Chapter 63

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June 3rd 1995

At Hogwarts all the Hogwarts students have been sent back to their dorms while the Beauxbatons students have gone back to their carriage and the Durmstranag student, who are missing their headmaster have gone back to their ship.

Unlike the rest of the students Harry and Neville haven't gone back to their dorm they are sitting together in The Hospital wing, under Madam Pomfrey's watchful eye, waiting for the update that Minerva promised.

"I shouldn't have left her." Harry says, sounding upset, "I should be there, he wanted both of us."

"You didn't have a choice, Mione sent you back." Neville reminds him.

"I feel so useless right now." Harry says, "I want to know what's going on!"

"I know, so do I." Neville says "Minerva said she'll tell us once she knows something, but she probably doesn't know anything yet."

"Probably not." Harry mutters, not looking too happy and the two of them drift into silence, both extremely worried about their friend, their sister, as well as Remus, Sirius, Fred and George.

Following Albus's plan Remus, Sirius, Fred, George, Fudge and Albus all enter the Graveyard from different places, making it harder for people to escape. As the group of six enter the graveyard they hear "Do nothing." And "She is mine." Being yelled at and they are shocked by the sights of Voldemort's and Harry's wand that Hermione is using, connecting.

"It's true, he's back." Fudge says, sounding completely shocked.

"Oh wow." Fred says, sounding shocked, but he doesn't have time to dwell on that as Death Eater's start Disapparating and so the group of six attempt to stop as many as possible from disappearing while Remus and Sirius fight to get to their daughter.

Unaware of what is going on around her Hermione just holds tighter to her wand having no idea what is going on, but feeling that it would be a very bad thing for her to let go.

"Master, you've got to go!" Lucius's voice says before disapparating.

Even though it is the last thing he wants to do Voldemort knows that now isn't the time to fight back, he needs to be careful, he needs a plan so that every move he makes causes a specific purpose and so Voldemort disapapartes seconds after Lucius's warning and because she is no longer being heled back Hermione fall to the ground in a hump.

"MIONE." Sirius and Remus yell as they hurry to their daughter.

"Where are you hurt?" Remus asks his daughter as he and Sirius drop down beside her.

"Everywhere." Hermione answers as Sirius wraps her arms his daughter, making Hermione feel that she can relax for the first time in hours because she knows that she is finally safe.


"I'll call the Aurors, once they are here get the girl back to school." Fudge says, looking around, thinking that considering how many Death Eaters were there it is a little disappointed to have only caught six, but at the same time six is better than none.

(Line break)

Half an hour after Sirius and Remus hurried to their daughter's side Sirius, Remus, Fred, George and Albus arrive back at Hogwarts.

"Fred, George, Harry and Neville would be down in the Hospital Wing, that's where Professor McGonagall would have sent them. Go wait with them." Albus instructs.

"Yes Sir." George answers, though Fred looks hesitant and his eyes briefly flicker to Hermione.

"Hermione will join you soon." Albus says and the twins reluctantly leave.

"Albus, maybe questioning can wait. Hermione needs medical attention and rest." Sirius objects as Hermione makes her way over to a chair where she sits down.

"Dad, it's okay." Hermione tells him, "I'd rather talk now than after resting. It would be better." Hermione admits.

"Are you sure?" Remus asks his daughter, wanting to be sure.

"Yeah, there are things Voldemort said and did, things that seemed rather odd, that Albus needs to know and I don't want to risk forgetting them." Hermione explains, "I want to explain everything."

"Okay, if you're sure." Sirius says, it being clear that neither he nor Remus like this, "But if at any point you want to stop, just say so." Sirius requests, it being clear from what he said and the look Remus is giving Albus that that is exactly what happened if needed.

After spending almost an hour telling Albus and her parents everything that happened, telling things that not just Albus but Sirius and Remus find odd, Hermione, her parents and Albus walk into the hospital wing.

"MIONE." Harry says, rushing forward and hugging her, "You should have taken the Portkey, you should have left me." He says as he returns the hug.

"I'd never do that." Hermione tells him, feeling comfort in the arms of the person she considers her brother.

"You should have."

"Never." Hermione tells him as they break apart.

"Get in bed Hermione I want to see what your injuries are like and then I will be giving you a dreamless sleep potion." Poppy says, walking into the room.

