Author's Note: Just letting all know that this is my first attempt at a Harry Potter story. Please be kind. Pairings will happen down the future and canon pairings changed around, but not for a while though it will be hinted at. Canon will not start for a while and by then Harry will be better prepared for what is to come. He won't be able to kick everyone's ass on the first try, some but not all, but he will be able to catch others off guard thanks to his ability and be smarter.

Also as video game RPGs and other video games weren't as prominent in the world at the time in canon I've changed the date of Harry's birth to 1999. I do this because it's a more technological story and it will play a role. I didn't do this lightly. So events and births will be pushed up by a decade or so. And we are doing this several, six to eight, months or so before Harry goes to Hogwarts.

Now as for the main characters involved in the beginning they will be Ron, Neville, and Hermione, no bashing will be done to them, and some others later on I feel Rowling could have focused on. I hate bashing, all three, even Harry, in the canon series had their flaws and I will attempt to try and give good and realistic reasons for them via background checks in the story. The major flaws are these: Ron, jealousy and living up to expectations his more successful older brothers have set forth, Hermione is her book smarts and laser point view on the rules of any society and what she deems to be the right thing, and Neville with his social awkwardness and lack of confidence in his skills.

Later on they improved, though JK Rowling could have done things more believable. Personally I think she made it more believable with Neville's gradual progression in confidence, but even great authors can still have flawed logic and no story will be perfect. Some authors, believe it or not, want to see the ideas and direction of immature in their own work so they look at their story in the eyes of others.

Will I introduce them to the Gamer secret? Maybe, down the line, but not for a long while and I say this because we all know that in the Wizarding World things can be taken out of proportion very quickly and even with proof others will want to study and understand Harry's powers, or exploit it. Neville and Ron won't have a clue what's going on, even with the demonstration they will be hesitant to try something new that's part of the mundane world, like all purebloods. The fact that the Gamer gift comes from a Primordial Goddess of all things, and the magicals are more attuned to myths, will garner some worry and envy.

To me Ron is human, he has anger issues, is a bit tactless at times during conversations despite his gift at strategy. With the gifts and advantages we believe others have it is normal to have Rowling wanting to introduce an element of jealousy, but she failed by going too far and then making the whole reconciliation thing seem too easy.

Personally, I would have made them start slow by merely be on speaking terms or have not had that jealously scene done at all. And don't give the whole Ron will abandon them thing because we all know that even with his anger towards Harry he still helped him in the challenge and horcrux hunt. Also, in the latter part it was due to the horcrux, a very influential and dark object, he wore for a very long time messing with his head. Harry barely wore it and had a link to Voldemort so he wasn't affected as badly.

While Hermione will think something is wrong with Harry and try to help him by looking for answers to questions that may inadvertently make things worse. Contrast to how people see her, Hermione is not perfect. In the beginning she was more mature than others her age, but to others she came across as bossy know at all who had a bit of arrogance, nowhere Malfoy level though, whenever she one up someone or got something done right the first time. In a sense they right as Hermione sees everything from a linear perspective, it's only till after she becomes friends with Ron and Harry that she slowly improves herself begins to see the rules as sometimes needing to be broken if it meant doing the right thing.

Harry's problem was that he was too easy to be blinded by his emotions and did not really use his head during moments that doing so could have ended things on a better note. The whole Umbridge fiasco and Voldemort return thing being two of them that could have gone better had he not been acting child when others called him a liar about the whole Voldemort thing. Harry should have been much better prepared for events like this but others thought it was best he be alienated from the Wizarding World for his own safety. Which was good and all, but could have been executed a hell of a lot better. Harry got damn lucky in the end, his skills were good, but power wise compared to Voldemort, who was a prodigy and had decades of experience, Harry is nothing. It was only his luck, Voldemort's arrogance, and the DEUS EX Machina event Rowling pulled that saved him. We all know he otherwise would have lost in a straight up duel if Voldemort took things seriously. The destruction of his horcruxs taking a toll on him both mentally and magically played a role as well in my mind. They are pretty much like a phylactery in fantasy, destroy some of them and you greatly weaken the creator as you are in essence destroying a piece of them.

Now as for Dumbledore, I personally think he is a well-meaning person and man, a powerful one too, but he was nowhere near perfect as many thought him to be and his enemies knew how to exploit it to their advantage. Had he not been so afraid of what he could have done with the power he had, and trying to control things the way he thought best it would have ended the last war on a better note and things would have not spiralled out of control during fifth year.

I will accept the fact that being with the Dursleys was the lesser of two evils, as others would have tried to use Harry for their own gain or he would have been targeted by the Death Eaters that managed to avoid Azkaban. The purebloods have the power to do so and we know that even if the family he was left with had no intention of using him he would still have been target in some way. It's not as though they could have isolated him in the wizarding world, Jurassic World and other events have taught us that never ends well. At least in the mundane world, hate the term muggle by the way, where wizarding influence was almost non-existent, Harry had chance at a normal life. Crappy as it was though.

All of these things, I will try to portray and correct in the boundaries of realism in this story. It's my first attempt at this so be kind please.

Now, as for Hedwig, I love her and while I'm trying to find a good role for her besides courier pigeon and companion, and can't really think of anything. There's this one idea I have but it will occur much later on and give her a better role then. Don't expect much from her in the beginning if I do involve her in the story.

Anyway, enough ranting, and enjoy the story people!

Harry Potter and the Power of the Gamer

Summary: Harry Potter had few pleasures growing up with the Dursleys. Fantasy stories, Science Fiction, and video games were some of them, a secret he kept well hidden from them. One day he wakes up and finds himself with the ability to live life as a video game. Harry couldn't make heads or tails of this but decided to make the most it. The Gamer is coming to Hogwarts! Gamer, and D&D elements!

Chapter One: Power of the Gamer

Ten-year-old Harry Potter yawned as he rose up from his bed in the broom closet and shook the cobwebs from his head. The dark haired and spectacle-wearing boy then proceeded to wipe the crud from his eyes, just as the knocking on the door began like clockwork.

"Wake up! Time to work!" he heard his aunt shout and soon heard the lock on the door being undone. As it was the start of the weekend Harry would only be allowed to take a shower after preparing breakfast and the morning chores. Afterwards he'd be let go and off on his own so as not to "disturb" the Dursley's weekend relaxation.

Harry tried to treasure weekends as much as he could. The week wasn't fun for the too skinny for his age boy. Harry wasn't the brightest of students, however; he was slightly above average in his class for some subjects and only average in others. The bully that was his cousin was considered an average to below average student at St. Grogory's Primary School. A fact that his relatives did not care for as his aunt and uncle believed his better grades were the result of him cheating. In their minds it was the only way they thought he could beat their precious and perfect little Duders.

"The only decent grade he's ever gotten is in P.E.," Harry thought even then it wasn't the greatest. It usually ended up being a C+ or a B at best due to his rotund figure. Dudley was quick despite his size but his unhealthy and excess consumption of sweets and other sorts of food did little for his stamina. Even then, though Harry was faster his stamina was only slightly better himself and often needed to resort to hiding during what was called Harry Hunting. But no one would help him or listen to him. Harry had given up on that long ago.

His aunt and uncle told his teachers that he was nothing more than a troublemaker with sporadic disorders. Being who they were, and his reputation around Privet Drive, the teacher would take the side of the adults. Where his grades were once considered at the top of the class was now at average. But Harry knew what happened when he got better grades than Dudley.

