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Shooting Star- Bad Raiders

Letter 4

There was a knock early in the morning as Amy woke up. The birds were chirping and the sun was out. Dew was formed on multiple plants and it felt as if Morgenstimmung played in the background of the beautiful setting. Amy rose from her bed on the second knock to her door's house and groggily dragged herself to the front door where she opened the door, letting the rays of the sun blind her. She rubbed her eyes and opened them to find nobody in front of her. Amy looked around, eyes half-lit and confused. Who was waking her up so early? No one!

Amy was about to go inside when her eyes caught a letter on the ground in front of her 'welcome' mat. Amy picked it up and read the white piece of paper. A small smile appeared on her muzzle as she slowly read it. Finishing the letter Amy closed the paper and bite her lip as she went back inside with an excited smile.

I finally apologize to Amy about having disappointed her during the week.

Amy raced into the Mobotropolis and stopped to look around the crowds. It was easy to find a blue hedgehog in the mists of it. Amy did the same for Sonic and caught his eyes instantly. Sonic pushed himself off the wall and headed towards her casually as Amy skipped over to him.

She forgave me, but I was always too nervous to be around her.

"Hey Amy!" Sonic greeted her cheerfully hiding his deep nervousness inside.

"Hey Sonic!"

I met her in town again and she asked if I could help her find stuff for her birthday. I agreed to go with her.

"Thank you so much for helping me find party designs. I didn't think you had stuff to find too!" Amy told him happily as Sonic nervously chuckled feeling a bit uncomfortable. This was the first time he came to offer her help by will other than saving her life. The memory of the last page of his letters replied on his mind and he pushed away that feeling.

"I know some good places where the stuff is neat and thrifty. C'mon," He claimed with a smile and maneuvered his hand forward so she could follow.

Everything was going well.

"Ah!" Amy gasped catching Sonic's attention. He turned and found her staring at the colorful designs of the party store she had gone to the day of the mechanic's attack. The store's interior had changed, so it probably had new stuff. Amy skipped towards it and Sonic slowly behind.

"Look at the hats? Could I get one for everyone to wear?"

Sonic felt a sweat drop form on his forehead. Having everyone wear a hat on her party could end up disastrous.

"I don't think that's a good idea," He told her as he thought what everyone might look like with funky hats on their heads. Although, Sonic chuckled at the thought.

But we were interrupted by a small argument.

"I grabbed it first!"

Both Sonic and Amy turned their heads to see a circle forming not too far away from where they were. A Hippo and a Rhino were head to head, each one tightly grabbing on to a small bag. Sonic squinted and saw there was some sort of food inside. Sonic frowned.

Amy and I try to control them.

Sonic knew he had to stop this. He turned around to face Amy but saw was quickly hurrying over to where the circle was and Sonic panicked, following right behind her.

But in the middle of it, one threw a cane and accidently hits Amy's head

His eyes searched for the cane which the Rhino had in his hands already waving around.

Make sure it doesn't hurt her this time. Protect her and keep her behind you.

"You clearly didn't, because I'm still holding it!" The Hippo yelled at the Rhino.

"Then let it go!" The Rhino shouted back making a jolt movement forward.

Sonic dashed in front of Amy, standing protectively before her, even though the Rhino didn't throw the cane. Sonic didn't know when the cane was going to be thrown, but keeping Amy as far away as possible was going to do. Amy blinked, surprised at Sonic's actions. Not that he wouldn't do something like this before, but what was going to happen to her? They were fighting. But not with her.

"I'll handle this," he told her assumingly, leaving Amy with an eyebrow lifted.

Sonic approached the fighting animals and lifted his hands up beginning to try to calm them down. Watching Sonic work his magic was amazing, Amy thought. He knew exactly what to say, do and how to keep Mobians from tearing each other apart. This was just one of the things she loved about him. She watched as Sonic slowly moved the cane off the Rhino's hand and opened the bag to give each one a slice of what was a piece of bread.

Amy's eyes feel half-way. All for a bread. Must be good, she thought.

The problem was solved quickly and she was surprised Sonic came back to her side. "Let's go inside the store,"

Amy raised an eyebrow at him and with a small smile said, "It's a good thing you stopped it quickly. Someone could've gotten hurt,"

Sonic looked at her amusingly and nodded, "Yea,"

"I expected nothing less of you," Amy told him with a chuckle.

Sonic smirked and grabbed her shoulders turning her around. "Ok, let's go get some of the supplies we need for your party,"

From above a building, red eyes followed the two hedgehogs as they made their way through the crowd. It wasn't sure where they were going, but the red eyes torn away from their sight and left.

Buying all the equipment she needed. Sonic helped her get home safely by mid-day. Sonic placed Amy down in front of her house as she carried all her items in her hands. Amy turned around to face Sonic with a cheeky smile. "I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am. I've advanced so much."

Sonic smiled and thought about how long she's been preparing but can't because there have been so many interruptions. Then another thought hit him. A strange one. One he's never thought about before. Why was Amy making her own party and not her friends?

Was that usually how it was every year? It made him feel instantly bad.

"Are you okay?"

Sonic was awoken by Amy's words. He'd forgotten that he was right in front of her and was surprised that she hadn't realized it sooner. He had looked a little distant.

