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Rhodey had known Tony for a long time. He liked to think that he knew the man as well as Pepper did, and prided himself on being able to see right through the billionaire.

But when Spiderman came to the tower, knocking on the window while covering a gaping wound in his shoulder, he saw a whole new side of Tony.

The moment he'd registered what he was seeing, Tony was on his feet and rushing to the window, opening it to let the young superhero in. The spider-powered male managed to carefully pull himself in, cradling his shoulder. Rhodey could now see that the hero's suit was torn and ripped in many places and stained with blood from many small cuts. From how he limped, the young man was likely sporting a sprained ankle.

Rhodey couldn't help but feel supremely bothered by how injured the spider hero looked. He supposed it was because the young man sounded young- maybe twenty? Too young for the hero business. Too young for injuries like these.

"Son of a- what happened?!" Tony demanded as he took Spiderman's uninjured arm and slung it over his shoulders, helping him towards the couch. Rhodey carefully stood, trying to ignore the discomfort he felt when using the leg braces he was only somewhat use to using. He went and sat on one end of the couch.

"It looks- agh...It looks worse than it is..." Spiderman managed, flinching and wincing his way onto the couch's plush cushions. "I- ow...I'll be fine in a day or two. Perks of an enhanced healing factor."

"That doesn't make it any better!" Tony snapped. "I mean holy crap, kid, you've got a hole in your shoulder!"

The young hero cringed at that, hand going to the mentioned wound.

"Okay, maybe it'll take three or four days for that to heal up..."

Tony looked conflicted, seeming unsure whether to be angry at Spiderman for getting hurt, worried because of all the blood, or furious at whoever had done this to his young friend. Rhodey could've sworn Tony looked ready to go grab his Ironman suit and hunt down whoever had done this to the young hero.

"Stay here, kid. I'll go grab the emergency aid kit from Bruce's room." He gently pushed Spiderman back so that his back was leaning against Rhodey's arm. "Rhodey, make sure he doesn't move around."

Rhodey nodded, deciding to ignore the way Spiderman squirmed a bit uncomfortably against his arm.

"Got it."

The billionaire left, and it was just Spidey and Rhodey. It was uncomfortable, to say the least, since the two hardly knew each other.

After a minute or two of awkward silence, Spiderman finally spoke.

"So, uh...those leg things, Tony made them for you, right? Are they working okay?"

Rhodey looked surprised, then his expression softened. It figured that Spidey would be worried about him and how he was handling life now with his paralysis.

"Yeah, Tony made them. They work great, no need to worry about me, Spidey."

The young man again squirmed, still seeming a bit uncomfortable.

"I...I wish I'd b-been able to help y-you all more with the fight." He rambled, tripping over his words. "I-I wish I could've been there when you f-fell, b-because maybe then I could've done something a-and-!"

"Woah, woah! Easy there!" Rhodey quickly interjected, making calming motions with a hand. "Slow down, take a breath. Hyperventilating won't help you, especially not in your condition." He reached forward, resting a hand on Spiderman's knee. "You did everything you could, and you helped out a lot. You managed to bring down a giant, four-story tall Ant-man! You faced Captain America, the Falcon and even the Winter Soldier on your own, and that's nothing to sneeze at. What happened to me...No one could've done anything. But I'm going to be fine."

Spiderman still seemed guilty.

"I just-"

"I've got the emergency kit." Both Rhodey and Spidey looked up as Tony reentered, a large first aid kit in hand. "Alright Pe-...Spidey," Tony amended quickly, catching himself. "Off with your top. I gotta get a look at your shoulder."

"Uh...That's easier said than done." Spiderman commented, looking down at his injured shoulder dubiously. His arm was limp at his side, useless since the young super hero couldn't use his shoulder at all. Tony grimaced.

