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Operation: Idolization part 1

Within a supposed "Back Stage", the Investigation Team behind the curtain felt unease, especially a certain pair. "I... can believe Yosuke talked me into this...!" Chie stuttered while she had don her dancing outfit.

"I can't believe we're actually DOING this...!" Finnel agreed with a grim expression.

"Oh, come on, you two! It's not that bad." Rise said otherwise. "Besides the people here doesn't even know us, or anything about our world, so why not let loose for once?"

"Easier for you to say, Rise-chan, I'm still trying to get use to this kind of crowd!" Chie retorted.

"I never even done this before!" Finnel agreed.

"Look, I know this whole event is all of a sudden, but we need to stall the brass in order for Aoto and the other to rescue Saki." Yosuke stated, who also don his dancing outfit, in fact, the rest of the Investigation Team wore their's as well.

"Still, I hafta wonder how the hell did Teddie even managed to stuff himself with all that stuff." Kanji mentioned.

"I know! I just stuffed everything I needed." Teddie nodded. "I wasn't expecting to show off my excellence like this!"

The group gave Teddie a peeved expression as Rev. Gengai and Luphan entered the backstage. "Well, this is something, it's like the whole Corporachy is here." Gengai commented. "I'm impressed how you managed to bring a lot of people for this."

"That's still not reassuring..." Chie begged as she still felt extremely nervous.

"No surprise there, this whole event up and running just after a word with the chairman, yesterday? It takes a whole stress-load, if not without any nerve-racking dance lessons last night." Yosuke agreeing as he and Finnel sighed heavily.

"I'm as astonished by how far you all are willing to go for Saki. Assuming that Aoto and the others might do fine without this event." Luphan mentioned.

"If this Saki-san is a friend of ours, of course we'll find a way." Naoto reassured. "Although, this IS a bit awkward..."

"..." Finnel was feeling uneasy to what she's about to do, performing in front of a huge crowd is utterly pressuring as she tensed up.

"Finnel-senpai, you don't have to worry, we're all with you. " Rise beckoned as Finnel turned to her. "I can tell your heart is racing, right? But that's the thing about the power behind a live performance. Don't think about doing everything exactly right. The crowd's here to have fun, so we need to have fun first."

"Rise..." Finnel took a deep breath to calm herself. "Okay... I think I can do this...!"

"Well, you don't have to think about it, just 'Feel'" Chie suggested.

"Hey guys! It's almost time!" Kanji alerted as the clock was ticking.

"Alright! Get ready, everyone!" Rise stated as they stepped onto the stage. "Remember, be thankful for your fans, your friends, and yourself! This is a full-blown, one-time-only performance! Now who's ready!?

"We are!" Yelled Finnel and the Investigation Team declared as the stage uplift itself as they appeared onto a supposed island with the crowd cheering on the bleachers at the V-Board Racetrack. They were on and open stage with the Racetrack around them.

"Man, of all the places..." Yosuke stuttered as the operation commenced.

(Yesterday Morning)

That morning, Aoto headed the Think Tank again in the morning with Tatsumi and Hikari Gojo. They arived at the entrance as the guards stood in their path. "Hold up, who're you guys?" Said one of them.

"We're acquaintances of Saki, a Reyvateil who's in the Think Tank. Could we please see her?" Aoto requested.

Archian Soldier A: "Saki? Hey, go ask."

Archian Soldier B: "Yes, sir."

The Soldier B went inside for a moment to look up Saki's name. Soon enough, he returned to the entrance with. "Unfortunately there's no records of any Reyvateil by the name Saki" He stated, much to Gojo's justified fears.

"What!? That can't be! Can I please talk to Raphael!?" He requested, much to his shock.

Yet, the Archian Soldier denied his access. "You can't meet the Chairman without an appointment."

"But I just met him yesterday! You can tell him it's Aoto!" Aoto exclaimed.

"I said no! If you loiter here, we'll send you all to the jail." The Archian Soldier warned.

Aoto: "What...!?"

"Aoto! Stop, Aoto!" Tatsumi demanded as he held Aoto back from taking the matter at hand.

"Calm down. Let's go back for now." The Doctor suggested despite Aoto's reluctance.


They regrouped with the others nearby to think things through. "What the hell's going on? Didn't they let you in with Saki the other day?" Yosuke questioned.

"The Think Tank sure seems dubious, assuming they're being payed to act oblivious." Naoto speculated

"What should we do? We have to help Saki." Finnel reminded.

Teddie: "Poor Saki-chan..."

"Bastard's tryin' to play dumb, huh...?" Kanji state darkly as he and Aoto were thinking storming the place as they attempt to step towards the entrance.

H-Hey! Kanji-kun, Aoto-san, what do you think you guys are doing!?" Chie stopped them in there place.

"What do you think? I'll break into the Think Tank!" Aoto declared as he and Kanji clenched their fists tightly.

"What!? Stop! There are a whole lot more Archian soldiers inside the Think Tank. You guys would only end up dead!" Tatsumi stated otherwise.

"Agh! Screw them!" Kanji slammed his fist into a metal crate leaving a bruise on the crate. Even Aoto expressed his impatience similarly.

"Well then, maybe we can find another way? We could go around town for information." Rise suggested.

"Indeed, we have to make a move somehow. Maybe there's something that we can do." Hikari Gojo agreed as they walked away from the Think Tank.

Skit Topic: Access Denied

As they walked away, Kanji and Aoto were still upset as they continued to brood over the matter at hand.

Aoto: "I can't believe that damn chairman duped me!"

Kanji: "That rat-bastard's holding our friend away from us! Frick'n dammit!"

Aoto/Kanji: "Who the hell does that shitless bastard think he is!?"

Everyone else stared at them with concern.

Chie: "Wow, the're really upset..."

Yosuke: "Well that's no surprise, after what happened just now."

Finnel: "There has to be another way into the Think Tank... somehow..."

Naoto: "Perhaps hidden passages, maybe even go so far to get disguises? We don't even know a thing about this company.

Aoto: "... Hey, you think you guys can use your Personas? We could probably break in easily..."

Kanji: "Yeah... good point..."

Yosuke: "And we're stopping you guys there!"

As they returned to the city, they've noticed Luphan nearby making a call. "What did you mean it escaped!? ... How long ago?" He questioned on his Telemo. "... And you didn't inform me about this because? *Sigh* Never mind. I'll figure something out. It just so happen that they're here as well." He mentioned. "Be ready for that then, understood?" He stated as he hung up.

"Luphan-san?" Yosuke called out as they approached him.

"Yosuke, everyone... you guys are safe." Luphan noted as he noticed a couple of new faces. "I see that your number of friends multiplied." He pointed towards Naoto and Rise.

"Oh right! These're my friends, too." Yosuke introduced them. "This is Luphan, he gave me a hand when I came here."

"Cool! A samurai! Rise's the name just you know." Rise greeted.

"I'm Naoto. Thank you for watching over our senpai." Naoto bowed.

"Not at all..." Luphan said with a complexed expression.

"You're here. Does that mean... the Great Fang Militia's already in the Tower?" The Doctor assumed.

"Is Master with them?" Tatsumi added.

"Yes, Rev. Gengai is directing the preparations for the upcoming battle. I was sent here to prepare the weapons." Luphan stated as he then notice a person missing in their group. "So, where's Saki? I thought she was with you all."

"... Actually..." Aoto stuttered, as the group fell silent.

"... Oh, so that's what happened? If you don't mind, please tell me details." Luphan asked. They explained to Luphan what was going on. "... I see. There's no record of Saki on their end... That sure seems fishy."

"We can't just leave Saki in there. If there's no other choice, we'll just have to cut straight through their security!" Aoto suggested.

"And with the risk of failure and your death otherwise?" Naoto debated. "Aren't we trying to rescue this Saki-san, instead of being gunned down from the company agents?"

"Then what the hell are we supposed to do?!" Aoto retored back.

"Actually, there is a way to sneak into the Think Tank." Luphan mentioned, much to the group's surprise.

Yosuke: Wha- Wait, really!?

Aoto: "Are you serious!?"

Tatsumi: "What is it?"

"In the basement, there's an industrial sewage plant that extends throughout the entire research facility. It has maintenance hatches everywhere, and they connect all throughout the Think Tank facility."

"Oh hey, that's great! Now we can get inside the Think Tank!" Aoto concluded.

"Talk about a stroke of luck" Yukiko agreed.

"Uh... I don't have a good feeling about being in sewage, but... if it's to save Saki." Finnel sighed.

"Luphan, how do you know so much about Archia?" Tatsumi wondered.

"Rev. Gengai doesn't trust Archia at all. As his advisor, I have to do as much research on them as I can." Luphan answered.

"So, where is there an entrance? Is one around here, somewhere?"

"Well, the closest one would be... near Ogai Memorial Pre-school."

"What!? The pre-school!?" Aoto exclaimed.

