Chapter 3

The Rangers and Rusty headed back to the Hovercraft after the raccoon had calmed down. Burble, after being inspected for injuries, sat down next to Rusty who was sitting at the top of the Hovercraft's ramp, staring at Miss Liberty as the sun started to set.

As Burble sat down, he noticed that the raccoon had taken his rollerblades off.

Burble: How are you feeling, Rusty?

Rusty: Okay, i guess.

Burble: I thought you always wore you rollerblades.

Rusty: I'm not riding anymore.

Burble was a bit surprised, but knew why Rusty made the decision.

Rusty: Was it true?

Burble: What's true?

Rusty: About you being abandoned.

Burble: Yeah.

Rusty: And did you really grow up here?

Burble: Yep, born and raised.

Squeaky: So was i.

The two turned to see Squeaky sit down next to them.

Rusty: You too?

Squeaky: Yep, wheredya think the accent came from?

SAVO: It probably came from you having a big ego.

Squeaky grumbled at SAVO's response.

Rusty: Hey, I always wondered, where were you guys on...that day?

Both Burble and Squeaky were confused at the raccoon's words.

Squeaky: That day?

Rusty then turned and pointed at the big blue tower in the distance, Burble knew what that day translated into.

September 11th, 2001.

Burble: Why would you ask us that?

Rusty then looked over his shoulder, tears ran down his face.

Rusty: It's parents...both...

Rusty almost started crying as more tears fell down his face, he just couldn't bear himself to finish.

Burble: You both lost your parents on that day?

Rusty shook his head yes, Squeaky's eyes filled with tears.

Burble knew why Rusty and Squeaky had tears running down they're faces, for any new yorker, 9/11 was an emotional and traumatic thing to talk about, both for people who lost loved ones and people who witnessed the attack firsthand or not.

Rusty: but what do you know about it, you didn't lose anyone.

Squeaky: I did.

Rusty: Huh?

Squeaky: I saw the attack myself and when the towers collapsed, it was a hard blow for my family because we lost my cousin who was on flight 175.

Rusty: Flight 175?

Squeaky: The plane that hit the south tower, I also lost my older brother who was a cop. He died when the towers collapsed.

Rusty: I'm so sorry, I didn't know.

Squeaky: It's okay.

The Rangers had tears in they're eyes after hearing Squeaky's story.

SAVO suddenly started crying. (If that's even possible)

Squeaky: Finally showing your true colors, SLAVO?

SAVO (Voice Breaking): I'm would have never be so mean to you if I knew what you went through!

Squeaky slightly chuckled at the AI bawling his screen out.

Kitty: Hey, Boys. Jamie's awake.

Burble: That's good. Hey Rusty, I want to give you something.

Burble got up and came back a minute later with a SAVO unit in his hands, Burble handed it to Rusty.

Burble: It's yours, Rusty.

Rusty was surprised for a few seconds before handing back the SAVO unit.

Rusty: Thanks, but i can't have it.

Burble: Why not?

Rusty: I don't follow the rules of safety and i'm can't change my ways.

Sully: You saved a kid's life, Rusty. You earned it.

Squeaky: Yeah.

Rusty thought about it for a second or two.

Rusty: I guess I did earn it.

Burble put the SAVO unit on Rusty's wrist and both of them hugged.

Rusty: I'm gonna start wearing helmets and pads from now on.

Burble: I'm glad that you are, Promise me you'll stay safe.

Rusty: I promise, see ya, Burble.

Burble: You too, Rusty.

The other Rangers said they're goodbyes as Rusty left the hovercraft and rode with Chilli Dog and Snarf who were waiting for him.

Kitty: Good job, Burble.

Sully: Yeah, you finally got Rusty to see the error of his ways.

Burble: Thanks, Rangers. At least I know he won't be causing any more trouble.

Sully: Alright Rangers, Let's go home. The Hovercraft ramp closed and the Hovercraft took off for Mount Rushmore.

A couple days later...

Rusty, Chilli Dog and Snarf had gotten safety gear and helmets and they rode around they're hideaway.

Chilli Dog: Wow, Rusty. I guess you were wrong about safety gear slowing us down.

Rusty: Yeah, I guess I was.

Snarf: Hey Boss, Will you keep your promise you made to Burble?

Rusty looked at his SAVO unit and smiled.

Rusty: Don't worry, i will.

The End