100 Prompts: Submission


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Eren cursed a thousand times under his breath. Mikasa pushed him into submission for the third time this training session. She bent his arm over his head and rested her entire weight onto him, looking him dead in the eyes. She used every inch of her body from her head to her hips (or so, Eren claimed) to restrict any movement.

"Yield." she commanded. Her soft, yet husky voice sent chills down his spine as her hair tickled his face. Her face was merely centimeters from his, and her eyes were cold. She almost seemed bored with their little skirmish. But that was another story.

His eyes shifted to Armin, who's sympathetic countenance told Eren to just give up before he embarrassed himself even more. He looked at Levi who was seemingly indifferent and unsurprised that Jaeger was taken down by the top student from their group yet again. Jean had a disgusted look on his face, and he looked just about ready to jump in there and pull the girl off. To the right, Connie and Sasha were laughing at Eren's clearly distressed state. Really, he looked so anxious.

He wondered when she got this strong.

He always took pride in being the strong one to protect her. He would carry her across rivers to keep that pretty dress of hers dry and clean. He opened cans and bottles for her when she would help his mother cook. He gave her piggy back rides around town when the family would go out. Then, slowly, she became notably stronger than the average girl. She always brought home more wood than he did (much to his mother's delight). Those town bullies made sure to let the entire Shiganshina know Mikasa Ackerman was a beast inside a little girls' body. He wondered when she built the strength to take him down like this.

He wondered when she got this talented.

She always watched him go about doing chores for his mother. She would marvel with great interest about the things he could do that she couldn't. He always seemed to know what he was doing, and she would enjoy just watching him explore their small world. He wondered when she learned how to take an opponent down as easily as this.

He wondered when puberty decided to attack her next.

Last time Eren checked, Mikasa was that small, fragile girl he had rescued. Her long hair concealed some of her face. The dress and scarf she wore always kept her tiny body warm. He wondered when she grew these curves he could so easily feel through their clothing, and the firm layer of muscle that challenged his.

"Eren," her eyebrows met. His focused returned to the girl on top of him. She looked so determined, so focused. He wondered briefly if she was this dominant in bed.

He cursed again, audibly this time, as he felt a familiar throbbing sensation down past his abdomen.

He tried shifting his pelvis to the side, in fear of her finding out. He scowled. He would rather get eaten by a fat, ugly four meter class titan than have the entire 104th trainee squad know what was going on in his mind, and in his pants.

She scowled at his stubbornness.

Why couldn't he just submit?

"Eren." she scolded again sharply and swung her leg over him to hold him down.

"Mikasa, don't-"

As soon as she sat herself down and applied pressure with her hips her eyes widened and her face flushed red.