"No, yea. I was just thinking that you're a really hard worker," He told her which made her blush. It was somewhat rare to get such a compliment like that. Even Sonic noticed it and covered his mouth while looking to the side feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Haha, anyway, I'll be going inside now." Amy began a little quieter than a few seconds ago.

"Alright," Sonic cleared his throat and faced Amy with a brave smile. "See you later,"

It was a short day for us two. I took Amy home for her to rest, but we failed on getting her party supplies. It wasn't a very good day for Amy.

Amy closed the door and Sonic turned around to walk away with his thoughts on Amy's party. He wondered the number of people that came and how long it lasted. He wondered if his future self was having fun or if he had things on his mind. He needed to rewrite history fast. With that, he went over to Tails'. He needed advice.


With fast feet Sonic ran faster than the speed of sound. It was raining hard and the cold raindrops hit his face like a slap to the face. He almost slipped as he made a turn but he wouldn't stop running. Thunder roared over the skies but even that didn't deter Sonic from running down the hills. Arriving to a very high hill he stared down a ship that floated in the sky as a flash of lighting slashed across the sky. Sonic narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists. "Eggman!" Sonic's voice echoed.

"You're trying to make everyone go to the party?" Tails inquired.

"I need to find a way to convince everyone to go." Sonic muttered, looking down at the letter which explained his statement

Tails sucked in his lips looking worried. Sonic swayed the paper in his hand and glanced at Tails who had the very last page to the letters he was given. The one where Amy was no more.

"But you heard Knuckles. Eggman is out there."

"Yea and if one of us is apart, Eggman is going to find a way to get at us. Keeping everyone together is going to keep us safe." Sonic explained seriously. Tails' eyes widened, realization hitting him. That was very true.

"Y-you're right…" Tails muttered, his fingers curling up to his mouth.

"Knuckles, didn't go to the party that day. Eggman attacked Angel Island and we all left her party." Sonic recited.

"Which is why it's crucial you go by the letters."

The deep voice behind them made Sonic and Tails jumped in place. Facing back, a dark figure appeared from the shadows of the garage. Sonic blinked twice appalled. Tails looked horrified.

Looking into a pair of red eyes that roamed around Tail's garage. Sonic turned to Tails who looked stunned in place.


The hedgehog's eyes stayed narrowed as he glanced at Sonic.

"So, it wasn't just me. I'm seeing him too, right?" Tails muttered over to Sonic.

"You're alive? But you disappeared during the Metarex fight." Sonic began immediately, wanting answers.

"I'm not the Shadow you think I am," He spoke calmly making Tails blink twice and Sonic look confused.

Shadow kept his glare at Sonic who was starting to feel a sense of bad vibes in the atmosphere.

"Then who are you …?" Sonic asked slowly yet calmly.

"The hedgehog whom you knew as Shadow from your time is no longer here anymore. I am Shadow the Hedgehog, from a different dimensional era. A parallel world," He explained.

Sonic couldn't believe his ears. Was he joking? But Shadow wasn't someone to joke around like that. A Shadow from a different dimension? Shadow approached Sonic and Tails and pulled his hand behind his back and pulled out a small item.

An envelope.

Sonic and Tails were confused, but it hit Tails before it hit Sonic. "A letter,"

"I've come from the future through Chaos Control, with the help from your future selves, in a mission to save Amy." Shadow handed the letter to Tails and Tails looked up at Shadow with dire eyes and an opened jaw. "Just like you two."

Tails took the white letter and opened it, not taking a moment to breath but to begin reading it.

"You know what happened to Amy?" Sonic suddenly asked Shadow who faced him with a stoic look. Sonic looked at him straight in the eye and noticed this Shadow was a bit taller, more tired out and had bits of his skin appearing near his ears. Was most certainly a different Shadow. "Why I couldn't save her?"

Shadow's eyes seem to brighten up, because his glare loosened and eyes glimmered. Shadow blinked away over to Tails and said, "If the letters won't tell you then it's for a reason. You were only meant to save her."

Sonic's eyes narrowed as Shadow added, "I'm here because I'm going to help you two out. Everyone from the future regrets not being able to help her in times needed and your future self-"▬Shadow pointed at Sonic with his nose▬"sends you a special message."

His future self, Sonic thought to himself. That's when he saw Shadow do something he'd thought he'd never see in his entire life. It was small but visible, not cold, but more warm, he saw him offer a small smile.

"Make her smile," He told her and Sonic's narrowed eyes were no more.

Tails finished reading the letter with the marked date on it. His eyes large and lips tight. "I would like to know more how you were able to time travel through chaos control." Tails said looking at Shadow.

Shadow wasn't smiling anymore, but closed his eyes and turned around. "You will figure that out later,"

"If I were to change things here," Sonic began catching their attentions. "Would your future change too?"

Shadow shook his head and faced him. "My time and your time are two different dimension, so there is no such thing as a paradox or time change. We live in two parallel universes. What changes here won't effect my future."

Sonic's posture fixed straight up. So, what was being told here was that even if Amy could be saved here, what was done in this alternative world could no longer be changed. Sonic closed his eyes, his heart hurting for his future self. How much could it have affected him that he couldn't save his close friend and has now lost her forever. All the things he couldn't do for her. More fired up than ever, Sonic opened his eyes and inhaled with a large grin.

"Then I will make sure this world won't follow the same fate. I trust you guide us in helping save Amy." Sonic said promptly and Shadow grinned at him.


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