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Chapter 4

My time in the gardens ended when Jane approached my mate and I a few hours after Aro escorted me from the Throne Room for a bit of sunlight. "Maddeuwch fy ymyrraeth, Meistr Aro, ond Meistr Caius a Marcus yn gofyn i chi, a Lady Isabella yn dychwelyd i'r Ystafell Orsedd. Mae'n ymddangos bod yna Cylch dymuno dros ein cymorth." She informed us with a bow of respect. [Forgive my intrusion, Master Aro, but Masters Caius and Marcus request you, and Lady Isabella's return to the Throne Room. It appears that there is a Coven wishing for Our aid.]

"Byddwn yn hyd yn fuan, diolch i chi am roi gwybod i ni." I answered her, causing her eyes to widen in shock. [We shall be along shortly, thank you for informing us.]

"Wrth gwrs, My Lady. Byddaf yn rhoi gwybod i'r Kings arall ar unwaith." Jane accepted before leaving us to move at our own pace back to the Throne Room. [Of course, My Lady. I shall inform the other Kings at once.] Aro chuckled at the female guard's shock at my knowing her native language.

"Αφού, αγαπημένη Mate." Aro spoke softly to me, offering me a hand up and once I was standing he shifted my hand to his arm as escort. {After you, beloved Mate.} I sent him a smile, and we walked out of the sunlight filled garden. We approached the Throne Room shortly after that, and Aro pushed the door open with a minuite flick of one wrist. He led me up the dais and turned to Marcus in speculation of where I was to be. "Brother?" He asked, and my father nodded to me as his unspoken answer. Aro released my hand and took his Throne, letting me decide where to go. Before I could move the main doors snapped open and a Coven of 4 entered.

"Look, the Kings have a snack with them today." One male announced with a hungry gaize in his eyes and tone. His Coven laughed at his 'joke' while my back stiffened.

"Αγαπημένε Πατέρα, Mate, και Caius, πιστεύω ότι δεν πρέπει να είναι τόσο flippent στην παρουσία σας." I spoke in a clear voice, feeling that the newcommers wouldn't understand me. {Beloved Father, Mate, and Caius, I believe they shouldn't be so flippent in your presence.} Seeing Caius raise an eyebrow at my address of him, I shrugged. "I didn't know how you really want me to adress you." I pointed out to him bluntly. He scowled at my bland tone and answer while I rolled my eyes at him.

"Bambino insolent che hai lì, il fratello." The blonde king muttered, flicking his gaize to Marcus for his reaction. (Insolent child you have there, Brother.) My father simply raised an eyebrow at his comment while I turned to face Caius fully and stick out my tongue.

"I would say 'bite me' but you might actually do that." I deadpanned at him, and when his expression became incredulous, I started snickering. Caius stood up, and began to stalk forward, looking deadly with his movements. I respond with another giggle, and plant myself in Aro's lap, sitting sideways so my legs were hanging off one of the arms.

"Brother, sit down, we should be getting information from them, not acting like children." Marcus admonished in a bland, almost uninterested, tone.

"She started it." The king whined to my amusement. "Don't think this is over, Isabella." He warned me, promise dripping from his tone.

"Daddy, Caius is picking on me!" I teased the Blonde king in a whiney, childish tone.

"Cara, act your age, not your shoe size." Marcus returned as Aro sat back and watched with poorly conceiled amusement in his eyes.

"So I should be acting 18 not 6?" I teased with a 'thoughtful' look on my face.

"I suggest we stop before we break our guests." Aro spoke up, amusement and a small shot of dismay was emitted from our bond.

"I don't think that human is a snack." One of the visitors stated to the first one. At his serious tone my head shot from my relaxed postion on Aro's shoulder, to facing the visitors in surprise.

"Are you just now realizing that?" I questioned, giving the Coven an 'are you really that slow?' look.

"What Human has the right to adress us?" One of the Female's snarled at me, all three kings wordlessly snarl back at her for her attitude. Just as I opened my mouth to answer, a beautiful black-haired Vampire in a clearly expensive dress suddenly appeared infront of me with a deadly snarl.

"Who are you, and why are you in my Husband's lap?" She hissed at me angrily. "Aro, who is this Whore?" She demanded turning her eyes from me to glare at my mate. I feel, more than hear, Aro's growl rumbling in his chest. Ignoring his glare and growl, the bitchy woman grabbed one of my arms and jerked me up, throwing me away from the Dais, and declared, "Have at her." as I was flying through the room, towards the visiting Coven.