Other than the occasional whack upside the head and grabbing of his ears, his aunt and uncle never physically abused him. His uncle's sister Marge was the only one who ever physically abused him by whacking him on his shins whenever she visited. They were hateful and temperamental individuals and certainly not the brightest at times, but not that stupid. Harry didn't know if it was because of a case a few years ago, in which one of the former neighbours had been arrested for domestic abuse or because they knew better. Whether the Dursleys knew better or were too afraid of the law, Harry didn't which one it was.

At best when he did something wrong or out of the ordinary they would often deprive him of meals. Dudley would often hit him but as they were children many wouldn't look much into it or simply see it as child's play.

"I said get up!" Petunia shrieked and his thoughts were broken.

"Boy, move it!" he heard his uncle thundered after his wife.

The dark haired boy knew better than to keep them waiting or make them angry. Sighing, Harry grabbed a piece of clean clothing. It was an oversized sweater that once belonged to Dudley before being handed down to him when it no longer fit. Harry's clothes were clean but he often had to wash his own separately from the family's and after their share was clean. Harry had overheard them saying it had to do about some rubbish or other about not wanting his "freakishness" to afflict them through their clothes.

"Whatever that means," personally he thought they were paranoid and delusional.

As he put on his pants, Harry proceeded to then take his round, taped glasses and then placed them on his face. No sooner had this action occurred did Harry blink at the sight before him.

[QUEST ALERT! (1/10)]

"Family" Breakfast"

Main Quest: Make breakfast for the Dursley Family.

Main Quest Completion: +250 (162.5) EXP, +50 (32.5) REP

Failure: 50 Exp, -50 Reputation gain with the Dursley Family

Quest is Mandatory

"Oh, brilliant," he shook his head. "Another one," the boy sighed at the pop-up before it blinked out of existence the moment he pressed 'yes' or declared said word. It wasn't the first one and it certainly wasn't going to be the last one either.

The event of seeing it had occurred well over a month ago. At first, Harry began to believe he was going mental. His aunt and uncle had often told the neighbors as such and upon seeing the screen he'd begun believing them. That all changed when he could actually touch the floating text box. Mental or not, Harry was pretty sure that such an action wasn't supposed to be possible. Seeing things only you could see was one thing, seeing them and touching them was another ball game altogether.

It had taken some use to, not that he had a choice in the matter, but by last week he ended up accepting the odd ability/anomaly that affected his life. It could have been worse, he thought. Living his life as if it was part of a video game or fantasy game, as that was what it felt like to him, had changed things up a bit. He could have woken up with the ability to cause things to spontaneously combust.

Harry had read part of the book in the library and knew having that ability didn't end well for the protagonist. No matter how much the blighters deserved their comeuppance. That King bloke had an imaginative if not twisted mind for coming up with such a thing.

Getting out of the cupboard, Harry proceeded to the kitchen and was determined to go about his normal everyday routine… That is, of course, until he started seeing textboxes floating above his family members' heads.

"What the?…" a stunned Harry thought at the sight before him.

Vernon Dursley – Director of Grunnings – Level 13

Petunia Dursley – Housewife and Gossip – Level 12

Dudley Dursley – Bully of Privet Drive – Level 5

"Oy! What are you gawking at, boy?"

"Nothing, Uncle Vernon," Harry said and got to work on making their breakfast. The boy was discreetly glancing at his family members and the floating text boxes on top of their heads. "Those weren't there before," he idly wondered if it had anything to do with him finally coming to terms with whatever was happening to him.

It mattered little really, the boy continued to prepare the meals for his family like he did every other day. If there was one thing Harry did like it was cooking in general. Though he kept that tidbit of information to himself. Once the meals were done, Harry placed them on their plates and only received a grunt of acknowledgment from his uncle and cousin and a curt nod and sniff from his aunt before she quickly dismissed him.

A skill has been created due to a special act! You've learned the Basic Cooking Skill!

Basic Cooking: Lv 7. Next Lv 9%/100%. The ability on how to cook meals and how good it turns out. Current level only allows you to make simple meals such as cooked bacon, fried eggs, or toast. Hint: Some meals can only be made when using a recipe or having watched someone teach you how to cook it.

*Increases cooking speed by 17% (instant meals aren't affected)

*Increases the success of creating a new basic level dish by 17 %

*Increases how well the meal taste by 7% (instant meals aren't affected)

"Oookaaayyyy," now it was definitely starting to look weird. But Harry also noticed that neither of his relatives saw the floating text box. Something the young dark haired boy was thankful for. Neither his aunt nor uncle would enjoy seeing something out of the ordinary such as this. Out of the ordinary was not something either one of them enjoyed. Ever!


"Family" Breakfast"

Main Quest: Make breakfast for the Dursley Family. (Achieved)

Rewards: +250 (162.5) EXP, +50 (32.5) REP

Once more the young lad pretended to ignore the floating text box, despite his intrigue at what was occurring. Making himself a slice of toast for his own breakfast, Harry ate quickly before he began his morning chores. The result of which caused another set of Daily Quests to occur and then be completed a few hours later. By the time the dirt-covered boy entered the house, welcoming the warmth it offered, Harry found a note on the counter addressed for him.


We've gone out. The house and chores better be finished by the time we get back! When you're done leave and be back by supper, or else!


Harry rolled his eyes. Most people nowadays would be given a text explaining this rather than by pen and paper. It was the 21st century for crying out loud! But his aunt and uncle wouldn't bother to buy him a cell like they did his cousin. If he recalled, Dudley was recently on his fifth one, whether the previous ones be destroyed in one of his tantrums or because he wanted the latest model. Harry rarely had any money, at the odd times he'd be given a pittance from Vernon or from the neighbours he did chores for such as the crazy cat lady, Mrs. Figg. With what little he earned he'd treat himself to a sweet from the local confectionary before Dudley found out. It hadn't been the first time the larger boy took it from him and tell his parents. Harry had learned long ago not to bother in saving up a large amount, having no place to hide it inconspicuously.

The young lad pushed the thought aside before he took off his clothes and took his shower. As the hot water and soap cleaned his dirty skin from the filth that littered it, Harry pondered on what to do. "Should I go to the library? Or the arcade – Oh, wait. Dudley's gang said they were going there this weekend," the boy had no doubt Dudley would probably ask his parents to drop him off there rather than go shopping for clothes.

It wasn't the first time he had encountered Dudley, Malcolm, Piers and the rest of Dudley's friends at the arcade. All of them had a reputation of stealing games from others by either taking their money to play the games or hogging them from those younger than themselves. Harry had been a victim, a frequent victim to be more accurate before he wizened up and avoided the place whenever he spotted them or knew they were coming.

"Library Centre it is then," it wouldn't be so bad he surmised. The old library had been torn down and its contents moved into the locale convention centre that had undergone recent renovation. As a result, it was bigger, nicer, and had received new computers, and several books. Some he had learned were based on fantasy and science fiction. The boy recalled it due to trying to promote greater awareness and creative writing and reading among younger generations. The place had been categorized and was split into specific sections such as fantasy and science fiction along with anything video game or computer related being in said section. It also allowed him to play some of the online video games that some of the electronic businesses had been generous enough to donate.

