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'She destroyed my bike.' That was all I could think when I heard the crunch sound of metal outside on Hamilton Ave. With everyone else I ran outside to see what happened. All i could think was 'This crazy chick...She damaged it beyond repair! I have never met this crazy, wild haired, fat-skinny, blue jean and t-shirt wearin' with evil rebellious eyes woman, who ran over my bike. My best friend's bike. I can't believe it. In front of my job! I just got this job! I just moved here.' The voice of my Italian ancestors screamed for revenge but the voice of my African ancestors called for me to act like I got some sense. As I stood in front of the diner, gathering my senses, I watched the crazy woman and a fat, short, African American Street walker take down a man who was leaving the diner.

My blood pressure started to rise when I realized she did not see the damaged she caused. You are going to learn today. No one makes a fool of Jazelle RĂ©.

Hello Everyone,

This is my first fanfiction story in over a decade. I maybe a little rusty. I hope you enjoyed the short introduction to Barbarians. I will be updating this story every Friday! See you then.