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In an instant, his eyebrows met and his teeth gritted. He shoved her off to the side and stood up hastily, too fast for Mikasa to react. Eren dusted himself off, eyes focused on the ground as he felt his cheeks get warmer by the second. He muttered a few curses under his breath as his feet began to take him back towards the barracks without permission.

"Jaeger, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Levi snapped. The boy ignored his captain's protests and crude threats, and continued walking towards the building.

Mikasa remained on the floor, not quite sure what just happened. She watched him storm off angrily, afraid to assume she knew exactly why he had lost his composure. Once Eren was out of sight, everyone's eyes turned to her, and she looked up at them, just as confused.

The young soldier cleared her throat and picked herself up off the floor gracefully, brushing the dirt off of her uniform. She kept her head down, her mouth tucked into her scarf. Her whole body felt warm, especially at her ears. She felt an unfamiliar tingling around her lower half, that shot up through her whole body at the thought of him underneath her.

She remembered his eyes boring intensely into hers as he wriggled from beneath her. Her ears only felt warmer at the thought.

The flustered girl shook her head, in hopes that the dirty thoughts would go away. The thought of him laying under her, arms pinned down, had crossed her mind once or twice before. Granted, they'd be under different circumstances, but she never actually anticipated that it would make her feel like that.

She briefly wondered why he had stormed off so angrily though. Was the thought of her in that way really that repulsive?

As Levi dismissed the soldiers for the day, he didn't forget to approach Mikasa, poker faced, and told her, "Tell your boyfriend to keep it in his pants during training."

Mikasa choked on her spit in response.

For the rest of the day, Eren's mind was plagued with images of his best friend in ways he had never imagined before. Mikasa's soft skin, her hot breath, the way her entire body was pressed up against his. Whenever he would close his eyes, he would just see her on top of him, her face so close to his.

He groaned as his pants began to feel a little tight again, unable to shove the thoughts out of his head.

So, of course, the Titan boy's solution was to avoid her for as long as he needed to stop thinking about her in such inappropriate ways. Fortunately, the avoiding her part was easy. But the more he tried to push away the dirty thoughts, the more they came back to hit him in the face like a loaded spring. In addition, the more vivid the images got and the more frequent they came.

It was irritating, how it slowed him down for the rest of the day, as Eren's mind would often wander during the tasks he tried to busy himself with.

He imagined her in the same position, hips straddled across him, arms pinning him down. He clearly pictured her eyes, half-lidded and clouded with lust. He fantasized Mikasa saying his name, breathy like she usually does, as she moves her hips against him.

"Fucking hell," Eren swears, unconcerned with who heard him grumbling to himself in the hallway.

Later at dinner, the atmosphere was full of tension. His fellow soldiers watched as he flinched when Mikasa sat beside him.

"Hey," she greeted quietly. He refused to make eye contact, for he was afraid that engaging in such an intimate act would just elicit those thoughts again.

"Mikasa," he returned the greeting, accepting that there was no way out of this one. If he just got up and left, it would raise suspicion and also probably make her feel like shit. Both of those things did not seem appealing at all.

In theory, dinner could have gone just fine, if she didn't reach across the table to hand Armin the salt, brushing her whole left side against him. Shortly after that, they had both reached for napkins at the same time. Her hand brushed his lightly, enough to send tingles up his arm. He withdrew his hand quickly and muttered a clumsy apology.

If that wasn't bad enough, as soon as Connie sat down to join the group, he decided to berate Eren for his display of weakness earlier today with a crass, "Oi, Eren, how's your ass feeling after getting kicked by Mikasa again?"

Eren growled under his breath at being reminded that everyone knew of the incident, as if it wasn't already plaguing his mind. Armin was studying his best friend, looking for a way to comfort him.

"It's not that bad, Eren," the third musketeer tried, "it was just a dumb sparring match."

When the person in question just nodded lamely, Armin turned to the third member of their trio. Normally she would be trying to comfort Eren as well, but for some reason she remained quiet. And was she…blushing?

"I guess we know who wears the pants," Sasha laughed, reaching up to give Connie a high-five with an obnoxious snigger.

At her comment, the last thread that was holding Eren's sanity together snapped. He grabbed her by the hand and dragged her outside.

"Oi, Jaeger, we were just joking…" they call out as they watch him leave with her.

His steps were quick, taking a few turns around some corridors. She fell behind a few steps as the angry titan shifter dragged her along, and when he finally stopped abruptly, Mikasa almost ran into him. He turned around and stepped dangerously close to her. She swallowed hard; she had never quite seen him this aggressive with her.

"You think it's funny?" he growls. "You laughing like everyone else?"

She wonders for a moment if he's referring to the fact that she did in fact hand him his ass today at training in front of all their friends, or the other unfortunate event that transpired shortly after. Then she remembered how he had never thrown a fit like this before just from losing to her in a sparring match, so it must be the other thing.

The young soldier cleared her throat, and when she met his piercing gaze, Eren's deepest fears from today came true: he was instantly lost in the sea of emotions that her eyes held, and suddenly his mind was off, yet again, imagining her in the most lewd, titillating ways.

"No, Eren." She states firmly, trying to keep her cool. "I wasn't laughing."

Eren took few steps towards her, and she realizes she was backed into a wall. He planted his hands on either side of her, as he felt the familiar sensation in his lower half again at the sight of her trapped between his firm body and the wall.

"Do you have any idea…" he trailed off, her scent making his mind go wild as he pressed closer. "You've been on my mind all damn day, Mikasa."

"Eren…" she managed to murmer, hot and breathy, driving him closer and closer to madness.

His hands closed into fists against the wall and he broke eye contact to bury his head into her neck, feeling her tense up immensely.

"Why don't you push me away?" He asks into her ear as he realizes he might have been overstepping hundreds of lines and boundaries at this point.

Instead , she gently snakes her hand around to the back of his neck, presses her hips against his own (oh, and she feels it again) and tells him, "I know why you were upset this morning."

Eren's eyes snapped back up to hers as his cheeks grew warm. "Are you serious?"

She swallowed a laugh. "Yeah."

This time it was her turn to yield. With a snarl, he closed the distance and kissed her with both passion and gentleness, speaking volumes of his embarrassment and his burning desire to be with her. Mikasa whimpered softly at his force and when she submits to him and circles her arms around his neck, he loses it.