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To say that Draco Malfoy was a wreck would be putting it mildly. To say that he was a pile of nerves would be a more accurate assessment. He couldn't tell you what was discussed in the classes that he actually went to and he couldn't tell you what anyone told him that day. All he could think about was 'I want to find out if you taste like you smell, vanilla raspberry.'

It was slowly driving Draco insane.

So when dinner came, he slowly made his way to the Great Hall. He sat with his back to the Gryffindor table so he wouldn't be slowly tortured to death. Draco didn't know how much he ate or what he painstakingly shoved into his mouth, all he knew was that dinner went by way to fast.

When he left the great hall, he hadn't even made it anywhere close to the Gryffindor Tower before he was ambushed and pushed into an empty classroom.

"Sorry, I didn't know if you would actually show and I couldn't take that chance," Harry whispered as he slowly pushed Draco against the back wall.

"I was working on it."

"Mmm, good." Harry suddenly lowered his lips so they just brushed against the partially stunned Slythern. He then pulled his head back up and looked Draco in his eyes.

What he saw in those smokey orbs was enough to make him feel weak. But he couldn't falter, not at this stage. He was determined to win; he was determined to make the sexy man standing before him his. And he was a Gryffindor with Slythern qualities. Which meant he would get what he wanted, no matter what the cost.

"Harry," whispered Draco, not quite trusting his voice.

Harry smiled; this was going to be easier than he thought. "Yes?"


"Because Draco, just because."

"I need to know."

Harry leaned forward so his forehead was resting against Draco's. "You want to know why? Because you make a potion with so much emotion, because of the way you look at the world, because of the way you look when you are deep in thought, because of the way you strut around here like you own the place, when really inside you just want someone to notice it is really an act, and because I love you. I love the way you look when you are on top of the world, I love the way you can make my blood run, I love the way you look when you get frustrated about something, and I love the way your eyes show what you are too afraid to show the world. Is that enough for you?"

Draco responded by giving into his dreams, giving into his lust, and giving into the love that Harry was ready to give him. Their lips meet with a fire that could burn less worthy souls. Days, months, years of unreleased passion meet with the hormones of two seventeen-year-old boys. Hands roamed over firmly muscled bodies. Soon, fingers were busy working the clasps that stood between them and desire.

For the next few hours, lust was fulfilled many times over; both boys finding release several times. When their love was placated for the time, they gave each other a hungry kiss and promised to meet tomorrow.

Draco went straight to his room and fell asleep almost immediately. This time, his dreams were not only his dreams, they were also his reality.

Harry collected his thoughts for a second before heading down to the dungeons. He knocked on a door and was granted permission to enter.

"I just thought you should know, it worked. He's mine," Harry told the soul occupant of the room.

"Good. I was tired of hearing his whining this summer. Now the downside will be that I will have to listen to his ranting of how delectable you are."

"Oh, come on Severus. You know you like it."

"Between you and Draco,"

"You have two people who would gladly give their lives for you. That you would protect like your sons, and that you love like they are your family."

"Insolent brat."

Harry laughed. "So, when are you going to tell me about your mysterious man?

"When he decides to grace me with his presence."

"Ah. Well, when ever that is, I want to be the first to know. But right now, I have to go announce the good news to my friends who are probably getting a little worried."

"Go, tell your friends the good news. Are you going to announce this tomorrow over breakfast?"

"I was planning on coming in and giving everyone a show. So make sure you're though eating before I get there."

"Leave. I want to enjoy my last few moments of tranquility in silence."

Harry smiled and left to go tell his friends the good news. Severus, on the other hand, stayed for a while before his mystery man came in and dragged him though several halls and up numerous stairs before arriving at their destination, where he was shown just what animal passion meant.
The next day at breakfast, Draco was eating in solitude. It was not by his choice however, he was 'scaring the shit' out of everyone with his I-had- sex smile, or so he was told.

When Harry walked in with an almost identical smile on his face, Draco's smile somehow grew. But when Harry purposefully started walking towards him, his smile faltered. 'What is he doing? Is he crazy?' was all that seemed to be running though his head.

