Hey everyone this is a remake of my old story Your All I have that I adopted from You're all I have I'm all you have by Haseo55. I decided to rewrite the whole story hope you all enjoy it.

The war had been a long and very bloody afair, thousands upon thousands from the five great nations lost their lives due to the ambitions of Madara and Obito Uchiha. So much had happened during this war, some were good, some were bad, but what really mattered was that everything that had taken place during the great war had really taken its toll on all those involved. When the infinite Tsukuyomi was cast everyone thought that everything was finally over, but this time events were about to take a strange turn.

The heroes of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto Uzumaki, his brother Menma Uzumaki and his blood brother, Sasuke Uchiha had witnessed the death of Madara at the hands of Black Zetsu, who had secretely worked toward the goal of reviving his mother Kaguya Ootsutsuki, the mother of all chakra. It was a long and hard fight against the sad and misguided woman who believed that human beings misused her chakra by using its power to wage war against other humans. Naruto and his two brothers tried their best to convince her that there are other people who use it to keep peace in the world like she had always wanted. But Kaguya couldn't bring herself to believe it which had saddened the three boys. However despite everything they managed to defeat her in the end and freed everyone from the infinite Tsukuyomi. The three of them were hailed as the heroes of the Fourth Great War. Naruto and Sasuke didn't feel like heroes as it had cost them so much, the loss of their closest friends Killer Bee, and Karin Uzumaki, Naruto's wife to be. Menma however was a different issue all he cared about was the fame he would get as a hero, sure he felt sadness for the loss of his fellow leaf ninja but to him their sacrifice would benefit the surival and prosperity of Konoha. Along with the fact most of the jinchuuriki were dead leaving only Naruto and Gaara as the only ones left. So many dead and so many grieving for their loved ones that lost their lives. Thus was the price of war.

Everyone had returned to their villages, each of the kages vowing to do everything in their power to ensure that peace would reign and destroy anyone that would threaten it. It had take this war to unite the nations, and showing them how senseless their personal grudges had been.


Tsunade Senju, the Slug Princess of the leaf, and Fifth Hokage was trying to decide who her successor was going to be. There were many candidates for the position, such as Kakashi Hatake, Kushina Namikaze, the wife of the former hokage Minato Namikaze, or she could reinstate Minato Namikaze. Minato stepped down as fourth hokage after the sound and sand invasion of the leaf village, he felt himself worthless ever since the Kyuubi attack when the Sandaime took his place and sealed the Kyuubi and sealed it within Naruto. After so many failures he couldn't do anything so he decided to declare Tsunade as his successor and took on the role of being a jonin again and a father.

"Mmmm so many choices and its really difficult to choose" said Tsunade as she looked over the folders of all the candidates.

"still trying to figure out a good candidate?" a voice rang out as Tsunade turned to see her old teammate Jiraiya by the window. She knew the old pervert died when he fought against Pein but was resurrected by him after his defeat. She sighed as she groaned she was used to his unique way of entering her office, but sometimes it just annoyed her. She couldn't understand why he would choose to use the window rather than the door like a normal person would. But no matter how many times she told the perverted sannin to use the door, he continues to use the window, sometimes she wished he stayed dead so she wouldn't have to keep dealing with his perverted ways.

"I can't decide Jiraiya they are all perfect for the position of Rokudaime!" she yelled as she leaned back into her chair as she rubbed her temples trying to avoid getting a headache.

Jiraiya looked at the village through the window, his eyes went to Tsunade, "Why not Menma or Kakashi?" he replied.

"Kakashi would be a great choice" replied Tsunade as she looked over his file. "Kakashi Hatake is one of our greatest ninja, he specialized in Lightning jutsu, he's a master of over 1,000 jutsus, student of the Fourth Hokage, a prodigy amoung prodigies, despite his lazyness." she laughed.

Jiraiya nodded as he knew that Kakashi was a good choice. He's known him since he became Minato's pupil, and from what he found out about the young lad was that his skills could rival even that of his father Sakumo's abilities. "If he's anything like his father then I have no doubt he'd be a great hokage."