"Good point. I'll cut you out of it - Don't even give me that look, I made extras when we were fixing up your costume, I knew this'd probably happen some day." Tony moved over, sitting across from Spidey on the couch as the spider-themed hero carefully turned sideways to face him, and the billionaire set the kit on the coffee table and opened it, revealing a multitude of medical equipment inside. Gauze, braces, pain-relievers, medical-grade thread for stitches with several sterilized needles alongside them, disinfectant, wads of cotton and even a emergency blanket folded into a small, neat square. All of this (and more) was neatly organized within the kit.

Grabbing a small pair of sharp, steel scissors, Tony turned to Spiderman. The young hero cringed when Tony reached for him, and Rhodey noted that a surprisingly large amount of guilt flashed across Tony's face. The guilt was shoved down, and Rhodey watched as Tony offered a halfhearted, somewhat grim smile.

"C'mon, I haven't even started on the stitches! If you can't handle me just cutting your costume away, what're we gonna do when I have to start using the disinfectant?" He teased gently. When the young hero remained tense, Tony added, "Don't worry, you don't have to take off your mask."

This statement made Rhodey realize that the masked vigilante probably wasn't too keen to reveal his face while someone like him, someone who didn't know his secret identity, was around.

"I can leave, if you'd like." Rhodey offered, sending a pointed look at the elevator. Spiderman shook his head quickly.

"No! No, its okay. It wouldn't make sense for you to leave, not when I'm here just for a quick fix up and will be gone in, like, ten minutes."

Tony scoffed.

"More like twenty minutes, kid, at the absolute least." The billionaire sent a fleeting glance at Rhodey. "But he needs to get used to this sort of thing. With you living here and him always dropping by? Well, I'm not surprised you two haven't gotten formally aquatinted before now. Just stick around."

Finished with cutting away the top of Spiderman's costume, Tony carefully pulled down the split fabric to reveal the young hero's arms and torso. Tony grimaced, giving a hiss of sympathy as he took in the colorful patchwork of bruises, dried blood and cuts. Rhodey found himself internally cringing as he noted the number of scars that were etched into the lightly tanned skin of the spider-hero's body. It was clear Spiderman had been through quite a lot, despite being so new to the hero biz.

Tony was quick to shake himself off and grabbed a bottle of disinfectant and a few wads of clean cotton. As the man opened the bottle and wetted a few of the cotton wads, Rhodey noticed that Spidey was already bracing himself. The young hero was no stranger to the burning sting of antiseptic on an open wound, it seemed.

Silence fell, and Tony worked quickly, wanting to avoid placing Spiderman in discomfort any longer than necessary. Spidey didn't make a sound, only wincing at the burn of disinfectant and giving the barest of pain hisses when Tony started on stitching up the worst of his wounds. Soon, the silence became unbearable, and Rhodey took it upon himself to break it.

"Mind if I ask how this happened?"

Spidey's head turned slightly, and Rhodey could feel the eyes that were hidden behind the dark lenses regarding him. For a moment, Rhodey thought the young hero might not answer-

"I was stopping a gang fight and a couple of them got in some lucky shots." The hero gestured to his injured shoulder with his working arm. "Got stabbed, but otherwise I didn't get anything too serious."

"Serious of not, you'll be sore for the next few days." Tony retorted, sending Spidey a disapproving look. "I thought I told you to be more careful on your patrols?"

"You did."


The young man shrugged.

"I wasn't."

Tony sighed, shaking his head as his eyes returned to his work.

"You're going to be the death of me, y'know that? Not any of those crazy super villains I fight every other week, you."

Spiderman laughed, though he winced when his wounds ached in protest.

"Ah, ow, don't make me laugh..."

Finished with all of the stitches, Tony set aside the needle and medical-grade thread and reached for a roll of gauze.

"Now you'll have to avoid any strenuous activity." The billionaire pointed at the young man sternly. "And that means no patrol. Not for the next two days at least, got it? I'll know if you do, and I'll personally drag your scrawny a** back to your house if you do."

Spidey groaned, head lolling back in exasperation.

"Figures this would happen the day before I have to take the fitness test in gym..."

The young hero spoke in little more than a mutter, but Rhodey still caught what he said. The man's mind was sent reeling at the young man's statement. Fitness test? Gym? Gym as in a Physical Education class? Then that would mean...