"Yes, Poppy." Hermione says, making her way over to one of the bed.

"I'll check in soon. I need to go see what Minerva and Severus have found on the mystery man who has been pretending to be Alastor Moody." Albus says and as he does Hermione looks at her parents in confusion.

"We'll tell you later." Sirius explains and Hermione nods.

As Poppy starts to work on Hermione, Sirius, Remus, Harry, Neville, Fred and George make themselves comfortable around Hermione's bed, it being clear that they are not going to be leaving her any time soon.

It has been a few hours since Hermione was brought into the hospital wing and since then the real Alsastor Moody is now on a bed off his own and Sirius and Remus have been informed that Barty Crouch Junior was pretending to be Moody and he was the one who put Harry and Hermione into the tournament.

Even though Harry, Hermione, Neville, Fred and George have been asleep for a while Sirius and Remus are both wide awake, both knowing that neither of them are going to get to sleep any time soon.

"I need to go to Grimmuld place." Sirius says to Remus's completely shock.

"Why?" Remus asks, remembering that Sirius once said that he would never go back to that place.

"Something Mione said that Voldemort said sounds a lot like something my Dad once told me." Sirius reveals, "There is a book at that place, Dad said it is the only copy of existent and I need to check it, and if I'm write get it to Albus, because something tells me that it would be best to get it into his hands as soon as possible." Sirius reveals.

"I'm guess it's something bad?" Remus asks.

"It's the darkest magic that exists." Sirius says standing up, "I'll be back as soon as I can." Sirius says before placing a gentle kiss against Remus's lips.

"I know." Remus responds as Sirius places a kiss on Hermione's head before leaving.

A little while after Sirius left the hospital wing, where he would much rather be, Sirius walks into his childhood home, the place he never wanted to go again.

"Home sweet home." Sirius mutters, bitterly, "Just as horrible as I remember." Sirius says before heading to the library.

Sirius has spent the last couple of minutes searching the library when he hears footsteps behind him, footsteps that are all too familiar.

"Mistess's no good son is back. What could he be doing?" Kreacher's voice says.

"I won't be back for long, that's for sure." Sirius mutters, "Kreacher the rare book on dark magic that doesn't have a name, the one that father used to say is the only copy, have you seen it?"

"No Master." Kreacher says bitterly.

"When did you last see it? Who had it?" Sirius asks, knowing that that will give him some idea of where it could be.

"Master Regulus." Kreacher answers, looking like he is trying not to answer, "I never saw it again."

"Regulus, okay." Sirius says before heading upstairs, heading straight to his brother's room.

Once Sirius makes it upstairs he has to pause at the door before he forces himself to push the door open and heads inside.

For almost ten minutes Sirius searches his brother room, trying to find the book, but he finds no sigh of it,

"Come on, Reg, where'd you hide it?" Sirius asks, "Hide…" he mutters, "He wouldn't, would he?" he asks himself then realizing that there is only one way to be sure Sirius heads out to his room and into the corridor where he walks to half way between Regulus's room and his own. Once he is there Sirius pull up the rug and goes to a specific floorboard, a floorboard that he and Regulus would hide messages to each other under when they were kids, and pulls it up to reveal the hidden space a hidden space that as far as Sirius knows only he and Regulus have ever known about.

Looking in the space not only does Sirius find the book he was looking for but an envelope with his name on it and a heavy locket too.

"Odd." Sirius comments as he picks up the locket with an S on it, "Why would you leave me this Reg?" Sirius asks, knowing that that was his brother's intention as there is no one else who knows about that specific hide place. Figuring that the envelope will have some kind of answer Sirius opens it and finds a letter in his brother's familiar handwriting, a letter that he starts to read,

Dear Sirius,

I'm writing this letter from a cave, a cave I know I'm not going to leave alive. I hope that one day you get this letter and you understand, I need you to.

If everything has gone to this plan with this letter you will find a locket and an Ancient Black book, you know the one, the one Mother cursed Dad for showing us. The Locket is what is talked about in that book, and belongs to The Dark Lord, and it's not his only one, you know what that means.

I was wrong, I was so wrong, I should never have listened to our parents, or our cousins, they were wrong and you were so right, I should have listed. I'm sorry Sirius, I'm sorry for everything that happened between us and I hope that one day you forgive me.