"Sulpica, big mistake." Caius chuckled darkly as both Aro and Marcus suddenly were on their feet, eyes black with anger. Aro was torn between dismembering the Vampire for harming his mate, or rushing to catch me. Marcus snarled viciously and grabbed Sulpica by her throat.

"Brother, you better protect my daughter, your mate." He declaired as Sulpica scratched at his hand, trying to dislodge the King's hand. Aro flashed across the room and caught me, his stone arms snatching me from the air. "Alec, fetch the Cullen Leader!" My father ordered sharply, wanting me to be seen by a doctor, just incase I was injured. Aro flashed back to his Throne, gently settling me in his lap, worry flowing from our bond as he attempted to check me over. My pain was flooding my side of the bond from being jerked up and thrown by the same arm. I only cry out verbaly when Aro ran his hands over the injury, jarring it as he brushed along that arm. Carlisle entered the room just as the cry left my mouth, and flashed up to us instantly worried about my newest injury.

"Bella?" The doctor asked me knowing I wouldn't mince words.

"I think my shoulder is dislocated, and my lower arm is broken from being jerked then thrown at nearly the same time." I answered the Vampire doctor, pain resignating in my voice. Carlisle moved to my side and barely even brushed the injured arm to evaluate my assessment.

"I believe you are right on both accounts, Bella. Aro, I have to pop her shoulder back into place first." He announced softly, a slight flinch from knowing Aro wouldn't like that he would have to hurt me to set my shoulder. Aro looked down at me in confusion at why the doctor would flinch while telling me.

"It is a slightly painful process that will make most of my current pain dissappear." I explained softly to my mate. "If my arm is also broken in a certian way then he will have to push the bone back into proper position before casting it, and that is also a potentionally painful process." I added, and when he began a light growl, eyes darkening to pitch black, i cupped his face lovingly. "It's okay, Aro. He will not cause unnecissary pain to me, you know that, love. If you are truely worried about his intentions, i am sure he won't mind you reading his mind, to settle your own." I spoke in a soft, encouraging tone,

"Of course I don't mind, if it were Esme I would want the same assurance." Carlisle confirmed gently, offering his hand to his old friend without hesitation. Aro looked at me, then at the proffered hand before his tense shoulders relaxed and he shook his head.

"Just that you were willing to is evidence enough for me." The king answered with a sigh, "Thank you, old friend." He added, and both Carlisle and I smile softly at him.

"Go ahead, Carlisle." I say, placing my head against Aro's chest, knowing that if I watched, I would tense up, and that could make the injury worse. A sudden jerk gained a hiss from the pain, and everyone could hear the joint pop into place. "Thank you, do we need an x-ray of my arm?" I asked my friend.

"That would be best, considering there might be more than one break in your arm." The doctor answered wisely. "We need to take her to an emergency room to get the X-ray done, unless you have the machine here?" He informed them with a slight grin of entertainment showing to us.

"If that is the best way to proceed then do so, Old friend." Marcus allowed, swallowing his worry over my injuries. "After you have returned, we need to give your mother something to cover for your disappearence." He added to me as I stood from Aro's lap.

"Бигардед бехатар, азизи ман, Ман умедворам, ки шумо ба кӯмаки шумо дар миқдори reasonalble вақт лозим аст ба даст." My mate spoke, wrapping me in his arms briefly, before stepping back for Marcus to embrace me as well. {Travel safely, my dear, I hope you get the aid you need in a reasonalble amount of time.} After I pull away from both I turned towards Caius and offer him a shy smile.

"Do you want a hug as well?" I teased the blonde king, shocking most of the guards. He shot me an incredulous look, and pulled way from his Throne, approching me with a 'you are my prey' walk. I start giggling as most of the guards gave off worried gasps and Aro let out a low growl at his brother, warning him not to harm me. "Aro, we both know he means me no true harm." I state to my mate, placeing a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

"Harm my mate at your own risk." My black-haired King warned verbally, glaring at Caius as he continued to advance upon us with a daring smirk. I simply stand there, waiting for the Blonde to reach me, planning to launch myself at him for the hug I teased him about getting from him. Aro bares his teeth, letting another warning hiss to slip through his clenched jaws. When Caius was only a handful of steps away from us, I tensed up, readying myself for the 'tackle' I was planning. Suddenly I leap at the King, a broad grin on my face and begin laughing at the shocked look on all three of the Kings.

