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Mirkwood's Lost Prince

Chapter 4

Aragorn jumped at the sound of his name and stepped out of the shadowed doorway.

"Of course I will, my friend." Gimli turned at hearing Aragorn's voice, and practically ran over to him, wrapping his arms around the man's waist- the only place he could reach.

"You came! Bless you, laddy!*" With a smile, Aragorn returned the hug best he could. The reunion was interrupted by a sound from the bed, where Legolas gasped and coughed for breath, his eyes closed as his head fell to the side. Gimli let go of the King's waist and turned back towards the bed, his smile fading. Aragorn's smile vanished from his face the moment he saw the figure laying on the bed, a grave and saddened expression replacing it. He walked over and sat on the bed beside Legolas, and Gimli quietly left the tent to give the two friends a moment alone. Aragorn pushed back the tears that welled up in his eyes as he looked at the injured form of the Elf. Beads of sweat covered the pale brow as Legolas panted in exhaustion, having just regained enough breath to fill his lungs again. Aragorn reached out and brushed away a stray strand of hair that clung to the prince's face. At the contact, Legolas' eyelids fluttered open to half, only revealing a slit of the blue depths beneath. As he wearily looked the the Ranger beside him, Legolas smiled weakly.

"You made it." Aragorn nodded, a small smile of relief tugging at his lips.

"Of course. Not even Sauron himself could keep me away. Arwen and the twins are here also." The Elf's smile widened a bit.

"I have missed you, Elessar. It has been too long since we last spoke."

"Indeed it has... Legolas, I-" Legolas shook his head, halting further speech. He knew what Aragorn would say, he knew the man would try to apologise for something. Aragorn always tried to blame himself for one thing or another, and Legolas loved that about him. He always put those around him before himself. Gondor was lucky to have such a King.

"There is no possible way you can blame yourself for this one, Aragorn. No matter how hard you try, this was a result of my foolishness." Aragorn shook his head and laughed lightly.

"Legolas, what will I do with you?" The friends smiled at one another, before Aragorn addressed the issue they had both been avoiding.

"Let me look at your wound." The prince gave him a defiant glare. Aragorn understood. Legolas hated being looked after, hated not being able to do everything for himself. But the man met the Elf's stare, and blue gaze locked on brown. After a moment, Legolas sighed.

"I suppose if anyone can do anything, it would be you, Estel." He said with a smile, before adding, "Look, if it would please you."

Aragorn pulled back the covers, laying them around Legolas' waist. He lifted the blood-soaked bandage wrapped around his friend's chest as gently as possible, but a pained groan still slipped past the prince's lips. Any hope Aragorn had clung too faded when he saw the wound. The slash of the sword had left a jagged gash across Legolas' torso- running across his ribcage on the left side, and proceeding down across his stomach to almost reach his right hip. Had it been deeper, it would have almost cut him in half. Although he could tell it had healed some, Aragorn knew that even with Legolas' Elven healing, he would not last long. He tried to think how in the world he would tell Legolas we would probably not live through the night. As he looked up despairingly, Aragorn was stunned from saying anything by what he saw in Legolas' eyes. Where he had expected to see fear, doubt, anticipation, he instead saw Acceptance.

"Look, if it would please you." Legolas' words rang through his head. The prince knew he was going to die, and had accepted that. He had not had Gimli call Aragorn here, as he thought, to try and heal him, but instead to stay goodbye. Reality sank in, and Aragorn could no longer support himself. He sank down to the floor, his head resting on his arms against the matress as he let go of everything. All his emotions came out in a rush, and Aragorn wept. He wept for Legolas. He wept because he realized he would loose one of his closest friends. And all the time Aragorn wept, Legolas simply placed a hand on his bent head, soothing him, not trying to stop the man's tears, only waiting for them to run their course. After a while, Aragorn slowly raised his head. Worry instantly flooded him when he saw Legolas' eyes closed. Elves rarely closed their eyes- only in unconsciousness, great pain ordeath.

"Legolas" Aragorn whispered, hoping for a response. When he got none, he tried again, picking up Legolas' hand in his own and softly calling his name. After trying a few times, Aragorn's heart sank. He stood and looked down at the still figure, tears once again clouding his vision. He turned to leave, to go and find Gimli, or Arwen, anyone to grieve with. But before he could let go of Legolas' hand, he felt the slightest amount of pressure, Legolas' hand tightening ever so slightly over his own. He spun back to the cot, kneeling down once more by his companion's head.

"Legolas?" He said again, this time a little louder. A faint moan in response. The barest flicker of eyelids, and Legolas opened his eyes. But the once clear blue, shimmering spheres were dulled and cloudy. The rise and fall of his chest was near to nothing. Too near. Breathlessly, Legolas struggled to talk to his friend.

"Amin yasse kwed amin khiluva lle a' gurtha ar' thar," {I once said I would follow you to death and beyond} Legolas remembered. "That day came too soon. I shall wait for you in the Undying Lands."

"Promise?" Aragorn asked, the slightest hint of jest in his voice.

"Of course, my friend. Until then, you must promise to live on without me." Aragorn's mouth opened in protest, but Legolas continued before he could speak.

"Promise me." He demanded. Relucantly, the Man nodded.

"Good. Do not forget who you are, Elessar. Gondor will need you. It will do your people no good to have their King mourning over something that could not be prevented. My time has come." Aragorn's dark hair fell about his face as he lowered his head in acceptance of what was to be.

" Until we meet again then, although it it will not be in this world. Namarie, Aragorn. A greater friend no one could ask for."

Aragorn could not find any words to reply to Legolas' farewell, and he could do no more than bow his head in respect. The Elf's breathing slowed, until it was nothing at all. The blue eyes fluttered shut, never to open in this world again. Aragorn reached up and placed a kiss on Legolas' cold forehead before kneeling back down.

"Tenna' ento lye omenta" {Until we meet again} He promised. He still held tightly to his friend's hand, and rested his forehead against it in silence and grief.

This was how Arwen found him an hour later, asleep with his head resting against his arms on the mattress, Legolas' hand still clutched in his own. A silent tear ran down the Evenstar's cheek. She gently woke her husband. He stood tiredly, falling into Arwen's embrace. The Elf kissed his cheek as he wept into her shoulder, her own tears of grief falling freely. Her teary blue gaze found the motionless form of Legolas', now lying limp against the mattress, his hand hanging over the side where Aragorn had released it, his eyes closed with the harsh kiss of death.

"Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au, mellon'nin. " {My heart shall weep until it sees thee again, my friend.} Arwen whispered to the lost Elf. Legolas had been her friend for ages. She could not think of having to bear the news to Legolas' father, Thranduil. Surely the King would be heartbroken. He had lost his only son, and Mirkwood had lost it's prince.


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