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Stargate Command, two years later.

It had been two years since Willow, Buffy, Colonel Mitchell, and Teal'c destroyed the oval shaped, purple coloured object at the Glastonbury Tor cavern; leading to the SGC having never encountered the Ori. This in turn never led to the galactic-wide war that the alternate universe version of Captain Willow Rosenberg, Major Willow Rosenberg, warned about in Buffy's living room all those years ago. Of course, that did not stop SG-1 and the other SG teams from exploring the galaxy through the Stargate.

While the data from the Sunnydale Outpost, in regards to the monitoring of the Hellmouth, was being sent to the IPR where Faith was still the lead Slayer; the data from the Death Valley Ancient outpost belonged to the SGC. And from that data, the SGC made discoveries on technology that they were just beginning to explore.

Some of the technology had already been developed, and was already incorporated into the design of the latest Daedalus class ships; the Odyssey and the Korolev. In addition, the new technology had also been incorporated into the design of a brand new class of space faring vessels.

Willow was primarily responsible for designing a smaller ship to complement the Daedalus-class vessels; a new cruiser escort version of the 304 class, another name for the Daedalus class, ships. These would be ships, dubbed the Avalon-class or the 305's, that would have a smaller crew; about eighty people instead of the regular crew of one hundred and fifty, and no hanger bays for Home World Security's space fighter interceptors, the F-302's. Instead, the two that were already built, the Avalon and the HMS Britannia which were already exploring the galaxy, had a Puddle Jumper each that was transported from Atlantis. With a build time of approximately seven months instead of the regular year and a half for the 304-class ships, the Avalon classes were supposed to be faster, and far more agile than their sister 304-class ships.

And with another two on the way for the Russians, the British, and the Chinese, the 305's were found to be a godsend. Of course the new 304's and the 305's were developed with the latest military technology in mind.

Both classes of ships carried a double shielding system, both Ancient and Asgard, developed by both Willow and Colonel Carter, who was the head of Stargate Research and Development at Area 51. The shields, consisting of the familiar elliptical Asgard shield which was the primary method of defence, and an Ancient shielding system that would hug the hull of the ship in the event that the primary shielding system was compromised and needed to be recharged. Both systems would be running on independent naquada power sources in case one was knocked out.

Then came the development of a ship borne energy weapon based on Ancient designs that were discovered at the Death Valley outpost, which also had fully armed silos of drone weapons. It was Colonel Carter who determined that Naquadria was the only power source good enough to power the Ancient weapons. The Colonel had developed new naquadria generators that had in place various safeguards to prevent the unstable Naquadria from overloading.

The American Odyssey, the Russian Korolev, and the two 305's, the HMS Britannia, and the Air Force vessel Avalon, were the first ships completed to be integrated with all of this new technology; this would be in addition to a future 304 for the Chinese and two for the British, and the Apollo for the Americans, which would be completed in another year. All of these new ships, and the rest that follow, would be powered with a brand new primary power source that was given to the SGC a year ago by the Asgard. Although it was brand new for the SGC, in reality, they were aware that this was a legacy Asgard technology which would be used as a base going forward. This power source was given as thanks for the protein marker that the Asgard had copied from Willow's body… a protein marker formed due to the redhead having both active Ancient and Furling genes. The marker was copied, and it was finally developed into a cure for the Asgard genetic disease.

According to Thor, ships that were powered with this legacy naquada powered generator would be able to traverse the distance between Earth and Atlantis in a week, instead of eighteen days. A significant improvement by any measure.

With the Daedalus having just left the orbit of Lantea in the Pegasus galaxy, the Prometheus was the next ship due to be brought back to Area 51 for a major refit.