"έχεις, Caius! Σίγουρα δεν περιμένετε από μένα να το κάνω αυτό!" I crowed happily, gaining chuckles from both Aro and Marcus. {Got you, Caius! I bet you didn't expect me to do that!} Caius snarled at me, flashing his deadly sharp teeth at my asault on his person.

"Ναι, δεν με πάρει, τώρα αφαιρέσετε τον εαυτό σας από το πρόσωπό μου, Isabella." Caius ordered me sharply, anger evident in his tone. {Yes, you did get me, now remove yourself from my person, Isabella.} I pulled back and once I am no longer touching him I stick my tongue out at him playfully.

"Fine be that way, you big meany!" I pouted, moving towards Carlisle and out the door for the visit to the emergency room to get my arm checked over and casted. "Bye, I will see you in a few hours!" I called out to the Kings, not turning around to speak. My visit to the ER was, fortunately, short; mainly due to Carlisle being my personal doctor and knowing exactly what I needed done. Unfortunatetly, by the time we returned to the castle, I was dead on my feet and wishing for some time in my soft bed, cuddled up to my Mate. I motion to the guards standing outside the Throne Room main entrance to open the door for me to join my family, and when they hesitate breifly, I drop my light smile and shoot them a glare worthy of Caius himself. They throw open the door and I walk into the Throne Room, not realizing that I would have to pass through a large group of red-eyed vampires whom were seeking council from the Kings. I move in a drowzy daze, and it is only when I feel my unharmed arm being grabed that I shake off my daze enough to clear my head. I looked down at the hand holding me still and follow it to it's owner, slowly turning my eyes to the face of the one restraining me. I hear Aro, Marcus and Caius all growling out a warning to the male, none of them liking the leer he was sending me.

"I suggest you let Lady Isabella go, or you and your entire Coven will parrish today." Jane hissed, stalking towards us.

"Jane, there is no need for that. Sir, release me please." I request, pointedly moving my eyes from his face and glaring at his hand upon my arm.

"A snack?" The male laughed, not paying any attention to reality. "I call first bite!" He announced happily.

"I said release me, Sir, for if you do not my Father, Mate, and Brother will force you to, or just slaughter you." I stated evenly, calm settled over my form. The idiotic male simply chuckles at me and leans down. "Ο πατέρας, Mate, ο αδελφός, πιστεύω σκέφτεται αστειεύομαι για σας όλη τη δολοφονία ολόκληρο Coven του, συμπεριλαμβανομένου του." I announce to the Kings, my eyes going flat with my words. {Father, Mate, Brother, I believe he thinks I am joking about you all killing his entire Coven, including him.}

"Release my mate, now!" Aro snarled, all three kings appearing directly infront of me. The male suddenly pales further, and lets go of my arm, pushing me towards the angry Kings. I stumble, tripping over my own feet, and feel the loving and protective embrace of my Father.

"Papi, thank you for catching me." I whisper to Marcus, waiting only a few seconds to regain my balance before moving out of my father's arms. I stepped up to Aro and place a hand on his arm, catching his attention instantly. "Mate." I say softly, a happy sigh following my voice when Aro pulled me into his arms. I smiled at him and lean towards his face, ignoring the entire Throne Room full of Vampires, planning on kissing my mate. Just when our lips are inches apart, Caius taps me on the shoulder.

"Brother?" He asked, eyebrows raised in amusement. I shrug and bring my lips to Aro's, not about to let anyone interupt my kiss with my mate.

"Does me calling you that bother you?" I asked once Aro and I separated our mouths.

"No, I think it works perfectly." Caius admitted, a sheepish smile on his face. I hummed and Aro swooped down and took possession of my lips once more. We pull apart breathing hard, and I giggle at the annoyed expressions on both Caius and my father's faces.

"Work first then play, Aro." Marcus reminded his black-haired brother in a bland tone.

"I am going to bed, come see me when you are done, please." I requested, walking away from the Kings and only pausing at the door near the dais. "Alec, yr wyf yn dymuno ar gyfer eich hebrwng yn ôl i fy siambrau." I called out from the doorway. [Alec, I wish for your escort back to my chambers.] The teenage male guard instantly joined me, knowing that he would also be expected to stand guard until one of the Kings dismissed him.

"Ag y dymunwch, My Lady." He answered softly, offering me his arm as well. [As you wish, My Lady.] Together we soon reached my bedchambers and after I went inside, Alec remained outside my door as my guard.