Finnel: "Isn't that..."

"Yeah, that's Saki's pre-school." Aoto said with his assumption corrected.

Hikari Gojo: "What an oversight."

"Still, each entrance is locked, of course. You have to unlock it somehow or you won't be able to get in." Luphan reminded.

"No problem. I know someone who's good at that." The doctor mentioned.

"Someone who's good at picking locks...?" Yosuke repeated.

Just when Hikari Gojo was about to answer who that person was, Junpei an Ken appeared and approached them. "Hey, it's you guys!" Junpei stated as they both appeared before them.

"Oh, it's... Jenpei?" Said Chie.

"What? It's Junpei." The baseball player corrected.

"Let me guess, they kick you guys out?" Ken guessed.

"Yeah, they said they don't even know who Saki-chan is, even denied Aoto any entry." Told Yosuke.

"Well, that's a bummer..." Junpei agreed.

"I'm sorry, do you know these two?" Luphan asked.

"Oh, they're good friends of ours, despite working with the Think Tank you can trust them." Tatsumi reassured as the samurai nodded. "But introductions aside, did you find Saki in there?"

"Yeah, I managed to take a peak and Saki was sleeping in one of those medical rooms." Junpei told them.

"Then she's must be in the same room I left her!" Aoto exclaimed with confidence.

"And the security? Naoto continued.

"Uh... literally tight." Junpei frowned. "If you were sneaking in, those guys would probably sic drones on ya, let alone getting shot."

"So we have and secret entrance and we assume to have Saki's specific location, but the security is still a problem." The doctor summarized.

"If there was some sort of distraction, then it could at least gradually lighten the load." Luphan assumed.

"But what can we do? Please don't tell me we have to blow something up?" Finnel assumed.

"That's a suggestion." Aoto agreed with a daring expression, with Kanji agreeing.

"We're not doing that you dumb-asses, are you guys trying to destroy this city?" Chie questioned.

"Then what the hell can we do?" Kanji retorted.

They all seemed clueless until a revelation hit them. "Why not host a show or something...?" Ken suggested.

"Host... a show?" Tatsumi repeated in disbelief. "You can't be serious?"

"I'm just saying. Perhaps we could show these people something that never happened in this tower, something new?" Ken added.

"Like a show or somethin'? You want us to perform a dance of some kind?" Kanji wondered.

The idea actually hit them like a bomb, especially to Yosuke. "W-Wait! Maybe that could actually work!" Yosuke exclaimed.

"What!? You're not asking us to... dance... are you?" Chie stuttered.

"Well, Saki-chan's life is on the line and don't we already have dancing experience?" Yosuke mentioned, which he then turned to Rise. "Rise-chan, I know this is a big deal, but... think you can help us on this?" He requested while pleading to her.

"Yosuke-senpai, you're asking me to hold a concert?" Rise assumed with a sigh.

"Well... yeah... but it's not like that these Archians would know anything about us. They'll think that we're just some students doing this for fun!" Yosuke stated.

"Yeah, but Senpai, it's not that simple." Rise told him otherwise. "All the planning we'll have to do, what group can sponsor us, pretty sure we can't just wing it."

"... I thought that would work..." Yosuke sighed depressingly.

"Wait, maybe it can!" Junpei exclaimed as they all turned to him. "I mean I'm working with those guys maybe I can get you guys in!" Junpei suggested.

"That's a terrific idea, we could actually sneak into the company with your help." Yukiko agreed, but was interrupted.

"Indeed, however, if this Think Tank is as important company, then their security over Saki-san may very we be under lock and key." Naoto recalled.

"Who said anything about sneaking in?" Junpei asked as everyone else turned to him with question marks. "As you can see, I'm a big fan of Risette, if you're asking about sponsoring and stuff, I can put in a good word for Rise-chan!"

While everyone had exclamation marks, Rise had a sweat-drop. "I'm not sure what's going on, what's this about sponsoring and stuff?" Finnel asked as the rest of the Sol Cluster residence nodded, being in a loop.

"What, you guys don't know who Rise-chan is!?" Teddie exclaimed.

"Then enlighten us, Ted, what are you guys saying?" Aoto questioned, unamused

"Oh yeah, we didn't told you guys have we? Yeah, Rise-chan's a Teen Idol." Yosuke told them. Everything about what Rise can do.

"Whoa, seriously...?" Aoto muttered with surprise.

"Yep, Rise Kujikawa, ready for the stage! Also known as Risette! Nice to meet you!" Rise giggled as she posed.

The Steeplejack, Doctor, and Samurai, all looked stupefied by her pose as they were impressed. "Oh, wow, that actually changes everything!" Aoto said while smiling.

"Yes... Hmm... That could actually work..." Luphan muttered as press his thoughts together. "Perhaps Yosuke was on the ball at that one. We can have the Think Tank help host your concert while another party sneaks in and rescues Saki." He suggested.

"Seriously? And I though Yosuke was nothing but a disappointment..." Chie sighed.

"Dammit, you still going on about that!?" Yosuke retorted with a peeved expression towards Chie. "Is... there no way to ask for your help again, Rise-chan?" He turned to Rise.

The Teen Idol took a moment to think about. "Is Saki-chan really important to you guys?"

Rise asked Yosuke and the others, but then turned their head towards Aoto. "I promised that I'd protect her, but if the Think Tank is gonna lie and feign ignorance, then I can't let them keep her there. That, and I won't be able to see her ever again, so-."

"... Oh, alright, I'll help." Rise answered right away, much to everyone's surprise.

Aoto: "Wait, what?"

"I mean, seeing a guys depress about his girlfriend and all and we are in unknown territory, so i guess it's fine... I can do what ever I can in my power, but you guys owe me this favor, okay?" Rise requested as she sighed.

"Aoto: "Uh... g-girlfriend...?"

"Sure, anything!" Yosuke agreed. "Though, what changed your mind...?" He asked confoundedly.

"Well, seeing how determined Aoto-kun is, I can't simply watch this love-sick love bird, prancing around without its head." Rise giggled.

"Love-What? Now hey!" Aoto stuttered with his face red.

"So she agrees to help. Now what are we gonna do?" Finnel asked sternly.

Back at the entrance of the Think Tank, this time with Junpei, Yosuke, Rise, Chie, and Naoto, arrived at the entrance with he same guards watching. "Hey guys! Is the boss available?" Junpei asked. "These guys here want's to put up a show of some kind."

"A show? Like what?" Soldier B asked.

Junpei turned to the Yasogami students as Rise stepped forward. "I was hoping to start some sort of concert... for fun. I mean I see a lot of people here and I was hoping to bring something to smile about. Is there any way the Think Tank could sponsor us?" The idol asked.

The guards looked to each other and nodded. "Okay, this way." Soldier A directed as he opened the door.

"They're... actually letting us in...?" Chie muttered with surprise.

"Guessing when Aoto mentioned Saki, he probably told them to keep him out..." Naoto assumed as they entered the building.

While Yosuke's group entered the Think Tank, Aoto and the others wait outside as the peeked behind the metal crates, also surprised to see the guards letting his friends in. "Are you kidding me!? They let them in and not me!" Aoto growled, feeling upset.

"Well, they don't know who we are and we're not from around here. We still have that bear-vantage at our disposal!" Teddie cheered.

While they began to wait, the Doctor still had concerns about the other's position. "I certainly hope that they'll be fine..." He sighed heavily.

Inside the Think Tank, the group was escorted to the Chairman's office as they passed through the main hall. "The boss's room is just through here, guys." Junpei told them.

Yet the Yasogami students weren't as fazed to what the saw inside, it's like a plain company building back home.

Soon enough, they arrived and appeared before the Chairman of the Archia Think Tank along with his Number 2 that they know. "Oh, Richa-san?" Yosuke pointed out.

"It's you guys." Richa replied.

"Welcome to the Archia Think Tank, my name is Raphael." The Chairman greeted, as he turned to the students and Richa. "I'm to assume that you know each other?"

"Of course, they were at the Moebius Factory. I recalled that they were working with the Great Fang Militia at that time." Richa mentioned.

"...? Why isn't she mentioning Aoto or the Doctor?" Chie an Yosuke thought.

"Anyways... We were wondering if we can ask you guys to sponsor our proposal." Rise requests. As she explained her suggestion, leaving out the secret plan she had.

"You want to hold a concert?" Raphael questioned. "As much as I can understand, I would like to, but I am on a tight schedule." He said with a sigh.

"Aw really...? And was looking forward to perform..." Rise whimpered as she wept supposedly crocodile tears.

The room went silent with Rise producing crocodile tears as the Chairman gave a heavy sigh in response. "Hmm... how exactly eager were you people that you wanted to hold this concert? I mean it's not like the world is about to end." He chuckled.

"Well... That, and because of a theory that me and my friends thought of..." Yosuke guessed.

Rapheal: "A theory?"

