Beautiful Gong Shim-inspired:

Sasuke tries to hit on Hinata and ends up "spraining" his wrist in the process. At least she's the one nursing him back to health.

"Is it really that hard to get Hinata's attention?" Naruto said.

When he'd asked Sakura for advice on the matter, she had laughed in his face.

Kakashi had dumped the first volume of Icha Icha in his lap and wished him good luck. That only left Naruto.

For once in his miserable, people-hating, emotionally unavailable life, Sasuke wished he had more friends.

"Yes," Sasuke said through gritted teeth.

Naruto scratched his nose, dubious.

"I wouldn't ask you otherwise," Sasuke muttered, ripping a chopstick wrapper distractedly.

Sasuke hated his fascination with Hyuuga Hinata. He was still puzzling out why he had such a useless and annoying fixation on her.

It might be her big, creepy eyes. It might be her Hyuuga heritage in said big, creepy eyes. A shared fate of belonging to a prestigious clan yet being forsaken by it. A shared reason for moving out and living in the same shitty apartment building.

Hinata made her first impression by nearly dropping a flower pot on his head. The rooftop became his sanctuary, where she tended to the plants and he cat-napped in the sun.

Hinata always smelled nice. Clean and floral. Her long hair shimmered in the sunlight. She hummed in a soft tone, her movements as quiet and graceful as a ninja's.

It might be that he didn't find her eyes so creepy anymore. Nowadays, he found his brain waxing poetic, comparing her eyes to the beauty of two full moons.

He hated it.

"I dunno man, just talk to her," Naruto slurped his ramen. "Hinata's super nice. She'd even talk to an emo bastard like you,"

Sasuke flicked the balled-up chopstick wrapper at him. "And what would we talk about?"

Naruto grinned. "Oh, I get it. What you need is an opportunity,"

"…I'm listening,"

He bounced on the stool with a mischievous gleam in his eye. "Like 'accidentally' bumping into her, or walking Kakashi's dogs to make her think you have a heart. Make an opportunity to talk to her,"

Sasuke resisted the instinct to push his best friend's face into his piping hot bowl of ramen.

"Let's see," Naruto rubbed his chin in thought. "For Hinata, I think she's the nurturing type, so you wanna create a situation where she takes care of you,"

His throat went dry. Images of Hinata in a nurse uniform came unbidden to mind.

"Take…care of me?"

Naruto nodded vigorously. "Imagine if you two had an accident and you got hurt. You could totally exploit her guilt and have her take care of you!"

Sasuke mulled it over in his head. Exploitation, emotional manipulation…yes, yes he could do it. This could actually work.


"Here's the plan. I'll ask her to pour me tea and then you'll bump into her and she'll spill it on me. Second degree burns,"

The gang was having a picnic. Naruto masterminded it to give Sasuke the opportunity to see Hinata.

Sakura's look was scathing. "You both deserve to get your asses beat for doing this," Her sigh was full of suffering. "Why can't you ask her out like a normal person?"

They fell silent as they both stared at Sasuke.

She sighed again. "Nevermind,"

"Alternatively, I can ask Hinata to walk with me and have Naruto accidentally push her down this hill. Then I step in and take the brunt of the fall while protecting her. Sound good?"

"Sounds horrible! There's no way I'm letting you put Hinata in danger just because you're too much of a dumbass to talk to her!" she hissed.

Sasuke nodded. "Then we'll go with Plan A,"

"Plan A!" Naruto cheered.

Sakura dragged a hand down her face.

Hinata looked a picture in a breezy sundress and a floppy hat. Sasuke stared unabashedly.

Naruto chucked his chin. "You're drooling, dude,"

It was time to put his plan into action.

"Hinata," Sasuke said. "Pass me the tea,"

"It's closer to Shikamaru than Hinata, though," Kiba said, shooting Sasuke a strange look.

"Shut up," He didn't need Kiba's stupid logic to derail his road to love.

"Here," The thermos went from Shikamaru's hand to Chouji's, then to Ino's, then finally to him.

He frowned at Ino. "I don't want it,"

Naruto muffled a laugh into his hand.

Weren't there any other food substances he could use to burn himself? The only thing close to Hinata was dessert. Fine. He clenched his jaw in frustration. Plan B then.

The others had gone to frolick in the water. Hinata volunteered to clean up, so naturally, Sasuke went to help her.

"Thank you," she said, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

Her cheeks were pink and her eyes dropped when he met them. He curiously studied her face, which was turning deeper shades of red.

"Um, S-Sasuke?"


"You're, um, holding my hand,'

"Ah," He'd thought the Tupperware felt…hand-like.

She chewed her lip as he continued to hold her hand. Sasuke glanced down at her

hand. "No ring. Good," he muttered.


"Nothing. Wanna walk with me?"

As they passed the water, Sasuke tried to make eye contact with Naruto. The dobe was busy splashing Lee in the face. So much for a wing man.


Hinata liked Sasuke. He was strange at times, but she'd seen his good sides.

Stray cats in the neighborhood liked to rub up against him.

He shared her little space on the rooftop.

He slept like a cute, sun-bathing cat.

His hair looked like a duck's butt, yet it still looked stylish on him.

His fashion sense was also strange, but yet again, he still made it look good.

He exclusively ate garbage microwave convenience store food and ate it with gusto.

Besides, Naruto and Sakura were friends with him so he couldn't be all bad.

What was bad, however, was that her innocent observations of him had developed into a full-blown crush.

Sasuke stopped in front of a grassy hill. It had a nice view of the city.

"Nice view," she said, suddenly feeling shy.

Sasuke's eyes were on her. "Yeah,"

He also didn't like to carry conversations. Whenever she tried to spark a conversation on the rooftop, he answered with grunts or single-word answers.