Tsunade nodded her head in agreement as she looked through more of the files as she came to Sasuke's file oh how she despised the Uchiha since his defection to Orochimaru. But it was all thanks to Naruto that she even pardoned him after hearing how Sasuke slained the Snake and returned to the village. She couldn't understand why he would just come back after betraying the leaf, until she was told by Sasuke himself that he came back because of Naruto which confused her greatly. She knew the boys were close but she didn't think it would be that close after she was told that he married Naruto a few days after the war was over. "Jiraiya!" she said loudly getting his attention. "What would you say about Sasuke Uchiha being the next hokage?"

The toad sanin snorted, "as if I would choose that traitor to become the hokage, all he cared about in life was power and the sole purpose of gaining it at any cost in order to become powerful enough to kill Itachi." Sasuke's name made the toad sanin's blood boil. He never liked that brat ever since his attempt to kill his student Menma during the retrevial mission. If it wasn't for the fools on the council he would have gladly tore Sasuke's body apart the moment he arrived back at the leaf with Naruto.

"I understand your anger you pervert believe me I do but according to his updated file he's seemed to be a good choice at least in the council's opinion." she sighed as she handed him Sasuke's file.

As Jiraiya took the file from his teammate's hands he couldn't help but agree with her. Sasuke's skills in both Ninja and Political fields were not something to ignore. Jiraiya gazed upon the open file as he started to read.

Name: Sasuke Uchiha-Uzumaki 'The Crimson Whirpool'

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Bloodline: Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Rank: Crow Sanin

Status: Hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War

Clan: Uchiha Clan and Uzumaki Clan (by Marriage to Naruto)

Village: Konohagakure

Known Elemental Affinities: Lightning and Fire

Jutsus: Chidori, Raiton Rasengan, Grand Fireball Jutsu, Kage Bushin no Jutsu

Weapons: Shurikan, Kunai, and The Uzumaki Katana Benihime gifted to him by Naruto

Special Abilities: Tsukuyomi, Kamui, High Chakra Capacity, ability to copy any technique from jutsu to seals

Summons: Fox Contract and Crow Contract

Other Information: Killed Orochimaru, destroyed Otogakure and finally killed Itachi. He killed Madara Uchiha along with Obito Uchiha and Kaguya Ootsutuki with the help of Naruto Uchiha nee Uzumaki-Namikaze.

Jiraiya slammed the folder back onto the desk, "I still don't give a crap Tsunade-hime I would never vote for Sasuke even if you had 100 women try and convince me." he said in a firm and stubborn voice. He then sat back down on the window sill when all of a sudden a thought came to his head. "What about my prized student Menma, I'm telling you he's a prodigy like his father, there is no doubt about it, he was able to master the Rasengan in three months, he's a apprentice level in the art of sealing, and to top it off he's mastered a few of my own techniques." he said with tons of praise. "Not to mention you trained him in the ways of politics. He would be the greatest choice instead of Sasuke." he laughed.

The name of Menma warmed her heart. She loved that little gaki like he was her own little brother. He looked so much like her deceased brother Nawaki, plus the fact that his dream to be hokage and his determiation to never give up and accomplish it to honor her brother and her lover Dan made her see him more like a son. She then turned towards her teammate, "You are right about that you pervert that boy of yours truely is a great ninja like his father." She then stood from her chair and headed towards the office door, "Lets head to the council chambers I believe I have chosen my successor." As Jiraiya followed her she looked towards Shizune, "Shizune!" she commanded.

"yes Lady Tsuande" Shizune replied.

"I have to gather a council meeting to discuss my choice of the next Rokudaime, so can you please put these files away please?" she asked as she left with her teammate.

Shizune nodded her head as she headed towards the desk to put away the folders, 'I hope the one she chooses will ensure the survival of our village in the years to come' she thought to herself as she stacked all the files onto the desk when all of a sudden Naruto's file fell off the pile and onto the floor, "ooooh damn it all" Shizune growled as she bent down to pick it up. She never knew much about Naruto ever since she first met him, in fact she never really knew him that much at all, and the folder she was holding held all of the answers to her questions.