"Um... Yeah!" Yosuke continued, as everyone else turning to him with a question mark. "I mean... we all see Reyvateils sing their song magic and stuff, but what about us humans. Maybe humanity must have some sort of potential. And then it hit me... We can dance!" He exclaimed with the girls sweat-dropping and leaving the Chairman and his No. 2 unfazed.

"Huh... wait, where are going on about?" Chie whispered to him.

"I... I don't know... I'm just ad-libbing this..." Yosuke whispered back.

"I'm sorry, but what does dancing have to do with Revateils and human potential?" Raphael asked.

"Um... well..." Yosuke stuttered as he ponders what to say. "What I mean to say is that how similar we can be about drawing out power. For example, you know how Reyvateils use their Song Magic, right? They use their feelings and emotions, right? So why can't us human do the same through dancing?" He summarized.

"Huh... for once you actually made a point." Chie remarked.

"Hey, I made more points than once, you know!" Yosuke retorted as they both glared at each other.

"Hmm... hmhmhm... Honestly you have the strangest idea ever. For us to use feelings and emotions in order to move the mass." The Chairman chuckled. He nodded at Richa as she scrolled on her tablet.

"... Well, if you're willing to start concert, I'm afraid our availability is only tomorrow afternoon." Richa stated.

"T-Tomorrow afternoon!?" Yosuke stuttered with Finnel and Chie's jaws dropped.

"With little time for practice and such... we'd only cut it close..." Naoto mentioned as she pondered.

"We're already on a tight schedule, I'm afraid, so this is all we can only do." Richa apologized.

Finnel and the students were at their wits end, but Yosuke was determined to pull it off. "... Screw it... fine... Tomorrow afternoon?" He proposed.

The People in the room had all question marks and exclamation marks as they heard Yosuke's answer. "Yosuke, what are you doing!?" Chie questioned aggressively as she pulled on his uniform.

"B-But this is our only chance we have to sta- I mean to show what I meant! I swear!" Yosuke stuttered as he begged.

"Yeah, but tomorrow afternoon? We won't be able to have the time to practice dancing. You guys haven't been dancing in a while now right? And Finnel-senpai, you never danced before, haven't you?" Rise recalled.

Finnel staggered as she looked away with a sweat-drop. "Meh, maybe we can teach her on the spot." Yosuke suggested.

"Huh... yeah... with that kind of outfit, I'd be surprise if you two make a great pair for a duet!" Junpei agreed as Finnel rolled her eyes. with cold sweat.

"Okay then, tomorrow afternoon." Richa stated as she jolt this on her tablet. "So... do you have a partner for us to work with?" She asked.

"Huh? But we thought you guys were gonna sponsor." Rise assumed as they turned to Junpei, who was just as confused.

"We can help you with the funds and placing a proper stage for you, but since you're putting this whole concert thing up you'll need to find someone who can provide a business partner to help with this. Not to mention you'll need to demonstrate your proposal in order to attract the mass." Richa noted.

"Huh... well that sucked... Now who would even help us..." Yosuke muttered to himself as the girls pondered about it.

"... Can a business partner be like some owner of a shop or something?" Junpei wondered.

"Yes, anyone that can provide the support." Raphael answered.

"Really? Sweet! I know just what shop we can ask!" Junpei stated with his hopes up, much to everyone else's confusion.

The group eventually left the building a regrouped with the others. "Guys, you back! Did you find Saki?" Aoto asked.

"No, not yet..." Yosuke replied much to Aoto's depression. "That's not the worst part. They accepted our proposal, but they gave us only till tomorrow afternoon."

Kanji: "Tomorrow afternoon... for what?"

"To practice dancing! They gave us only tomorrow afternoon for us to practice dancing until we start the concert at that time!" Yosuke answered with a pained expression.

"T-Tomorrow!? Tomorrow afternoon!? That would only give us so little time to practice...!" Yukiko stuttered with surprise.

"Knowing the damn Think Tank, probably up to somethin'..." Kanji scoffed.

"So, did you all achieve what you guys needed to do?" Luphan asked.

"Yeah, Richa-san was gonna help set up some partnership with Nya Nya Ya." Yosuke explained.

"Wait, Seriously? Why are you bring Sasha and her shop into this?" Tatsumi questioned.

"Yeah, I know how risky this might get, but they need someone who can provide some... technicality for the plan.

Tatsumi sighed heavily towards the idea from Yosuke. "Okay, but if something happens to my friend, it's on you, just so you know." He warned.

"Got it." Yosuke nodded.

"Well then, we'll look for Katene while you guys deal with the sponsorship. Let us know when you guys are done." Hikari Gojo told them as He, Aoto, Tatsumi, and Luphan left.

"Alright... to Na Na Na!" Teddie pointed out.

Yosuke: "It's Nya Nya Ya!"

Teddie: "Nani Nani Na?"

"Oh for the love of- Just shut up, Ted...!" Yosuke exclaimed.

Nya Nya Ya

At the shop, the Investigation Team explained their situation at Sasha along with Ken and Yukari. "Oh... you said that to them...?" Sasha stuttered with a conflicted expression.

"I'm sorry for not consulting with you before-hand, but we were kind of in a tight situation." Yosuke apologized and pleaded. "We really need your help on this..."

"I'll try if I can, but this whole thing is new to me, so I need your help, too." Sasha agreed.

Yosuke blew off a sigh of relief. "That's great! Alright, she should be here soon..." Soon enough, Richa arrives, but with a camera crew behind her. "Uhh... what's with the camera crew...?" He dare to ask.

"Oh, it's a group who scours the town that brings us the news." Richa told them. "Seeing how you were gonna demonstrate your dancing, why not let the whole tower see how you dance?"

Dumbstruck as they are, they were baffled on how it escalated real fast. "W-wait, Now!?" Yosuke staggered.

"Of course. Unless you need to prepare, you could take your time. Just a reminder that we are on a busy schedule." Richa reminded them.

"R-Right..." Yosuke stuttered as he and his friends huddled together. "So what are we gonna do!?" He whispered in the circle.

"How the hell should I know!?" Chie retorted silently.

"Hey, isn't she askin' us to dance? The hell's the point if we chicken out?" Kanji questioned.

"Seriously, I can't believe you're the one panicking, especially since this IS your idea, Yosuke-senpai." Rise scolded.

Yosuke: "Y-Yeah, but..."

"Yosuke, you said you got this, and I'm willing to trust you." Finnel reassured. "I mean, is it really that embarrassing?"

"Well, if your comparing this to your purges, then yeah..." Yosuke agrees.

"At any case, she only want you to demonstrate. And Rise-san has your songs, correct?" Naoto assume as Rise nodded correctly.

"Well... alright..." Yosuke sighed as he agrees. "Still, think I need a outfit or something?"

"Gotcha covered! Literally!" Teddie declared as he pulled out several pieces of parcel out of his costume, much to the student's disgust.

"Teddie, where on earth did you kept all that?" Chie questioned with cold sweat.

"Hmmhmm. A bear can never tell a secret." Teddie giggled evasively. "Anyways, I thought we might encounter a situation like this, so... Ta dah! your custom dancing outfit from that time!" He declared.

"I still have wonder where AND how you manage to bring this for no reason..." Yosuke agreeing with Chie. Teddie handed over his parcel and revealed to be his custom used for a certain incident, A custom-tailored Yasogami High School uniform, with the sleeves are rolled up with an orange shirt with white writing saying FEVER vertical. It also wears a yellow scarf around its arm, a pair of fingerless orange gloves, and orange sneakers. "Wait, is this the only outfit you brought? Don't tell me I'm the only one dancing...?

"This is the only one! Unless you were talking about the ladies... and Kanji. I only brought the essentials for their outfits." Teddie stated.

"This is your idea, Yosuke. Better make this count!" Chie commanded amusingly.

Despite Yosuke's unamused expression towards her, he went into the back and changed.

A few minutes later, while everyone was waiting, Richa ad Sasha were conducting business on the side. Yosuke appeared out of the back with his dancing attire on. "Okay... Good to go." He said as everyone turned to him.

"W-Wow, that's what you look like when dancing?" Finnel asked in surprise.

"Ah! That's quite cute look on you, Mr. Hanamura." Richa giggled.

"C-Cute? Come cut it out..." Yosuke blushed as the other females in the group nlooked peeved.

"So, is he going to start immediately. I'd hoped to get this on the way." Yukiko stated politely as well as demanding.

Much to the Archian's astonishment they began to setup their camera and made an open space in the shop.

"This is impressive, with an outfit like that, he'd make a decent dancer." Yukari mentioned as Ken and Koromaru agreed.

"Hmph, I could've been a dancing pro..." Junpei grumbled.

"But aren't you a little league baseball coach?" Ken recalled, despite Junpei's denial.

"Okay then, I'm ready to start any time now..." Yosuke declared hesitantly.

