Author's Notice on the 24th of May 2018

Dear Readers,

For the sake of the continuity of this story, as well as for the sake of preserving its quality, I have decided to suspend updates until September.

What I will do in the meantime is tie up some loose ends, clear up some concepts, and make a few difficult decisions about what should and what should not be "incarnated" into writing from my original notebook of concepts.

What I can promise you for certain is that 'The Seven Gates' will continue, and it will also be finished (one day). I don't know how frequent my updates will be once the story resumes, but I would like to be able to pick up a more consistent schedule than before, with updates at least twice a month.

Until September, you might want to stay tuned for further 'Foundations' instalments (as in: an edgy adventure featuring Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian), the closure of 'The Wolf and the Serpent' (as in: another edgy adventure featuring the Sons of Odin, dirtied with something like romance), and, last but not the least, a couple of weird one-shots which have absolutely nothing to do with any piece of writing I have ever uploaded here. (IF I will upload them).

Happy exam period to everyone concerned!

Take care,


P. S.: Heartfelt THANK YOU for everyone who commented, liked, followed, reviewed, criticised, shared (etc.) this story. You guys rock. I hope I won't disappoint you with the rest!