"I'm sure Tsunade won't mind me peeking at Naruto's file" she chuckled as she opened the folder. As she was reading she was suddenly completely shocked at what she read

Name: Naruto Uchiha nee Uzumaki-Namikaze 'The Nindaime Six Path Sage'

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde with red streaks

Eye Color: Blue

Rank: Fox Sanin

Status: Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and Hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War

Bloodline: Rinnegan, Chakra Chains, and Hirashin

Clan: Uzumaki-Namikaze Clan and Uchiha Clan (by Marriage to Sasuke)

Village: Konohagakure

Known Elemental Affinites: Wind, Water, and Fire

Jutsus: Giant Rasengan, Rasenshurikan, Multi Rasengan Barrage, Mini Tailed Beast Bomb, The Kitsune Fox Fire no Jutsu, Kage Bushin no Jutsu, Uzumaki Raging Whirpool Jutsu

Weapons: Kunai, Shurikan, Six Path Sage's Staff

Special Abilities: Tailed Beast Cloak, Sixth Path Sage Mode, Can contain a Tailed Beast with chakra chains, shockingly he's able to give birth thanks to an unknown ability given to him by Kyuubi

Summons: Foxes and Crows

Other Information: Saved Wave Country from Gato, Saved Princess Koyuki and Spring Country from her uncle, he defeated the Shukaku Jinchuuriki, saved Moon Country, rescued Shion the Priestess, defeated Madara and Obito with the help of Sasuke, and defeated Kaguya by sealing her away back into the moon.

Shizune smiled as she closed the folder and placed it along with the other files back into Tsunade's desk drawer, "Naruto I pray to Kami that you will be our next hokage, after all your the sunshine that shines its rays onto our village and fill us with happiness and joy." After putting away the folders she decided to go out for some dango as she headed out to the dango shop to meet up with Anko.

Council Chambers

"Alright everyone lets get this council meeting started!" Tsunade demanded as she burst into the chambers where the shinobi council and the elders were waiting for her. Hiashi Hyuuga, clan head of the Hyuuga Clan, Shikaku Nara, head of the Nara Clan, Tsume Inuzuka, Matriarch of the Inuzuka Clan, Inoichi Yamanaka, head of the Yamanaka Clan, Choza Akimichi, clan head of the Akimichi Clan, Shibi Aburame, head of the Aburame Clan, Minato Namikaze, clan head of the Namikaze clan accompanied by his wife Kushina Namikaze nee Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, clan head of the Uchiha Clan, and finally Naruto Uchiha nee Uzumaki, clan head of the Uzumaki Clan and the Matriarch of the Uchiha Clan, and finally the elders Homura Mitokado, Koharu Utatane, and the old war hawk Danzo Shimaru were there as well along with the civilian council and the Fire Daimyo

Tsunade took her steps and sat in her seat with Jiraiya closely behind her. Nobody would tell him to leave the council chambers even when he was not a member. He was one of the strongest in the village and was most importantly the strongest sanin next to Orochimaru. That gave him privileges that other shinobi didn't have.

"hello everyone" Tsunade smirked as she looked around the table and gazed at each clan council member. She could see the clan heads shifting their eyes towards her as the Daimyo spoke up.

"Lady Tsuande-Sama have you chosen who you wanted for the position of Rokudaime Hokage" he asked with a calm look on his face.

"Yes I have" she said in a pleasing tone. "but first I would like to ask all of you, who you want to choose to be hokage I would normally choose to reinstate Minato since he was the one who helped our Sandaime Hokage defeat the Kyuubi. But he chose to step down since the Sound and Sand Invasion so he's out."

"I nominate my husband Naruto Uchiha" Sasuke said quickly as Tsunade gave him a stone like look that was her equivalent to a glare. The others seemed impressed with the nomination as murmers and whispers went around the council chambers. "He's well known, strong, and respected amoung the five great nations."

Hiashi turned towards the Uchiha clan head, "Who was Naruto-sama's teacher? from what we understand Naruto wasn't trained by his parents or the sanin."

"Kyuubi-sama trained him" Sasuke replied in a calm voice as he laid his hands on the table. The Shinobi and the civilian council were shocked that the very demon that destroyed their village 16 years ago had trained their greatest hero. But what shocked them most was the respect Sasuke was giving the demon fox.

