"Return of the Mack"-Mark Morrison.

I told you, I am not abandoning my stories. I only have these two stories (Nothing but Cupid, and this one) to finish, so I will finish them, but it will take some time. I apologize!

Since it's been a while and for those who are new or confused on where we are, here is a summary:

Tails and Cream get captured at Eggman's base while looking for an emerald, so Sonic and Amy go out to rescue them!


Letter 6


Sonic ran to the other side of the hallway with Amy following behind as they dodged one of Eggman's robots that was surveilling the area. Getting into the ship unnoticed wasn't hard. Since, Tails taught Sonic how to dismantle security cameras he was able to get those out of the way and enter without causing chaos. And anyone who did find them, Amy destroyed with her hammer to keep them quiet.

Sonic stopped abruptly and Amy stopped right in time before her nose hit his shoulder. Sonic's arm rose in front of her to keep her from coming forward. He leaned over another end of a hall and peeked from around the corner.

No one was in this hall.

Sonic moved fast with Amy following him and Sonic saw a room which he entered without second thoughts. Both hedgehogs entered and closed the door behind them before robots appeared from a far corner.

The room was dim and large, but they both just wanted to catch their breaths. They didn't know where Tails was and the communicator wasn't responding. They didn't know where Eggman was and how they could get to him.

"I want to know what's going on," Amy gasped holding her chest. "But I don't understand why Eggman is suddenly losing control."

"Eggman has no control. He never did. The only difference now is he's become surreptitious about his plans and I don't understand why. It's not like him not to come out yelling about how much he wants to destroy me." Sonic told her as he rubbed his nose and looked around the room, thankful that no one was in there.

Amy dragged her hammer as she walked next to him inspecting the room too. "We are we going to do?"

"This place is a storage room." Sonic looked at the floor where most of the items such as pipes, gears and metal parts were. Sonic used his foot to move a steel pipe out of his way."Wonder for what."

Amy's eyes caught something up on the ceiling and her eyes widened.


She was going to push Sonic out of the way, but a small screw lying around went in the way of her shoe and she slipped falling on top of Sonic to the side. It all moved so quickly that Sonic was dumbfounded. He got up from the floor holding his head and realized Amy was on top of him. He was forced to lean back down.

"Amy, be careful! We don't want to be too loud," Sonic voice trailed off as he saw a most horrifying creature above them. A dark monster with glowing eyes and sharp teeth planted its four legs on the floor. Sonic stayed still as the monster growled, drool falling from its mouth. Amy's eyes looked up and opened wide.

Sonic covered her mouth quickly but it was too late. The creature reacted to the sound of her gasp and plunged forward growling. Sonic wrapped his arms around Amy and rolled across the ground with her, away from the monster's grip. He pushed Amy out of the way as the monster turned around and jumped back. Sonic flipped on to his feet and sped up to the creature. Amy's head turned to see Sonic fighting the creature she'd never even seen in her life. It was dark and his body wasn't even made of fur but more gas. There was glowing purple goo everywhere. Sonic spin dashed it and he went right through the creature as it yelled and 'poofed'. It was defeated before she could do anything. Amy felt weak from her knees and was shaking. Sonic could've gotten hurt and she was unable to do anything. What was that?

"Are you hurt? Did it touch you?" Sonic rushed over to Amy's side, grabbing her shoulders, head, and arms, making sure there weren't any scratches on her. She admired how Sonic could take action quickly and hated how she grew paralyzed.

Breathing heavily she saw he only received one scratch on his cheek and her heart sunk while Sonic's heart relaxed as she looked fine. Sonic realized a small stinging sensation in his cheek and noticed she was staring at his face. He touched his cheek and looked at his glove to see small hints of a color, wiped away at his cheek and gave Amy a cheesy smile which surprised Amy. He was going to tell her 'not to worry', but he narrowed his eyes at the sound of footsteps coming from the outside. His head jerked towards the door. The robots had heard commotion and were headed for this room.

"They're coming," Sonic hissed looking around for an escape route, a place to hide, anything but get caught. His eyes found a vent at the top of some boxes and his hand fell on Amy's.

"Hurry, we can make it." He informed her. Amy was still in shocked over everything but allowed Sonic to pull her.

By the time the robots entered the room, there was no one inside. Confused, they communicated within themselves until searching around for a bit.

In the vent, Sonic and Amy crawled down the vent not knowing where it would take them, but that it would soon lead out more time they wasted the sooner the machines would figure out where they went. Sonic looked back at Amy. "That was close. How are you hangin'?"