"Understood, we're rolling on air." Said a member of the camera crew.

"Wait, what? This is live!?" Yosuke exclaimed as the others looked shocked. "I thought this was just recording a copy for... you-know-what?" He assumed.

"Of course, it's both recorded and live. I did inform you that before you all left the building, remember?" Richa mentioned.

"Yosuke-senpai, she really did mentioned this." Naoto vouched as Yosuke sweat-bullets.

"Well ready? I have the song of your choice. Ready whenever you are." Rise notified with her Mp3 player ready.

Yosuke took a deep sigh in defeat. "Alright, here goes nothing..." He muttered as he began to dance.

*Your Affection -Reincarnation- DAN ver.

Yosuke began to dance fluently as he follows the rhythm and beat of the song.

Withered flowers forget
What they wept for day after day
Withered flowers blossom
In the stream of tears
They still think of the cause

Turning misery into meaningfulness
Changing day after day
Turning misery into meaningfulness
Changing day after day

Your affection, Your affection, Taking pride from fear
Past will tell you when to make yourself a hero
Your affection, Your affection, Your affection
Past will tell you when to make yourself a hero

As expected, surprising everyone in the area, especially the natives of Sol Cluster as the song continues. "Remarkable, he's like in sync with the music." Richa noted.

"Hm...?" Finnel wondered as he watch Yosuke dance. "That's strange... why am I sensing waves emiting from him...?" She wondered.

Elsewhere, Aoto, and his group managed to find Katene as he was watching the telemo. "Hey, there he is!" Aoto blurted as the three walked up to him. "Yo, Professor! We need your help!" He requested.

It's you guys!" Katene responded as he pointed something out. "Are you you guys seeing this? Yosuke's dancing... and it's a live broadcast..."

The three wondered what he meant and they took a gander at the screen to find out what's being broadcast, only to find out that Yosuke dancing on TV.

Hikari Gojo: "Wow, that's impressive. He'll make a great distraction at this rate."

"Distraction? What do you mean?" Katene questioned.

"Yeah, about that..." Aoto mentioned as he explained.

Highly spirited with pride
Saving those left under the forgotten houses
Highly spirited with courage

Taking all the blame
Seems losing the game
Days go by without quiet nights
Flowers blossom When you believe
Days go by without sunny days
Flowers blossom When you believe

Your affection, your affection, Leaving the trace
You know this leads to the end of the story
Your affection, Your affection, Your affection
Past will tell you when to make yourself a hero

And the Chie decided to step in and join Yosuke in the dance, remarkably, they dance in sync together if not for the gag-like quirks between the rhythm.

Your affection, Your affection, Taking pride from fear
Past will tell you when to make yourself a hero
Your affection, Your affection, Your affection
Past will tell you when to make yourself a hero

Finally as the music about to end, Yosuke finished it with a cool and bright pose, concluding thew song.

After the song and dance ended, the Investigation Team applaud their member followed by the others in the shop. "That was amazing! I'm certain all our viewers will want to see your lot dance." Richa reassured with confidence.

"Uh... Yeah... right..." Yosuke muttered as Richa turned to Sasha.

"We can place a stage at a location we know best for your concert and this footage should suffice. Think we can use this place a practice area for their practice?" Richa suggested.

"Of course. With this, it should draw a lot of customers." Sasha's eye's gleamed.

"Well, we be preparing for your stage for tomorrow. Also, will it be possible for you to give us all an interview?" Richa asked as camera crew continued to roll.

"A-An interview?!" Yosuke stuttered, including the rest of the Investigation Team staggered as well.

"Of course!" Richa nodded. "Our viewers would like to know about you are, seeing how you want to bring smiles on their faces and all. A documentary interview and all."

"W-Whoa, this is all so sudden!" Yosuke stuttered. "And you referring to the others, too?" He pointed out to his friends. "Uh... hold that thought." He continued to stuttered as he huddle to his friends. "Crap, now they're asking for an interview!" He whispered.

"Well then, what do we do? We can't tell them everything can we?" Chie grunted as she stabbed a glare back at Yosuke.

"Can't you guys ad-lib? I mean if you guys can't tell them your 'secret' then maybe you guys can say something else? Maybe some inspirational quote or something?" Finnel suggested.

"Finnel-san has a point." Naoto agrees. "If we can't tell them everything, we can always make everything up. How about that theory you've mentioned, Yosuke-senpai?"

Yosuke took a moment to think about and nodded back at Naoto, and the returned to Richa and the Camera crew. "Alright, uh... let's see... what did you wanna ask about?" He ask.

"Oh, very good! Can you tell us who you are and what made you or inspired you to start this concert and pull this idea? Surely you must of had some sort of inspiration to pull this off." Richa stated.

"Oh... well..." Yosuke continued to stuttered as he glances to his friends behind the camera crew, saying to respond without spilling secrets, especially Chie as she pounded her fist in her palm, with a threatening glare. He sweat-dropped and continued using his usual smile. "Um... well... I'm Yosuke Hanamura! I work here as a part-timer at Nya Nya Ya and... My dad's a... Steeplejack working in the... In the Great Fang, I guess...!" He stated, ad-libbing his background.

Realizing an opportunity, Teddie joined in the banter much like last time. "What do you mean, 'I guess'...?" Teddie wondered and then gasped. "Oh no! Is Papa Hanamura not your real father!?" He questioned. as much to the residence wonder.

"Stop nitpicking! That's not what I meant!" Yosuke retorted. "And besides, you LIVE with me! You already know this stuff!" He stated.

Finnel: "He... lives with you?"

"Yeah, it's really sad..." Rise agrees.

"Geh, hearing him talk like this is... really weird." Chie included.

"Oh, come on, you guys are relentless! The camera's still rolling you know! Gimme a break!" Yosuke demanded.

"I think you should just be yourself?" Naoto suggested.

"There ain't no point in tryin' to act all cool now; it ain't like you." Kanji agreed.

"There are indeed types like his, conversationally adept, but terrible at making speeches." Naoto noted.

"But Yosuke's everyone's favorite disappointment, so it's all good, right?" Teddie included.

"Ah, I see..." Richa nodded.

"Shut up, all of you just shuddup! Whose introduction is this, anyways!?" Yosuke questioned followed by a faint sound of laughter all over the place.

"Right, this is being broadcast live..." Finnel recalled as he felt bad for Yosuke.

"Oh my, this is some great comedy. So, Mr. Hanamura, can you tell your viewer about any of your dancing experience?" Richa asked. "I mean with those headphones, you seem like you listen to music all the time. Is that the idea?"

"Uh, well... You know, I've gave it a shot before this, nothing to serious, tried copying a few fancy moves." Yosuke shrugged. "But in terms of actual, hardcore dancing... still in progress. I even managed to make it up with raw talent."

"That's very good. Without a doubt, your audience looks forward to see your natural 'raw talent'." Richha giggled.

"D-Did I say talent? Let me rephrase that, I'm friggin' terrified!" Youske winced.

"That's the prince of disappointment we all know..." Chie commented.

"Well, what did you expect!? I can't just do everything on my own!" Yosuke retorted back.

"Oh, I'm sure you won't have to do this alone." Richa giggled flirtatiously. "Thank you Mr. Hanamura for your interview, we will see you at your concert." She said as she turned to the camera. "Alright, looks like that's it for him, shall we move on to our next performers?" She suggested as she turns to the rest of the students.

With Aoto's group, they were watching Yosuke and his interview. "A Steeplejack's son? Pfft... I would've known someone who's a relative to whoever's working in the Great Fang." Aoto muttered.

"... This might be a problem..." Hikari Gojo stated as Aoto and Tatsumi turned to him.

They wondered what he meant and Tatsumi might have figured out what he meant. "Oh... Boo, that is bad...!" Tatsumi grunted.

"Wh-What do you mean?" Aoto asked, being the only one out of the loop.

"This interview is trying to reveal who they are..." The Doctor stated. "Should they find out who they really are... it would only worsen their situation."

"Oh... okay, that IS bad..." Aoto agreed. "You think we should back them up?"

Tatsumi: "I rather not want to get into their limelight and all..."

"Alright, does anyone else want to hold an interview?" Richa asked.

"Um... Oh, alright, let's just get this over with... Holy crap, this is literally nerve-racking..." Chie stuttered as she stepped forward in front of the cameras. "Uh, what's up everyone! My name is Chie Satanoka. I'm friends with Yosuke, Rise, and Yukiko... Oh, and Yukiko's been my best friends since we were little kids! Um... I'll give it my all on stage!" She boasted with a thumbs-up.

"... That's it?" Kanji asked.

Chie: "Yep, that's it."

"Why don't you talk a little more? Isn't there anything else you want to say?" Richa assume.

"Um... I don't exactly have anything else to say." Chie stated.

"Well... This sort of simplicity does somewhat suit you, Senpai." Naoto concluded.