Dudley and his friends, having little to no interest in such places and books in general, avoided the area like no tomorrow. The fact there was also the occasional security guard with a low tolerance for bullying also acted as a safety buffer and it was more or less a safe haven for Harry whenever he had some free time. Dudley and his gang were stupid, but not that stupid. That or he surmised they weren't brave enough. The fact it was only a twenty-minute walk from where Harry "lived" was also a bonus.

Though as Harry left the house, wearing one of the Dudley's old coats, and walked down the street did the boy notice some more floating text boxes above the heads of others. Once more he was rendered into a state of befuddlement at the phenomena. Why were floating text boxes appearing above the heads of others like an RPG? Harry knew better than going to his aunt and uncle, or any adults really, for answers. They'd throw him in a loony bin or actually place him in St. Brutus more quickly than when Dudley tore into his presents.

It was best he kept it to himself, and since it wasn't actually causing him any harm there was no point in saying anything really.

A special skill has been created through a special act.

"What?" a stunned Harry was wide-eyed at the act.

Through continuous observation of others in order to find out more about them the passive/active ability "Observe" has been created.

Observe Lv1. Next Lv 0/100%. This skill allows the user to see the target's max HP, max MP.

"That's useful," the boy noted. It wasn't exactly awesome in the sense that wouldn't be able to throw fireballs or lightning bolts from his hands but having a skill that allowed him to find out more information on something or someone was still useful. If merely observing others could be turned into a skill, what else could be turned into one?

(Sometime Later)

Harry yawned as he left the computer and game area. An unspoken rule among the regulars was not to hog the games or computers for over two hours, and Harry had no intention of getting a bad rep with one of the few places he enjoyed. Video games, much like books, were one of the few pleasures Harry had in his life. His cousin often received the new games and console that came out either during Christmas time, but Harry had never been allowed to touch them. Other than video games and bullying, Dudley was pants at virtually everything and even then Harry had often seen the games with higher difficulty not being an exception from his cousin's tantrums. Dudley was currently on his second PS3, and even then the system had cracks and scratches in them.

Had he any systems or games of his own, Harry would make sure they were properly taken care of. Games and consoles weren't cheap, and the way Dudley went through them was frightening in Harry's mind. Video games often gave Harry a form of freedom that he otherwise didn't have at the Dursley homestead. In a video game, Harry could be anyone he wanted to be. A warrior with incredible strength and mastery over weapons, an adept thief in the shadows and incredible sleight of hand, or an intellectual wizard with power over the elements and the arcane.

These three aspects were the most commonly used characters out of the many others available in the world of fantasy. So many options and variations to see which one suited your style of combat, many a time did Harry lose track of time when this happened.

"Speaking of which," glancing up at the clock mounted on the wall, Harry noticed it was a little after four o'clock. "I've still got some time to spare," he noticed. During the weekends the Dursleys had earlier meal times and take out, Dudley would throw a tantrum otherwise if they didn't, but that was usually at 5:30 to the usual 6:30.

The skinny male headed off towards the fantasy book section before he commenced browsing. Many authors Harry had to admit were very talented individuals for coming up with such classics. Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, The Swords of Shannara, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Artemis Fowl, and many more. Part of him wondered how such authors managed to gain these ideas. He knew that many based things off of folklore and old fairy tales that had been around for god knows how long. But where did those things originate from in the first place?


How do they do it?

Main Quest: Found the origins of fairy tales and myths where famous authors get their ideas.

Main Quest Completion: +5500 EXP, +5 Stat Points, ?

Accept (YES/NO)

"That's new," he muttered but accepted the quest anyway. Usually, the amount he'd be given was below five hundred, so this was a welcoming change. The stat points, however; were new. Going further into the fantasy section, Harry came across what he was looking for. "Here we go," he nodded as he opened and browsed through the D&D Player's Handbook, 4th Edition.

"Alright, thought so," he muttered. Harry had never played the game itself but had read a few books based on the D&D universe. A little refresher on never hurt anyone. Whatever it was that was happening to him, Harry now noticed it involved elements of fantasy. "Stat points are earned either through magical items, completing quests, or by levelling up. Stat points, or skill points, are points that cannot be exchanged and can only be used to increase your character's attribute levels," he read and so far it made sense. "Attributes," before he could flip the page did a screen pop up before him.


Your attributes determine your strengths and weaknesses. The most common way for your attributes to increase is by levelling up. Doing this increases your attributes by a small margin. Another way to increase your attributes is by training or performing certain tasks. An example would be physical training which depending on what is being done will increase your Vitality, Dexterity, and Strength. However, as you level up, and as your attribute level increases, so does the difficulty in increasing said attribute via normal means.

Strength (STR):

The Strength attribute determines the person's overall physical power. This attribute affects the amount of damage a person can inflict on another with martial arts, bladed, or blunt objects. It also affects a person's ability to reduce damage when blocking and affects the amount of weight they can lift, or throw. Strength can be naturally increased by performing physical exercises such as lifting weights, performing specific yoga movements, and other body building exercises.

Vitality (VIT):

The Vitality attribute determines the person's overall health and stamina. This attribute also affects a person's ability to regain health outside of combat and resist specials types of damage from things such as poison, mana draining, paralysis, burns, etc. Vitality can be naturally increased by performing physical exercises such as running, boxing, and other exercises where your endurance is pushed.

1 VIT = 25 HP

Every 10 VIT = 1% HP REGEN

Dexterity (DEX)

The Dexterity attribute determines the person's overall movement. This attribute affects a person's accuracy, evasion, speed, and ability to land critical strikes on an opponent in close, mid, and long range combat. Dexterity also plays a major role in pickpocketing, stealth, use of weaponry and the ability to dual wielding weaponry properly. Dexterity can be naturally increased by running, climbing up walls or trees, swimming and by practicing sleight of hand movements.

Intelligence (INT):

The Intelligence attribute determines the person's overall ability to think quickly, their memory, knowledge on a subject, and innovation. This attribute affects the strength of their magic and how much they have. Intelligence also plays an important role in learning more subtle skills such as Potions, Charms, and Alchemy. A person can increase their intelligence via reading books. Though similar to Wisdom, Intelligence basically tells you what the problem is and how to solve it.

1 INT = 25 MP

Wisdom (WIS):

The wisdom attribute determines the person's common sense, perception, and overall control of their magic. It also affects their ability on making better decisions as well as amplifying one's mental fortitude when defending and using mental attacks. More importantly, it affects how fast a person can recover their magical energy outside of battle and increases one's resistance towards elemental attacks and the effects of spells. Similar to Intelligence, Wisdom, however, tells you whether or not you should solve a certain problem. Wisdom can be increased by thinking things through carefully and by making the right decisions.


Every 20 WIS = 1% EXP INCREASE

Luck (LUK):

The Luck attribute determines the person's overall chance. Luck is unique compared to all the other attributes as it is capable of influencing anything from finding or looting random items, winning money while gambling, to encounters and outstanding successes/failures (such as critical hits).

"Wait, I can do that?" Harry was left momentarily surprised before it changed into one of curiosity, "If I can do that then how about … Status Window!" like magic another pop-up screen appeared before him and Harry was left… disappointed.

Status Window

Name: Hadrian "Harry" James Potter

Job: The Gamer

Level: 4 Next Level: 978/2100

Specialization: N/A

HP: 225

MP: 300

STR: 5

VIT: 9

DEX: 11.5

INT: 12

WIS: 11

LUK: ?

DEF: 0

Special Perks:

Gamer: Allows you to live your life like a video game. You still don't know much about it, but who cares life is good.

