Prompt: "You made your brothers look like Mommy?"

Castle was completely absorbed in his writing. He hadn't gotten going like this in a long time. Kate was fantastic about letting him work when she got home, but the kids had his attention before that. Now that Lilly was in kindergarten and the boys had preschool 3 days a week, it was a lot easier, but he was still massively behind. After a threatening phone call from Gina, he decided to set the kids up to watch a movie, so he could work. He hated doing it, but today, he didn't have much of a choice. Castle had been working for about 3 hours when his phone rang and startled him out of his writing trance. He grabbed it and answered.

"Hey Babe, I'm leaving the precinct now. I'm going to stop and get milk, do we need anything else?"

"No, I think milk is it," Castle answered shocked to discover it was already that late.

"How were the kids today? Did they let you get any writing done?"

"Yeah. They were great. Perfect angels," Castle replied nervously. He hoped they were perfect angels. They had been too quiet for too long. The movie had to be over. Why didn't they come get him? He saved his work as he said good bye to his wife and got up to find the kids. When he realized they weren't in the living room, where he left them, he knew this wasn't going to be good.

"Lilly?" He called out as he walked around. "Jake! Reece!" Maybe they were hiding from him. The twins had recently discovered the joy in jumping out from behind something and startling people. When his calls went unanswered, he start to get a little nervous. He was heading for the stairs, when he heard his daughter answer him. Apparently, they were in the bathroom. Great. They definitely weren't up to something.

"Daddy, I make the boys pretty," Lilly proudly announced when Castle entered the room. How the children ended up in the master bathroom without him noticing, he didn't know, but all three of them sat on floor looking up at him with big innocent faces. The problem was their faces weren't clean. Jake and Reece were covered in a variety of shades of makeup in every which direction.

"I see that. How did you get mommy's make up?" Castle asked as he continued to take in the scene. What he suspected to be all of his wife's make up was scattered on the floor around them. All of it open and all of it messy. He cringed as he saw her mascara open with the wand sitting across her compact, leaving a black streak across the powder.

"I stood on the stool and climbed the counter," Lilly explained and ducked her head.

"You know you aren't allowed to do that. You could have gotten hurt!"

"But look how pretty the boys are. Like Mommy."

"You made your brothers look like Mommy?" Castle laughed.

"I wanted to do me, but it's hards."

"So they were the next best option?" Castle couldn't help himself, he kept laughing. He noticed there was a smudge of foundation on Lilly's cheeks too along with the colorful spread on his boys' faces. They looked absolutely nothing like Kate.

"They wiggled too much," Lilly pouted.

"I'm sure they did. Sweetie, boys don't wear makeup."

"Why not?"

"Well… I guess they can if they want to, but most boys don't want to," Castle scrambled.

"Jakey and Reece wanted to," Lilly said quickly giving her dad a big smile.

"Did they?"

"Yep," she answered innocently.

"Boys?" Castle turned to his sons, who had been suspiciously quiet. His little chatter boxes were never this quiet.

They both just nodded their heads quickly up and down.

"The women completely run this house," Castle laughed at his sons' compliance. How in the world his 6 year old gained the power to control two 3 year old little boys, he didn't know, but it was clear she had.

"Lilly, are you allowed to mess with Mommy's stuff without asking?" Castle asked. It was time to get serious. Lilly needed punished, and this needed cleaned up. Quickly.

"No," she answered quietly.

"What was that?"

"No," she said louder, and her little face crumbled.

"Don't cry, Sweetie. It's okay. This is daddy's fault too. How about we just clean up the mess and your brothers really quick and don't tell mommy?"

"I can't lie to mommy!" Lilly exclaimed as more tears fell down her face.

"Oh no. We aren't going to lie. We just aren't going to tell her. We can keep it a secret just between us. It's okay," Castle explained quickly as he knelt down on the floor in front of his daughter. Just like when Alexis did when she was little, Lilly got herself all worked up when she was in any kind of trouble.

"I'm sorry," Lilly sniffled.

"I know. You won't ever do it again, right?"


"Okay. Let's just clean up." Castle stood and grabbed the little plastic tray off the counter. "I want you to close up all the makeup nice and neat and put it back in here. I'm going to clean up your brothers." He scooped up each one of the boys and sat them on the edge on the counter. "No jumping off!" He instructed his sons as they gave him mischievous little smiles. Castle riffled through the top drawer not taking his eyes off his sons to really look inside. He felt the package for Kate's makeup remover wipes and pulled it out. He knew it would be the fastest and most effective method. As he opened the package, he stopped and took his phone out of his pocket. He knew Kate was going to find out, so he might as well have a cute picture to show her to soften her anger. After getting a few shots, he wiped down his sons' face as they squirmed and whined. "See boys, being a girl is hard work," he laughed as they glared at him. He plopped them both down on the floor as soon as he was done, and they both ran off.

He turned around to see Lilly holding up the makeup bin with everything inside. It was surprisingly orderly for being put away be a 6 year-old. "Thank you, Lilypad." He stuck it back up on the counter and grabbed one more wipe to clean up her face too. "It's really okay. I know you're sorry," he said as he saw her little lip start to quiver again.

"I really, really am, Daddy."

"I know. Come on let's go see what we want to make for dinner."

It wasn't ten minutes before Kate came home. The boys abandoned their trucks in the middle of the living room floor and ran straight into her legs. "Hey, my little men," she greeted as she knelt down to capture them both in the big hug. They were chattering a mile minute. When they released, Reece grabbed the milk clearly struggling to carry it and took it to the kitchen with his brother right behind him trying to help. "Thank you, Boys. That was very nice of you."

"How's my girl?" Kate asked as she followed into the kitchen and dropped a kiss on Lilly's head.

"Good," she answered quietly and shy. Unusual for her.

"How was work?" Castle asked and gave his wife a quick kiss.

"It was fine, but Castle…why do our sons smell like my makeup remover?" She asked with a laugh.

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