"OH! Naruto-sama was trained by the Kyuubi you say, he would be a fine selection for being the Sixth Hokage" the Daimyo said excitingly.

"The Nine Tails is a being of destruction and any pupil of his would surely turn against the village when things don't go the way they want to" Danzo said heatingly as everyone turned to him.

"My sensei Kyuubi is not a being of destruction Danzo" snarled Naruto as the war hawk looked over at him. "Kyuubi-sama is a being of pure chakra that was made to protect the very balance of nature, he was driven to hatred thanks to people like you who only view the tailed beasts as weapons of war."

"Jinchuuriki and the tailed beasts are weapons of war as they've always been" Danzo said with a sneer. "From the beginning of the shinobi era the tailed beasts power and the creation of jinchuuriki had given rise to new power that benefited ninja through the ages. We had the Kyuubi and our village became the strongest out of all the five."

Sasuke's sharingan started to blaze until Minato spoke up, "Daimyo-sama if I may offer some advice?" he asked as he stood from his seat.

The Fire Daimyo turned his head to face Minato, "ooooh and what advice would that be old friend?"

"Daimyo-sama I am not sure if you are aware but Naruto isn't mature enough to take on the responsibility of becoming Hokage." he stated shocking everyone including Naruto. "Naruto has no prior training in the ways of politics and he solely relies on power alone most of the time, but I would like to nominate my son Menma, he has been trained by Kushina and I in the family arts, Jiraiya trained him in Senjutsu and Summoning, Tsunade trained him in politics and from what she told us he's quite the political and powerful ninja. He's got the skills necessary to run the village." He then sat back down in his seat, not even looking at the look on his son's face.

Naruto was silently fuming, 'How could my own father say I'm not capable of being hokage' he said to himself as he was gritting his teeth. He suddenly felt Sasuke take his hand into his as he looked over at his lover. Sasuke whispered a few words to Naruto as it calmed his Uzumaki lover down. He then looked at former hokage, "Minato-sama! What you stated about my husband is a load of crap" he yelled as he slammed his fist onto the table. "Remember Kyuubi-sama was the one that trained him, he knows the way humans work. He trained Naruto in politics, jutsu, and the skills necessary to rule if he ever became hokage." he said in a disrepectful tone towards the former hokage.

"Show some respect for your former hokage" Minato demanded as he was seething with rage at the disrespect the Uchiha was giving him.

"As if I would respect a man who favors one child over the other" Sasuke sneered. "I would have thought that someone like you who always taught his students to never play favorites would suddenly do so with his own sons. And for your remark about Naruto not being mature enough which is a load of bullshit, Naruto has never acted immature as you so state, in fact he's been the ideal shinobi that follows orders without delay, keeps his emotions in check, and doesn't let anything keep him from completing the mission he was given."

Tsume on the other hand couldn't help but agree with Minato, "I have to agree with Minato Daimyo-sama Naruto may be strong but his skills is mostly minor ninjutsu, senjutsu, and his summoning. He won't be the perfect candidate since he lacks the power considering he never uses the Kyuubi's power but only as a last resort if he feels its necessary and he's never used any of the techniques that fox had taught him."

"The only reason is because Kyuubi-sama's jutsu are far to destructive to use on the battlefield Tsume-sama" the blonde declared. He considered to lie about his abilities since he didn't want people like Danzo knowing about his powers.

"How so?" the Daimyo asked wanting to know.

"The Kyuubi's chakra is a powerful and dangerous source, so by extension its jutsus are just as dangerous as its chakra and therefore would cause severe and deadly damage." said Sasuke.

"I still think we should let Menma lead the village. When I looked at their character refrences, I noticed that Naruto is still sometimes to brash, while his brother Menma can keep calm. We don't need a hokage who works with feelings alone, but someone who can stay analytic. Something that is near impossible for Naruto" said Shibi Aburame.

"If we still had war, things may have been different but right now we need someone who was prepared to lead, Naruto has the necessary strength and the trust of the villagers but he doesn't have the skills to rebuild a village in times of peace." said Choza.

