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"That is messed up," groaned Albus Potter rolling his eyes at Scorpius Malfoy, "dude! You need to fix this!"

Scorpius ran a hand through his hair.

"I know!" muttered Scorpius, "I need some time to actually tell Lily. She's really a nice girl. I don't want to hurt her. She was so happy this morning."

"Hurt her?" said Albus incredulously, "I know my sister. There is no way any of this will not hurt her. She's had a thing for you since forever. She might kill you."

Scorpius sighed.

"What about Rose?" asked Albus, "does she know?"

"No," replied Scorpius, "she has no idea that that letter was for her."

"You are so screwed." muttered Albus.


"So what did you want to tell me?" asked Rose Weasley as she joined her cousin Lily Potter at the breakfast table.

It was the morning that they were all to go home for Christmas holidays. There was an air of palpable excitement all around.

Lily's eyes were wide and excited as she looked at Rose.

"Guess what!" she said, "just guess!"

Rose smiled.

"Uncle Harry finally got you a new broom?" asked Rose.

"Merlin no," scoffed Lily, "though that would be awesome."

Rose poured herself some pumpkin juice and took a huge gulp.

"Scorpius Malfoy asked me out!" whispered Lily her eyes bright.

Rose started coughing.

"What!" cried Rose very loudly.

"Ssh!" hissed Lily her eyes widening, "its still a secret."

"When did that happen?" asked Rose not bothering to keep her voice low, "since when does he like you?"

"Apparently since I played against him the first match of this year," giggled Lily, "told me last night."

"Yeah I remember that game," said Rose distractedly, "he nearly threw me off my broom."

"Can you believe it though?" trilled Lily, "Scorpius Malfoy likes me! I mean I never thought he'd noticed me all that much. I actually thought he had a thing for you. But oh my god he likes me! And he asked me out in such a romantic way. He left me a letter! "

Rose's eyes widened. A letter? That was very un-Scorpius like. And it was terribly romantic.

"A letter?" said Rose, "wow!"

"Yeah!" said Lily dreamily, "he left it in my bag. He even said he loves it when I leave my hair down. I mean I always leave my hair down. Does that mean he always likes it?"

"I guess," murmured Rose pulling at her ponytailed long hair.

Lily was talking very fast now. Rose was finding it difficult to focus. She has something else on her mind.

Scorpius and her had always had a sort of hot and cold kind of relationship over the six years they had known each other. Scorpius was Albus's best friend and since Rose was really close to Albus, she got to hang out with Scorpius alot. Most of the times they bickered, but then there were times when they actually sat down and had a decent conversation.

Then this year, Rose was appointed head girl and Scorpius head boy. Which meant they spent a lot of time together without Albus acting as a buffer. And surprisingly, Rose had found herself enjoying spending time with him. He was actually really fun to be around. But never had he ever mentioned liking Lily!

"That's really great, Lily!" said Rose finally,"I'm happy for you!"

"Thanks Rose," said Lily smiling, "I met him this morning. Told him I got his letter. Then he got all flustered. I know right so unlike Scorpius Malfoy. So I went and hugged him."

"So are you guys going out officially?" asked Rose.

"I guess," replied Lily shyly, "he actually asked me not to mention it to anyone yet. But I had to tell you because I had to tell someone and I wasn't going to tell Al! I mean its his best friend. Might gross him out."

"I'm glad you told me," said Rose smiling, "Scorpius Malfoy. This should be interesting."



Scorpius turned to see Lily walking towards him. Albus glanced at his sister and exchanged a look with Scorpius.

"The train's going to leave," said Lily, "why aren't you guys there?"

"Actually," said Albus, "We're flying home."

"In this weather?" asked Lily surprised.

"Yeah ," replied Scorpius, "Just you know freshen the mind up a bit."

"Oh," said Lily her face falling, "Well see you at home then."

With one last smile at Scorpius she left, her hair flying behind her.

"I feel like such an idiot," muttered Scorpius.

"You are one," replied Albus rolling his eyes, "couldn't you have written a 'dear rose'? Or maybe used an owl?"


Scorpius scanned the streets below as he flew. It felt good to fly in the cold night. It helped clear his mind. He'd lost sight of Albus but that was okay. They weren't flying side by side. He'd turn up soon.

Something caught his eyes. Some sort of mugging taking place in an alley. Normally Scorpius would just tip off the muggle police or make some noise so that the guys would leave. But tonight Scorpius was feeling a little useless and he wanted to do something.

He flew down beside the alley, then leaving his broomstick leaning against the wall, he walked into the alley. He could deal with muggles easily.

He had his wand expertly hidden in his coat pocket.

There were three guys. Two were coercing the third.

"Hey guys," said Scorpius leaning against a wall.

Then several things happened at once. Scorpius saw that both were carrying wands. He reached for his own but it was too late.

"OBLIVIATE!" one of them shouted.

There was a flash and Scorpius fell backwards feeling his head hit hard on something.

A weird sensation came over him as he heard the obvious crack of people apparating. It was like he was trying to hold on to something that was flying away.

And then everything turned black.


He woke up in a clean white room. A healer was taking note of something.

"Ah you're Mr Malfoy," said the healer smiling warmly.

"Where am I?" asked Scorpius looking around the room. It was empty except for the healer and him.

"St. Mungos obviously," replied the healer then out loud he called, "Mr and Mrs Malfoy? He's up!"

Scorpius felt confused. Very confused and blank.

Draco Malfoy and Astoria entered the room. Astoria's eyes were very red.

"Oh Scorpius!" cried Astoria as she walked up to her son her arms outstretched.

Scorpius's eyes widened as he flinched away.

"I'm sorry I just need a minute." said Scorpius signaling to the healer.

The healer walked over and leaned towards Scorpius.

"I don't know them." he whispered, "I mean they clearly know me and are related to me and I know I'm supposed to know them but I can't remember a single thing. What's happened to me?"

The healer looked at Scorpius incredulously then straightened up.

"Mr Malfoy," he said, "could you please wait outside? Best if you join him Mrs Malfoy. I need to check on something."


"What is going on?" demanded Draco Malfoy as soon as the healer who had been with Scorpius stepped out of the ward.

"It is quite unfortunate," said the healer, "never have I seen a memory charm affect someone in this way."

"Please elaborate!" cried Astoria.

"Your son seems to recall everything he's ever learnt." said the healer, "he knows he's a wizard who is in his seventh year at Hogwarts and happens to be headboy. He knows all the spells he's been taught. He knows his age, his name. However, curiously, he doesn't remember one single person in his life."

"What!" thundered Draco as Astoria started crying.

"How is that possible?" cried Astoria, "it doesn't work that way!"

"I'm sorry it's a mystery to me as well," said the healer looking morose, "Scorpius doesn't remember who you are."


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