I've heard that you've just had a daughter, congratulations, I'm so happy for you Big Brother, you'll be a much better parent than anyone else in our family. I'm sorry that I'll never get to meet her, that we won't get to be the brothers we should have been, I love you Sirius.

I've asked Kreacher to hide this letter and the locket in the place only we know if he couldn't destroy the locket, which I don't expect him to be able to do. I believe that he will, he's not as bad as you think when he's not around our parents, and I hope you find this and figure out a way to destroy the locket, you know why you have to. I haven't done much in my life, but I hope that by doing this I'm doing something to make this world better, for you, your daughter, and others,

Love, Your brother

Regulus Arcturus Black

As he finishes reading the letter Sirius feels the tears well in his eyes as he leans against the wall, having no idea what he should be thinking or feeling right now.

June 4th 1995

After spending some time at his hated childhood home, needing to do so to collect himself, Sirius makes his way back to Hogwarts and once there he heads straight to the headmaster's office instead of to the hospital wing where he would rather go.

"Enter." Albus's voice says as Sirius knocks on the door.

"Sirius." Albus says, sounding surprised, "Is something wrong, has something else happened?"

"You can say that." Sirius says, "Things that Hermione said Voldemort said reminded me of magic my Dad told my brother and I about, things my mother didn't want us to know, things that he only told us because there was a book, a Book that he said was the only one in existed had everything about that kind of magic in it." Sirius reveals, taking a deep breath, "The things were Horcruxs and the book had everything about them in it, including how to destroy them and how to remove them from a living being without killing the being."

"Do you have this book?" Albus says, becoming more interested as he didn't think that there was a way to remove a Horcrux from a living being without killing the being.

"Yes, I just went to Grimmuld Place and got it, but it wasn't the only thing I found that you're going to be interested in." Sirius reveals, "This is a letter from my brother, I think you should read it." Sirius says handing it over to Albus.

For a few minutes Sirius and Albus stand in silence while Albus reads until he finishes, looking up at Sirius once he does.

"The Locket, where is it?" Albus asks.

"Right here." Sirius says, pulling the heavy locket out of his pocket and putting it on the desk, "You don't look surprised." He notes.

"Ever since Voldemort didn't die that night I've suspected that, and after seeing Tom Riddle's diary I've become even surer." Albus reveals.

"We which means we won't be able to kill him until all these Horcrux's, however many they are, are destroyed." Sirius realizes, "Do you have a theory about how many there are?"

"Not for sure." Albus answers.

"Great." Sirius says sarcastically.

"Do you mind if I hold onto this book there are things I want to look into." Albus says to Sirius, as the simple book may provide him with a way to do something he's been looking for a long time.

"Of course not, that's why I brought it to you, and why I brought the locket. I figured you have a way to destroy the locket." Sirius comments.

"I do." Albus confirms, "But I believe I may have to find a way to open it first."

"I see." Sirius comments, "Can we talk about this later? I want to get back to my daughter.''

"Of course." Albus responds and Sirius picks up the letter and walks out of the headmaster's office.

A little while after he walked out of Albus's office Sirius walks back into the hospital wing and as soon as he sees his mate Remus knows something is wrong.

"Siri? What is it? What's wrong?" Remus asks concerned, walking over to meet his mate.

"Reg…. he…." Sirius says and then he finds himself unable to finish what he was going to say so he just hands Remus the letter.

Being completely confused about what is going on Remus just takes the letter from his mate and reads it,

"Oh god, Siri. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Remus says before hugging his mate. As Remus holds himself in his arms Sirius feels himself relax, feeling amazing and true comfort as his mate holds him close.

Hours after Sirius returned back Hermione is all alone, and awake, in the hospital wing, and the only reason for that is because Albus is addressing the school and everyone is there.

"Mione." A voice says and Hermine looks up to see Fred.

"Hey." Hermione says, forcing a smile.

"Hi, how are you feeling?" Fred asks worried as he pulls a chair over so that he can sit right next to Hermione, who is sitting up in her bed.

"Better than I was." Hermione admits.

"Good, that's good." Fred answers.

"I'm glad you're here, I wanted to talk to you." Hermione informs Fred, "Why did you run to get the portkey?" Hermione asks, "It was such a dangerous thing to do."