"Sasuke has the needed intelligence to harvest Konoha to an even greater and glorious state" said Kushina. "Currently Konoha still has to face the money crises and the massive shortage of resources. Even though Lady Tsunade worked hard, not all traces of the war vanished." She then looked at Naruto. "I'm sorry Naruto-chan but you don't have the knowledge or the needed intelligence to counter these economical problems, you are better off on the battlefield."

"You too Kushina-sama" growled Sasuke. "your just like your husband, you believe that Naruto is weak as well you truely have brought disgrace to the very name and blood of the Uzumaki Clan, they must be rolling around in their graves."

Kushina growled as her hair split into nine strands after hearing Sasuke telling her she disgraced the very code of the Uzumaki Clan. "How dare you dare you say I disgrace my clan!"

"ENOUGH! SIT DOWN!" screamed the Daimyo as Kushina sat down next to her husband. "Lets get on with it." He then turned to Tsunade, "Tsunade-sama who did you really choose to become the next hokage?"

"I have done much thought and I have nominated Menma Namikaze as the Rokudaime" she declared as her words earned nods from the clan heads minus Sasuke and Naruto Uchiha.

"Do you all agree?" the Daimyo asked as the civilian and Shinobi council nodded in agreement. "Very well I hearby name Menma Namikaze the Rokudaime Hokage."

The council cheered for their chosen candidate, everyone except Naruto who was seething in rage that he lost the chance to become hokage. Sasuke on the other hand wanted to kill every single person in this room for choosing Menma a weakling who cared more about fame than his comrades than his own husband Naruto, who many times risked his own life to ensure the survival of the ninja world.

"Come Naruto let's go home" said Sasuke as he placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. Naruto looked at him as he helped the Uzumaki out of his chair as they headed towards the doors. Before they left Sasuke turned to face Kushina and Minato, "You both truely are the most disgraceful and most disgusting pieces of human flesh to ever walk this earth, I thought you would support Naruto since it was his dream to Hokage since he was a kid but now I see you care more about political power that Menma will give you than your own jinchuuriki son, I wish you both died by Madara's hand so I wouldn't have to look at your demonic faces." he snarled as he and Naruto left the council room leaving a shocked council and hurt Minato and Kushina behind.

Demon Country: Enchanted Forest

It had been a year since the disaster at Council Meeting and Naruto was resting in his home, not giving a damn about what was happening in the village or what happens to it. The only person that mattered to him was at his side, Sasuke's pale and naked body which laid over him, his soft breathes letting him know that he was exhausted. They spent hours upon hours getting reacquainted with one another in inimate ways. Naruto had caressed Sasuke's back while burying his face in the Uchiha's jet black hair. Sasuke left out soft moans as he did this.

Naruto had changed a lot after the war which Sasuke noticed, he was no longer the happy idiot that everyone wanted him to be but he didn't care, why should he try if they never gave him the chance. The main reason he was like this was because his little brother Menma became the Rokudaime Hokage. He was told that he was deemed to immature by his so called parents and that he could always become the Seventh Hokage. He couldn't believe that after everything he did for Konoha he was denied the position for hokage. He kept his promise to Sasuke when they were young that if he ever went down a path to seek power that he would come to drag his butt back to the village, he killed Obito and Madara with the help of his husband Sasuke with some new abilities he and Sasuke had gained through hard work. He was the strongest person in the entire village that was on a higher league than everyone else yet his dream was taken away from him so easily.

Sasuke and Naruto got dressed back into their Anbu outfits after having a couple of hours of forest sex. The Uchiha and the Kyuubi were the only people Naruto could trust, he isolated himself only to come out if he was given a mission. This made the others worry though he didn't know or seem to care anymore. As the two of them finished changing Sasuke spoke out.

"Damn dobe you still are a beast when we play" Sasuke said with a smirk as he nibbled his lover's ear.

Naruto purred, "what can I say Sasuke-chan" he said teasingly as he felt Sasuke nibble his ear, "You love it when we have rough sex"

Sasuke murred as he was about to respond when a 9 nine year old kid came from behind some small rubble while holding a dagger. His eyes were filled with tears and hate.

