I have included both Episode VIII and Episode IX in this document since they are two parts of the same novel. When I wrote this novel, I intentionally avoided reading all fan theories, so I hope this is a fresh and unpredictable story for you. Thanks for reading.

Written Feb. 2016. Every attempt was made to be true to Star Wars Disney-sanctioned media up to this date.

A comment on Star Wars Disney-sanctioned media: there was a rumor in Jan 2016 that Maz Kanata was going to be a Force-user. That secret scene had not been revealed at the completion of writing this story. So for the purposes of the narrative, Maz Kanata is not a Force-user.

I am reformatting this novella, and as most of my chapters in the doc manager have expired, I am reuploading some chapters, and breaking up others. This is also giving me a chance to update the narrative with a few new details and clean up some grammar here and there.

Below is the opening crawl for Episode VIII Rise of the Dark Jedi

Star Wars

Episode VIII
Rise of the Dark Jedi

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . .



Episode VIII


The galaxy is in chaos. After the destruction of the Hosnian system and the REPUBLICAN SENATE, many seek to gain control of the galaxy in the absence of any ruling government. As Kylo Ren and his KNIGHTS OF REN use fear to acquire the loyalty of many systems, General Leia Organa scrambles to convince any free systems to join the RESISTANCE, the last hope against the FIRST ORDER. She and a small delegation travel to the aquatic planet of Kamino in an attempt to convince their prime minister to offer support . . .