The entire make-up of the powers-that-be in regards to the Milky Way had been turned on its head. The Goa'uld were now scattered, the Jaffa had their freedom and were on their way to charting their own destiny with Bra'tac leading the new High Council along with Teal'c, Rya'c, Raknor, and various other Free Jaffa by his side. They were instrumental in holding back the more 'traditional' tendencies of Gerak and his allies; and in having better relations with Earth, whereas Gerak wanted to be more isolationist. There was also the looming threat of the Lucian Alliance, a band of criminals and warlords to whom SG-1 was introduced to by the space pirate, Vala Mal Doran. She was there when the team traveled to Glastonbury Tor, hoping to get a share of the riches that were found. When she was denied, Vala left for part unknown after a month. Finally, there was also the threat of the Trust, rouge members of the NID who were taken over by the Goa'uld, and led by Ba'al. With Ba'al hiding on Earth, the SGC searched high and low for any clue of where he may be hidden.

He was eventually found; and a team was sent to capture him.

However, it was soon discovered that the man they captured was a clone. One of many who were now scattered across the galaxy thanks to Asgard cloning technology he had acquired when he used to work for Anubis. With Anubis' energy form trapped on P9Q-281 following the System Lord being forcibly pulled out of Willow's body after having possessed her, it was revealed that his Kull Warriors were under Ba'al's control. And he was using it to conquer the scattered Goa'uld and force them under his banner. It was a situation that forced the SGC to reverse engineer a Kull Armour they had captured. The primary problem was the heat generated by the armour absorbing attacks would be harmful to the human's wearing it. It was Dr. Fraiser and her medical team, along with Dr. Lee, who created an undersuit that would absorb the heat generated. In conjunction with Willow and Colonel Carter, who were responsible for designning the human made versions of the armour, the suit would have various contact points that would line up with contact points on the armour; the energy would then be channeled to naquadah plates on the shoulders of the armour, which in turn were used to provide power for the plasma repeaters on the wrists. The armour, used together with the Kull Distruptor, played crucial roles when battling Ba'al's Kull Warriors during the course of searching for his clones throughout the galaxy.

In the meantime, while various teams formed by the IOA and NID searched for Ba'al and the rest of the Trust on Earth, it was work as usual for the SGC.

Planet Designated P6Y-283, storage room, 1230 hours.

At the basement of a museum lay a ring shaped object that was leaning against a wall, a ring shaped object that made a strange noise as an unstable vortex shot outwards, and then settled back into a blue, rippling puddle of what looked like water. The blue, water-like pool rippled before two people jumped out and landed onto the floor, followed by two more, and then another two.

One of them, a young woman with short blonde hair, looked around before she headed for an object about the size of a basketball that lay right next to the ring shaped device. She crouched down to pick it up, just as two LED lights on the device itself switched on, and shone on her while the others walked up behind her and looked down at the ball.

"General Landry, sir," said the man behind the blonde haired young woman, "SG-1 has arrived safely."

"Understood, Colonel Mitchell," said General Landry's voice through small speakers on the surface while the others started to looked around. A tall, blonde haired young woman was at a table looking at a few artefacts with a redhead, while another dark haired young woman was looking at a few tablets on another table after she turned on a table lamp. General Landry then told the Colonel he'll be checking-in after eight hours, but in the meantime… they were to perform a discrete recon mission only.

"Understood, sir," said the Colonel, "Mitchell out."

The blonde haired young woman watched the lights go dim before she reached towards the bottom of the basketball sized device, and pressed a button. The device cloaked in her hands before she stood up and then placed it in a corner of the room just as the blue pool vanished. SG-1 found themselves in near complete darkness, the only light coming from the lamp where the dark haired young woman was reading a stone tablet, while another dark haired young man examined the other broken odds and ends scattered around the table.

"Satterfield?" asked the Colonel.

Lt. Lauren Satterfield looked up at the man and nodded her head before saying that the images they received from the basketball shaped MALP, one designed after the 'hover MALP' that Willow created using the Asgard construction beams years ago following the Ancient download into her mind, were accurate. The tablet, as well as the signage on the walls, and doors were all in ancient Greek. The young woman put the tablet down and then turned off the lamp when they heard movement outside the door. The Colonel signaled his team, who were all wearing jackets with civilian clothing underneath, to stay at either side of the door. With three on each side, the Colonel reached under his jacket and took out a Zat from its holster. As the door opened, the Colonel fired one bolt at each of the two men who had just stepped into the room.