"Yeah, but it's a bit TOO simple. There's plenty of things to say." Yosuke pointed out.

"Ugh, like what?" Asked Chie.

"Like that fact you like mean, or... What your favorite kind of meat is!" Teddie answered delightfully.

"What, I'm the 'meat' girl now!?" Chie retorted in a infuriated matter.

"Oh, how about Kung Fu? You should talk about Kung Fu, Chie!" Yukiko suggested. "You've been training pretty hard haven't you? Back home and all."

Chie: "Oooh! Now that I can talk about!"

"Kung... Fu...?" Richa wondered as the rest of the camera crew looked to each other with confusion. "I'm not familiar with that, unfortunately."

"Um, it's a form of martial arts she... developed herself. The self-defense kind, without actual weapons if you know what we mean." Yosuke said hoping they'd by it, which they did.

"Yeah! Right now, I'm making up the move called the Brazilian kick!" Chie stated, much to the viewers confused expression.

"An expert technique where you change your kick's direction, correct?" Naoto described. "It's impressive, but... where would you use it?"

Well, stuff like fighting Sha- ... uh, well, you know...?" Kanji stuttered for the right words.

"Against the Clustanians?" Richa guessed.

"Um... yeah! With move like mine, we have to be unprdictable if we want to get the advantage against our enemies." Chie answered.

"Why that is very true!" Richa agreed. "It's impressive that you look so diligent on your training."

"Why thank you! I always like watch shows that have Kung Fu and other martial arts. I usually train hard whenever I have free time, especially when I can use on someone..." Chie added as she turned to Yosuke.

"Wha-Why are you looking at me!? That's not funny!" Yosuke exclaimed in an irritant tone.

"You have my condolences..." Finnel apologized.

"Training whenever you have free time? Chie-senpai, are you taking proper measures against sunburns?" Rise asked, looking worried. "You should take care of that. If you're reckless, then you're going to get skin problems...!"

"True, a lady's beauty is still important above most of everything in a girl's life." Richa agreed.

"So much for staying on topic..." Kanji sighed.

"Um, then... how about Yukiko-senpai!" Rise suggested as Yukiko stepped up.

"Hello, I am Yukiko Amagi. I'll do my best not to get in my friend's way." Yukiko greeted to crew in a graceful manner.

"Yeah, Yuki-chan! Graceful... Elegant... Beautiful! A real idol of femininity!" Teddie cheered as well as whistling. "Her house is a traditional-"

"He meant to say her house has a traditional look." Yosuke stated. "Ehehehe... Well, if Yukiko tells everyone she's gonna be on stage, a lot of people are gonna be glued to their seats."

"Ah, I see..." Richa noted. "She does have that calm feeling she holds. Seeing how this is live, naturally means you'll be seen by people you know." She mentioned.

Investigation Team: "I certainly hope not..."

"Hey, seeing that we're going to do this, it's better than not being noticed, right?" Finnel mentioned with uncertainty.

"Well, it's not like the Midnight Channel, where everyone ends up seeing the parts of us we hate the most." Chie replied back.

Kanji: "... That was pretty rough..."

"Could we please... avoid that subject? We'd only be rubbing salt on our wounds..." Naoto pleaded.

"Um... Y-Yeah, we gotta stop being distracted! After all, this is supposed to be all about Yukiko-senpai!" Rise agreed, trying to dismiss that part as she nodded to Yukiko.

"So, Ms. Amagi, do you have any experience dancing?" Richa asked. You seem to look like one of those traditional kind an such."

"Yuki-chan is pretty good with hand fans... Oh, but maybe she's already caught Saturday night fever!" Teddie assumed.

"What is this, the seventies? Teddie, have you really been here long enough that you can make such a reference?" Yosuke questioned.

"I've performed... Traditional Dancing before, but it's very different from dancing we're talking about." Yukiko stated. "In that sense, I didn't had much experience dancing before, but I was taught by a magnificent teacher." She turned to Rise.

"Oh stop, your making blush!" Rise giggle as she supposedly blushed.

"Oh, by the way, this is completely unrelated, but I've also been studying cooking!" Yukiko included much to the shock of the guys.

"C-Cooking? D-Do we really gotta talk about that now!?" Kanji stuttered, followed by Teddie's ramblings with a pained expression.

"I'm not even sure what you guys are talking about." Finnel followed.

"Oh, that's interesting. So you have a knack for some home cooking? Maybe one of these days." Richa suggested, despite the guy's reluctance.

"Dude... W-We can't let this go, right?" Yosuke motioned.

"Well, it's gonna be incredible, alright... Almost as much as her hospital bills..." Kanji imagined. Even Teddie stuttered to their vote against serving Mysterious Food X.

"Yeah, we're survivors of last year's dishes, We can't let there be any more victims...!" Yosuke agreed.

"What are you guys talking about?" Chie asked as she notice the guys mumbling in a corner.

"Oh, uh... Nothing! Absolutely nothing at all!" Yosuke denied all the way.

"Hmm...? Well, alright. Thank you for your cooperation, Ms. Amagi.

"Oh... Hmm... I guess I'll go next." Rise declared as she stepped forth in front of the cameras.

"Woooooo! We've been waiting for you Rise-chan!" Teddie cheered.

"Hi there! It's the one, the only, Risette!" Rise stated as she posed. "You can guess that I'm also gonna perform at the concert, so I will see you there!"

"Whoa...! It's really Risette!" Yosuke stuttered in awe.

Finnel: "... Risette...?"

"Rise-chan's stage name." Teddie explained. "Idols need stage names that shows their audience the appeal of the names in front... well I don't know much about that, but Rise-chan's our lovely idol!"

"Wow... an now I'm gonna have to step up..." Finnel muttered.

"You gettin' all starstruck, Finnel-senpai?" Kanji wondered and realized something else. "Er... hold on. The heck are you doin' with all that Risette crap? I thought this wasn't about talkin' to your fans. It was somethin' for us to have for ourselves!" He recalled.

"That's true... Your audience will need a message from you, not as this... Risette but as Ms... umm..." Richa stuttered as she didn't recall her name.

Rise: "Rise Kujikawa."

"Y-Yes, Ms. Rise Kujikawa.

"Oh, that's right...! Sorry... Forget all that! Let me take it again from the top!" Rise suggested as she began to say her piece once more. "Umm... I'm Rise Kujikawa, and... I... I'm the one who helped my friends in their dance lessons."

Oh, so you're the one who taught Mr. Hanamura with his dance?" Richa guessed as he looked at Yosuke on the side. "I can see how this young man can dance so joyfully, it's really cute."

"S-Stop, you're actually making me blush!" Yosuke smiled with certain stares leering on him.

"Yep, well... a lot has happened last year, and taking a break from work... So I stayed with... my friends over in the... Great Fang. I met my friends that time and they gave me the courage for me to perform in this upcoming concert. So now, I'm confident that I'm ready for this!"

"So you've wanted to perform for us long before?" Richa assumed. "I see... it was unfortunate that the war in the Great Fang couldn't allow you, but I'm glad to see that you're so resolute for this." She assured with Rise's friends rooting for her.

"Thank you very much! But still... I'm starting to realized a year is a lot to lose. New breeds are getting to be big names now, seeing that we're the first humans to try to do something kinda similar to Reyvateils." Rise said as started to frown. "I couldn't get any starring roles in shows and all, and things haven't been going my way for a while..."

Yosuke: "U-Uh... Rise, you okay..."

Junpei: Risette...!

"I'm... I'm scared... Even if I can make it into the entertainment industry... would there still be a place for me...?" Rise started to weep all of a sudden which made everyone worried. "Please... I need all of you with me... o-or else I... I...!"

Finnel: "Rise..."

"Wha...! Wh-What're ya cryin' about!?" Kanji questioned with stuttered in his sentence. "We already told ya, we're doing this together, dammit!"

"That's right! We know you can do it, Rise-chan! You're not gonna lose to anyone else!" Chie rest assured. "We're gonna be right there with you, supporting you one hundred percent! We'll do our best!"

Suddenly, Rise wiped her tears and smiled brightly. "I-I'm kidding! Sorry... I gotta practice my acting, don't I?" She giggled as most of everyone staggered by surprise. "When we go on stage, I need all of my skills ready to go!" She told them.

"Th-That was all an act!?" Ken exclaimed. "I actually fell for that..."

"I thought she was crying for reals!" Finnel agreed.

Junpei: "Me too! Wow, now that's Risette for you...!


Everyone had mix reviews about Rise.

"Oh wait, that part was an act?"

"She's cute. She actually got me there..."

"Wow... Is she gonna perform? I'd love to see her dance."

Even Aoto, Tatsumi and Hikari Gojo were as equally baffled if not impressed. "That was an act!? She almost gave me a heart attack!" Aoto grunted with a smirk.

"Even I thought something was wrong." Tatsumi agreed.