"You have something in your hair," he said.

Then his hand was brushing past her cheek, into her hair. His face was close to hers - she could count each long eyelash, trace the chicken pox scar on his temple, and feel his breath on her lips. Her cheeks flamed red.

In one of the most humiliating events in her life, her Hyuuga instincts kicked in.


Sakura had no sympathy for him.

"You had it coming," she said, a touch smug.

"Plan B was a success!" Naruto laughed and doodled on the cast on Sasuke's wrist.

Sasuke hated his friends.

But Naruto had a point.

"I'm so sorry!" Hinata cried. "So, so sorry! I didn't mean to flip you!"

Hinata had come in after Sakura and Naruto's visit, bearing a gigantic fruit basket and endless apologies.

"I-I thought you were going to," She twiddled her fingers. "t-to…"

"Kiss you?" he finished bitterly. "Would you snap my spine if I actually did?"

"N-No! It was on instinct-"

"So you're instinctively disgusted by me?"

"That's not it," Her brows pinched together in distress. "Father and Neji-nii always told me to defend myself against boys,"

Sasuke twitched his fingers and winced. "Defense meaning flipping me and throwing me down a hill,"

Hinata dropped into the chair by his bed. "I'll make it up to you, I promise! D-Do you need me to help you with anything?"

"Considering I can't move my dominant hand, yes,"

After deciding that that was enough guilt-tripping, he pointed to his lunch. "Feed me,"

She pulled her chair closer. "What would you like first?"


She peeked at him through her lashes and raised the spoon. "Say 'aah',"

"Aah," he deadpanned.

"Good boy! I-I mean," She blushed and averted her eyes. "S-Sorry,"

Sasuke fought off a laugh. "You got some on my chin,"

He tuned out her apologies and focused on how close she was. His hand raised involuntarily, maybe to stroke her hair. She didn't notice him as she sat back down.

Breathe, girl. Hinata inhaled slowly. Be still, my heart! If love felt like cardiac arrest, she didn't want it!

Sasuke turned his attention to the hospital TV. "Change the channel,"

"Y-Yes!" She stopped admiring his bad haircut and scrambled for the remote. "Tell me when to stop,"

They surfed past the news, a home shopping channel for voodoo dolls and other occult goodies, until they landed on a drama.

"Stop," Sasuke sat up, eyes gleaming.

"I-Isn't this 'You From Another Dimension'?"

He nodded, something close to a pleased expression on his face. "It's my favorite,"

She bit her lip on a smile. He was so weird. "I like the heroine's personality,"

"She's bold and glamorous, but with a hidden vulnerable side,"

Hinata giggled. "That's a good analysis,"

Sasuke puffed up with pride at making her laugh. "Ask me about the male lead,"

"Okay," She smiled. "What do you think of the male lead?"

She giggled again at the serious pinch between his brows. "He is jaded and stoic and doesn't let anyone into his heart. He keeps people away intentionally, but he's still lonely because of it,"

"Very good, Uchiha-san,"

He smiled, a slight curve on one side of his mouth. "I think I relate more to the heroine,"

Hinata blinked at him in surprise. "R-Really? I thought the cold, Byronic hero was more your type,"

"Not at all," Sasuke waved her off. "The heroine and I are both very fashionable,"

A nurse knocked on the door. He idly wondered what he'd have to break to guilt-trip a nurse into lending her uniform. For innocent purposes, of course.

Hinata wondered if she had imagined Sasuke leering at her.

The nurse eyed Sasuke's arm oddly. "You can go home now, Uchiha-san," she said.

Hinata looked at her in shock. "W-What do you mean? He sprained his wrist. Sh-Shouldn't he stay in the hospital?"

The nurse's confusion doubled. Before she could open her mouth, Sasuke quickly said, "I heal fast,"

Hinata fixed him with the most fierce look he'd ever seen on her face. "That's no reason to kick you out!"

"It's fine," Sasuke addressed the nurse, "I'll sign the release form now."

She nodded, puzzling over why he was wearing a cast when all he'd suffered from his fall were some scrapes and bruises. Any normal person would have more damage, but judging from his medical history, Sasuke was sturdier and more injury-resistant than most people.

Sasuke leaned his weight against Hinata. She blushed, supporting him with an arm around his waist. They walked through Konoha thusly, drawing more attention than she would have liked. Sasuke enjoyed feeling her soft body pressed to his and sharing her body heat. She smelled even nicer up close!

"Where are your keys?" They stopped in front of Sasuke's apartment. Hers was just downstairs.

He made a show of fishing for his keys in his pockets. "I must have dropped them somewhere,"

"Oh no," Her forehead creased. Her guilt increased tenfold. He was going through all this trouble because of her. "I-If you don't mind, you can stay in my apartment. I-I can search the park and the hospital,"

"Don't worry about it. I think left my keys at home," Sasuke lied. "I'll ask the landlord for a copy,"

She led him downstairs and into her apartment. It was tidy with bright, white walls and potted flowers lining the windows. More importantly, her scent permeated the space. It was heaven.

"D-Do you want the couch or the bed? You'd probably be more comfortable on the bed, if you're alright with that,"

Hinata dithered after setting Sasuke down on the couch. He watched her squirm as he deliberated.

If Sasuke was a gentleman, he wouldn't take the bed.

"I'll take the bed."


A/N: er..this is incomplete but i really wanted to put something up for Day 1 of renaissance week! Part 2 coming soon..hopefully

*Immediate Sclerosis is one of The Judge's moves from the game OFF. It causes paralysis in battle…im revisiting my OFF phase hehe*

*You From Another Dimension is a reference to the kdrama "You From Another Star"