Warnings: Character death, fight scenesthe usual

Spoilers- RotKIf you haven't read the books, pretty major one.

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Mirkwood's Lost Prince

"Come on you three! Can't you see nothing is going to attack? I've been standing here like a piece of fish bait for nearly ten minutes now." A snicker came from the trees above, and Gimli growled impatiently. "What's so funny? Crazy Elves"

"Stubborn Dwarf!" Came the reply. "And besides, the thought of you being used as real bait is amusing indeed. Imagine, hung by your beard over the water so some large fish may come and snatch you?" The voice from the trees was light and playful, and and the laughter reminded the Dwarf of dew falling from a flower. Gimli smiled against his will.

"You've made your point. Come down now!" As silently as a cat, a figure dropped down from the tree above the Dwarf's head to land in a crouch in front of him. The blonde haired Elf stood, smiling as he brushed leaves from his clothes.

"Dwarves certainly need to learn patience. You my friend are no exception! And how should you know if something was about to attack us? From my experience, Dwarves are not the most observant nor watchful race. You never know what could be sneaking silently up on you." As if to emphasize the Elf's point, two shadowed figures dropped from the tree behind Gimli, unnoticed by the Dwarf. Just as Gimli was about to speak, they grabbed him; one holding his mouth to keep him quiet, the other grabbing the hand that held his axe. Gimli struggled and looked to Legolas for help, but the Elf just stood there, smiling widely and trying to control the mirth bubbling up inside him as he held up a hand.

"Alright, I think he's learned his lesson." Gimli's captors released him, and he swung around angrily, axe ready for battle. He stopped his attack when he saw the grinning faces of Elladan and Elrohir, the Elven twins from Rivendell they had been traveling with. The two were so alike, the number of people who could tell them apart was very few- limited to their father, Elrond, their sister Arwen, Aragorn and Legolas. Everyone else was left to awkwardly guess which was which. Gimli's look of surprise was too much for the twins to bear, and burst out laughing. Legolas, whose smile had been getting progressively larger, could not help himself once Elladan and Elrohir had started laughing. Soon the three Elves were doubled over with giggles as Gimli furrowed his brow angrily.

"I do not think that was necessary! Just because you Elves can be all silent like doesn't mean you have the right to frighten me like that! You three should be taught a lesson! I ought to-"

"Hush." Legolas had suddenly gone silent, and Elladan and Elrohir cut of their laughter immediately when they saw the prince stop. He now looked around them nervously, searching the bushes.

"Something's not right" He whispered. Suddenly, from out of the bushes all around them burst scores of men, all clad in forest green, cruel, twisted swords drawn as they rushed at the four figures. A confused look passed over the three faces of the Elves, each wondering the same thing; Why hadn't they known the men were there?

"ATTACK!" The battle cry brought them back to the situation at hand, as the three Elves and the Dwarf were ambushed. Elladan and Elrohir each had drawn their long, silver blades and Legolas had notched and fired an arrow by the time the men reached them. Fortunately, Gimli already had his axe drawn. The three fought for a little while, but the number of men was overwhelming, and they knew they could not win this fight.

"Legolas! Gimli! Run!" Elrohir shouted as he and Elladan fought to escape the horde of men. The twins were soon joined by Gimli as they managed to fight through the men. The Elves jumped with graceful ease into a tree above their heads, reaching down to pull Gimli up after them.

"Stay here." Elrohir ordered the Dwarf as he and Elladan jumped from branch to branch until they were directly above the fight. Legolas was easy to spot amidst their enemies. He had his twin Elvish blades drawn as he sliced through his foes. His long, golden hair flew about him as he ducked and spun this way and that, easily dodging the blows aimed at him. The blades in his hands were nought but deadly flashes of light to those around him, most of the men falling not even realizing Legolas had been close enough to slash their neck or drive a blade through their chest. The Elvish twins in the trees above drew their bows, their arrows helping to fell the overwhelming foes. When the men fell back a pace, Elladan yelled down to Legolas. The prince looked up and grabbed the lowest branch of the tree they were perched in. But no amount of Elven speed could help him avoid the slash of the long sword that fell across his chest. With a yell of pain, Legolas let go of the branch, saved from further injury by landing in a kneeling crouch. The man who had wounded him stood above him, ready to strike the final blow, when two arrows hit him- one in the throat and one between his eyes. Gaining confidence at seeing the fallen Elf, the few men left (numbering only five) also ran at Legolas. Three were felled by more arrows from above, before the twins ran out of arrows. Suddenly, with a shout, Gimli came hurtling from the brush to hack one nearly in half with his axe. The final man stood above Legolas with a malicious smile spread across his face; but before his blade could fall, he was hit from behind by Gimli, while at the same time the blonde prince below him drew a hidden dagger from his boot to drive it upwards into his chest. With a gurgle, he fell backwards. Gimli knelt beside Legolas, and the twins dropped from the tree to do the same. The archer was curled over his knees, his breathing harsh, and his body weight supported by one hand clutching the mossy ground. His head hung foreward, and his long hair fell from behind his shoulder to curtain his face.

"Legolas?" Elladan asked, his voice filled with concern. He placed a comforting hand on the prince's back and Elrohir moved to sit in front of the injured Elf.

"Legolas, let us see the wound." Legolas made no move to respond, so Elrohir gently lifted his face up. The once shining blue eyes were beginning to cloud over, and pain etched his ageless features. Suddenly, Legolas' eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned in pain as he went unconscious. Elrohir caught the prince as he fell forewards, gently laying him down on his back. Elrohir felt Legolas' forehead, only to find his skin cold and clammy. He moved down to inspect the wound. Legolas' arm still lay across his ribs, covering the wound. But a steadily growing crimson stain could be seen beneath. Gently lifting the arm away, Elrohir let out a low breath at what he saw. Elladan gasped, and Gimli growled in frustration, clutching his axe tightly.

"I wish those scoundrels were still around. They died to quickly the first time! I'll slaughter them again!" The Dwarf spat out.

Elrohir stood and carefully picked up the prince. Elladan whistled, and three horses appeared shortly. Mounting one, Elladan pulled Gimli up after him. Elrohir kept Legolas in his arms and mounted his own horse. Arod, Legolas' horse that had stayed him since the War of the Ring, snorted impatiently at not having his master to ride him. Elrohir whispered something to him, and Arod calmed down. He looked at his twin, and when Elladan nodded, he urged his horse foreward.

"Norolim Harulen!" The horse sped into a gallop, Arod and Elladan's horse running on either side.

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