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She walked out of the ladies room, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder. As she turned a corner she hit something solid. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!"

"No worries, lass. I wasn't paying attention."

Emma's head shot up when a thick Irish accent filled her ears. This man was the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. His hair dark and unruly, in the most perfect way, and she felt like she was drowning in an ocean when she caught his eye. Drowning a wonderful death, that is.

"Emma, this is Killian Jones. He's our new Chief Marketing Officer," the man next to Killian spoke. It was in that moment she realized David Nolan, aka her boss (and brother), was standing there as well. "Emma is our Chief Financial Officer, and my personal problem solver. She's also my little sister," David finished in a teasing voice.

She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Thank you for that lovely introduction," she said and then turned to Killian to speak. "My office is just down the hall if you ever need anything." Emma gave them both a smile and bid farewell, "Boys."

Later that day, Emma gathered her documents together and stacked them neatly. With her quarterly review over with, she could finally enjoy a weekend without extra work. She glanced up as people filed out of the conference room, occasionally saying a farewell to colleagues. A flash of blue met green before her eyes went back to meet the task at hand; nope, not today.

Those wonderfully gorgeous blue eyes would have to look at someone else, because Emma Swan was in no mood for his games today.

When she made her move to leave the room, he was waiting there for her by the door.

"Not now, Jones."

"I was just going to congratulate you on your new found freedom. Big plans for the weekend?"

She rolled her eyes as him. "None that concern you."

"Maybe they should." He was prying. He was always prying.

"Mr. Jones, if you would so kindly step out of my way, I have work to finish. I would like to start enjoying this, how did you put it…oh, right 'new found freedom'. So if you would…" Emma motioned to the door behind him with her hand.

"Of course. Pleasure as always, Swan." Unnoticed by Emma, Killian's face dropped a little. He held the door open for her and motioned for her to walk out.

As Emma walked past him, she felt his hand graze her arm lightly. She tried to ignore the chills it sent down her spine, she really did. But when she got back to her office her mind filled with a conversation they had a few months back.

The week ended and Emma's office door opened and closed in a quick movement.

She looked up confused. Her eyes rolled automatically when she realized who it was. "Yeah sure, come on in." The words dripped with sarcasm.

Killian was pressed up against the door. He looked like a frantic lost puppy. "Don't take this the wrong way, but can I hide in here for a moment?"

Emma stared at Killian slightly amused now. "Why?"

"The woman in the copy room just touched my arse…and was following me back to my office." He said as he threaded his fingers through his hair. Killian finally looked to Emma, and gave her a sheepish smile. With a shrug of his shoulders he continued, "I mean, I don't blame her…but I prefer to not be felt up while making copies."

"Is there ever an appropriate time to be felt up at work, Jones?" She asked dryly.

He sauntered over to her. Palms flat on her desk, he came to her eye level and spoke. "There's a time and place for everything, Ms. Swan. It just depends on who's involved."

She kept herself busy for the remainder of her day. Responding to emails and cleaning her work space were just a few things she patted herself on the back for as she walked out of her office. Locking the door behind her, she walked down the now quiet floor. Emma couldn't remember ever leaving work before 8pm.

As she turned a corner she noticed a light illuminating the hallway from under a door, curiosity got the best of her and she strode towards it. When she reached the office she wanted to literally hit herself in the face for being so stupid. Just like every other office door in the building, this one had a small silver plaque with black engraving. Only this one read Killian Jones. Great, he was the last person she wanted to talk to.

Slowly backing away, she made her way towards the elevator. Her heels clicking as she went. Emma did her best not to disrupt the silence but the dinging elevator probably wasn't helping. Just as the doors were about to close and hand held the door and they reopened.

"Hiding from me, Swan?" His voice was suave, as always.

"I'm just trying to go home, Jones." Emma replied dryly, pressing the button to take them down into the garage. She glanced at him in a silent question to ask if he was going there as well. A small nod was his response.

She stood back against the wall with her arms crossed, pretending as though his presence had zero effect on her. They rode the elevator down in silence. Emma watched as the floor number slowly decreased—agonizingly slow.

Killian watched her from his corner, not even trying to hide the fact he was staring. She wore a black dress that hugged her slender figure, and heels that he was sure were killing her feet. Her hair was pulled back into a bun—he furrowed his brows at that. There used to be a time she would let her hair down, literally and figuratively. Those were rare occasions now. He once made a comment on it, her hair that is, but it had the opposite effect than he was hoping for.

"You are far less intimidating this way. It probably helps the mail boy get his job done. Poor lad is bloody terrified of you, but who could blame him." He had said with a teasing grin.

"Excuse me?" She had raised her head in surprise. Killian had stood at her door, looking over at her—his eyes had held a spark she couldn't describe.

"Your hair, you should leave it like that more often." He had stated quietly with a smile, then turned and left her to her work.

Before he'd left he caught a blush rising in her cheeks and spreading to her ears.

Now, smiling at the memory, Killian opened his mouth to say something, but the elevator ding interrupted his train of thought. Emma walked out first, not even glancing in his direction when she told him to have a good weekend. He stepped out after her and looked at his watch, it was barely 8:30pm on a Friday—

"Swan!" He yelled out, jogging to catch up with her.

Emma stopped in her tracks and turned towards Killian with a questioning face.

"Have a drink with me?"

"What? No, I can't, I—" Her response came from shock. Did Killian just ask her out?