Amy stopped crawling and looked up at him with hurt eyes that it startled Sonic. Her eyes were large and teary looking. Sonic stopped.

Amy paused for a moment wondering how she should apologize, but Sonic never let her finish.

"I'm glad you didn't get hurt Amy," He told her, with a quick glimpse and continuing to crawl. "I'm really glad you didn't."

His tone was soft held and a bit low. Amy's heart palpitated and was flustered that Sonic was showing a softer side. A more protective side of is to her. Amy opened her mouth to say something when everything shook real fast, real hard. The ground was roaring and the vent was shaking back and forth rocking themboth inside.

It wasn't an earthquake. It was something else. The roaring sounded as if some mechanical work was malfunctioning. Eggman.

He didn't know where the vent was going but it felt like it wasn't ending. But he felt air. Air in from one of the vents which meant there was an exit somewhere.

"Stay close." He told her. "We might be near an exit.

Sonic turned around the corner and found light. An opening to the vent and he didn't know where it led but he exited with Amy following behind. He kicked the vent open and he walked out. He turned around to see Amy getting out then looked at his surroundings.

Another room, but much, much larger than the last one and with something interesting in it. Sonic's eyes widened but narrowed in a quick instant.

Tails' ship was in the middle of the room, broken, destroyed. Amy covered her mouth with a gasp. The letters didn't explain this, Sonic thought. He was supposed to trust his judgement but how could he when he couldn't understand what was going on himself!? What happened to Tails?

"This isn't right," Sonic muttered, his fist clenching.

"T-Tails?" Amy gasped, almost chocking on her saliva.

"Aww, how cute,"

It was a loud and obnoxious voice all too familiar to Sonic. Out of an instinct to protect, he pulled Amy by her hand behind him as a black silhouette appeared at the top of a platform in the room. Appearing out of the shadows was finally Dr. Eggman, in his red suit and black leggings. "Two little hedgehogs lost in a pitifulness pool of hope."

Sonic clenched his teeth. "Where are they?!"

Eggman laughed, "Hmm? Your friends? Well, they were on that plane down there," He pointed below him. "Until I caught them,"

Eggman motioned his hands to the side where a huge robot appeared behind him from the same shadows and lifted a large cage with Tails and Cream in it. Cream was passed out and Cheese was hovering around her with Tails holding her. He looked down at Sonic scared.

"Tails!" Sonic shouted.

"Cream! Cheese!" Amy followed up.

Tails ears lowered his ears and coughed. "Guys…"


"Ooo, you know the best part about this whole thing?" Eggman announced gaily as he rose his hand with a shiny item glowing. "They found exactly what I was looking for."

It was a blue chaos emerald. One of many that they needed. Everything at that moment felt so wrong. It wasn't going as he wanted. But the letters did say everything would go wrong. But since when did he depend on everything to go well. Tails was right, the letters were there to help him not guide him. If the letters said it would go as planning then Sonic was going to do the planning and it will go his way. Sonic closed his eyes for a second and breathed. He was going to fix this.

"Release them!" Amy yelled and whipped her hammer. "Or I'll shape you into something other than your egg-shape figure!"

Sonic re-opened his eyes seeing Amy step forward her hammer ready to work its action. Sonic then appeared in front of Amy, grabbing her hammer, and lowering it. "You've begun to scoop really low. This stops now."

Eggman chuckled under his breath then pointed at him. "Get him!"

A bunch of robots appeared from above them, the shadows from the ceilings. Sonic came into a fighting position. Before they knew it, they began punching and destroying robot by robot. Amy pound each one until their heads came off and Sonic spin dashed each one. He landed on his feet and glared up at Eggman. He needed to get up there. Sonic jumped up and a robot got in front of him, but he spun right through it.

He was going for Eggman when he heard Amy yelp and undid his spin dash in mid-air. He looked down to see her being held down by a robot. "Amy," He gasped.

"Mwahaha! You will never defeat me!" Eggman laughed as he turned around was going to walk away when something flew pass his face just as he was turning around and hit the wall across him. He turned around and watched hair fall to the floor. Right next to his feet was a part of his mustache that was cut off on his right side of his face and on the wall a pink quill. He looked at Amy who glared at him.

Sonic ran to Amy and hit away every robot near her. Amy stood up and took a breather when Sonic stopped next to her in a fighting position.

"You okay?" He asked, taking a glimpse at her.

"Never better," Amy replied with a low tone, but she cleared her throat where they had grabbed her.

But when the robots were coming near them again, somebody else's hand reached it before it got to the two hedgehogs. They both looked at the one who punched on of the robots and two smiles simultaneously appeared on their faces.


