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Hiruzen moved through the hallways of the hospital with two of his ANBU members behind him. Nurses, doctors, visitors, and patients quickly stepped to the side and lowered their heads in silent respect as he passed. Giving slight nods in thanks, the Third Hokage made a left and walked down another hallway. While appearing the calm and stern figure of the Hokage on the outside, inside, he was writhing in fear and anguish. A mission had gone badly, the mission that he had assigned to his little girl. Stopping in front of a pair of double swinging doors, the dark haired man looked up at the sign at the left of the doors.


The word made his heart plummet even further. Taking in a breath, Hiruzen stepped forward and pushed through the doors.

The harsh lights made him squint under his broad Hokage hat until his eyes got use to the brightness. The first thing he saw were two long bodies sitting on the metal tables, covered in pale green sheets, and their feet exposed with tags hanging from their toes. It wasn't until he looked over to the right did he see the people surrounding the third and far more noticeably smaller figure under the green sheet. His strong wife stood closest to the table, her dark eyes unusually pained. Shikaku stood next to her, slouching inward with his hands shoved into his pockets as he stared at the sheet, clearly itching to yank it back to reveal the face of the body. His students, Tsunade and Orchomaru stood near by holding clipboards in their hands as they watched the two with blank faces. Minato wasn't present as he was out on a mission with his three genin and Naegi's own genin. Jiraya was also absent as he was off spying.

"Sensei," Orochimaru spoke up, his gold eyes glittered with an unspoken emotion. "You came."

He nodded. "Well?" He asked calmly, his eyes on the sheet.

Tsunade opened her mouth but she closed it quickly, turning her head away as tears started to line the edges of her eyes. Hiruzen glanced down at the body before reaching his hand out, only to have his hand grabbed by a slender pale hand. Looking up, his dark eyes meet those of the Snake Sanin. The long haired man shook his head as he released his grasp on his teacher's wrist.

"Results prove it, Sensei. It's her."

As the words left Orochimaru's mouth, tears began to stream down Biwako's cheeks as she covered her mouth with her hand, letting out a choked cry. Hiruzen lowered his head, the brim of his hat hiding his face as grief took over.

"How?" He croaked.

Orochimaru lifted a page on the board and replied, "A barrage of exploding tags. With what tissue was left we tested to reveal a poison in her system. Tsunade and I find it surprising that Naegi-chan allowed a poison tipped kunai to hit her. We're assuming she had hesitated for some reason before taking the blunt of the blast."

Hesitated? What could cause her to hesitate?


The tiny word that Tsunade whimpered made all heads whipped around to stare at her.

"What?" Biwako whispered. "What did you say?"

The Slug Princess looked up, tears on her cheeks. "She was pregnant. She begged me not to tell."

The silence in the morgue was deafening as everyone took in the words the blonde said.

"Did he know?"

The low growl in Shikaku's voice made everyone turn to the shadow user. His dark eyes were zeroed in on Tsunade. "Did that baka know that she was pregnant?"

Tsunade blinked. "Minato? She told me she was going to tell him…"

The Nara scowled before stalking out of the morgue, his hands still shoved into his pockets. The four watched him leave before looking back down at the covered figure. With a muttered 'excuse me' Tsunade hurried away, Orochimaru following her after a nod to his teacher and his wife. With the door swinging closed behind him, it was just Hiruzen and Biwako. They each stood on either side of the table, silent but rolling in grief on the inside.

"I suspected." His wife said hollowly, making Hiruzen look up. She shook her head. "When she came for dinner the night before she left…I noticed that she had put on a little weight…but I wasn't sure…" Biwako looked up at Hiruzen, fresh tears in her eyes. "Why? Why wouldn't she tell us?"

The aging Hokage said nothing in respond to his wife, his eyes only meeting her. Walking around the table, he pulled into his arms, cradling his emotionally fragile wife to his firm chest. Shaking his head, all the man said was,

"I don't know."

"Minato! Shikaku! What the hell are you doing?!" Kushina Uzuimaki shouted when the new Nara Head appeared and slammed the newly arrived Minato into a wall, pressing his forearm against the blonde's neck. The 9 genin that stood behind Kushina watched with wide eyes. The two shinobi that stood in charge the gate watched with bewilderment and caution.

