Hey, so I figured it was probably about time that I talked to you guys and explain my extremely long absence.

I've been battling some very severe depression for the past couple months. It was bad enough that with one more tiny little push, I wouldn't have been here anymore.

A lot of bad things happened since around the middle of summer and I don't really want to get too into that but it has been very difficult to handle anything at all.


I did go and get help.

I did talk to somebody and was put on some meds to help get my brain back into an, at least somewhat, functioning form again. I started going to College to help give me a purpose again and feel good about myself again.


I've been dealing with some new issues regarding my hands and frankly it just irritates me and upsets me…

I have to have surgery on my left hand and elbow to repair nerve damage, I'll be in a soft cast for about 2-3 weeks then I'll have to go through physical therapy to help gain my strength back. I'll hopefully have that done during Christmas break so I have enough time to heal and not have to worry about stress.

Not too bad right?


After that I'll have to have another surgery on my right hand and elbow, I'll be in a hard cast for about 6-7 weeks and gaining strength back in that one will take me a few YEARS…


Because I, SOME HOW, have arthritis in my hand and it's causing damage in my entire arm…

I'm 29 years old…I shouldn't already have arthritis…

So, it's just irritating and just taxing on my body :(


I AM DOING BETTER! Despite the new depressing news of what I'll have to go through in the very near future, I'm doing better. I've been trying very hard to fix myself and make myself better and having so much support and even having some of you randomly messaging me asking how I am and why you haven't seen anything from me in a while, really did help. Made me feel like I would have been missed if I didn't get help.

Thank you guys, VERY MUCH.

I know it might not seem like much to you, but you helped save my life, and I am very grateful.

Until Next Time,

Very Much Love From A Tkitty