Fanfiction revised: November 24, 2005

A request + being depressed this fic!

WARNINGS: This has PONY TORTURE! Mentioning of slash rape! Rated R for a reason!


Something bad happened to me today…

Something really bad.

It never crossed through my mind that I could be a victim of this…

I heard of it happening to girls…

but never guys.

So why me…?

My hands are shaking as I turn the knob to the front door of my house…my whole body is shaking.

I hear the noise from inside of the house; the radio turned up all the way and the TV is on, its volume also turned sky high.

I don't want to go inside now. I know the moment my brothers see me, they will ask questions…

and I'll have to tell them.

No, I can't…

I can't tell them…

I won't tell them…

I open the door, and as I predicted everyone came running to me, asking what happened. "I was jumped by some Socs." I say, well, it's the truth…I was.

They want to know more, but I push my way through them and into the bathroom, "I…just let me get cleaned up." I say feeling getting the sudden feeling that I'm dirty…a dirty pig.

Once I'm inside the bathroom I immediately shut and lock the door.

I turned on the shower, and began stripping slowly out of my clothing.

My entire body felt like it had been hit by an 18-wheeler going 156.5 MPH.

I groaned and hissed in pain as I lifted my shirt over my head. My arms stung with sharp pains and my chest felt so heavy…gosh it hurt to breathe.

I bit my lip hard and slid my shorts off, making small stiff movements as I stepped out of them.

I grimaced, hooking my thumbs into the rim of my boxers. I inhaled deeply and pushed them down. As my body bent over a little, I nearly screamed. But I let the tears fall from my eyes instead…

When I looked down at them through blurry vision, I saw the bloodstains that consumed the bottom of them. I grabbed them and stepped under the water and instantly began cleaning them…almost like a mad animal…

I rubbed at them…clawed at them…

almost like they had rubbed and clawed at me…

Out of frustration I tore them in half and I let the fall into the tub…

I tired to be strong, I really did. I mean, after all, Greasers don't cry. Right?

But this one does…

Tears were welling up again, and this time I let them fall.

My body became racked with sobs…and I cried till the water that pounded on me, became cold.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, the guys were still there…the radio was off, but the TV was one.

Johnny was the first one who saw me, and came up to me first. "You okay, Pon?" He asked.

Johnny was the only one I could every consider my best friend…right then and there I wanted to tell him…but I couldn't.

He'd be disgusted with me…they all would.

"Yea Johnny, I'm fine. Just tried…I'm going to bed. Night." I ducked inside the room I shared with Sodapop before any more questions could be asked.

Soda came in a few minutes later…and just stood there. Even thought my back was turned from the door, I knew it was him. I could feel him standing there, staring at me. I then heard his footsteps come towards the bed, he sat on the edge of the bed and placed a hand on my back.

I knew that Soda would never hurt me, but I jumped…I couldn't help it.

"What happened?" He asked.


"You can't lie, you know."

"I was jumped by some Socs…that's all."

"You sure?"

I was silent.

"Alright. You know you can talk to me when you're ready."

Then he was gone.

"I'm sorry Soda…" The tears fell once again from my eyes. "Soda…I was raped."

But no one was there to hear me.

I wish someone was….

Oh no! What the hell did I do to Pony:: starts punching self. : Ow, Sorry. I'm depressed today, if you can't tell….

Oh this is meant to be a one shot, so don't worry…unless someone likes it. Then I can add chapters!