Hey everyone I'm so sorry about this, but I'm not going to finish the story. Please don't be angry, I've ran out of ideas but here's something I refuse to leave you all in the dark!

The morning after Kagome and Sesshomaru's little night on cloud nine as my boyfriend puts it. Sesshomaru keeps her in bed the whole day no they didn't do anything he was just concerned with her health, and he thought she may need more rest. Time passes and Rin finally produces Sesshomaru's first heir they went at it for 4 days straight lol. (They did have breaks don't worry) Soon enough all of his Vixen gave him strong and beautiful children, who helped him later on concure the North, then the East, and then after a hard war they finally concurred the South. After all lands were defeated and had a new ruler a terrible plague had come most of the Vixen had caught it and passed away along with their children. This saddened Sesshomaru and his two remaining Vixen Kagome, and Rin plus their children.

Kagome found herself restless, yes she had everything she could possibly want except her family, the day after Sesshomaru said she was fit enough to move around he took her to the well. When she jumped in she only hit dirt, Sesshomaru comforted her the best he could.

500 years later Kagome stood outside of her shrine watching herself get ready to jump into the well for the final time. 'I wonder what it would have been like if I had never agreed to become a Vixen?' Just as the younger Kagome was about to jump in she ran to her, "Excuse me are you Kagome H.?" The younger Kagome looked at her older self and smiled "Yes I am can I help you?" The older one smiled back and spoke softly "Don't rely on Inuyasha, he'll break your heart, please don't ask just live for life as it seems." Kagome turned and left her younger self with a tear slipping from her cheek. Walking down the steps a younger girl with light blue hair came skipping to greet her. "Mommy come on daddy, Rin, and Uncle Inu are waiting for us hurry up." Smiling she peered back at the shrine with tear filled eyes. 'If I were to do it again would I?' Smirking and picking up her youkai child, 'Without a doubt,' "Come on my one and only let us go, how about we get some ice cream on the way." Snuggling into her mothers arms, the little girl smiled brightly.

There you go I appoloze once more but I ran out of ideas. See the thing was the Vixen weren't the one and only, Kagome's daughter was doesn't make sense ne? Anyways thanks again for reading and I hope you like my new story Pleasures of Buisness, don't worry I won't stop on that one. Oh and for That special someone I promise to have it finished soon.