"You hurt mom and dad, now they won't wake up so I'm going to kill you to avenge them" he roared as he ran towards them with intent to kill. Sasuke and Naruto's eyes stared at the running form of the little boy, the Uchiha understood the boy's pain since he lost his parents and his entire clan to his big brother Itachi. As soon as the boy was close enough Naruto plunged the blade through his chest missing his heart. The boy soon coughed up blood as he fell over and hit the ground. He showed great remorse as the boy's body hit the floor and bled out. Sasuke took out Benihime as he quickly stabbed the ground sending jolts of electricity through the ground electricuting the survivors as they screamed in pain and fell over dead. Once they were sure that everyone was dead they heading back to the village.

Konohagakure: Hokage's Office

Naruto appeareed in the office as he stood before his brother Menma. He walked over to the desk and unsealed the head that was contained in the sealing scroll. Without a word Naruto turned towards the door and walked out with Sasuke behind him.

"Hold on Naruto you need to give me a briefing on your mission, you should already know that" said Menma as he glared at the back of Naruto's head.

"We killed the target and the mission was a success thats all you need to know Hokage-sama" Sasuke spat the last part with hatred. The two Uchihas walked out ignoring Menma's calls towards them.

Naruto then slammed the door behind them as they walked past a pregant Hinata and her husband Kiba. The two were flirting with each other when they noticed Sasuke and Naruto walking by. Their smiles turned upside down upon seeing him, ever since Menma became Hokage, Naruto developed a dark aura around him that continued to darken, plus they believed that his marriage to Sasuke will only increase his dark aura. Hinata was starting to worry about the blonde as Kiba sensed her concern. After Menma became Hokage, Naruto's aura grew darker and darker with each passing minute which Hinata greatly feared. so she turned to Kiba and after a few dates they married even though she told Naruto she loved him. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound, when they announced their engagement and invited all of their friends and families to the wedding, Naruto and Sasuke didn't even show up at all.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan I am sure there was an issue with his mission. He probably had a boring one." Kiba said as he laughed a little but his wife didn't.

"No Kiba you're wrong! Naruto's been like this for a year now and he's getting worse, he doesn't smile and the warm feeling he carried is gone." she cried. "He's becoming worse than what Sasuke once was I don't like it all Kiba-kun" she frowned at what Naruto had become. Kiba didn't like the sad look on Hinata's face. He had never seen her this sad since the day it was announced that Naruto married Sasuke Uchiha, the one who tried to kill him when he tried to bring him back to the village after his defection.

"I guess I'll have to talk to him as soon as I can. Maybe a guys night out party next week will get him back to his normal self. Right now I have a mission with my genin team and a C-ranked one at that. I'll see you later Hina-chan" he smiled as he planted a kiss on her lips before setting off.

Meanwhile Menma was staring at the door where Naruto and Sasuke left. He was in deep thought about what had happened to his older brother Naruto. The change started right after he became Hokage which he knew was his big brother's dream as well as his own. When he was chosen for the position it was a dream come true, he did at first deny it saying that Naruto always dreamt of being the next Hokage, but the council and his parents stated that he wasn't mature enough and that he belonged on the battlefield. When they told him about the current state of the village he gladly took the position, he knew Naruto could always become the 7th Hokage since he knew Naruto would become mature by that time. Tsunade and the council smiled at his plan and agreed to it fully. That is until Naruto started to avoid people and spent time only with Sasuke and started to do countless solo missions outside of the village. They took this as a sign of him not being mature enough to handle or understand what happened. They left him alone to cool down thinking six months would be enough.

Sadly that wasn't the case, the way he carried himself made him become more and more unfit to become hokage. Menma cursed his brother for acting this way. He really wanted his brother to become Hokage plus Naruto was the strongest ninja they had next to Sasuke. Konohamaru was killed eight months after being elected making him more negative, since he was so close to Naruto they believed he needed at least 5-7 months to mourn. He was soon brought out of his musing when his mother Kushina came in.

"Hello mother what can I do for you?" he asked as his mother looked down a bit not knowing how to really put it.