?: +1 DEX & 1 INT Per Lv, +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", +25% additional Reputation gain towards "?"


?: ?

?: ?


Malnourished: Hampered physical growth rate, -25% towards VIT, DEX, and STR, -25% Tolerance towards Harmful Potions and Poisons, Fatigue rate increased by 25% when performing physical activities (Can be removed with proper diet and exercise)

Impaired Vision (Nullified): -50% towards Accuracy, -50% towards DEX, -50% effectiveness towards Critical Hits (Can be removed with proper eye surgery or nullified with corrective lenses)


Freak: -25% Reputation gain with Dursley Family, -25% EXP from Quests given from Dursley Family (Cannot be Removed)

?: +1 to all Stats Per level, +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?",+25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", -25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", -25% additional REP towards "?"

Description: Harry Potter's background is shrouded in mystery. Orphaned at a very young age, Harry was left in the care of his aunt and uncle. Though neither his aunt nor uncle care all that much about him and merely tolerate his existence. Often he is seen performing chores around the Dursley homestead such as cleaning and cooking. Due to his upbringing, Harry was forced to mature more quickly than those in his age group and has a bit of trust issue towards adult figures. Currently capable of living his life like a video game but has no idea as to how it came into being.

Money: 3 Pounds

Stat Points: 4

"Gamer? That must be what's allowing me to see everything like a game," at least that answered one question in Harry's mind. But other than that, the Status Window he saw left much to be desired in Harry's mind. Even beginner make-believe characters had better stats than this. Most characters had above fifteen to above twenty points in their attributes when they began. Harry knew he had to improve his stats but even then it was only a short-term fix and he needed a better diet to remove it. But with the way the Dursleys fed him that was going to take some time to take care of.

And because of said debuff hampering his physical attributes it would take a while for him to properly increase them through common exercises. With that in mind, Harry realized he needed more stat points, and to get more stat points he needed to level up and complete quests. Luckily for him, the Christmas holidays started early next week, but even then he knew the only time Harry ever received quests, the only time he could even take them really, were during the weekends. Hopefully, the holidays would allow him better opportunities to level up, sad as it was given it was a time to relax.

"The only other way I'd be able to level up more quickly is by grinding in a dungeon," he chuckled at how ridiculous it sounded. A dungeon in Little Whinging of all places was pushing it.


Where there be Dungeons?

Main Quest: Find the natural dungeons in the Little Whinging area! (0/4)

Secondary Main Quest: Conquer the dungeons of the Little Whinging area! (0/4)

Main Quest Completion: 100 EXP per Dungeon found.

Main Quest Completion: 300 EXP per Dungeon conquered.

Warning: Quests must be completed before the end of the school year!

Accept? (YES/NO)

Harry could only gape at the pop up that appeared, not realizing that he had subconsciously accepted the quest. "Dungeons… Little Whinging has dungeons?" truly this remarkable, and unbelievable ability was beginning to become stranger and stranger. On the one hand, Harry found the answer he was looking for when it came levelling up. "But now I have to find them, and fight in them, too," there in lied the challenge.

Harry wasn't the most imposing of children. He wasn't naturally aggressive like his cousin or knew how to throw a proper punch. Dudley had no real technique but his large size and aggressiveness more than made up for it against someone as scrawny as Harry. Certainly during the rare times Harry was angry he would get rowdier, but that had mostly been when he was younger. Vernon and Petunia made it perfectly clear early on that they weren't going to tolerate such a thing. The boy had contemplated long ago to run away and never look back, but Harry knew realistically that he wouldn't last long on the streets without any means of surviving. It was the same thing with the dungeon. Without any skills, combat ones at least, or proper gear his chances of lasting long were slim. It was basic knowledge and common sense, really.

For thinking things through your WIS has gone up by 1!

"That's useful," Harry made a mental note to find other ways to improve his WIS. Every little bit would prove useful down the road. For now, Harry pondered on how to develop some skills and get some gear. It wasn't as if he could waltz into a store and ask for a sword and armour.

"Would be fantastic if I could," he chuckled but sighed when no textbox appeared this time to help him. "So much for that brilliant plan," Harry knew he had to figure this one out on his own. Luckily he still had time to spare before he needed to head back to Privet Drive, and Harry had a bunch of useful material around him that could help in his endeavours. If he couldn't figure out the answer himself, he'd use the resource made available to help him. It was a good thing that winters in this part of Great Britain weren't as cold as other parts of the United Kingdom; the walk back would have been unpleasant otherwise.

For thinking things through your WIS has gone up by 1!

(The Next Day)

It was a little after eleven before Harry was done the chores of the day, with most of them done the day previous his free time was lengthier. Once more the house was empty; Vernon was at Grunnings as he needed to deal with some last minute events that would take up most of his day, Petunia he knew was out with a neighbour and most likely gossiping like she usually did, and Dudley was at a friend's house until supper as usual.

Harry thought long and hard the other day on what do today with the gift and opportunity that presented itself. The action had resulted in his WIS leveling up an additional two times. Harry was tempted to locate at least one of the dungeons in the area if only for the sake of knowing where they were when he was ready and the experience he'd get from finding them.

He was also tempted to enter one too despite not knowing many techniques. Luckily he partially solved one of his gear problems; which, ironically, was thanks to his cousin. Over the years, Dudley had received many toys and sporting equipment from various birthdays and holidays. Equipment such as croquet mallets, cricket bats and baseball bats. Most of which Dudley had gotten rather bored with after he was introduced to video games and barely even looked at or remembered her had.

Luckily his Gamer ability had the ability to grant him an inventory box that allowed him to hide whatever he had taken from Dudley's second bedroom. Even on the slight chance Dudley noticed the missing equipment, which Harry highly doubted, there would be no way of proving he had been responsible. "Then again, they would probably find some way of putting the blame on me," Harry frowned at how unfair it was before he focused on what he needed to do.

"Observe!" Harry announced as he took out the "loot" as it were, having managed to level up the skill by a decent amount to set what objects could offer him.

Child Size Aluminum Baseball Bat – Common Quality

Weapon Type: Blunt

Durability: 24/30

Attack Power: 9-12

Description: A baseball bat meant for children to practice with. Due to it being made of aluminum and a few different alloys it is meant to last for quite a long time, though even then it will start to develop dents after prolong usage.

One would doubt the parenting skills of Vernon and Petunia for giving Dudley such a potentially dangerous and hazardous piece of equipment, but none knew them like Harry did. The metal bat had been bought to replace the wooden one Dudley broke when he was younger. It should have been obvious really seeing as how Dudley kept smashing the blunt instrument onto something hard it had only been a matter of time before it broke.

On the plus side, at least Harry had some means of protecting himself if he was to enter a dungeon. It wasn't much but it was still better than going in with nothing. Putting away the bat, Harry left the house once more and began to search for potential locations. Usually, dungeons were commonly in places adventurers needed to enter to find loot such as forests and caves or underground places. Harry didn't really know much about any caves in Little Whinging, the sewers could probably count as one, though Harry would save it for last if he could. It didn't take a genius to know that the sewers weren't exactly the most comforting of places to be in.

As for a forest there was a decent sized nature hike area not ten minutes from here, it was better than going in the murky and foul smelling underground anyway, "The woods it is then," Harry hoped and prayed that his hunch was right.

(Sometime Later)

You've discovered one of Little Whinging's natural dungeons!