"To think a lot of people believed her for a second. I guess we're too nice..." The Doctor sighed.

"Sorry! But... it was kind encouraging to see you all get so worried about me." Rise assured them with a delightful smile. "Thank you, everyone! For real this time from the bottom of my heart."

"Honestly, I never been into this showbiz before, but those types are really scary..." Finnel sighed. "I mean... crying on the spot..."

"Trust me, I really am scared about performing like this. That part was true." Rise mentioned with a wry smile. "So that's why I'm asking you all with me." She requested as her friends nodded.

"Oh ho ho? Kanji, is that a tear in your eye?" Teddie asked as he looked to him. Kanji had tears flowing.

"Sh... Shut the hell up! Of course I'd be worried!" Kanji answered aggressively. It was shown that Kanji's eyes were swelling. "I thought she was hurtin'!"

"Aw... I'm sorry, Kanji. Did I really overdo it?" Rise wondered.

Finnel: "Pretty much..."

Richa: "Not bad, Ms. Kujikawa..."

"Okay then, I think it's Teddie's turn now." Rise motioned as the bear stepped forth.

Alriiiight! Time to show all my honeys what a heartthrob bear I am!" Teddie declared as he stripped out of his bear costume, revealing his human form.

"Oh my, such a cute and handsome man!" Richa gasped with surprise.

"Oh man, I can guess how much secrets he'll reveal with out any slip-ups..." Yosuke pondered, looking worried.

"Well, my Teddie fur is off for all you lovelies, so I shall come clean, and show you my true, naked self!" Teddie declared as some of his friends sheered him on.

"Ah yes, the self-proclaimed bear, I hear. I was under the impression that you were more intimidating or something." Richa assumed.

Yosuke: "Well, that's... a long story..." Yosuke stuttered with a weak laugh.

"From an objective standpoint, though, I think it's fair to say Teddie's appearance is rather attractive. He did won a pagent by a unanimous vote, after all..." Naoto mentioned.

Finnel: "S-Seriously?"

"That's impressive! He does have that whole androgyny angle. I can see how that would help." Richa commented, seemingly buying it much to the Persona User's surprise. "Although, wouldn't that makes all this 'bear' business make less sense?"

"Rikky, you're overthinking it! I'm just plain old Teddie." Teddie reassured.

"'Rikky'...? Oh man, he's gonna turn heads at this point..." Yosuke muttered to himself.

"Teddie...? Oh! You mean how teddy bears are intended to be more cute than intimidating?" Richa guessed.

"Well, that's not a bad angle, that bear looks as cute as those Gergos back home." Sasha nodded along with Ken giving a shrug.

"... That guy's sliding by even though there's no actual conversation going. How the heck is that even possible?" Junpei asked the Yasogami students.

"I asked the similar question a while back, I don't even know how myself." Yosuke sigh.

"It's hard to say anything about Teddie in general, so I say we should just leave it at that." Chie added as they watched Teddie's interview.

"But more importantly let me tell you my tale." Teddie said as he began. "I was all alone inside my house, but when Sensei and Yosuke came, everything changed!

Everyone were staring at Teddie and caught the students by surprise about what he said. "Wait... did he just..." Yosuke stuttered.

"Yep, I was held captive in my own home, glue my eyes upon a telemo and thought my life in isolation, until Sensei and Yosuke came." Teddie stated. "It looked like the were having fun, whatever they were doing, so I thought, 'maybe I could join in on the fun' and a they accepted me with open arms!"

The Yasogami students were baffled on how he ad-libbed the whole story of himself without revealing their secrets. "Huh... He's usually in-character so often..." Yosuke mentioned with a confused expression.

"Yeah, he does wear that mascot costume around everywhere. Part of all that stuff!" Kanji nodded.

"Indeed, theming is a important part of of the industry." Richa agrees. "Like a Reyvateil's Song Magic, if you want to really express your feelings, you'll need a solid foundation for it.

"It's kinda like... 'Use power in your heart, own the stage, reach out, and grab your audience's souls!'" Rise repeated what her manager said some time ago.

Finnel: "The power in your heart, huh...?"

With the interview going on. Aoto and the others were watching from another screen, which also got Katene to ponder. "Hey, I've been wondering... those guy's power."

"You still wonder what their powers is like?" Hikari Gojo recalled. as the others listen in.

"Well, it's just for the very first time, I've never seen their kind before. Humans with abilities unknown to our own." Katene agreed.

"From what they told us about their Persona abilities, it looks like they're using power in their hearts to draw out their abilities. In similar comparison of the same ego, they use their mind and willpower to summon their personas and Reyvateils uses their feelings and emotions, all four of those concepts are of the ego itself." The Doctor theorized. "The only differences are that the Persona Users don't draw their abilities from the Tower, but their own mind and spirit... or so I believe.

"That is so fascinating... Now I have to wonder how they got their Persona abilities." Katene pondered.

"Honestly, I am kinda jealous... they have the potential to fight back the Clustanians." Aoto mentioned in a depressed tone.

Luphan said nothing however, watching the interview about the Persona Users.

"Alright, how about Kanji?" Rise asked as Kanji stepped forward.

"Awright! I'm goin' for broke!" Kanji declared. "Kanji Tatsumi, Yasogami High School, second-year! My family runs the textile shop, Tatsumi-"

Just then Yosuke and Chie suddenly jumped on Kanji, in order to keep him quiet. "Um... can you hold on a sec...?" Yosuke asked as he, Chie and Kanji huddled in once more. "You idiot, you almost blew your own cover!" Yosuke grunted.

"Wha, wait whaddya mean!?" Kanji retorted.

"Don't just throw around your background. You have to ad-libed the whole thing!" Chie stated silently.

"Well, how the hell do I ad-lib!?" Kanji growled.

"I dunno... um... Make something up! Nothing about our school or town, at least!" Yosuke staggered as he and Chie backed away.

"Tch..." Kanji scoffed as he returned to the interview. "Um... Yeah, my family run a textile shop...? And my hobbies is, uh... It's knitting cute shit! So adorable, you'll get diabetes!" He stated as he then scratched his hair. "I was all embarrassed at first, cause I thought men like me weren't s'posed to like that kinda stuff. But I met my friends, and they accepted me... So I decided that from now on, I'm just gonna be me!" He declared. "Th-That's all!

The students gave a sigh as they supposedly dodged a bullet.

"Oooh, Kanji... you always have so much girl power!" Teddie commented followed by snickering.

"Yeah, I mean, prepping that wedding dress back then, it literally showed the best out of Kanji." Yosuke recalled.

"Is that so? Maybe I could ask for a commission on a occasion..." Richa mentioned.

"Y'know, though, just looking at one of Kanji-kun's dolls always makes me feel better. They're so good, it's hard to believe they're made by someone who look like that." Chie recalls.

"Looks like WHAT!? What, you're all just trash-talking me now?" Kanji questioned aggressively.

"Kanji-kun's a good cook, too!" Yukiko included. "He was the one who gutted a fish when we had a hot pot together. When I saw him standing there holding a cleaver, though, I almost called the authorities on instinct."

"D-Don't call the cops on me! Can't I get a normal compliment instead of this backhanded crap?" Kanji pleaded as murmur of laughter rung across the whole Corporachy, weighing the humor of this interview. "Dammit..."

"Oh, not to mention, Kanji loves everything fluffy and fuzzy." Teddie added. "When I'm in my Teddie fur, I always have watch out, or he'll try to touch my bear booty! So scandalous..."

Finnel: "You... do...?"

Yosuke: "Called it."

"Oh, son of a- It's been a friggin' year and you're STILL sayin' that crap!? Get over it!" Kanji demanded as the sound of laughter increased. "Argh! Look, if you punks gonna butt in, ain't you gonna at least try to talk about my good points!? I've been with you guys for a damn long time now! There's gotta be somethin' good about me!"

"Kanji's good points? But, I haven't met you before." Finnel recalls.

"Yeah, I never thought about it." Teddie agrees, while pissing Kanji off.

Kanji: "Well think about it, dammit! Like all the time! I mean, maybe not all the time, but... Y'know!"

"Um... From what I see in him is that he's... very kind. He's can take care of other and... can endure a lot of stuff... I think..." Finnel guessed.

"Finnel-senpai..." Kanji stutters as he turns to the camera. "Y-Yeah, see? SEE!? What she said! You're awesome, senpai! Hell, I even got a rush outta that little did at the end there!"

"Kanji, please. Too much information. Not everyone needs to know about your latest fetish..." Yosuke reminded.

"WH- The hell did THAT come from, huh!?" Kanji exclaimed.

"Oh my, you seem really close." Richa giggled. "So, Mr. Tatsumi, do you have any dancing experience?

"Well yeah, Rise helped me out and I was able to dance my own style." Kanji told her.

Richa: "Your... own style?"

"We were a bit surprised. We are all separate people so we have our own style." Naoto noted.

