Hiya, guys, and welcome to #2 of my Optimus/Kate series! I'm so excited for you guys to read this one! The plot is my own OS: it takes place between Transformers 2007 and ROTF, but I do anticipate that this one will be a short segment (under ten chapters).

LOVE YOU GUYS and hope you like this one as much as the first!

Note: As of September 2019, I've removed the sex scenes between Optimus and Kate. It was brought to my attention that policy actually doesn't allow smut on their website and I don't want their story taken down. So, here we are. Sorry for any trouble this may cause you readers! Thanks so much!

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Prologue: Peaceful Summer Days

Kate breathed in deeply, her eyelids fluttered, as she roused, soaking in the world around her. The first sound to greet her ears was the mechanical thrum of Optimus's spark. She soaked in the softly vibrating warmth of the metal underneath her and the gentle summertime breeze that glided around her. Her fingers splayed against her mech's windows and she grinned when he murmured incoherently at her touch; he was sound asleep.

She envied days like these; no school, only her and Optimus. Almost a year had passed since the events of Mission City, and they were loving the downtime. No Decepticons. No end-of-the-human-race. No government interventions. Just summertime relaxation, coupled with the occasional… frolic.

Kate's grin widened as Optimus stirred under her. "Morning, Sweetspark." His voice rumbled deeply.

"I think you mean 'afternoon,' dear." Kate arched and looked into his electric blue optics. She ran her hands down his chest; sliding down his windows and under his doors.

"Tease." He shifted, his mouth spread into a grin.

"Yes, I am."

Kate nestled herself, lying back down on Optimus's chest. She took in the cotton-white clouds that casually passed overhead, sheltering the couple from the bright sunlight. Rabbits skipped along castles, dragons played with an octopus.

"What are you thinking of?" Optimus broke into her imagining. He lazily ran a large finger up and down her side.

"Nothing." She sighed, her skin tingled pleasantly. "Just watching the clouds."

There was a shape she couldn't quite make out, though. One that seemed to have wisps of tentacle-like appendages... but also a feminine figure? What could that one be?

"Optimus." Kate questioned.

The Autobot stopped his ministrations at the change of tone in her voice. "Yes, little one?"

"What does that cloud look like to you?" She pointed up at the oddly shaped figure in the sky, casting a shadow over her face.

Optimus barked a relieved laugh, jolting her body and concentration back to him. He paused and peered up at the formation. "I cannot discern it. Maybe an octopus?"

"No, that one's an octopus," Kate huffed, "this one is different." She looked up at him and couldn't help but grin goofily at his own amused smirk.

"Not every cloud has a recognizable shape, dear."

"I know." She whined. "I just wanted to give them all shapes."

"I love your mind—" Optimus touched her forehead, "—and heart." He graced along her chest. He loved how she shivered when he touched her, no matter where it was.

"I love you too." She kissed his hand as it circled back towards her. She loved how he always wanted to touch her; and how he shivered at her touch.

Optimus! Kate!

Both mech and human jumped sharply, hissing at the unexpected transmission.

"WHAT, Bumblebee?" Kate shot out, her heart still pounding.

Oh, did I interrupt something?

Kate groaned at the sound of 'Bee's restrained laughter. She would wallop him for scaring them!

Optimus, meanwhile, held a hand to his head and held a smirk on his lips. Kate looked up at him and couldn't hold in a smile of her own. The shock was wearing off quickly; the humor of the scare becoming more apparent every second.

"Ye-yes, Bumblebe-bee?" Optimus fought a rising chuckle and tried to keep his authoritative tone.

It didn't work. The trio burst into a laughing spell that took a few minutes to calm.

"What do you need, Bee?" Kate asked after she finally caught her breath.

"All right. I'm on my way. Thanks."

"No prob."

She sighed and pushed herself to sit up. She and Optimus locked eyes. "Nap time's over."