Harry stopped right behind his boyfriend. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Draco nodded, confusion apparent on his face. 'He had better not tell me this was all some joke.' He soon found out that is was no joke, for as he started to walk out of the hall, he felt an arm block his path. He looked up at the owner of the arm and found desire showing in those emerald-eyes.

Harry, before he lost his will, attached his lips to he delicious morsel standing before him. He was not disappointed as Draco returned the kiss with as much passion as he was getting.

They broke apart to applause. But the were oblivious to it all. "I just had to make sure you still tasted like vanilla raspberries."

"And do I?"

"I don't know, I think I will have to check again." And check again he did. They only stopped their show when the Headmaster came down to congratulate them on their newfound relationship.
^*^Later that night^*^

"Harry, where exactly are we going?"

"My room."

"And why exactly are we taking all my things?"

"Because you're moving in with me."

Draco stopped dead in his tracks. "What?"

Harry turned around to look at his new roommate. "You're not safe in the Slythern dorms. Dumbledore has been looking for a way to keep you safe all summer. When he saw that we were together, it was the perfect solution. Come on, we're almost there."

They started walking again. When the came across a portrait of Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slythern, Draco's jaw dropped open. "This is your room?"

"Head Boy's quarters, why?"

"I had a dream, and in the dream this was your room."

"And why were you dreaming about my room?"

Draco glared at the teasing Gryffindor. "You know perfectly well why I was dreaming about your room. Now, are we going to stand here like two idiots, or are we going in?"

"Good evening Godric, Salazar."

"Good evening Harry. And how is my favorite descendent doing today?" asked Godric.

Ignoring Draco's dropped jaw, Harry answered, "Never better. Oh, by the way, this is Draco, my boyfriend. He is going to be living here with me this year."

Salazar turned to his portrait companion. "I told you so. Now will you allow it?"

Godric mumbled something and sat down in a chair that was behind him.

"This is getting a little weird. In my dream, they were arguing about something that sounded an awfully lot like that." the blonde wizard said.

"You dreamed about it huh? I told you that is wasn't inappropriate! But would you listen to me, nooooo. All high and mighty Godric Gryffindor listens to no man," Salazar complained in a very age inappropriate voice.

"Alright, I was wrong, again. Don't have to go rubbing it in my face," Godric said as he sulked away.

"Salazar, what are you two blithering about now?" asked a very perplexed Harry.

"Albus was wanting to put Draco in here with Harry all summer. Godric here wouldn't allow it, something about how it was inappropriate. I responded with its not inappropriate for them, again, he wouldn't listen."

"So you were right. Can we let it drop now and let them in?" Godric whined.

"No password has been given. It would be,"

"Vanilla raspberry," interrupted Harry. The portrait swung open while the two occupants still bickered about nothing.

"Vanilla raspberry, now where have I heard that before?" Draco asked.

Harry responded by attaching his lips to his boyfriend and dragging him to the bedroom where they spent the night letting their love get the better of them.

Outside, Godric and Salazar continued to bicker about anything and nothing, oblivious to the world inside just as the occupants were oblivious to the world outside.
Elsewhere in the castle, Severus and his mysterious lover were just laying in each other's company, happy for the time spent together.

"What do you think of Harry and Draco?"

"I wish them all the happiness that they can possess."

"Do you think they can make it?"

There was a pause. "If they can both survive the war, then I think that they will live together in happiness forever."

"What are the chances that they will survive?"

"You're just trying to be a pessimist tonight, aren't you Sev?"

"I'm trying to be a realist."

"Its not working."

"Humor me."

"If they hadn't gotten together, I would say that the chances of them surviving are slim. But since they now have something to hang onto, a reason to live, I think that Harry will do anything he can to protect Draco and Draco will do anything he can to protect Harry."

"And you and that mutt will be doing everything you can to protect Harry as well I take it?"

"Sirius will always try to make up for lost time. Me, I will try my hardest to protect Harry, Draco, and you."

Severus was stunned into silence for a while. No one had ever said that they would try to protect him. And while he really didn't need the protection, he was grateful for what it meant. "I love you Remus."

"I love you too."