"Yeah, I mean, kinda, yeah... And I been thinkin' it'd be good to keep all limber and stuff. So I'd do a ton of leg stretches after takin' a bath... Oh yeah, and sometimes I do a sumo stomp or two." Kanji explained.

"... Is that dancing...?" Finnel whispered to Chie.

"I highly doubt it..." Chie replied.

"But Kanji's tall, and he's got a lot of upper body can do really dynamic and aggressive stuff." Rise reminded. "He'd look like a professional if we put in some power moves. It was fun teaching him."

"Hell yeah! Hit me! Gimme everything you got!" Kanji dared as the male audience all immediately had disgust in their expressions.

"... Holy shit... Now I can't hear that kid saying 'hit me' without thinking of something completely wrong..." Junpei stuttered with a pained expression. "Ugh... I can't unhear it now!

Ken: "What?"

"Wha- now you're sayin' that my face, punk!? One more word, and I swear I'm gonna deck you!" Kanji threaten in an irritated state.

"Alright, alright, that's enough of that! Thank Kanji!" Rise calmed him down as he mumbled away.

"He's quite the man of you little group." Said Richa, amused by Kanji's personality. "Anyways, is there anyone else wanting to interview?"

"I suppose it's my turn?" Naoto stated as she stepped forward.

"Wooo! We'v been waiting for you! The Legendary Detective Prince!" Teddie cheered.

"Let's see... Hmph. If this was a press conference, I wouldn't be nervous, but I don't know where to begin..." Naoto sighed as she took her cap off."

"What are you saying? There's all kinds of cool stuff you can talk about." Yosuke recalled. I mean you're only a year younger than us, but you're a real, professional detective."

"Yeah, that's right. Nao-chan's reaaaaaally smart!" Teddie agreed. "And on top of that, she seems so cool and frosty on the outside, but she's really a cute girl on the inside!"

"She...? She's a girl?" Richa recalled as she took a closer looks at Naoto. "Oh! Hmm... you do look more feminine when someone looks closely..." She nodded.

The audience were baffled to realized Naoto was a girl, even Aoto. "Whoa, What!? That dude's a chick!?" He exclaimed.

"I see she has no problem revealing... her gender..." Tatsumi muttered.

"Well, to elaborate... I am studying to become a full-fledged detective, which goes down my bloodline for generations.

"Come to think of it, Naoto-kun didn't tell us that when we first met." Yukiko mentioned.

"Didn't tell us? More like she put up tons of walls and went on a full lockdown. We couldn't get to know her for a while." Kanji stated.

"Probably because you aren't exactly easy to talk to either, I mean that stare of yours..." Yukari guessed.

Kanji: "Huh? Seriously?"

"That's correct. At the time, I was already working with adult colleagues in... the... Great Fang." Naoto ad-libbed with a doleful expression. "And I was working quite hard to ensure I wouldn't be taken lightly just because I was a 'child' or a 'girl'. I was certainl;y puting on a front, in hindsight. After all, I'm still young and assuredly a girl."

Finnel: "Naoto..."

"Hey, everyone's got times they tried to act all cool. It's being able to admit that stuff that means you've grown, right?" Kanji pointed out, including the other students agreeing, too.

"It's a beary great deal. We're here now because we faced ourselves then!" Teddie stated blissfully.

"Um... so... It may not be the best time to mention this, but to be frank... I'm not confident at all about with the idea of dancing." Naoto explained. "I have experience with ballroom dancing, but I doubt it's something needed for this concert..."

"Hmm... Ballroom dancing..." Richa pondered upon the subject. "It's still experience is it not? Then again... that might be challenging to endorse the audience."

"It's fine. I do have a teacher that I know of that can help me to point out the steps for me." Naoto reassured.

"I'm still gonna be tough on you, so be prepared." Rise reminded, much to Naoto's digress."Alright... I think we... did we cover everyone?" She wondered.

"I think we forgot someone..." Yosuke mentioned.

"That's right our Sensei!" Teddie exclaimed.

"Sensei? I have been hearing that word several times now, is he here?" Richa asked.

"He's our friend, technically, he's our leader in some cases, but we can't seem to contact him somehow." Chie told her.

"I see. That's unfortunate." Said Richa.

"What? I meant Finnel." Yosuke recalled as everyone had exclamation marks above them, with a additional exclamation mark on Finnel herself.

Finnel: "W-Wait, me!?"

"Um... well, you wanted to try dancing, and a spot is left open. Think you can do this?" Yosuke requested.

"Oh, so you're with the dancing crew? Well then, can you tell us what you tell us about this concert?" Richa asked as the camera crew turned to her.

"Huh!? Um... uh..." Finnel stuttered as she turns to the Investigation Team who were as panicking as she is. "W-Well, I happened to join their group because it seemed fun and... interesting... Seeing that I'm the Reyvateil in the group, I thought I can work my magic with their dancing and all..." She told them.

"Oh, so you're the Reyvateil in their group?I was wondering how you and your friends were going to pull this off and you must be their ace in their sleeves?" Richa assumed.

"Um... well..." Finnel stuttered as she sweated bullets.

"Oh, she's new to all of this, so we were planning on teaching her on how to dance." Rise declared amusingly.

Finnel: "Huh...?"

"Yeah! Filly-chan's our newest of friends and she has never danced in her life!" Teddie mentioned.

"Well, we NEVER did see her dance before, she might as well some klutz or somethin'..." Kanji assumed.

Finnel: "What, hey!?"

"Hmhmhmhmhm... this may be fun for to teach her some moves. I can imagine." Yuikiko agreed as she tries to to hold her laughter in.

"Have Reyvateils even dance before? This could be the first, unless, she mess up badly, then that would be embarrassing..." Chie sighed.

"Wha-... Why are you being so mean to me!?" Finnel questioned their insults.

"That's just them grilling you, some reason it happens to me all the time." Yosuke sighed.

"Seriously? Some friends you guys are..." Finnel brooded as they all laughed.

"Regardless, she is our newest member to our team, so we're going to teach how to dance. Although, we don't exactly have so much time so the best we can have her is to have... sing." Naoto explained.

"I see. Now that would be interesting." Richa commented.

"Um... I wanted to see and feel what dancing's like. They say that it's another way to express their feelings." Finnel said.

"Hmm... that's true. That seems to be an interesting theory. But by any chance do you have any dance experience?" Richa asked.

"No. Next to nothing, really." Finnel shook her head. "But they did say they were were gonna teach me, so I have believe them." She said with confidence... with everyone staring at her. "Um... hey, this is kinda getting a litte... embarrassing..."

With that out of the way, the Investigation Team gave their relief and smiles.

With all well and done, it just so happened that there was no one left to interview. "Huh? Did we cover everyone?" Rise looked around.

"It looks like everyone who's dancing had a turn... I'm not sure it was exactly a display of our resolution, though." Naoto sighed.

"It's fine, either way. Honestly, I kinda think it's better all casual like this." Yosuke assured. "Besides we're all pumped up to help Finnel with dancing."

Finnel: "Huh H-Hey!"

"I can't wait to see Filly-chan dancing!" Teddie cheered.

"Yes, this should be fun to see." Yukiko agreed.

"W-wait wait!" Finnel stuttered. "I know that this whole concert's tomorrow and all, but how are you guys gonna help me!?"

"Whaddya mean? We were gonna teach you the old fashion way." Kanji told her.

"What like diving?" Finnel guessed.

"No, plain old teaching. Rise will help you." Yosuke stated as she turned to the teen idol.

"Don't worry about the small details, I'm gonna work you hard." Rise declared.

"Wh-What are you gonna do to me!? Don't tell you have some sort of Hymm Crystal to download on me...!" Finnel panic, despite the Investigation Team's baffled confusion.

"What? I meant teaching you dancing. You know lectures and physical arm movement and such..." Rise told Finnel, what teaching dancing is about. "Yeah, something like that."

"Oh! Uhh..." Finnel stuttered as she realized what Rise meant.

"Well then, I hope to see you at the concert. We'll make sure to prep the stage just for your fitting." Richa told them as she departed with the camera crew.

Once she and camera crew departs, Everyone in the shop gave a sigh of relief that was over. "Okay... now what?" Kanji asked.

"Well, we're already in this we might as well see this through..." Yosuke stated with pained expression.

"We're still holding you accountable for this." Chie mentioned giving Yosuke a heavy sigh.

"So shall we start working on our performance? We'll need to warm up and practice what we already know." Naoto stated.

"Don't forget, Finnel-san's still gonna need some dance lessons herself." Yukiko included.

"We should probably wait for Aoto and the others. They'll need to know what's going to happen next." Naoto suggested.

Aoto's group arrived shortly. "I brought the news to Rev. Gengai, he said the great fang would love to see you all perform." Luphan stated.

"Uh, wow, that's one way to bomb-drop the news..." Chie staggered.

Luphan: "... What's wrong?"