After they fell on the floor with a thud, the short haired blonde, and the dark haired young man pulled each of the men into the room while the tall blonde, whose hair was in a ponytail, closed the door once again.

"Must have come in to get some work done," she said after the door clicked shut.

"Red," said the Colonel as he looked at Captain Willow Rosenberg, "change their memories, would you?"

"They just walked in and slipped, sir?" asked Willow.

"Yeah," came the reply as Willow crouched down and put her hands on the sides of their heads. The redhead had spent two years getting used to her Ancient abilities that came with her cloned near-ascended body. She already had the typical healing abilities of a near ascended Ancient, as well as the capability to heal others. In addition, she had developed her telekinesis, telepathy, and her energy projection… however she still had problems with gathering and firing bioelectrical charges from her hands. Whenever she used that particular ability, her hands would burn… her skin would melt off causing her to howl in pain until she fired the shot. And despite her healing ability taking care of the damage, she would have shadow pains for a few days after the fact.

"Summers, Tara, Grogan, Satterfield, we're going to split up into two groups and mix in with the locals," said the Colonel, "Summers, me, and Tara will be in one group; while Red, Satterfield, and Grogan in the second group. Keep your Zats away, and… and be careful. The MALP's showed us this society is pretty far advanced, probably more so than us."

"The Delphi Museum of the Colonies," said Buffy as she recalled reading the briefing packets based on the information collected by the basketball style MALP two days ago, "sounds… interesting. But Colonies of what?"

"Which is why we're here, ma'am," said Grogan.

"Daniel would be crazy about this place," said Tara smirking as she leaned against the door.

"Yeah… well, his loss," said the Colonel shrugging his shoulders while Willow and Buffy chuckled, "he's the one who wanted to go to Atlantis… ah well." The Colonel then asked Tara if she was already used to the planet's magic.

"I'm set," she replied as she gathered blue coloured magical energy in the palm of her hands, before dissipating it into the air, "obviously it's different than Earth, a bit… denser? I guess? But it shouldn't be a problem."

"Red?" said the Colonel as he nodded towards the door. Willow rushed to the door, and then closed her eyes. She mentally searched for anyone in the surrounding area, nodding her head at the Colonel when she didn't detect anyone.

"We're clear, sir," whispered Willow. The Colonel then nodded at Buffy, who opened the door while Willow set up an invisible telekinetic shield in front of them. Satterfield and Grogan crept out first, followed by Buffy and Colonel Mitchell, and finally Willow and Tara.

"Good night," whispered Willow at the two unconscious men before she looked at Tara, and smiled. Walking behind Buffy and the Colonel, Willow took the opportunity to reach for, and then hold her wife's hand. The six members of the new SG-1 walked up a flight of stairs, and onto another landing. They were looking at an orange coloured door with a window in the middle that looked out to a hallway. There were throngs of people walking about looking at statues, and various types of artwork while Satterfield whispered that the sign above the door indicated that they were on the lobby.

"Well then," whispered the Colonel as he turned to look at Tara, "if you would please magically download the language pack into our heads?"

"It's just a magical translator, Cam," chuckled Tara before she whispered a spell, and then, while her right hand was glowing a blue glow.. she touched the Colonel, Grogan, Willow, and Buffy, "and now you guys can understand and speak Ancient Greek for the next twenty-four hours."

"Thanks, sweetie," said Willow as Tara smirked at her.

"And this is why I'm separating you two," chuckled Colonel Mitchell as Tara blushed, while Buffy patted Willow's shoulder

"Well," coughed Willow before she nodded at the door, "I guess we better go check out the new neighbours."