"Its Naruto that I need to talk to you about" she said sadly as tears ran down her face. "I miss his smile and his goofy personality, he's not the same Naruto that I once loved when he was a child Menma-chan" Her eyes watered a bit as she continued speaking, "He's even colder than Sasuke used to be, I can't stand to see him this way I want the old Naruto back Menma, I want my sochi back!." Tears poured out of her eyes making Menma feeling down.

"Don't worry about him mother, I'll show him the light just as he did for me in the past" Menma stated as he went over to his mother and pulled her into a comforting hug, "Just leave everything to me ok?"

Kushina nodded her head and left Menma to think of how he was going to accomplish what he promised her. But he needed to give Naruto some time before approaching him.

Konohagakure: Main Street

Naruto and Sasuke were returning to the Uchiha-Uzumaki Clan Compound still cursing their so called friends. Sasuke however was the most upset, he couldn't believe that their friends and Naruto's parents believed that Menma was the better choice of being hokage, he wanted to choke Minato so badly but he couldn't risk it since attacking a former hokage was punishable by law. Naruto noticed his husband's dark and hateful look as he placed a hand on his shoulder. He understood his Raven's anger since he himself was completely angry with his parents and the council.

"Sasuke chan its okay let it go" he said softly.

"I can't let it go Naruto" yelled Sasuke as he faced his husband. "You were the greatest choice to be hokage, you're the most powerful ninja since you've become the second Six Path Sage but did they care? no they didn't! all they see you as is a weapon that belongs on the battlefield."

As much as Naruto didn't want to admit it he had to agree with Sasuke, after everything he did for the village, he brought allies from many countries like Wave, Spring, Demon, and Moon country, he brought Sasuke back to the village when he left to gain power from Orochimaru, he fought and defeated Pein, and finally he along with his husband defeated Madara Uchiha and Kabato. Even with all of his accomplishments they still say he wasn't even capable of becoming the next hokage and that his brother Menma was the better choice, for crying out loud he was trained by the Nine Tails itself, the most powerful force in the entire world. The fox trained him in everything even politics that was crucial to being hokage or even a Daimyo. He sighed a little as he thought maybe he should be something other than a ninja. Suddenly an idea came to his head as he turned to look at Sasuke.

"Sasu-chan I think I should give up on being a ninja and turn to a more better career." he said softly but firmly.

Sasuke spit out his drink that he was drinking as he looked at his foxy husband in shock, "COME AGAIN!"

"I mean it Sasuke what you say is true no matter how much I want to deny it, they will only see me as a weapon for war." he said sadly as they finally arrived at their compound.

"But what other career could you possibly want?" asked Sasuke.

Naruto gave him a soft smile, "Do you remember my cousin from The Village Hidden in the Spirit in Iron Country?"

The Uchiha thought for a minute before he suddenly remembered "You mean Naomi Hunter the nanotech scientist?" he met Naomi last year when he and Naruto went on a mission that they recieved from the Spirit village. Upon meeting her he was quickly introduced to a new power source called nano technology, it was very confusing but not for Naruto he was able to absorb everything Naomi taught them about nanomachines. To Sasuke they were scary but powerful at the very same time. He quickly shook his head as he looked towards his husband, if he wanted to quick being a ninja then he will be there for him all the way. "If thats what you want Foxy-hime then I will support you all the way." he smirked.

Naruto gave him a loving smile, "thanks Raven-hime I believe the scientific field will be a great way to start a new life not to mention I can help people in more ways than a shinobi or medic ninja could possibly do."

"so basically you'll be a book worm too" Sasuke teased as he saw the embarassed look on Naruto's face. "oh come on Naruto you know I love to tease." he laughed.

Before Naruto could say anything Sasuke captured Naruto's lips in his. The feeling was foreign to Naruto, he had never experienced Sasuke being so rough and before he knew it he returned the kiss as if something was telling he needed this. Before he knew it he grabbed Sasuke as they went inside their compound and took off their clothes. They began to ravage eachother eachothers bodies in a frenzy of lust, passions, and love. Their moans filled the compound but were silenced as they brought their lips together, the sound of flesh on eachother made the scene even more lustful for the both of them, they needed this now.

There you go everyone hope you all like the remake version.