"I know…" Fred says, starting to trail off but then he realizes that he can't chicken out again, "I just thought of you alone, and in danger and I just couldn't do nothing, I had to see how you were doing."

"Wow, thanks Fred." Hermione says, feeling amazed.

"And um, there is something I was going to do before the third task, but I kind of lost my nerve." Fred admits, surprising Hermione, "Do you mind if I do it now?"

"Um sure." Hermione says, not entirely sure what to expect and Fred stands up, bends over and kisses her gently and even though Hermione is shocked she returns the kiss after a couple of shocked seconds, seconds that felt a lot longer than seconds to Fred.

"So, um, was that okay?" Fred asks curious as he sits down on the edge of Hermione's bed rather than his seat.

"Beyond okay." Hermione says with a smile, one that Fred returns, and after a few seconds of smiling at each other Hermione leans in and hers and Fred's lips meet once more as they move closer to each other.

Neither are sure how long they have been kissing when they hear someone clearing their throat and they turn to see Harry, Neville and George, all with amused looks on their faces.

"You are so lucky it's us. Sirius and Remus are right behind us." Harry reveals and hearing that Fred basically jumps of the bed, really not looking forward to how Sirius and Remus are going to react to the fact that he was kissing their daughter, their little girl.

"Are we missing something?" Sirius asks as he and Remus notice the action.

"No." Fred quickly says, his voice sounding higher than usual, much to the amusement of his brother.

"Right." Remus says, it being clear that he doesn't believe that, "If anyone would like to explain the nothing then feel free."

"My brother and Hermione were kissing but are both too scared to tell you." George says, doing so because he knows his brother won't and he also knows that telling Sirius and Remus the truth will be for the best in the long term, but for now his action just gets him a slap on the head.

"Really?" Sirius asks, looking between his daughter and Fred, who are both glaring at George, "Is there something either of you would like to tell Remus and I?" he asks, looking between the two, trying to push down the desire to do what he wants after hearing that his daughter was kissing someone.

"Yes, it's true." Hermione answers, "Fred and I were kissing." Hermione reveals, figuring that there is no point in lying.

"I see." Remus answers.

"Hurt her and I'll hurt you." Sirius says to Fred.



Hermione and Remus say together.

"Kidding." Sirius says, though it is clear by the look on his face that he really isn't, "So, Princess, are you ready to get out of here?" he asks curious.

"God yes." Hermione says, much to the amusement of everyone else.

June 6th 1995

It has been two days since Fred and Hermione kissed for the first time and ever since then, despite having not gone on an official date yet, the two of them have started to date. Something else that has happened since the end of the tournament is Fudge officially announcing that Voldemort is back and the start of the punishments for the Death Eaters, including Crouch junior, who were caught.

It is late at night and as she can't sleep, something that has been happing ever night since the third task, Hermione is sitting in the window sill of the common room.

"Mione." A voice says and Hermione turns to see Harry.

"Can't sleep?" he asks and Hermione nods, "Yeah, me either." Harry admits as he walks over, "How you doing?"

"About as well as you would be my guess." Hermione tells him.

"Sounds about right." Harry admits, "Things are going to get bad, aren't they?"

"Really bad would be my guess." Hermione answers, "Especially for you and me."

"Why do you think he's so obsessed with us?" Harry asks, asking something they've both been wondering.

"I don't know." Hermione admits, "I wish I knew."

"Same." Harry says as he reaches over and takes his friends hand as they both drift into silence.

"So…" Harry says, breaking the silence, "I've been thinking and after hearing what Bagman did I think I want to give my share of the Triwizard winnings to Fred and George, for their joke shop. I get the feeling that's something we're all going to need with what's coming."

"Yeah, it is." Hermione confirms, "I'll give my share too." Hermione says, "I definitely don't want it." Hermione says as it feels completely wrong to take it after what happened.

"We're going to be okay? Right? Even after everything." Harry says, sounding uncertain.

"I hope so." Hermione responds, and the two of them once more drift into silence.

June 11th 1995

It has been a week since the Third Task and the Hogwarts school year has come to an end. Having just arrived back at Kings Cross Harry, Hermione, Neville, Fred and George say goodbye to Alicia, Katie, Dean, Seamus, Angelina and Lee before they cross through the barrier.

