Monday, August 26, 2013.

A week has gone by, every new freshman seemed to get the idea of where their classes were. Along the way, as expected, the upperclassman was eyeballing Lily and a few others as well.
The party Humphrey was going to throw was Friday, so there were only a few more days to go until it was time for it. Luckily Nick wasn't going to be home so it didn't matter if she asked to go or not. His girlfriend was going to be there though, but she'd most likely be strung out, or asleep.

Kate was currently walking to school, she didn't have anything with her to listen to, nor did she have a phone, so she mostly zoned out in her head while she walked to school. On the way to school, she saw Jacob walking into an alleyway just before school. When she passed the alleyway, she peeked in and saw him talking….To Nick's girlfriend? What? She saw him give her a bag, but before they could notice her or hope they didn't notice her, she left. Quickly. As she was walking away, Jacob came behind her, putting an arm around her.

Resuming Hidden Identity.

"Trying to run away huh?" He asked him.

"...H-Huh?" Leo asked him as he turned and looked at Leo.

"Plan on telling the principal what you saw today? Like you did with the bullying? Hmm? Trying to get me expelled?" He looked at him.

"...I d-didn't s-say a-anything about that man…" Leo replied.

"Bullshit you didn't, the principal and Humphrey got onto my ass and sent me to the alternative school for a good while," Jacob told him with a hint of anger in his voice.

"I..didn't say anything, Humphrey caught you…" Leo lied, though he was telling the truth the first time.

"Yeah, right...They can get me at school, but out here, they can't do anything to protect you." Jacob told him.

"...Wh-What are you going to d-do..?" Leo asked him, scared.

"Oh, you'll see." Jacob told him as he grabbed his shirt collar.

Frightened, Jacob pulled Leo into a different alleyway from the one he was currently in when they got further in, he saw Jacobs three friends waiting for him. When they saw Leo they looked confused.

"Yo, why is the bitch here?" One asked.

"He caught me selling to that woman, I thought we'd teach him a lesson to people who would snitch." Jacob said kicking Leo to the ground.

"You sure man, the principal suspended all of us last time we messed with this dude." His friend asked.

"They won't know it was us, now will they?" Jacob put his foot on Leos back.

Leo didn't answer him. His friends shrugged and cracked their knuckles.

"Well, if you sure he won't squeal this time." They said.

"He won't if he knows what's good for him…" Jacob said pulling out a small plastic bag containing a few stickers with smiley faces on it.

"Hey man, those are to be sold…" His friend told him.

"Don't worry, I'll buy it, it's not as popular anymore so it's not expensive.." Jacob told him.

"Alright, you know it's not addictive right?" The other asked.

"I'm not trying to get him addicted, I'm going to beat the shit out of him and then stick it under his tongue and leave him here." Jacob shrugged.

The three of them shrugged and the beating began, from kicking him in the ribs to stomping on his legs, they left the face alone. Leo bit his lips in pain, drawing blood as the four of them kept stomping on him, kicking him. This happened for at least ten minutes before Jacob forced Leos' mouth open and set the sticker under Leos' tongue. Scared of what was going to happen, he tried to fight back, but it was to no avail. Jacob and his friends laughed as they left Leo on the ground groveling in pain and about to go through something he didn't want to happen.

While Kate became under the influence of this drug that Jacob put her under, she started seeing flashbacks of when she was younger around seven, even then Nick was beating her, just not brutally because he didn't want to kill her and get caught. As it kept going, she kept seeing time and time again when Nick was drunk and would come into her room at night and hit her with a belt, waking her up from her slumber with pain. Curling up in the alleyway, she sobbed quietly as she was experiencing a terrible trip from the drug.

When school finally stopped for the day, Lily and her father were currently driving home, Lily was sitting in the backseat while her mother was upfront talking to her father about what they should do for supper tonight. The golden tan wolf with a white underbelly, of the age thirty-six, looked over at her partner.

"Maybe we can go out to eat tonight?" She asked.

"Don't feel like cooking tonight?" He asked her while keeping his focus on the road.

The conversation went on, turns out they were going to go out to eat tonight. While they were driving down the road, Lily sat up as she saw a familiar face holding onto a dumpster and falling down.

"D-Dad stop th-the c-car..!" She shouted.

He looked up in the mirror at her confused but pulled over to the side of the curb. Lily got out of the car, both parents were confused as they watched their daughter run out. They followed her with their heads until they saw her run over to a dude on the ground. They quickly got out of the car and ran over to her.

"Do you know this person Lily?" Her father asked.

"...Y-Yeah..His name is Leo, he goes to my school." Lily told them.

They looked at Leo, he was still tripping, mumbling things on and off, with tears pouring out of his eyes. Eve went over to him, while Lily held him up, she pulled out a small flashlight and examined his eyes before opening his mouth and looking under his tongue. She saw some a square sheet of paper. She sighed and looked at her husband.

"He's apparently fine, just going through a bad LSD trip...We should take him to our home for now...let me watch over him…" Her mother spoke.
"...Are you sure? We can take him to his parents." The father spoke.
"What kind of doctor would I be if I didn't look over him? It's not a hospital worthy trip...Though I will want to know where he got it.." She said.
"...Well, alright dear.." Her father sighed.

With that, Lily's father put the tripping Leo in the back of the car with Lily and took him to their home.

A/N: Sorry for taking so long, the stories I make will still be done, just slowly.