Author's notes. As you have read this fic will be showing trailers for what is to come by me and Lord Primeval, But don't worry we will still be doing Godzilla x Titan 3 and Doctor who companion what if. This is just what is to come in the future.

Enjoy cause this fanfiction is what we will do after finishing Godzilla x Titan 3.

What if.

We see the oceans and in the distant, ships sealing across.

A powerful word that can change events in life, sometimes the changes can be good or bad depending on the choice.

Then the scene changes, taking us under the sea and we see all the fish and sea life that live in it.

Sometimes what ifs can be a change in event, sometimes it can even change a person or individuals.

Then we see the sandy floor.

Or sometimes a what if can have someone from one story meeting another.

Then we see a silhouette of a mermaid with long hair swimming with a small fish as they passed the sand, and the movement caused the sand to reveal a golden lamp.

This is the kind of story we will be telling.

Then the mermaid came back and picked the lamp up showing us Ariel smiling at her newfound treasure.

Z-king and Lord Primeval presents.

The Mermaid and the Genie.

Coming soon.