Probably only another two chapters left in this story if I'm honest. Will see how it goes after this one and how creative I can get! Hope you enjoy :-) any mistakes are my own.

Chapter 8

After a day of being in bed with various foods and films to keep them busy the two ladies found themselves nearing the night hours.

Nicole had to be up for work in the morning and Waverly had to work the afternoon shift at Shorty's. After trying to keep a yawn hidden from Waverly, Nicole was busted, "Awww Nic, are you really that tired? Have I worn you out?", "Yes Miss Earp you have worn me out but in the most brilliant kind of way" looking at the clock and seeing it was already 11:30pm, "Euch, I have to be up in 5 and a half hours" Nicole pouted.

"Aw, poor baby" said Waverly as she smiled and leaned in for a kiss, "You called me baby" said Nicole with wide eyes, "Uh, yeah, I guess I did...sorry shouldn't I have said that, I didn't mean..." Waverly was cut off mid sentence by the lips of Nicole, the kiss intensified as each girl put their heart and soul into making the other recognise how they felt, unbeknownst to them, they were on the exact same page. Hands were beginning roam and both Waverly and Nicole could feel the pull again as their breathing became ragged, a moan was heard from Waverly and so Nicole pulled back from the kiss, leant her forehead against Waverly's whilst she panted and tried to compose herself, "Waverly, if we keep going like this, I won't want to stop and as much as it pains me to say this, I really need to go to sleep." Waverly understood and agreed, as much as she didn't want to she knew she had to go back to her own bed and let Nicole get a good rest before work. Waverly set about getting her things together and looked over at Nicole who was already in the early stages of sleep. A smile graced Waverly's face as she took in how cute Nicole looked. "Oh Waverly, you've got it so bad" she said to herself. Just before leaving Waverly wrote Nicole a short note before closing up and heading home.

The homestead was cold when she got home, getting a shower and ready for bed Waverly found her thoughts drifting to that of Nicole before falling fast asleep herself.

Due to work commitments the two girls didn't manage to see each other for a few days, Nicole was on early starts and Waverly was on lates. Waverly was on her third late shift at the bar and Gus had been watching her with wonder. Waverly had always been a free spirit but the last few days Gus and the majority of Purgatory had commented on the extra bounce in her step, her beaming smile and cheery manner.

Gus decided to ask, "So Waverly, care to tell me what's got you so happy? Has it got anything to do with a particular Police Officer?" Waverly's smile lit up, "Let's just say that I took your advice Gus, we have been seeing each other and I can honestly say that I have never felt this way before about somebody. What I had with Champ was nothing in comparison to how I feel with Nicole. Honestly Gus I am so happy right now, and I think Nicole is too." Waverly was rambling but Gus just smiled, "Waverly dear, calm down, your going a million miles an hour. If somebody makes you feel this way, this special and makes you smile the way that you are then you have found a gudden. Honestly Waverly I have know you a long long time and I have never seen you this happy before. I'm so happy for you. I really am." Gus reached forwards and pulled Waverly in for a hug and the two shared a moment between Aunty and Niece.

At the end of the bar a keen pair of eyes had watched the exchange and paid a particular interest in the conversation, "that's gross" thought Champ. He had been sat there for the last few hours drinking and Waverly had been that happy in her own little bubble that she hadn't even given him a second glance. Champs ego was bruised, how dare Waverly finish with him and then get with a woman! Champ was fuming, how dare she! He sat seething for the next hour or so biting his tongue, he saw how happy Waverly was and knew that it was Nicole who was making her feel like that. Champ had not seen Waverly like this before, he didn't like it, he didn't like that somebody else made his Waverly happy, happier than he ever did and then the added fact that it was a woman, "What does she have that I don't?"

Waverly looked at the wall clock and saw that it was only 9pm, she had 3hours of work left till closing and seeing an opportunity she nipped to her handbag and got out her mobile phone to send a couple of texts to Nicole.

WE - Hi gorgeous, how was work? I've been thinking about you now stop.

Across town Nicole was just getting into her truck when she heard the ping of her phone, picking it up she grinned and replied;

NH - Hi baby, work was ticked by. I've been thinking about you too. I feel like I haven't stopped smiling since the other day.

WE - Me too :-) I spoke to Gus about us. I hope you don't mind.

NH - Of course not, she's family after all. I'm glad you had somebody to talk to.

WE - :-) your cute, so what are you up to?

NH - I thought I might pop to my local bar and have a drink, I think it's called Shorty's. There's this gorgeous brunette who works behind the bar and I've been eyeing her up for sometime? You know her? She has a blue top on with red writing on and these tight blue jeans on that just show that sexy ass off?

Waverly realised that she was wearing these clothes and looked up to see Nicole stood by the door to Shorty's. Feeling a rush of butterflies in her stomach, her heart began hammering in her chest, "Gus, I'm taking my break" yelled Waverly before grabbing Nicole and pulling her into the break room. The minute the door was closed Waverly slammed her lips onto Nicole's, the two melting into one another as they fought for dominance in the kiss. Nicole's hands were roaming down Waverly's back and when they reached her backside she clawed pulling their fronts closer together, Waverly moaned at the contact as she moved her hands from Nicole's neck through her hair.

The two bounced off different bits of furniture before Nicole felt the back of her knees touching the edge of the couch. Spurred on by Waverly she fell into the seat with Waverly following her and straddling her. Nicole's hands had not moved from Waverly's ass and she became aware that they were literally thrusting up to one another. Waverly began kissing down Nicole's chin to her neck, she sucked on the pulse point enticing a moan from the officer, "Waves, I cannot even tell you how much I missed this...let's not leave it this long again"..."officer, I think it's only been 48 hours since we last saw each other?" , "I missed you the minute you left my apartment, I've thought about you none stop."