Levels Required to Enter: 3-5

"Oh, bloody fantastic," Harry muttered darkly as gazed at the entrance of an old and abandoned construction site leading underground. Harry's hunch on the woods being a dungeon had proven correct, but there had only been the problem of his level being too low to enter it, and that he needed to defeat the first dungeon to be allowed in. Which, unfortunately for Harry, was the underground one. The boy counted his blessings that the dungeon wasn't a sewer… well, yet at least.

Earlier in the week, Harry remembered hearing Vernon speak about the halt of construction due to the discovery of some old catacombs where a new sewer line was meant to be built. Apparently Grunnings was somehow involved in the construction and the stop in it had not pleased Vernon at all seeing as how it meant money potentially being lost. Or whatever he was going on about. His uncle had raved to others about merely getting rid of the catacombs due to them being useless old rubbish that no one cared about in this day and age. The debate would have continued to this day had another and more lucrative opportunity not occurred. Otherwise, the man would have kept raving on the loss of his bonus. Either way, the walrus of a man's loss was Harry's gain in his mind.

"Observe," he muttered at the entrance in front of him.

Your Observe skill's level not high enough!

"Arghh," Harry glared at the pop up for not being more helpful. He'd rather not go into the unknown, despite the thrill of it, it wasn't wise to do so. But what else would he do? Once inside, Harry wouldn't be able to exit the dungeon until he defeated the boss. Should he risk it? It was a low-level dungeon after all so it wouldn't be that bad he surmised. The young boy had put all Stats Points into his STR to boost the damage done by the bat. Despite the mana he had it wasn't as though he knew how to use any magic spells.

"Where would I find books on spells anyway?" maybe in some old book shops or the library where books on magical lore, mythos in general were made available, he believed. Harry would have dismissed it some time ago had his ability not come into being, but now it was worth a try. Even then it was a long shot and it was already past noon. Finding this dungeon had taken some time compared to the forest one, and it was nearing 2PM at the moment. By the time he got to the library center, which was a good forty minutes in the opposite direction and looked for what he needed and came back it would be close to over two hours and by then Harry would be needing to head back to Dursley's.

Taking a deep breath, Harry ultimately decided to go for it. He hadn't worked this hard to find the blasted location only to be forced to quit now. Harry remembered the words of an author, "To become stronger means having to step into the unknown and accept what is thrown at you. Taking the easy way out may be the safest route, but, in the end, you'll never push yourself or come out stronger for it."

Life was about pushing pass boundaries, not accepting them or accepting the easy way out. Was it wiser for him to do this with his current lack of skills? Oh, definitely. But of it went well, Harry would come out stronger for it. "Who knows, I might even find some skills in there anyway!"

With that thought in mind, Harry approached the entrance to the dungeon and accepted the pop up asking him to enter. His world soon flashed with a brilliant light that robbed him of his vision before it just as quickly disappeared. The spectacle boy blinked the brightness out of his eyes and gazed upon a strange sight. On the outside, it was a dark and broken cavern, inside it was still indeed cavernous but now illuminating the darkness and hanging on the walls of rock were torches one would normally see in medieval times. Though it bothered him little at the sudden change. If the ability he had altered an area turned dungeon for better visual acuity then Harry was all for it.

"Alright, into the fray, I guess," taking out the aluminum bat and gripping it tightly with both hands, Harry cautiously walked down the lit cavern. The boy kept an eye out for any sound or movement that might end up being an enemy. The notion actually gave him slight pause and made him wonder what sort of enemy he was going to encounter.

"Is it rats? Slimes maybe?" rats and slimes were one of the lowest and weakest of monsters or creatures in fantasy. Though Dire Rats had a tendency to be larger and more difficult for early adventurers to deal with; especially their leaders or the boss variants. Slimes were generally harmless unless they were the equipment eating kind. Those variants weren't the most popular of creatures whenever one lost a powerful piece of equipment to them.

But what he saw next was neither rats nor slimes, but instead a pile of honest to god bones walking upright. "Observe!"

Ordinary Skeleton – Lv 3

HP: 125

STR: 11

VIT: 5

DEX: 10

MP: 0

INT: 0

WIS: 0

LUK: 0 (You're dead, your luck sucks.)

DEF: 10


Undead: Ignores pain, Immune to psychological damage, 30% less damage taken by bladed weapons, LUK, WIS & MP are none existent

All-Bone: +30% increased damage from hand to hand combat and blunt objects, +30% increase to movement speed in and out of combat, +30% increase towards Evasion and Dodging Skill

Description: An undead being composed of nothing more than brittle bones and dust. What's holding it together is a mystery, but perhaps having its eternal rest disturbed or because its resting place being desecrated is the result. Even though it no longer has the strength in once possessed in life its lack of weight make it much more nimble and quick than it used to be. Though unarmed it should not be taken lightly, especially for adventurers on their first quest.

EXP Earned: 45

Drops: ?, ?, ?

"There's a cliché if I ever saw one," Harry thought, but then again it was an old catacomb after all, which was, in essence, a tomb of sorts. What was odd was the fact that he was so calm about this. The dark haired boy thought he'd be scared out of his wits or at least hesitant to face such a thing. Yet he remained calm. Why was that?

Gamer's Mind (Passive Skill) Max LvL

A skill that allows the user to calmly and logically think things through, grants a peaceful state of mind and immunity to negative psychological factors such as fear, confusion, and mind control. However, though it protects you from its negative effect it does not grant immunity from having your thoughts and memories read like a book.

Harry's eyes widened as a lot of things started making sense to him. His eyes widened as he processed something even more incredible, "I'm immune to fear now!" he couldn't help but declare at the fantastic feat he was given. Unfortunately, the act had given away his position in the process.

"Whoops," Harry would freely admit that had not been the smartest moved he ever pulled and though he wanted to approach his first fight smartly, and perhaps stealthily, Harry knew that ship had sailed.

Though the being of decaying calcium's DEX wasn't higher than his own, the perk the skeleton had increased its speed by a margin but even then said speed wasn't that much better than Harry's own, nor was the undead monster the most coordinated of fighters either. It would have been comical had his life not been on the line. Timing it as best he could and pretending it was just like dodge ball in school, Harry dove under the bony arm and right into the skeleton's legs. Not what he had planned exactly but the act did bring his foe down. Not wasting an opportunity, Harry proceeded to smack the undead being with all he had a good six times before it disappeared; leaving behind a white bone and to his surprise, a few pounds as well. Then again humanoid monsters, and the odd beast ones, were known to drop both currency and loot. He was more surprised; however, as he held it up to the light of a torch and compared it to the old one he originally had, the new coin looked as though it was recently made.

The more he learned about his ability, the more Harry was starting to like it. Though he didn't know what to do with the bone or what good they would be, yet at least, Harry took it with him nonetheless. His inventory box, as he now called it, allowed him to store things away so no one else could take it from him, and it would not take up any space on his person either.

Walking further than the corridors, Harry peered behind a corner and, to his luck, saw a skeleton with its back to him. Walking as quietly as he could, being careful to where he stepped, and hoping the skeleton wouldn't turn around, Harry was within a good distance from the undead bone mass. Bringing his 'weapon' back behind him, Harry then swung with all his might, striking bellow the spine and bring the skeleton to its knees before Harry followed up with another strike to the head that sent the head flying.

A special skill has been created through a special act!