Bewildered blue eyes stared at Shikaku. "Shika-"

"Did she tell you?" Hissed the shadow user, pressing his forearm harder against Minato's neck. "Did you know?!"

"Who told him what?" Kushina demanded, stepping forward. "Shikaku, what is going on?"

Shikaku's hard and angry dark never left Minato's baby blues as he said, "Before Naegi took on her mission in the Land of Grass, she went to meet with Tsunade because she wasn't feeling well. After Tsunade examined her, it turns out that Naegi was pregnant."

Kushina gasped and cover her mouth, while Kakashi, Gai, Ebisu, and Genma looked on with horror their eyes. Minato's eyes widened and his face pale at the words. "What?" he whispered as numbness began to spread through his body.

Shikaku leaned in closer, the words coming out his mouth full of vemon. "She was carrying your child, Namikaze. And you let her go on the mission!" He roared.

The blonde was still in a daze; his eyes blank at he took in his comrade's words. "…Was?" He whispered. "…. She was pregnant?"

At Minato's words, Shikaku stared at him before slowly pulling back, watching at Minato slowly fell to his knees as he gazed up at Shikaku with agonized eyes. Team Namikaze stared at their kneeling sensei in shock, never seeing the strong and powerful man on his knees before just from a few words. Genma, Naegi's fairly normal student stepped forward. "Nara-sama….where is Naegi-sensei?"

All hearts dropped as the dark haired man closed his eyes and lowered his head, three particular hearts cracking at his silence. Kushina fell to her knees with an agonized cry, her three genin quickly swarming around her to offer comfort. Gai had big fat tears pouring down his red cheeks as he latched onto Ebisu who only lowered his head as tears began to gather in this eyes, and Genma was biting down hard on his dulled senbon, his face turning red as he struggled to keep the tears from falling. Rin was out right sobbing, her arms around Obito who was furiously readjusting his goggles. Kakashi was the only who's eyes were clear of tears, but his shinobi heart was aching for the lost of the woman who was his godmother, his aunt, and teacher. He glanced at the immobile Minato who was still staring up at Shikaku. Naegi had been pregnant, with Minato-sensei's child. A child that could have changed the world with his (it had to have been a boy) father's strength and wisdom paired with his mother's gentle and friendly heart. He could also see him now; a tiny grinning blonde with familiar mischievous green eyes, waving his one free while the other clutched the hand of a grinning Naegi. But that vision faded when Minato stumbled to his feet before darting towards the direction of the hospital, clearly refusing to believe Shikaku until he saw with his own eyes.

The apartment was absolute mess, broken dishes and picture frames were scattered across the floor, and clothing tossed everywhere. Sitting on the bed was a ragged Minato, his red eyes rimmed with tears as he held a picture in his trembling hands. It was a picture of the two of them on their first 'date' at the Festival, Naegi looking beautiful in her beautiful kimono and Minato standing next to her in his blue yukata with a beaming smile. Her sensei and his own student's father had snapped the photo for the two, telling them at these help with precious memories when "…you get old and wrinkly..", making Naegi snark back at her old teacher about when she would be "…an old fart like him…". The memory made the blonde smile tightly but new tears were pooling quickly. Letting out a choked moan, the young man buried his face into one of his hands, his shoulders shaking as he remembered running into morgue to see the Hokage holding his sobbing wife. Not realizing that the Hokage's sharp eyes were focused on him, Minato had slowly stumbled towards the metal table and tried to look under the sheet. The sight and smell of what remained of his love made the blonde let out a choking scream, stumbling back to vomit into a trashcan. After he removed all of the contents of his stomach into the metal can, Minato heard the Hokage tell him that it was confirmed that it was she and the young shinobi let out a sob. Kushina had followed him, and refusing to look towards the table where she was lying, the red head led the blonde out of the morgue to back to the apartment. There, she watched him rip the place apart in his anguish.


His hoarse voice made the redhead look up from her spot in the kitchen. He was still looking at the photo of the two of them. "Why didn't she tell me?"

Kushina was silent. Naegi always did something for a good reason, being a firm believer in the teachings of Sakumo-sensei. She still wouldn't do something this stupid, especially with a child on the way. Especially Minato's child…

The Uzumaki snuck another glance at the mourning blonde. Naegi had always called him a pretty boy, and she wasn't far off. As a child, he was certainly cute but as an adult, he had turned annoyingly handsome. Women were certainly attracted to the gentle blonde and Kushina ashamedly was one of them. She gave herself a mental slap. Now was not the time for noting how attractive the blonde was.

