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"You can see him now," said the healer to Albus, "don't stay too long please. We are trying to rest his mind as much as we can."

Albus nodded solemnly as he started walking inside. Rose and Lily followed.

Ever since Albus had heard about Scorpius losing his memories, he had been extremely morose. It was Albus who had found Scorpius and brought him to the hospital. Rose thought Albus blamed himself for the accident.

Scorpius was reading on his bed propped up by several pillows looking a little pale.

He looked up as the three of them entered.

Rose saw him hesitate before he smiled. It wasn't a real smile. It was just a polite smile.

"Albus," said Scorpius, "you're the best friend."

He held up what Rose thought was a book, only it wasn't. It was an album full of pictures and little notes beside the pictures.

"Yeah mother was up all night making this apparently," said Scorpius with a little laugh at the bewildered expression on Rose's face, "and I've been trying to memorize this. Albus has the best friend written here right next to his name."

"I remember when we took that picture," said Albus sitting down at the edge of the bed peering at the album.

It was a picture of fourteen year old Scorpius and Albus both grinning broadly at the camera holding up what seemed to be candy wrappers.

"That makes one of us," joked Scorpius, "mind sharing?"

Rose lightly touched Lily's arm.

"Let's give them a moment," said Rose, "we'll wait outside."

She could see that Lily really didn't want to leave but she complied anyways.

"We had just won a bet from my older brother James," continued Albus starting to grin, "three hundred chocolate frogs in one go."

"Merlin," snickered Scorpius, "what did we get in return?"

"Glory," replied Albus rolling his eyes, "and a lot of poop."

"Aww man," groaned Scorpius, "gross!"

But he was grinning.

"Here's another one where you look constipated," said Scorpius turning a page, "I look damn fine if I say so myself."

Albus rolled his eyes.

"Too bad you couldn't forget how much in love you are with yourself," muttered Scorpius as he moved closer to look at the picture, "Oh this one-"

And they went on joking and fooling around. And even though Scorpius did not remember Albus, he could see why he was his best friend.


Albus came out looking much happier than he had looked going in.

"Who's going in next," he asked cheerfully.

"I am!" exclaimed Lily, "I am his girlfriend for merlin's sake."

Albus rolled his eyes. After Lily had found out about the accident she had basically run crying to Albus and James about how she and Scorpius were in love and now Scorpius wouldn't remember that.

Albus didn't have the heart to clear things up.

"Maybe its best if you don't mention that Lils," said Albus looking at the ground, "the poor guy has enough to deal with. He doesn't need to know he might have a girlfriend he doesn't remember."

"Might?" cried Lily.

"Yeah Lily!" said Albus exasperatedly, "you guys barely went out."

Lily rolled her eyes and stormed inside the room.

Albus looked at Rose with a strange look.

"What?" asked Rose who preferred staying out of any sibling fights unless it was her in the fight.

"Nothing," sighed Albus, "I love my sister but I don't like how she's acting right now."

Rose shrugged.

"She was just happy to finally get Scorpius to ask her out," said Rose, "maybe they will have an instant connection."

"No they won't," muttered Albus.

Rose turned to look at Albus an eyebrow raised.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Trust me on this," said Albus looking away, "he won't. Even with the memories gone, he is still the same person."

With that he turned around and left leaving Rose to wonder about what he meant.


Scorpius watched as a pretty red head entered the room. She had straight hair which fell loose around her shoulders.

He glanced at his album briefly recalling seeing her in a pic with Albus.

He found the picture. So this was Albus's younger sister, Lily.

"Hey," he said smiling at her, "Lily."

Lily sat down right next to him and then hugged him.

Scorpius went still in surprise. Okay this was awkward. He patted her back awkwardly.

"I was so worried about you!" said Lily burying her head into his neck.

"Thanks?" replied Scorpius unsure of what to say.

Lily pulled back, her eyes glistening with tears. Scorpius was bewildered.

"You don't remember anything about me?" asked Lily shakily.

Scorpius sighed.

"I'm sorry no," he replied, "but I'm sure you and I must have been close. You're Albus's sister so you must have been like my own si-"

He never got to complete his sentence for in the next minute, Lily had brought down her mouth on his, kissing him frantically.

Scorpius pushed her away firmly shaking his head.

"I can't," said Scorpius as Lily turned bright red.

"But you like me," whispered Lily, "you asked me out, Scorpius!"

Scorpius looked at her his face blank.

"I just need some time to get used to this whole thing," said Scorpius, "maybe I had feelings for you, but right now, I don't feel that way about you and you have to understand that, Lily."

Lily nodded, her eyes red.

"If its any consolation," said Scorpius, "maybe if I felt a certain way about you once, it could come back. I mean I'm the same person, from what Al, I mean Albus has pointed out."

"Yeah okay," said Lily sullenly not looking at him, "I'm sorry. I should get going."

With that she turned around and left.

Scorpius waited until she left and then groaned closing his eyes. His brain was frying from all the drama.

"Wow you don't sound too happy," came another voice.

Scorpius opened his eyes to see another red haired girl enter the room. This girls hair fell in long curls right to her waist and was pulled back in a ponytail.

Scorpius recognized her as Rose Weasley.

" I'm not," replied Scorpius honestly, "I feel like I'm in some kind of a quick sand. Everytime I try to get up, I end up going in deeper."

"Well," said Rose sitting on the chair beside Scorpius's bed, "look at the bright side, no embarrassing childhood memory. No memory of the time you wore those god awful yellow braces."

Scorpius raised an eyebrow.

"I never wore braces," stated Scorpius.

"How can you be so sure?" asked Rose raising her own eyebrows in challenge.

Scorpius snorted.

"Because I've seen my childhood pictures," replied Scorpius with a smirk that was so much more like him than the forced smile, "however I do recall someone wearing yellow braces now that you mention it."

Scorpius flipped a few pages of the album.

"Aha!" cried Scorpius gleefully as he pointed at a picture.

It was a picture of Scorpius's twelfth birthday party and everyone was there, Albus in his Batman tee shirt, Roxanne wearing her bunny ears beanie and Ofcourse Rose wearing her awful yellow braces grinning at the camera.

"Very sunshiney," remarked Scorpius snickering, "good look on you red!"

Rose started.

"What did you just call me?" asked Rose her eyes widening.

"Oh your hair is so bright," replied Scorpius casually, "I feel like the name red suits you."

Rose groaned.

"Not again," she muttered rolling her eyes.

Scorpius looked at her questioningly.

"I have been trying to get you to stop calling me red for years," explained Rose, with a small smile on her lips, "and there you are back at it again even though you don't remember anything."

Scorpius grinned.

He opened his mouth to ask her something but at that very moment the healer entered.

"I'm sorry visiting hours are over now," said the healer.

"Oh okay!" said Rose standing up to leave, "see you later Scorpius."

"Hey Red," called Scorpius.

Rose turned to look at him.

"In my album," said Scorpius, "Albus has best friend written next to him, Lily has Albus's sister written next to her, but you don't have anything but your name. Who are you Rose?"

Rose smiled and shrugged.

"I'm just Rose," replied Rose, "noone special."

With a quick wave she turned and left.


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