The red echidna leaped away from a robot's reach and broke the robot down. "I came to make up for what I didn't do on the last fight."

"We'd a go Knux's!" Sonic hopped up on a robot and kicked it's head off.

Amy whipped her hammer around defending herself from anyone of the robots coming. She stopped and turned to Knuckles. "We have to save Tails and Cream!"

"And Cheese," Sonic muttered but Amy continued, "Eggman has that red button on his hand! If I can only grab it-"

"I'll distract the robots while you and Sonic-" Knuckles was interjected when Sonic shouted, "Amy! Watch out!"

Sonic jumped across their gap to push Amy away from an incoming sharp item that a robot threw. They fell to the floor and Knuckles growled, grabbed the item, which was a sword, mid-way in the air and began using it to his advantage.

Sonic hovered over Amy with worried eyes and an uneasy tone. Amy looked up at Sonic with her cheeks flushed. Seeing his face so closely in the moment of danger never felt more soothing. His hands planted on the floor beside each shoulder and his eyes searched hers.

"Are you hurt!?"

It was staring to become like déjà vu where he'd become distraught and ask if she was okay. He'd been telling her that more often. He was afraid to see her hurt and that made her smile. "I'm okay. "

Sonic stood up and grabbed her hand pulling her up with him. "We need to get that button like you said while Knuckles is distracting them." Sonic explained as they turned to see Knuckles scaring off most of the robots out of the way because of how sharp the sword was and how bad of a temper he had.

"Then what do you want to do?" Amy asked.

Sonic looked up at Eggman who was fussing over the fact that his mustache was uneven.

"I have an idea," Sonic told her.

Meanwhile, Eggman stomped his foot down angrily. He was done, finished with Sonic and his friends always ruining his plans and now he lost his beautiful mustache because of them. They were going to pay for it! Once and for all!

"Hey Eggman!"

Eggman turned around to see Sonic spinning in place and Amy grinning confidently him. She raised her giant hammer back. It wasn't the first time he was defeated, but Eggman had something boil inside him when he saw Amy wickedly smile at her. He knew it was the end but something about the way she looked, how she was mocking him, triggered him in some way.

"Haya!" Amy pulled her hammer back and hit Sonic straight to Eggman. Eggman took the hit and the button on his hand flew off his hand and over to Amy. Sonic jumped off Eggman and over to the robot that held the cage. He destroyed the robot and it let the cage go.

Eggman was on the floor hurt. He groaned holding his face and seeing the pink hedgehog from the corner of his eyes smile happily at the button that control most of the area. Sonic freed Tails, Cream and Cheese and Knuckles got rid of most of the robots.

"That girl…" he said in an ominous tone, his eyes burning fire in them.

He got up quickly and moved fast. Tails saw fast movement from his peripheral vision and turned seeing him trying to escape. He was moving to the wall where he pulled out a button from his side pocket and the wall in front of him opened into a door.

"He's escaping!" Tails pointed out and everyone turned.

Sonic narrowed his eyes and jumped to the walls to get up where Eggman was, but by the time he arrived up at the platform, Eggman was gone.

"No," Sonic gasped.

"It's okay!" Knuckles shouted. "Let him go! We have to get out of here!"

But with Eggman missing once again who knows what kind of plot he would do this time. He's bound to get revenge for ruining his plot again."

Sonic clenched his fists and relaxed, letting the idea flow in. He stepped away from the wall slowly then turned back to his friends. They were all staring up at him. He jumped down to the bottom with them and they all huddled in a circle.

"He escaped. I couldn't get the emerald," Sonic scoffed.

"No, but we did," A soft voice spoke.

Everyone turned to see Cream wide awake and grinning. Cheese appear from behind her holding a blue object. Everyone's eyes widened and relieved smiles plastered all over their faces.

"But how?" Sonic questioned.

"He dropped it," Cream laughed.

Everyone laughed as Cheese flew over to Sonic and handed him the blue Emerald. He smiled proudly. So, this is what the letters meant. There was no rule he had to follow, nothing to over think. Today was supposed to happen and it did perfectly.

"We gotta get out of here," Knuckles said looking around vigorously. Sounds from behind the metal walls had started to arise, small fainted sounds from the outside.

Sonic narrowed his eyes and grabbed Cheese into his hands while with the other pushing Amy forward. "Alright, let's get out of here,"


Sorry it took so long. A whole year huh? Well a lot has happened in this past year and well it's been hard. I finally was able to get to this, and I have another chapter done, but let me just finish a driving plot before I post it up.

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