"Hold him down" she commanded as Miller and Bryan went to undo his bindings.

As soon as Bellamy was free he lunged at her wrapping his hands around her throat tightly, he squeezed until her vision spotted but soon the pressure was gone as Monty shock lashed Bellamy twice to take him down looking sick as he did it, Bellamy was like a brother to him. Miller and Bryan wrestled one arm down and Octavia and Jasper the other. Bellamy stared at her the entire time with bloody lips.

As soon as they got him down he wacked his head repeatedly on the wooden headboard growling and spitting as he did it.

"Stop him!" Octavia cried as she ran forward and tried to restrain his head. He stretched his neck and tried to bite her but Octavia managed to help them flip him over and tie his head down.

Octavia retreated back to Clarke who was still gasping, Clarke took her hand gently as she noticed Octavia's glistening eyes. "Please tell me this is going to work" she whispered to Clarke.

Clarke nodded determinedly she said she'd get Bellamy back and that is what she intended to do. She stepped forward again and repeated the order to hold him down.

Bellamy was now secured stomach down on the bed so Clarke had easy access to his neck. She wiped the smooth skin with some moonshine to sterilize it and she shakily held the blade over his neck. But before she did it she lent down and kissed his cheek and whispered quietly "I'm going to get you back." She then stood up straight and looked at Miller who had his shock stick poised.

Placing the blade over his neck she pressed in and cut a line down his neck trying to ignore the blood that split and ran down the sides of his neck. Bellamy's hissing went silent and he stopped struggling but she focused on pulling out the chip that was currently embedded into his neck.

He worked its way out like Lexa's did and as soon as Clarke had it, it was taken by Octavia and smashed on the floor with the butt of her sword repeatedly until it was nothing but a few bits. Clarke half expected Bellamy to wake up but he didn't he just laid there limp.

"No no no" she repeated as she untied him quickly, Octavia helped and soon they turned him over and he laid their motionless.

Clarke heard a choking sound and looked up to see Octavia gather her big brother into her arms and card her fingers through his hair as tears fell freely down her face. The room was deathly silent everyone looking a Bellamy in shock. Clarke stepped forward and took his hand and kissed it before deciding that wasn't enough and leant in and kissed him very gently on the lips.

"You said together" she squeaked out as he didn't respond and soon she felt sobs rising and cried into his chest occasionally kissing him over and over.

She was just about to let go when she heard a groan and there was a collective sigh of relief when Bellamy opened his eyes.

He smiled up at Octavia who smiled back tearily and then he looked at Clarke with warm eyes, his eyes.

"How's It going Princess?" he said with a warm smile.

Laughing Clarke lent in and kissed him again.