By relentless beating an enemy with a blunt object you've gained the passive ability "Blunt Weapon Mastery"

Blunt Weapons Mastery. Lv1. Next Lv 37%/100%. A skill that allows you to freely handle blunt weapons with better proficiency, allowing for better accuracy, speed and power to be dealt to your foes.

* Passively increases the power of blunt weapons by 10%

* Passively increases striking speed of blunt weapons by 1%

* Passively increases the critical hit rate of blunt weapons by 1%

Even if he tried to force himself, Harry couldn't help but smile at the new skill he received. It would certainly help him in the long run by having a skill that increased his ability to use weapons. At least until he could find a proper one, Harry was pretty certain that bats weren't meant to be used for this intended purpose. "Hopefully one of these dungeons will offer me a good weapon drop," the boy hoped.

It wasn't as if he could waltz into a store and buy a weapon. Harry recalled the recent presentation in school explaining that the United Kingdom had a tightly controlled law on guns and anything else that could be considered a bladed weapon. Only certain exceptions were made, but Harry doubted they'd make some for someone who wasn't even a preteen.

Harry would be forced to make do and be content with what he had in the meantime. Luckily his spoiled cousin had quite a few bats to spare until he found something more suitable. Collecting the drops, Harry continued on his way.

The boy finding more skeletons to fight along the way and finishing them off with only slight difficulty.

Whereas before he fought the previous seven autonomously, Harry was now fighting a pair of them simultaneously. It was offering him a better challenge as his concentration was divided between both of them, and while they weren't the most coordinated of foes they were quick to launch strikes at him. More than once did a decent blow hit his person, and despite them hitting harder than his cousin Harry shrugged it off or blocked them as best he could.

Knowing he needed to come up with something quick, Harry swung and accidently lost his grip on the bat. The small makeshift metal weapon flew through the air briefly before it struck the two undead foes, and knocking them to the ground. "That's lucky," he muttered and took out a croquet mallet to replace his loss weapon The wooden hammer smashed against the skull of one skeleton, smashing it in the process, before he jumped on the remaining skeleton's chest and proceeded to bash in the skull. Dead or undead, the head area was usually a monster's weak point and granted an additional bonus in damage.

But no sooner had he finished the last foe off did he succumb to fatigue. As of now he was drenched in sweat from head to toe. His body covered in a film of perspiration that clung to his form. Harry was still a child after all, a malnourished one, too, and with his body unfamiliar with the movements and excessive quickness of it all, it was no surprise that he tired out so quickly. The boy needed a break, he wouldn't last long against any more foes that showed up otherwise. "Good thing they don't respawn," the boy counted his blessings and backtracked the way he came in case foes popped up on his current locations.

(Meanwhile, Sometime Later)

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, better known as the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, among his many titles, hummed a small tune as he went over the paperwork for the upcoming semester now that the previous one was coming to an end in less than a week. Outside the grand castle was a thick blanket of snow that covered the landscape for as far as the eye could see and Dumbledore chuckled lightly as he saw some of the students enjoy themselves in the snow. A feeling of delight lit up the man's face as watched them play, but said feeling didn't last as he saw a quartet of boys, two being the Wesley twins, pass by and somehow start an all out snowball fight with bits of harmless magic being cast in the mist.

Albus sighed as he looked away from the scene, the act reminded the man too much of the Marauders; James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black. Contrary to how the world saw him, and perhaps even a small part within too, Albus was not an infallible individual. His desires and vain aspirations during his younger years were proof of that. Never did he ever suspected in all his years that the man that James saw as a brother would end up betraying them. The Black family had a few black sheep in them, rare as they were, but it seemed Sirius had fooled them all in the end.

Albus was one to forgive and forget, even if it did take time for his trust in another to be restored, but betrayal of this magnitude was something even he could not find in his heart to forgive. Dumbledore didn't bother, or want, to see the man that had betrayed one of his most beloved students, and friend. Even though Black's actions had ultimately, if inadvertently, caused the downfall of his lord and master, Voldemort, it came at a high price as well. Young Harry Potter was now an orphan, something Albus wouldn't wish even on his enemies, and forced to live with Lily's sister. With Sirius in Azkaban, Alice Longbottom, his godmother, being a permanent resident at St. Mungos, and with both Dorea and Charlus Potter dead when Lily, James and Harry went into hidding, and with no other Potters alive, Petunia was the only one with close enough blood relations and a legitimate claim to the boy.

With the older Blacks that were Dorea's siblings and cousins being long gone due to old age or malady, only Andromeda Black had a claim to the boy as she was the closest distant cousin on James' mother's side. Being the eldest daughter before Bellatrix also helped her, but the woman had married a muggleborn while her younger sister, Narcissa, had married the later to be influentially powerful Lord of the Ancient House of Malfoy, Lucius. Politics rarely made things simple in either the magical or mundane world. Corruption and deceit were equally as present in both of them, though bigotry and inequality was higher in the former one due to stagnancy. The man was a very skilled and accomplished duellist and an even more powerful and experienced politician who played the game for a very long time.

Being with Petunia was the lesser of two evils, as Albus, even with his influence, knew that others would seek to benefit from the boy in some form or another. If closest blood didn't claim him then Albus knew others would fight for his custody.

The blood wards coupled with the ancient magic Lily had erected on her son, something that still befuddled him to no end as to how she managed to accomplish such a feat, made the Dursley homestead virtually impenetrable from those who which him harm so long as Harry continued to live there. It wasn't a perfect defense, but it was the best he knew of given the circumstances. Having too many magical runes and protections around technology wasn't wise due to their unpredictable nature around one another.

Few knew how to make magic and the more advanced forms of technology work properly around one another. His cousins on his mother's side from America had informed him that greater experts and accomplishments in the field were being done in parts of North America after the whole reformation on the stance for No-Maj and New Salem Philanthropic Society was dealt with in the states. The situation wasn't perfect as he recalled being told, as elements from both sides remained, but weren't as prominent as they were during the early twentieth century. The practice of pureblood propaganda wasn't as prominent in the States compared to Europe, but past views on No-Maj and certain magical creatures and decrees from the American Magical Congress for the last three centuries thanks to Dorcus Twelvetrees' blunder had been just as bad if not worse than Europe. As a result, many wizarding families had migrated to the North or returned to Europe where such laws weren't as prominent or extreme. Canada he knew still had bad blood with some native tribes but slow and steady progress and reparations were being made. Though secrecy remained, despite the better relationships between the country's mundane and supernatural counterparts.

"It seems that even after the dark ages the magical and mundane still have a long way before truly accepting one another," Albus didn't miss the irony of it as he had once been against the integration and unity of muggles and magicals. Now he was one of those he was more or less spearheading the movement as best he could. It was no easy task to say the least, and with all his other duties it left the man very tired physically and mentally.

The soul calming song of his companion and dear friend Fawkes soothed Albus's weariness. The phoenix had sensed his friend's discomfort and fatigue and put it to rest with his song. Their relationship was a close one, and never in a thousand years did Albus ever believe that he would get a phoenix, a very powerful magical creature, of all things to be his familiar. Some saw the relationship as master and pet, but it was very untrue. A familiar bond was much more, the two were partners and treated one another as equals.

"Fawkes, my dear friend, as always you seem to know when to put my mind at ease," he man chuckled as the noble avian let off a small shrill that the wizened wizard knew to be filled with pride.