"I don't know," she finally admitted, trying not to notice the tightening of his grip on the frame.

"I loved her," he whispered as tears fell from his eyes onto the glass of the picture. He attempted to wipe them away but it only made them smear across the glass. "How could she do this to me?"

"Minato…" Kushina said sadly, watching at the normally strong man struggled to keep himself composed. She couldn't bear this. "Why don't you stay the night with me? You're in no shape to be alone right now."

The man just nodded, keeping his grip tight on the photo frame. "Thank you Kushina…" He whispered. "You're a good friend."

That night, several shinobi stared into the cups of sake before silently toasting to their daughter, sister, dead friend, lover, and beloved. Tears trailed down flushed cheeks and pained sobs filled empty rooms while a few sat on their porch and watched the fireflies dance across the ponds in the gardens.

8 months later


"Push child!" the old woman snapped, holding a blanket at the ready. The young soon to be month threw her head back against the cloth that pillowed her head as she let a loud long cry. The two young women that stood near by with hot water and towels flinched at the young mother's cries.

"I am!" She snarled, tightening her grip onto the stakes buried in the ground. "Fuckity fuck FUCK! Minato, I would so kill you if you were here right now!"

"That's nice, dear. NOW PUSH!"

Gritting her teeth, she squeezed her eyes shut and gave one last push. The world went deaf as a single loud squall of a newborn baby reached her ears. Dropping her head on the pillow, she blinked rapidly as tears began to pool in her eyes. Soft muttering came over from where the three ladies were gathered around the infant before the old woman broke through a lumpy blanket wrapped around the sobbing baby. The two young women helped the brand new mother up in order to hold her child.

"Here we are, dear," She said kindly. "Arms up. Mind his head."

Eagerly, she opened her arms as the midwife carefully placed the baby in her arms. She could feel a mix of giddiness, sadness and hope as she pulled the blanket away from the baby's head to look at him when she froze.

Black hair.

Not blonde.

Spikey but not blonde.

Naegi stared the at her baby with wide eyes, taking in the black hair, the beauty mark under his right eye, and the blue and green eyes that were squinting up a her.

This isn't Naruto.

Who the hell was this?

6 years later:

The pain radiating from his midsection was nearly unbearable. Minato coughed up ruby red blood, a trail trickling from the corner of his mouth as he looked past the head of his fiery wife to that of his crying newborn son. Black was surrounding his vision but his gaze was focused on his little boy. Tears began to gather his eyes.

'Grow strong and wise, Naruto,' he thought a smile on his face. 'I'm sorry that your mother and I can't be here to watch you grow, but Naegi and your big brother or sister will help keep an eye on you. I just know it. She would of loved you, as much as her own. Be strong, Naruto.'

The enraged roar of the Nine Tails echoed throughout the valley as it was sealed away inside the tiny newborn, and as it was sealed away, both Minato and Kushina fell to the ground. As the darkness grew closer and thicker, Minato smiled weakly at the starry sky as his life began to fade.

'I'm sorry Naegi, but I can't join you and our child at the moment. But someday, we'll be together. You, our little one, Kushina and me…we will all be together. I can't wait to see you Naegi. I have so much to tell you…And our little one…a son….a…a daughter, I bet…they're….you…'

The Third skidded to a halt along with the shinobi that followed him, quickly going to sides of the Lord Fourth and his wife. The shinobi that knelt beside the Fourth, as he quickly tried to apply medical aid, thought he heard the younger Hokage whisper something into the wind before his heart stopped.




The small toddler hurried into the next room where his mother was kneeling, trembling hands clutched at her chest. Her one eye was wide as she stared down at the broken bowl.

"I'm ok, kiddo," She assured her tiny son as he hurried over and grabbed her shirt with tiny fists, his big eyes wide.

"What happened Momma?" He questioned curiously, glancing down at the bowl and up to his mother.

She gave him a shaky but warm smile. Leaning down she pressed her lips to his forehead. "Nothing sweetie. It's nothing…."

As he gave her happy smile before toddling back into the next room, the young 24-year-old mother stared down at her hands that were still trembling.



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