Waverly sat up and leaned back causing her sex to thrust forwards against the seam in her jeans, she was so turned on but what was more of a turn on was how full of desire Nicole was. She leaned back and her top drew tighter exposing the curves of her bust and her stomach to Nicole who by this point was a complete mess. Waverly was feeling more and more confident, she knew that Nicole was at breaking point, she knew she wanted her as she rode the officers lap. Realising her break was over and not wanting Gus to burst in on them, Waverly suddenly got off Nicole and stood up leaving the other woman in compete disbelief and clenching her thighs to dull the ache that had grown.

"My breaks over Nic" said Waverly barely audible. Nicole threw her head back against the couch and let out a guttural moan, standing up she came face to face, "Waverly Earp, you have no idea what you do to me." Reaching for Waverly's hand she took it and placed it down the front of her jeans and panties so that Waverly could feel how wet she had made her. Nicole could not let Waverly win this round, if this is what it took, this little snippet of heaven, to make Waverly the one whimpering, then she would do it. Nicole removed Waverly's hand who was now a complete mess, "hopefully that gives you some idea of what you do to me...if you want to come by after work and finish off what your started then you know where I will be." Nicole righted her hair and made sure she looked presentable before walking past a quivering wreck that was Waverly.

Waverly let out a breath and gained some composure, she took out her phone and sent a quick text to Nicole;

"See you after work ;-) I'll be round for 1230 on the dot"

Waverly took a moment before returning back to the bar. Luckily Gus was busy with a customer so Waverly had chance to visit the bathroom and freshen up before coming back to serve.

Champ had seen Waverly drag Nicole into the room, he had heard the groans of the women from within and he had seen the desire and pleasure of Waverly's face when she returned to the bar. He recognised the look from when they were together, but this appeared to be 10 fold and he didn't not like it one bit. Champ felt a stirring in his lower stomach, he hated to admit it but seeing how turned on Waverly was coupled with the beer, Champ felt like one of his raging bulls at the rodeo. Sat nursing his pitcher he planned out what was next for his night, he would make Waverly Earp see exactly why nobody dumps Champ Hardy, especially not for a woman. Champ processed in his mind, "I'll show her what she's missing" and with that he snuck off out the bar to wait by his truck for Waverly to leave.

Waverly was completely oblivious to Champ having been in the bar until an hour or so after leaving Gus had told her. Waverly was not aware but Gus had watched Champ and she had seen the way he had been looking at her, "Waves, just watch out for Champ, he looks like a volcano waiting to explode." Laughing Waverly replied, "Gus, I know Champ and I had our issues but he had other women, I caught him in bed with one of his floozies. I won't let him ruin what I have now."Gus acknowledged what was being said, "I hope your right hun."

At 1215, Waverly closed up the bar and began locking up, she made her way over to her car but heard the grinding of gravel from behind her. "Hello Waverly" without turning around Waverly knew it was Champ, "Go away Champ, your drunk, and it wasn't too long ago you did something very silly when you were drunk." Waverly opened the car door and sat in the drivers side, she tried to close the door but Champ stopped it from closing, "Waverly, you and that cop are disgusting, disgusting! You don't need a woman, you need a man, you need me Waverly. She cannot give you what I can."Waverly laughed and stared directly at Champs glazed over eyes, "Champ, Nicole makes me feel a million times better than you ever did, she pleasures me in a way that you never did and all without a penis! Now leave me alone! I mean it Champ." Champ let go of the door and slammed her fists against the drivers side window, "This isn't over Waverly!" Champ yelled. Quickly reversing Waverly sped off in the direction of Nicole's apartment.

When she reached Nicole's apartment block, she sat crying in the car. She may not have allowed Champ to see how scared and upset she was but now she felt safe, she was at Nicole's and everything was going to be OK. Drying her eyes Waverly walked in to Nicole's apartment and tried to give off the impression that everything was OK but Nicole didn't miss a beat, "Waverly what's the matter? What's happened?"

Waverly's lip began to quiver and she could feel the tears building behind her eyes again, "Champ, he scared me" and with that Waverly explained what had happened.

"Waves, you can get a restraining order, I can sort that out, I can help you" Nicole tried to reassure Waverly. "Thanks Nic, I appreciate the offer but he was just drunk. His new girl has probably ditched him, he was just being stupid. If things change I promise to keep you up to date". Nicole enveloped Waverly into a hug, "Come on Waves, let's go to bed, I'll give you a cuddle and we can watch something in bed then fall fast asleep, everything will be fine, I won't let anybody hurt my girl."

Waverly looked up from Nicole's chest, "so I'm your girl am I?"

The read headed officer realised what had been said, who was she kidding, she wanted Waverly to be her girlfriend, of course she did. "Waverly I would be lying if said that I didn't want you to be my girlfriend, I realise this is all new to you so there's no pressure but if you want to them I would definitely be OK with that" Nicole rambled out.

"I would love to be your girlfriend Nicole Haught" , "now come to bed and give me that cuddle your promise me"

"Yes ma'am" Nicole replied as kissed Waverly gently on the lips, the two walked hand in hand to Nicole's bedroom.

Outside the apartments sat Champ Hardy, he saw the light on Nicole's apartment go out and smiled to himself, "it's only a matter of time Waverly. You will be mine."