"Albus! Albus are you there!?"

The man was cut off from his thoughts as a sudden cry was heard from the fireplace, and the urgency in tone of voice had the headmaster worried. Appearing next to it with speed one thought impossible for a man of his advanced age, Albus was surprised at who he saw. "Arabella? Whatever's the matter?"

"Oh, Merlin, Albus! He's gone! I can't find him anywhere! One moment the device you gave me was working fine and then the next it went out like a light!" was the squib's hysterical reply.

Dumbledore's eyes widened as his mind processed the information. Arabella was tasked with looking after Harry and took on the guise of a successful but eccentric, cat-breeder that lived on Little Whinging a couple of streets away from him. The man had thought it to be best to have another set of eyes on the boy just in case. Quickly going to his desk, Dumbledore opened a hidden compartment had held silver trinkets that were attuned to Harry's being.

The man breathed a sigh of relief when it indicated that Harry was, in fact, alive, contrary to what Arabella made him assume. Most likely the device was malfunctioning for whatever reason and was about to placate the woman, but Dumbledore did notice that the trinket that indicated his whereabouts wasn't working properly. The boy was still in England, but when he tried focusing on the exact location did the trinket sputter and release a small pitching noise. That itself was worrisome. The boy was alive, thank goodness, but now he needed to find out where he was. Severus had explained that no one knew where Petunia lived, or knew of her really, not even Sirius knew, and other than Minerva and Hagrid, the man couldn't think of Tom's former minions who knew. Only one thought plagued his mind now.

"Where are you, Harry Potter?" he mused.

"ALBUS!" the man winced at the loud noise from the fire. So focused was he on his thoughts that he had completely forgotten about Arabella. Fawkes let out a screech that sounded like bemusement as he tried to calm the squib woman down.

(With Harry)

"Power Strike!" Harry shouted as he struck the skeleton with both the empowered bat and mallet. The new technique he learned coupled with him using two weapons at once allowed Harry to end the newest threat that appeared. The Bonecrusher Skeleton as it was called was armed with a large femur like club that allowed it better reach and more power. Its large size also afforded the undead better strength and defence, capable of sending Harry skidding backwards despite blocking the blow, but as a result, its speed suffered for the added boost and its larger size allowed Harry better opportunities to hit them.

Harry knew that using two weapons would allow him to end fights more quickly, but despite just learning the do Dual Wielding Skill, Harry was nowhere as proficient in it. In order to properly dual wield weapons' one required coordination, balance, incredible physical endurance/stamina and speed, along with precision for it to be very effective against others. All things that Harry lacked at the moment and needed to improve as it also took a toll on his stamina. Currently, he was more or less swinging and correcting the way he held the weapons or used them as missiles that temporarily stunned them.

It was effective, true, but if this had been a more difficult dungeon it wouldn't have ended well for him. Harry was no fool. Unlike others who basically had a guns blazing approach in video games, such as his cousin Dudley, Harry was more of a tactical thinker who wanted things done as quickly and as intelligently as possible with minimal damage done to him if he could. The boy hoped that the dungeon was almost done soon as he was nearing half health and his fatigue levels were starting to become low once more, the young boy had already taken two more breaks, one of them not too long ago, before he could continue on.

Moving on carefully, Harry turned and came face to face with a large stone door. Harry had played quite a few fantasy games to know that this was the entrance to the boss. As he touched the door, Harry felt it pulse before it opened in an eerily manner.

"As if that's not suspicious," he entered to face what was most likely the leader of the undead, Harry decided he'd take a five-minute breather. His plans were cut short though as he heard the sounds of footsteps. Making him curse and forcing him to enter the boss area.

"Who dares!" a shrill voice rang and Harry watched as the cause of it came into view. "You'll die for being in my domain! You will die for defiling the sanctity of Braard the Wise!" the being cackled madly.


Boss: Skeleton Lich "Braard the Witless" – Lv 8

HP: 350

STR: 11

VIT: 14

DEX: 14

MP: 450

INT: 18

WIS: 3

LUK: 0 (You're dead, your luck sucks.)

DEF: 20


Undead Magical: Ignores pain, Immune to psychological damage, +30% towards defense against bladed weapons, Capable of using magic

All-Bone: -30% towards defense against hand to hand combat and blunt objects, +30% increase to movement speed in and out of combat, +30% increase towards Evasion and Dodging Skill

Description: An undead being garbed in old tattered robes and held to together by an old style belt. Unlike its simple undead minions who were mainly mundane beings before their deaths, this being had the ability to perform feats of the arcane and defy the laws of nature. Though much of its former magical ability is gone, what remained somehow managed to maintain the body along with some memory that allows it to perform skill certain spells. While a lich is considered a terrible foe of awesome magical capabilities too great for beginning adventurers, this one was merely an apprentice that was turned against its will for enraging his master due to his incompetence. Despite only knowing basic spells and minor necromancy, beginners should trend carefully against it.

EXP Earned: ?

Drops: ?, ?, ?

Rare Drops: ?, ?

"Braard the Witless?" Harry declared and made the boss pause.

"NO! BRAARD THE WISE! NOT BRAARD WITLESS, NOR THE IDIOT, OR THE BUFFOON! THE WISE! NOW DIE!" the being ranted, and raged before it tossed something towards him. Harry thought it best not to find out what it was and ran for cover. No sooner did he vacate the area where he once stood did a vile noxious green vapour plume up from the ground.

"Poison, no doubt about it!" Harry surmised and made a note to avoid getting hit by them. With no means of getting rid of it such as a spell or antidote, Harry couldn't afford to be poisoned at the moment.

"STAND STILL YOU COWARD!" Braard raved and threw another potion towards him.

"Now I know why they call you Witless!" Harry mocked, earning another shout of anger from the skeleton mage. The being began to throw vials at him with wild abandon to the point that quite a few of them overshot or missed him by a mile. As he reached into his pouch once more, Braard was confused at the lack of substance, "Where are my—Ahh!"

So distracted by its lack of potions that he allowed Harry an opportunity and to run towards the undead magic user and land few good solid blows. The undead being launched a fist but as it had no previous experience with hand to hand combat it was sloppy at best. Harry continued to rain blow after blow in the hopes he could end the fight quickly. However, he was caught off guard by a violent push from the mage's now glowing hand.

"NOW YOU DIE!" Braard shouted before he was enveloped in a shroud of blue. Small bits of blue energy formed in the palm of his hands before they were launched at Harry. The tired boy ran as quickly as he could to cover, but was hit in the back a few times nonetheless. Bringing his health closer into the red zone.

"DIE, DIE, DIE!" the mad foe cackled insanely. Shooting off bolts of the arcane towards his cornered victim like a rate in a trap.

Harry chanced a look on Braard and to his worry he spotted that his health was slowly recovering from the injuries he had landed. The boy ducked back down and pressed himself closer to his cover as he began to think of another way to defeat him.

"Come on, Harry. Think! A Lich is a being that's dead, weak to holy elements and artefacts, and will continue to come back even if "killed" unless exorcised or unless … " here Harry racked his brain together to try and think of what other weakness it could have. T

he boy struggled for a few seconds, and the sound of the boulder being struck by the magic bolts didn't help him either, "Unless…. unless its phylactery is destroyed!" he finally remembered. Gazing over the rock, and being forced to duck as a bolt nearly hit home, Harry grabbed a few nearby stones and tossed them at the boss.

