasn't able to save her. I can only hope you don't follow the same path and carry such a burden on your shoulders. Don't let important things go by so quickly. Please watch over her carefully.

His heart was pounding and he staggered a bit as he held his head with his free hand. Regrets? Amy? Accident? What on earth was going on?

At that moment of antsy, Tails' voice yelled from inside the housing, echoing. "Sonic! You wouldn't be able to guess what I made today!"


"Do you think it arrived?" Said a voice appearing out from behind a much older looking Tails. He wore a pair of working gloves and goggles as he was working on his machine. A blue hedgehog, with a hole on his right ear and scratches all over his chest approached him.

"I'm positive. My inventions won't fail on me." Tails reassured with a grin. He took off his goggles from his eyes and was able to look clearly up at Sonic.

Sonic still looked young and firm, but his body was ruined and his features looked tired. Poor Sonic, Tails thought worriedly.

"I hope my younger self got it and follows it correctly." Sonic claimed looking at the large machine that Tails built. The very machine that sent the letter back in time.

"Knowing you. You'd do anything to set things right. You're going to help everyone." Tails lightly tapped his shoulder. "You'll help save Amy."

Sonic's body shivered in hearing her name. An old yet refreshing name. Sonic nodded slowly and cleared his throat. He punched his chest as he coughed once more and smiled down at his friend. "You're right. They'll all save her."

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