"I just hope this doesn't end up like the whole Tegalus Incident," groaned Grogan.

"Which is why we're doing it this way," replied Satterfield looking out the window in the door, before turning to Grogan, "this is the first of who knows how many research and recon missions."

"And once we know these guys won't freak out," said the Colonel shrugging his shoulders, "we can make official contact. Just be glad there wasn't anyone here the night the MALP came through… if there was, then we could have had a Tegalus situation. But.. maybe not… who knows. All we know is that these people are kinda advanced. Remember those small ships we saw flying through the atmosphere from the MALP cameras."

"True, sir," nodded Grogan while Satterfield turned towards Willow.

"This planet familiar, Captain?" asked Satterfield as she looked at Willow, "I mean… did you come here when you were Athena?"

"I don't know, Lauren," said Willow shaking her head, "I've got ten thousand years' worth of memories in my head that I'm still sifting through. Maybe I have.. I guess I'll know once we take a look around?"

"Alright, folks," said the Colonel as he opened the door to the buzz of various people walking around and talking among themselves, too busy to notice the people who just walked out of a stair-well, "let's check out the joint."

Deep Space, two hours later.

A blue coloured tear opened in space before the Avalon shot out of it, decelerated, and then stopped. On the bridge of the ship, which had been at a nearby planet when it received a distress call coded to the SGC's subspace frequency before arriving in the orbit of a gas giant, Colonel Paul Emerson was just told by the Major seated to his left that the distress call was coming from a Teltak that seemed to be floating just beneath the cloud cover.

"This is Colonel Paul Emerson of the Earth ship Avalon," said the commander of the ship, "identify yourself, and how you have this frequency."

"Oh nuts," said a female voice over the speakers as the Colonel listened with his brows knitted together, "I thought I'd get someone like my Daniel, or Colonel Mitchell, or… oh.. oh… or Buffy and Willow. But no… I mean it's not that I'm not glad to see you, Colonel… but it would have been much more fun if the ones who picked me up were those guys."

"Who is this?" demanded the Colonel.

"Oh, sorry," said the woman's voice playfully, "my name is Vala… Vala Mal Doran, and my ship's dead in space. Had a run in with a Lucien Alliance ship after I tried to… let's say acquire a gold necklace, but that's not too important to this story."

The Colonel sighed and shook his head when he heard the name 'Vala Mal Doran', the same woman who single-handedly stole the Prometheus, the same woman who he heard listed her occupation to General Landry as 'space-pirate'.

"Anyway," said Vala while the Colonel rubbed his forehead in frustration, "to make a long story short, I was hit in the hyperdrive and well… it went on for a while but I exited hyperspace in this mass of clouds ove this gas giant. Anyway, how I got the frequency doesn't matter and…"

"Oh Yes, it does," said the Colonel, "my Marines will meet you and your ship in the storage bay, Miss Mal Doran. I, and General Landry, have a few questions for you."

"Fine," huffed Vala.

"Stand by for transport," said the Colonel just as the Captain to his right side told him that scans through the cloud cover was showing a large metallic object.

"It could be a space station of some kind, sir," said the Captain as he looked back at the Colonel, "whatever it is, is huge."

"Plot a course through the storms," said the Colonel as when he saw lighting just beneath the cloud cover, "send a message to the SGC about what we've found. Tell them I intend to check out why there's a station all the way out here. And also tell General Landry that it was Miss Mal Doran who sent the distress call."

"Yes, sir," said the Captain.

"Marines are in the hold, and the ship had been beamed in, sir," said the Major as he looked back at the Colonel who got up off his seat.

"I'm heading to the hold," said the Colonel, "once a course has been plotted, take uu in, Captain Stevens."

"Understood, sir,' said the man as the Colonel nodded his head, and then rushed out of the bridge. The main question going through his mind was how Vala found out the SGC's distress frequency for Earth vessels, and the second question concerned whatever they found in the gas giant. He just had a feeling he wouldn't like the answer to both of the questions.