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"….And now we're here." I explained, taking a sip of sake as Asuma and I sat on the back porch.

Asuma exhaled heavily, sending a long streak of smoke into the air. "Well then."

I grimaced at the smell and reached over to pluck the cigarette out of his mouth and tossed it into the koi pond. Ignoring his protests, I leaned back on my hands with a sigh, watching the soft ripples made by the koi fish.

"So the brat is Asuka's?" I asked, sliding my eyes towards my baby brother. "When did he get hitched?"

Grumbling under his breath as he fished out a new cigarette and lit it, Asuma took in another inhale. "About 7 years ago. Married a lower clan member that Mom and Dad picked out."

"And where are they now?"

Asuma shrugged. "Last I saw they're both in ANBU."

I quirked an eyebrow at him. "Saw?"

"They're rarely off missions. But you'd be proud of Asuka, he's improved over these past years."

"I'm glad."

Silence fell over us for a few minutes, crickets echoing across the yard. At this point I wasn't really sure on what to tell everyone. I had been lying to them about protecting Minato's child from the enemy, while in reality; I left the village thinking I was pregnant with Naruto. Instead I gave birth to Raiu, a person that had never existed in the first place.

"Hey Asuma?"


I turned my head to look at my brother with a quirked eyebrow. "Who the hell named the kid 'Konohamaru'?"

The man snorted with a slight grin. "You can thank Lord Hokage for that. Asuka and his wife didn't really have a plan when they learned about the pregnancy."

I rolled my eyes again. Once again, Hiruzen Sarutobi was a great fearless Hokage, but he was not an expert at naming children.


I blinked. "Hm?"

"Did you see the others?" He asked, holding his cigarette in one hand as he took a shot of sake.

I thought my nose throbbed at his question. Giving a rub, I sighed heavily. "Yeah. They didn't take it so well, especially Tsume. I guess I'll have to deal with them tomorrow. Which should be fun."

"Speaking of pregnancy," Asuma said, sliding his eyes over me. "Your kid sure looks a lot like him."

I huffed, a slight smile stretching across my face. "Don't I know it. That's half the reason we kept on moving from place to place."

"And the other half?" He questioned, taking another inhale.

"Well, I guess I was scared." I admitted.

Asuma raised his eyebrow. "Of what?"

"What else? I was the esteemed daughter of the Hokage, was in a relationship with the Yellow Flash, who's reputation preceded him, and I was pregnant with his child. Doesn't that sound the least bit tempting for enemy nin?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I suppose so."


Looking behind us, Asuma and I meet the unsure eyes of Raiu who hovered by the door nervously.

"What's up Raiu?"

He glanced over at Asuma hesitantly before looking me. "May I speak to you?"

Concern began to crawl up my mind as I stood up and walked over to my son. "Of course. Asuma," I said, looking over my shoulder at my brother. "I'll see you at breakfast, ok?"

He nodded, raising a hand. "Sounds good. Night you two."



Stepping through the doorway, I closed the door and turned my attention to Raiu. "What's up kiddo?"

He gave me an almost unconformable glance. "Well, Konohamaru has been barging into my room for the past half hour, challenging me to see who is the worthier grandson and the last time….well he…"

I frown. "He what?"

Raiu shuffled his feet, a red sheen on his face. "He did a transformation jutsu and turned into…um..."

At his hesitation, understanding dawned on me and I raised my eyes to the heavens.

"For the love of-"

'Let the fun begin~!'

Quiet you.

The next morning, I stood in the shinobi cemetery, staring down at the stone marker as I awaited the arrival of my old friends. Raiu was with Dad, something about the upcoming Chunin exams.

Kneeling, I picked up one the fresh lilies someone had left. Must have been some children who decided to wash the gravestones and place fresh flowers down. Running my hand along the gravestone, my eye tracing the kanji carved into the surface with the Leaf's symbol etched under my name.

Sarutobi Naegi

B. April 14 D. January 7

Glancing to the gravestone to the left of mine, my heart dropped at the name of my mother, lilies placed under her name.

Raising my head, I looked up at the massive flame statue, the names of the past Hokages inscribed in the stone. Kushina was around here somewhere, but her and every other shinobi who gave their lives for the village, had their names on the Memorial Stone.

Including mine.


'So how ya doing?'

Go away.

'Can't. I am part of the wonderful, beautiful thing that is your mind. I'm like your conscious. But with more snark.'

I'm busy.

A snort. 'Of course you are.'

I need to concentrate.

'Of course do you. After, good luck explaining to our old friends as to why we upped and left.'

Shut up.

'I had it all planned. We would of returned and saved the day, claiming that I had gone undercover to find Orochimaru and stop his evil plans. Dad would we-'


I gritted my teeth, snarling at the now silent presence in my mind.

You will be silent!

She was quiet for a brief moment before speaking one more time.

'You need to read our book. Seriously, it could change everything.' And then her presence faded.

Cracking my eye open, I gazed up at the blue sky.

"So it's true." A faint male voice whispered behind me.

Opening my eye, I looked over my shoulder to see number of shinobi standing there. They had all gotten older, faint wrinkles lining their face but they never changed. A Hyuga was in the front of the group, his white purple eyes studying me intently. Glancing at his bare forehead, I assumed that the speaker was Hiashi.

"You have betrayed us."

Turning, I faced the group, ignoring his accusatory jab. "With good intentions." I said quietly.

Hiashi's frown grew deeper. "I highly doubt that." I could see a few of them nod their heads in agreement.

Someone clearing their throat made heads turn to look at Inochi, who stood next a solemn Shikaku and sad looking Choźa. "She does have a reason, one that she believes was necessary." He said calmly.

"And that was?" Shibi spoke up from the far side, his mouth hidden by the high collar of his coat.

Swallowing, I said, "16 years ago, I had gone to Tsunade to receive her approval to go back out in the field after a being injured in a past mission. During my checkup, she found something that was…rather surprising."

"That was?" Tsume said hotly. In the back, Shikaku lowered his head and diverted his eyes.

I shifted my weight, crossing my arms over my chest. "I was pregnant with Minato's baby."

Looks over surprise took over my old friend's faces, minus Shikaku and Inochi.

"Pregnant?" Tsume breathed, her eyes wide. "Namikaze got you knocked up?"

I nearly rolled my eyes. "To be short and simple, yes. Minato put a mini him inside me."

"So if you survived, does that mean…?" Choźa let his sentence hang, uncertainly in his tone.

My lips twitched. "Yeah. I had the baby. A boy, and he looks nearly identical to his father but with some of my features. His name is Raiu."

"You mean the kid in the Hokage's office?" Tsume questioned. "That's your kid?"

I nodded. "That's my baby."

"So what, he was the reason you left and played dead? Making us mourn for you after all these years?" Hiashi said, his voice tight.

Rubbing my eye, I sighed. Looking up, I asked, "This needs to told over some sake."