As they walk through the group of five see that Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are standing, almost purposely away from Sirius, Remus, Augusta, and to the surprise of those who know her Tonks.

"Say goodbye before you leave." Fred says to the others.

"Will do." Hermione responds as she, Neville, and Harry walk over to their family while Fred and George walk over to theirs.

"Tonks, it's really good to see you, but what are you doing here?" Harry asks as Neville hugs his grandmother.

"I had some time. I thought I would come meet my favorite cousins off the train." Tonks explains to them, it seemingly like she is talking about Neville and Harry too, not just Hermione.

"You mean you're hear as extra security, just in case." Hermione realizes.

"Technically, but I did want to see you lot." Tonks explains to them.

"It's good to see you, Tonks." Hermione says, forcing a smile, and Tonks just pulls her younger cousin into a hug.

"I'm sorry about what happened to you." Tonks whispers.

"Thanks." Hermione responds and the two of them break apart just as they hear Fred's loud voice saying,

"That's not happening, and you can't make us." He says angrily.

"I am your mother, I can." Molly says, sounding just as angry.

"Molly, boys." Arthur says, "It's not the time or place for this discussion."

"You may be our mother, but you cannot tell us who we can be friends with just because you believe Ron's lies." George says angrily.

"Excuse us." Sirius says as he and Remus exchange a look.

"Stay with Tonks and Augusta." Remus says before he and Sirius walk away, towards the Weasley's.

"Molly, Arthur, maybe we can help." Remus says calmly as he and Sirius walk over.

"No!" Molly snaps, "You've caused enough trouble." She tells Sirius and Remus, "You are our children, you live under our roofs and being friends with Harry and Hermione have put you both in incredible danger, and has caused you to be incredible cruel to your bother. No more. Neither of you are to be friends with them any longer." Molly says

"No." Fred and George say together, before Sirius and Remus can say anything.

"Harry and Hermione are our friends, and that's not going to change any time soon." George says angrily.

"And we're not the ones being cruel, Ron is. He made Ginny cry, he told a secret to a reporter that could have gotten Remus' killed and nearly did ruin Remus's life. We decided to go to the Graveyard, no one made us, and Voldemort's back, there is nowhere safe anyone and unlike you we're not going to let our fear control us." Fred says, sounding furious, and shocking everyone by saying Voldmeort's name.

"Fine. Then you're no longer welcome under our roof." Molly says angrily, causing everyone who can hear to become shocked.

"Molly, be reasonable." Arthur says, thinking that his wife has gone too far.

"No. This is reasonable." Molly says, "Ron, Ginny, come on." She says before leaving.

"Why don't you boys come home with us." Sirius offers, not even needing to look at Remus to know that he is thinking the same thing, "In a couple of hours we could set up the attic for you."

"Are you sure? Would that be okay?" George asks, his voice sounding close to breaking.

"Of course It would be, you're more than welcome." Remus assures him.

"Thank you, Sirius, Remus." Arthur says, looking grateful, "I'll talk to Molly, try and get her to change her mind, try and get her to see she's being unreasonable."

"She won't, you know that Dad." Fred tells his father.

"I want you to know that I don't agree with her." Arthur tells his sons, "I love you both."

"Love you too Dad." Fred and George say and Arthur pulls them both in for a hug.

After a little while Fred, George and Arthur break apart.

"You'll be welcome in our home too, Arthur, any time you'd like." Remus tells him.

"Thank you." Arthur says gratefully, "Thank you both." He adds, "I better go catch up to the others." He realizes, "We'll talk soon." Arthur assures his sons before hurrying off.

Just as Arthur walks away Hermione, Harry, Neville, Tonks and Augusta walk over and as soon as they are close enough Hermione hugs Fred while Neville and Harry hug George.

"I can't believe she just did that." Augusta says in a quiet voice to Remus and Sirius.

"Neither can I." Remus admits, honestly he could have never seen that coming.

"We should get going soon. It's way to open here." Tonks comments, and as they hear that the teenagers break apart.

"We better go then." Harry says and together the five teenagers and four adults head out of King's Cross, all being shocked by not just the events that just occurred but the events of the last week as they know that things are going to get bad, soon, and they just hope that they are all going to be able to get through it, they hope that they are going to still be together when the war they all know is coming, is over.

The END (for now)

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