"Swan, stop reading so much into everything people say and do around you. Let your hair down, and have a drink with me," Killian said, giving her a pointed look.

Emma's mouth hung open, a bit taken back by his abruptness. She glanced back at her car and then towards Killian.

"This is not a date." Her response was definite.

"As you wish," he answered, a smile playing at his lips. Killian led them over to his car and opened the passenger door for her.

"Since when are you gentleman?" she asked him as he walked over to his side.

Killed quirked a brow to her. "I'm always a gentleman, love."

He started the car and backed out of the lot. Emma turned towards him with a million questions buzzing in her head.

"Emma, try something new, it's called trust," Killian said, shooting her an encouraging smile.

"What have you ever done to earn my trust?" She asked sarcastically.

"What have I done to make me seem so untrustworthy?" The shock written all over his face didn't go unnoticed. He drove through the streets of Boston with ease.

Emma didn't answer him, because she didn't have one. Killian's eyes were focused on the road, but he occasionally met her eyes with a similar expression.

Turning into a bar he came to often, he pulled up to valet and turned to her. "Love, whatever dreadful things you have made up about me in that pretty head of yours obviously need dispelling." That was all he said as he got out of the car, leaving it on for the valet, and walked around the car. He waved off the valet at Emma's door and opened it himself, stretching his hand out for hers.

"You know, I can get my own door."

"I don't doubt that darling, but what kind of man would I be then?"

Emma rolled her eyes at the question, but inside her heart was swooning at the nickname. She accepted his hand and stepped out of the car. They walked up to the door, once again Killian opened it for her, and they settled in a corner booth. This place was everything Emma wanted to avoid. Mood setting—jazz music with dim lighting. To top it off, Killian secluded them from everyone else. They were on a fucking date whether she wanted it or not.

He noticed her hesitation with everything, but she wasn't making any move to leave. Point for Killian. Killian flagged a server over to their table. "Whats your poison, Swan?"

"Vodka Martini. Dry. With like three olives," she said up to the woman, thanking her when she was finished.

The woman turned to Killian with a sultry smile, "And for you?"

"Rum, whatever you got. Thanks." He barely gave the waitress a second look.

Emma and Killian held each others stare for a few seconds, both waiting for the other to say something.

Emma broke first. "Why did you ask me out?"

"Just straight to it then, yeah?" he said with his hands folded on the table.

She looked at him expectantly.

"Emma, I don't if you've noticed, but I quite fancy you." There was no hint of a joke in his voice.

Her eyes almost bugged out from her head. "I'm sorry…what?"

Killian laughed lightly, was she really that oblivious…or was he that bad at flirting? This woman basically ruled his world and she has absolutely no idea. Well, it was now or never he supposed.

"I take offense to you doubting me—" he started, leaning back into the booth as the waitress came by with their drinks.

"Thanks," he said to her and then focused again on Emma. "Love, I have been trying to get on your good side for months! You won't give me the time of day, you can barely look at me when we are in a room toge—" His face lit up in that moment. A realization hit him so quickly, all his thoughts became scrabbled—but one fact was clear.

"You like me," he stated with a wide grin.

"I do not!" Emma's eyes were wide, she tried to focus on her drink instead of him. She took a few gulps, downing her Martini.

"Oh don't get bashful on me now, Swan. How long have you known?" Killian was way too giddy for her liking.

"Jones, let's get one thing clear. I have zero feelings for you, actually right now i'm feeling pissed that you dragged me out here and are assuming I want you just as much as you want me. Which is flattering, but i'm not interested."

He threw his hands up. "Whatever you say, Swan." If he was hurt by her words, he made no sign to show it.

Emma stared at him for a moment, and then stood. "I need another drink."

Killian watched her get up and walk to the bar. She was so stubborn sometimes, but if he were being honest—he loved the challenge. He grabbed his own drink, stood from his seat, and walked up behind her.

Emma jumped a little when she felt hot breath on her ear. "You can't run from me now, Emma."

She turned to look at him, and made a decision. Emma grabbed his drink from his hand and downed the rest; the rum burning at her throat. Eyebrows raised, she held her hand out to him. "Dance with me."

Before he knew what was happening, they were dancing to the soft Jazz music that filled the room. Her hand in his as he took the lead. They didn't speak, only used fleeting glances to fill their silence.

Nothing about this night felt awkward, which should have made Emma feel uneasy. It shouldn't be this comfortable with him. But here she was, dancing with the man who filled her thoughts late at night. The attraction has been undeniable since day one, and as much as she's tried to ignore it, here he was calling her out on it.

She took this moment to really admire his features, his eyes weren't as blue as they seemed. They swirled with green, but were constantly darkened by lust and desire that you couldn't tell. Yes, she had noticed that. He had a small scar on his cheek, and for a moment she wondered what it was from. Maybe one day he'd tell her. Whoa, slow down. She thought. At some point throughout the day he had discarded his suit jacket and was left in a dark blue dress shirt that was unbuttoned at the top and had the sleeves rolled up. He looked calm and collected while she looked like an uptight (sexy) librarian.

Killian pulled her a bit closer in that moment and spoke softly in her ear. "Let it down, love." He pulled the pin from her bun, letting her soft blonde tendrils fell past her shoulders. Emma ran her fingers through her hair and smiled.

She closed her eyes for a moment. "That feels good."

"Do you feel free yet, Emma?" His words were quiet.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Maybe I do."

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