"We're still nervous of this whole concert plan, that's all..." Yukiko mentioned.

"Man, seeing you guys on TV like that. They're probably gonna flock around you guys." Aoto smirked.

"That's the idea!" Teddie replied. "The ladies will love me just by my bear-sonality and-"

"I don't think joking around like that is necessary." Hikari Gojo stated sternly. "I can understand what you all were saying was all ad-lib, but let me remind you that your powers are foreign and unfamiliar. If they catch you they won't be able to let you go so easily."

The Persona Users took his statement serious. Even Finnel went silent as she pondered to herself about this predicament. "Finnel-senpai?" Rise asked.

"Uh... okay, it's just that... I'm kinda speechless..." Finnel sighed.

"I can't blame you, this whole things moving forward fast, even I'm not sure what to do next." Yosuke reassured.

"No that's not it." Finnel denied as she gave off a heavy sigh. "I'm sorry, it's just that I never experience something like dancing before."

"No big surprise there, a clumsy girl like you, you might botch the whole thing." Aoto throwing a sarcasm.

"Hey, you never danced before haven't you!?" Finnel retorted, getting to Aoto in response as she then sighed more.

"Try not to force head on this, Finnel-san." Rise consoled her. "What do you think is the most important thing for an idol to do? It's always to have fun and make sure you do it in a tip-tpo condition."

Finnel: "Rise..."

"Hell yeah! Everythin' would've been for nothin' if we give up now! A real brawl doesn't begin until you've got your back to a wall!" Kanji stated boldly.

We're here to start a dance concert, not a fight club!" Yosuke corrected.

"I guess you got me there." Chie agreed as they turned to them. "I'd feel angry at myself if I give up on this.

"We all agreed to this for our friend trapped in a situation." Rise told her. "I didn't say anything pathetic like 'I'll do what I can.' We're going to get a huge crowd, no matter what, and they will go home satisfied. Please, we just need your help to do it."

"Wow... that's quite a team-boosting speech." Tatsumi commented.

"That's Risette for ya! Always a pro at this stuff!" Junpei cheered.

"... So what's that 'Risette' name? A stage name?" Aoto wondered.

"Yep, I used that name every time I go on stage." Rise answered, only to realize and idea. "Oh, that's right! Finnel-senpai, you should get yourself a stage name, too!"

"A Stage name? W-Why all of a sudden!?" Finnel staggered.

"We're gonna perform our hearts out in front of all those people who came out to see us, a stage is important, you know?" Rise continued. "Let's see... Filulun? Oh yeah... Filulun! There we go!"

"... F-Fil... lu... WHAT!?" Finnel exclaimed with a baffled expression, while everyone else all had mixed expressions to that.

"Pfft... Ha ha ha ha ha...! Oh my goddesss, that's perfect...Ha ha ha!" Aoto burst with laughter.

"*Snicker* That name is so..." Yosuke snicker, trying to hold in his laughter.

"Ahahahahahaha...! I don't know what we're laughing about!" Yukiko followed.

"Oh, come on! Can't I get a different stage name, please!?" Finnel begged.

"Why? It's a cute name." Rise replied.

"Yeah, I think so, too." Chie agreed as Finnel and Rise turned to her. "I mean, it's not like we're gonna our own stage name. Your's is a perfect cover name."

"Filla... Filly... filalown... yeah, can't seem to get it right..." Kanji stuttered.

"The cuteness of the name speaks in huge volumes! I would never disagree to such daunting power!" Teddie declared.

While bringing Finnel's spirit and hopes down, they returned to the plan they had in mind. "While we're still here, let's get back to the plan." The Doctor stated. "We're only having you guys draw everyone's attention while our group sneaks in to rescue Saki."

"Yeah, we've the dancing experience so we shouldn't have as much trouble. We just need to teach Finnel, that's all." Yosuke included.

"And Junpei-san and his friends are our inside people, helping you in the rescue." Naoto added as Junpei gave them a thumbs up.

"Alright, I like where this is going!" Aoto agreed, having to like the plan. I just hope Finnel doesn't ends up botching the whole thing." He said with a smirk.

Finnel: "Please, give it a rest already."

Hm hm hm...! Not to worry Filly-chan! We have practiced hard and overcome many obstacles that dared face them, but now is their time to truly shine. All we have to do is discard whatever remaining fear holds them back, and a lifetime of public adoration awaits!" Teddie declared, with no one agreeing to his statement.

Yosuke: "Teddie, please..."

Yukiko: "We've...already been on a TV show... A midnight one."

"You guys have?" Aoto said.

Rise: "I was discarding my clothes more than I was discarding my fear..."

Kanji: "For me, it was like... discarding my public image anyway."

"... I was about ask, but never mind..." Aoto uttered as he looked to them and heir silence.

"Alright... we all have to rest tonight and prepare for the upcoming concert. We'll split up for now." Hikari Gojo suggested as his went their separate ways.

"Okay, then... let's get to training, Finnel-senpai!" Rise said.

Finnel: "R-Right...!"

"And we'll have to get our dancin' gear up and ready to go." Kanji included as he turned to Teddie. "Hey Ted, you got anything else in that costume?"

"Are you asking me to strip bear naked, how bold of you!" Teddie said with surprise, while leaving Kanji unamused.

"Wha- shaddup and give us our gear, dammit!" Kanji exclaimed.

A/N: Okay... first off, let me say that I apologized for a late post. It's just working on two fanfic, work, video games. I have all that accumulated I couldn't get to these, please understand before you beg for an update, please.

Honestly I have no idea what I was doing and why I went with this for over 10,000 words. Hosting a concert while another group infiltrates a rescue operation, I was planning to finish it in one chapter, but in kinda went out of hand.

Now this dancing idea, if you heard of Persona 4: Dancing all Night, I kinda had the idea, but I don't exactly know how to "narrate" or typing in their dancing... I was considering to simply play the *song while I narrate something else. Any ideas how that works?

... Tokyo Mirage Sessions... there's a song I hope to use and seeing it a part of the SMT franchise...

At any case, R&R.

Skit Topic: Dance Synthesis; Coolness and Cuteness

While everyone was prepping their outfits at one point. Finnel and Rise were left with nothing else to do.

Rise:"So, what do you think?" Rise showed her dancing outfit to Finnel.

Finnel: "Wow... that's so cool! Did someone custom-made that?"

Rise: "Yep. It was made for when I was making my comeback as an idol."

Finnel: "I'm jealous. It looks so... bright and... it gives off a lot of personalities into this.

Rise: "Why thank you! Your outfit looks really cute itself, with all those ribbons."

They both continue to compliment each other's outfit. And later Rise was teaching her to dance. It wasn't going accordingly as they thought.

Rise: "Finnel-senpai. Are you okay?"

Finnel: "Y-Yeah! Sorry! This is kinda difficult as I thought."

Rise: "That's normal for everyone at first. I'm certain you'll get eventually."

Finnel: "Eventually? *Sigh* That would probably take forever..."

Rise: "Oh, it can't be that bad, is it?

Finnel: "I mean... Okay, sorry, it's just... I really am clumsy..."

Rise: "Huh?"

Finnel told Rise her past incidents that got her into trouble, but Rise laughed it off.

Rise: "Don't be silly, even for a Reyvateil, it's still normal."

Finnel: "Oh, Please! You and the other are lucky that you guys have the power that's not from this world. And I'm just..."

Rise: "Finnel-senpai, that's your insecurity, is it?"

Finnel: "Yeah... why?"

Rise: "I had my own insecurities myself and it's my individuality. I was so scared that I had no true self and I thought career is making me lose who I once was, putting up fake smiles to the general public. And you think your clumsiness would hamper your dancing skills?"

Finnel: "Rise, I..."

Rise: "... I got it!"

Finnel: "Huh!?"

Rise: "I'll be right back!"

Rise dashed away and returned with Yosuke's music player.

Rise: "I never imagined that he had another group's songtrack. He even said that he was MY fan...!"

Finnel: "What were you trying to do...?"

Rise: "Right get this!"

Rise discussed an idea for a song that might represent themselves. And so they practiced it.


Rise: "So, what do you think?"

Finnel: "That's so... wow, I never felt so relief. It seemed fun, too!"

Rise: "I'm glad you're feeling better, and... there wasn't any trips or mistakes this time. I told you that you'll get it eventually."

Finnel: "Thanks! ... But wait, we're probably gonna have to work on some other song... right?"

Rise: "Yep, we got till tomorrow afternoon, so let's get to training!"

Finnel: "B-But it's already night out!"

Soma: "And we're already wasting time with this damn concert!"

Rise: "What?

Finnel: "What? Huh?"

Rise: "Did... you say something else just now?

Finnel: "No, I said it's already night out here!"

Rise looked around, it's already dark.

Rise: "Oh, don't worry about it. We can still practice.

Finnel: "N-Noooo!~"