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The Way We Were

Deja vu.

I fade into a memory.

The way we were.

The way we used to be.

Rays of sun flash down, striking the red-haired girl's hair into a breaking crimson, and glinting off the blue-haired girl's hair, turning it into a warm, soft blue.

She red-haired, cute and bubbly, she blue-haired, fair and shy.

It's a wonderful day outside. The gradient blue sky shaded by translucent fluffy clouds. The leaves of the tall, green tree posed as the perfect shade, casting a shadow on the two girls. The leaves from the tree rustled, flashing a beautiful crystal green.

Furry critters scuttled around, and the red-haired girl even noticed a cute common mandora.

The red-haired girl was obviously royalty. Her hair, perfectly curled, glided around her small, chubby figure wavily. She had bangs that stopped right atop of her thin, brown eyebrows. Below those perfectly carved eyebrows was a pair of piercing eyes, on the top was a ice, crystal blue radiantly fading into a bright, lemony yellow around the bottom. Her pupils were slightly translucent, with black linings. Around her neck was a delicate, thick choker, with a elegantly carved ruby placed right upon the middle of the choker. The red-haired girl was wearing a bright pink dress, with puffed up sleeves and fluffy white wrist collars. Around her waist was a red sash. She had a fair complexion.

The blue-haired girl was a nun. Her hair, perfectly straight but curling a slightly at the end, landing right above her straight shoulders. Her hair parted in the middle, forming center bangs that almost covered her short, thin blue eyebrows. Under her eyebrows was a pair of jade green eyes. Beginning from the top, the color was a deep forest green, turning into a sharp green color, and fades to a pale jade green. Her pupils was just like the red-haired girl's. She wore a traditional nun's outfit. Around her neck was a long necklace, with a delicate sliver cross hanging off the string. It glinted with lively light, the silver shining brightly.

You could obviously see their personalities from the composition of their features. The red-haired girl was cheeky, outgoing, and bright. She was optimistic and extroverted. The blue-haired girl was calm, shy, and thoughtful. She was pessimistic and introverted. The two were polar opposites, but they were the best of friends.

The red-haired girl kneeled up on her knees, soft hands touching something.

The blue-haired girl sat on her heels in front of the other girl, both facing the same direction.

"Tuck this strand in… there!" the red-haired girl muttered under her breath, focusing on the blue-haired girl's head.

The red-haired girl was creating a flower crown for the other girl. The flower crown was made out of magnolia flowers, somehow fitting perfectly around the blue-haired girl's head. The petals rustled in the cool spring breeze, as the red-haired girl tried to put the crown deeper onto her head. The blue-haired girl put her hand up to the crown and slightly adjusted it.

The floor was scattered with magnolia flowers.

"You two are like Rosabelle and Iris!"

That's what the people in this kingdom would call two good friends. Exceptionally good. More than good. Too good of friends. Almost like they have a spiritual bond, or connection. Rosabelle would be used to describe the person the the friendship that was the outgoing one and Iris would be used to describe the introverted one.

"Rosabelle, is it pretty?"

"Of course! I made it, didn't I?"

"But…aren't magnolia flowers poisonous?"

"Iris, of course not! Why would I ever want to hurt you?"

"Do you promise to never hurt me?"

"I promise! I swear on the future heritage of my parents kingdom!"

Iris smiles.

"Then I will promise something as well! I will always be by your side. I will always be with you, and I will stay with you forever. I will never hurt you."

The way we used to be.

Rosabelle…empty words.

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