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Hey everyone here is my latest story. This one I've put so much thought into it! So read it and let me know what you think! You know your opinions mean the world to me! So read and enjoy that's the only reason why I write.


'Why do I care about her so much?' Sesshomaru thought to himself I have 14 other Vixen with me but she catches my eye the most. Sesshomaru the Lord of the Western Lands was scouting his territory making sure no other demons had come to take his land from him.

Even though Sesshomaru despised humans more then anything, he had taken in 15 females. Each caught his eye one way or another. Some he had found being beaten to death by their villages, others he admired their fighting skill and determination. One by one he took them in and gave them a new identity, and a new life. When Sesshomaru took them in he bestowed two types of powers within them: One of the powers was a fighting ability of some sort. The other was the ability to change into a specific animal that he had thought fit them perfectly. But that wasn't all he did, he gave them all immortality from age. They would never grow old or lose any of their beauty and life energy.

Each female had and undying beauty to them, on the inside and on the out. (A/N: If men looked at one of these women they would feel that cupid had struck them with thousand arrows.) As well with their beauty they had strong loyalty to Sesshomaru, and would never leave him. He was their master and took great care of them by feeding them, clothing them, and training them. He called his girls Vixen because of their fighting ability, their loyalty, and attitudes.

Sesshomaru was so pleased with how they all turned out. Each of them never held jealousy within each other, and never kept their feelings from their lord either. At least once a day Sesshomaru would meet with a Vixen privately and find out how she was doing. (A/N: What a man!) He cared deeply about all of his Vixen but one of them caught his eye like no other did. She was special in his mind, and his youngest Vixen. "What are these feeling you've possessed me with?" Sesshomaru spoke gently into the cool wind. "Kagome."


A/N: Hey everyone I'm back again and writing my third story. So what do you think? I know I kept describing how much Sesshomaru cared about his Vixen and so on don't worry there will be tons of romance in the upcoming chapter I promise. But I need to know what you think. Stay cool or warm if you live in the north. Love Shell