"You think mere stones will—Gah!" the last rock struck Braard squarely in the face, staggering him in the process. Harry used this time to locate what could be soul jar that kept the being tied to this world before a shiny glint of red appeared in his vision, "Observe!"

Poor Quality Phylactery (Poor Quality)

Status Effect: Enhancement Item

Description: A phylactery is an item of incredibly complex and dark magic that is used to store the souls and lifeforce of others, turning them into liches or essentially immortal. A mage had to create such a phylactery in order to become a lich, which was a highly expensive and taxing effort. This one, however, despite serving the same purpose is shoddily made, not even protected, and a mockery of what a true work of forbidden arcane art can create.

"Found it!" Dashing forward as quickly as his weakened and tired body could, Harry dove and dodged under the barrage of arcane bolts that pelted the ground behind him. The boy lashed out with his weapons in a sweeping motion that effectively tripped the spellcaster.

Ignoring the burning in his lungs, Harry then continued on before he arrived at his destination. A few spells smacked him in the back and made him tumble at first before he smashed the two blunt weapons on the red vial with a Power Strike. The act caused the container to crack and let off a small shockwave that echoed in the cave and sent Harry and mad mage sprawling like ragdolls.


Despite the pop up's announcement, Braard the Witless managed to rose up first, struggling as he did and made to move towards the downed Harry.

"Power Throw!" The robed undead didn't get far as its chest was struck by a wooden mallet while its lower jaw and face were met by a metal bat a few seconds later. The actions caused to the lich to shudder before it fell down and disappeared into flickering lights. Its end was finally met and Harry released a sigh of relief as he let the exhaustion overtake him. The spectacle-wearing boy had never been pushed to his physically in his entire life and despite how tired he was he couldn't help but let off a hearty laugh that echoed in the cave.

"Haha… Hahaha… Hahahaha! Whooo!" a sense of accomplishment washed over the boy. For years his family members had send he'd make nothing of himself like his worthless drunken parents. That he wouldn't amount to anything or accomplish anything in his life. "Look who's laughing now you horse faced bint and fat ass!" boy let off quite a few other curse words and letting the anger he'd been holding in for years.

Cursing his aunt, uncle, and cousin for the neglect and hell they put him through for nearly ten minutes before he ran out of things to say. The boy's vocabulary on cursing was impressive for a child his age, despite it being inappropriate and a bit hasty and tactless on the word combination. When it was over, Harry was smiling at how great it felt to let off some much-needed steam. When the weariness left him able to properly stand, Harry headed towards the loot that the boss had dropped.

Low-Grade Recovery Potion (Rare Quality)

Status Effect: Recovery Item

Description: An item that instantly heals 300 HP. An ancient potion made from the mix of various unknown herbs. The purpose of its creation is to instantly heal the wounds of an individual but it cannot cure illnesses, fatigue, or energy levels. The creation of this potion and its improvements were thought to be a mere myth or fabrication as few of them were ever created or seen and the recipes to create them were believed to have been lost through time.

Has a bitter taste.

Low-Grade Wiggenweld Potion (Common Quality)

Status Effect: Recovery Item

Description: A form of healing potion created by an unknown potion master that has the power to awaken a person from a magically induced sleep and, and instantly reduces one's fatigue level by 25%. Though very useful, overuse or abuse of the potion can cause negative effects such as insomnia and restlessness to the drinker for an unknown amount of time. Only two daily doses every three days is recommended.

Soul Dart. Lv1. Next Lv 0%/100%. Mana Required to use: 10MP

Description: A very ancient and basic magical skill that allows one to manipulate mana into a small projectile that flies through the air and make contact with the desired target. At its lowest level the darts are pretty harmless, and, as a result, its existence is more or less forgotten, but with enough training in the skill it can be something to be proud of. Mastering this skill will also set the foundation and allow for better understanding of other magical abilities.

* Currently causes 5-7 Damage per dart

* Currently only able to fire one dart per use

* Chances of causing stagger 1%

Congratulations! You've increased your level by one!

Congratulations! You've conquered the dungeon!

Foes Defeated and EXP Earned:

Ordinary Skeleton: 16 * 45 = 720

Bonecrusher Skeleton: 5 * 65 = 325

Boss: 1 * 650 = 650

Total EXP Earned: 1630

Total Currency Earned:

Money: 83 Pounds

Unknown Currency: 10 Gold Coins?

Status Window

Name: Hadrian "Harry" James Potter

Job: The Gamer

Level: 5 Next Level: 574/2800

Specialization: N/A

HP: 250

MP: 375

STR: 10

VIT: 11

DEX: 13.5

INT: 15

WIS: 16

LUK: ?

DEF: 0

Special Perks:

Gamer: Allows you to live your life like a video game. You still don't know much about it though, but who cares life is good.

?: +1 DEX & 1 INT Per Lv, +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", +25% additional Reputation gain towards "?"


?: ?

?: ?


Malnourished: Hampered physical growth rate, -25% towards VIT, DEX, and STR, -25% Tolerance towards Harmful Potions and Poisons, Fatigue rate increased by 25% when performing physical activities (Can be removed with proper diet and exercise)

Impaired Vision (Nullified): -50% towards Accuracy, -50% towards DEX, -50% effectiveness towards Critical Hits (Can be removed with proper eye surgery or nullified with corrective lenses)


Freak: -25% Reputation gain with Dursley Family, -25% EXP from Quests given from Dursley Family (Cannot be Removed)

?: +1 to all Stats Per level, +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?",+25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", -25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards "?", -25% additional REP towards "?"

Description: Harry Potter's background is shrouded in mystery. Orphaned at a very young age, Harry was left in the care of his aunt and uncle. Though neither his aunt nor uncle care all that much about him and merely tolerate his existence. Often he is seen performing chores around the Dursley homestead such as cleaning and cooking. Due to his upbringing, Harry was forced to mature more quickly than those in his age group and has a bit of trust issue towards adult figures. Currently capable of living his life like a video game but has no idea as to how it came into being.

Money: 86 Pounds

Stat Points: 4

The fact that he leveled up and conquered his first dungeon on the first go pleased Harry to no end. While he had hoped to find a better weapon to use, the prospect of being able to use a spell, even if it was basic, was just as good his books. The boy was even more excited when he discovered the book allowed him to learn the skill instantly before he felt newfound knowledge enter his mind as the book disappeared into nothingness. All in all, for the first time in a long while, it was a good day to be Harry Potter.

Here you go guys, I hope you like the pilot. I want your feedback on it so I know where I can improve as, like I said before, this is my first attempt at a Harry Potter/Gamer fic in general.

On another note, I found a very good explanation site for Wisdom and Intelligence that really helped me. Basically, you walk in the woods and you come across an injured person. Your intelligence is high enough that you know of ways on how to help them. Your wisdom, however, is ultimately making you think, "Should I help this person? Or why is this person injured in the first place?"

Another way is this, and kudos if you know the reference.

"Yeah, sure your scientists had the brains of knowing that they could make them, but they were so preoccupied with whether they could they didn't stop to think if they should!"

I'm paraphrasing a bit but you get the idea.

In short, INT equals ones' ability of doing something based on the knowledge they have while WIS equals your ability of should you do it, common sense and critical thinking. Even then a person with high WIS or INT can still make mistakes or choose to do the wrong thing.

Enough ranting, and enjoy! I need to continue writing my Naruto/Gamer fic.