Tony yelped, dropping the roll of gauze in his hand when Rhodey suddenly punched him, hard, on the arm.

"Ow! Rhodey! What the f-"

"You idiot!" Rhodey snapped, face enraged. "He's a kid, isn't he?!"

While Tony gaped, surprised, Spidey seemed to panic and stood to bolt. Tony was quick to grab his forearm and pull him back down onto the couch.

"Woah! Easy there, underoos!" Still holding onto the teen's arm, Tony turned to face the furious face of Rhodey. "Rhodes, I know it sounds bad-"

"Because it is bad you idiot! He's a kid, he's too young for all this-!"

"Look, it was his choice to become a hero, not mine! I'd rather he have me as backup instead of have him just going around on his own without any support!"

"It was your choice to bring him into the fight against Cap and the others." Rhodey retorted, voice little more than an angry whisper. "You pitted him against Falcon, the Soldier, Captain frickin' America and a giant Ant-man..." Rhodey looked as if he were in pain. "D***, he got hit by Ant-man, over a thousand pounds of force..."

Tony cringed at that reminder.

"...I know." He admitted. "I was an idiot for pulling him into that. But I'm not going to try and force him to stop being Spiderman, because I know he won't, no matter what I say or do. All I can do is try and be there to help him whenever he needs it."

Spiderman still appeared on edge, and he froze up when Rhodey looked at him. The man's expression softened.

"What's your name, son?"

Spidey's good shoulder hiked up in fear, and he looked like he wanted to run. Tony, though, rested a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Kid, he's already guessed your age...You can trust him. Rhodey won't tell anyone your identity."

Rhodey nodded in agreement.

"I'll take your secret to my grave." He promised solemnly.

Spiderman regarded Tony and Rhodey in turn, seeming hesitant. Finally, though, his shoulders slumped in defeat and he reached up with his good hand, carefully peeling away his mask.

As the boy's hand with his mask fell to rest in his lap, Rhodey stared at the teen's face, feeling his heart twist painfully.

The teen grimaced, eyes lifting to meet Rhodey's for a second before turning away shyly.

"...Peter. My name's Peter."

The boy's, Peter's, face was far younger than Rhodey could've imagined. If he had to guess, Rhodey would have to say that Peter was probably fifteen, sixteen at the absolute most. He had tousled brown hair and dark eyes that held an intelligence that was rare to see in one so young. His face, while loosing the soft curves of youth, was still somewhat round. A colorful bruise stained his right cheek a blue-purple. The boy was biting his lip, clearly nervous.

Swallowing the feeling of worry he was experiencing, Rhodey managed a kind smile and offered a hand.

"Its nice to meet you, Peter."

Surprise flashed across the teen's expressive face, yet after a split second of hesitation, Peter shook the man's hand and offer a shy smile of his own.

Tony, seeing that the situation was defused (though he knew Rhodey would probably have a lot more to say after Peter left), picked up the gauze he'd dropped. When Peter's eyes turned to him, the billionaire smiled.

"I think you should stick around here tonight. I don't want you web slinging with your shoulder out of whack, and at this time of night? The subways are full of whackjobs."

Peter looked like he wanted to protest, but when he realized that Tony would probably not cave on this, he nodded.

"I'll call Aunt May."

With a grunt of effort, Rhodey stood, quickly catching his balance once on his feet. Ignoring how Peter glanced at his leg braces, the man smiled.

"Why don't I get you something to eat, kid. You're probably starving."

The mention of food made a rumble sound from Peter's stomach, and the teen flushed a bright red while Tony snorted in amusement and Rhodey's smile widened.

"Uh...Y-yeah, food would be good."

Rhodey nodded and headed for the kitchen. As he carefully walked, Rhodey went over this stunning new information he'd learned, and felt a spike of protectiveness in regards to Peter.

From now on, he'd make sure to let the young hero know he could come to him for anything, just in case Tony wasn't around at any point in time. Peter needed as many people looking out for him as he could, after all.