Harry Potter and the Power of the Gamer

Summary: Harry Potter had few pleasures growing up with the Dursleys. Fantasy stories, Science Fiction, and video games were some of them, a secret he kept well hidden from them. One day he wakes up and finds himself with the ability to live life as a video game. Harry couldn't make heads or tails of this but decided to make the most it. The Gamer is coming to Hogwarts! Gamer, and D&D elements!

Here is the new version of Harry Potter and the Power of the Gamer. Notes are below at the end of the chapter.

Chapter One: Power of the Gamer

(Privet Drive, December 2010)

Ten-year-old Harry Potter yawned as he rose up from his bed in the broom closet and shook the cobwebs from his head. The dark haired and corrective lens-wearing boy then proceeded to wipe the crud from his eyes just as the knocking on the door began like clockwork.

"Wake up! Time to work!" he heard his aunt shout, and he soon heard the lock on the door being undone. As it was the start of the weekend Harry would only be allowed to take a shower after preparing breakfast and finishing the morning chores. Afterwards he'd be let go and off on his own so as not to "disturb" the Dursley family's weekend relaxation.

Harry tried to treasure weekends as much as he could. The week wasn't fun for the too skinny for his age boy. Harry wasn't the brightest of students; he was only slightly above average in his class for some subjects and average in others. The bully that was his cousin was considered an average to below average student at St. Grogory's Primary School. A fact that his relatives did not care for as his aunt and uncle believed his better grades were the result of him cheating. In their minds it was the only way they thought he could beat their precious and perfect little Duders.

"The only decent grade he's ever gotten is in P.E.," Harry knew that even then it wasn't the greatest, as it usually ended up being a C+ or a B at best due to his rotund figure. Dudley was quick despite his size but his unhealthy and excess consumption of sweets and other sorts of food did little for his stamina. Though Harry was faster than his obese cousin his stamina was only slightly better himself and often needed to resort to hiding during what was dubbed 'Harry Hunting'. But no one would help him or listen to him. Harry had given up on that a long time ago.

Who would when his aunt and uncle told his teachers that he was nothing more than a troublemaker with sporadic disorders? Being whom the Dursleys were, and his alleged "reputation" around Privet Drive, the teachers would take the side of the adults. Where his grades were once considered among the top of the class was now at average. Harry knew what happened when he got better grades than Dudley.

Other than the occasional whack upside the head and grabbing of his ears, his aunt and uncle never physically abused him. His uncle's sister Marge was the only one who ever physically abused him by whacking him on his shins whenever she visited. They were hateful and temperamental individuals and certainly not the brightest at times, but not that stupid. He recalled how his aunt Petunia at her worst used to threaten him with a frying pan in the past. Harry didn't know if it was because of a case a few years ago, in which one of the former neighbours had been arrested for domestic abuse, but that had now become nonexistent. Whether the Dursleys knew better or were too afraid of the law, Harry didn't which one it was.

At best when he did something wrong or out of the ordinary they would often deprive him of meals. Dudley would often hit him but as they were children many wouldn't look much into it or simply see it as child's play.

"I said get up!" Petunia shrieked and his thoughts were broken.

"Boy, move it!" he heard his uncle thundered after his wife.

The dark haired boy knew better than to keep them waiting or make them angry. Sighing, Harry grabbed a piece of decently clean clothing. It was an oversized sweater that once belonged to Dudley before being handed down to him when it no longer fit. Harry's clothes were clean but he often had to wash his own separately from the family's and after their share was clean. Harry had overheard them saying it had to do about some rubbish or other about not wanting his "freakishness" to afflict them through their clothes.

"Whatever that means," personally he thought they were paranoid and delusional.

As he put on his pants, Harry proceeded to then take his round, taped glasses and then placed them on his face. No sooner had this action occurred did Harry blink at the sight before him.


Family Breakfast

Main Quest: Make breakfast for the Dursley Family.

Main Quest Completion: +250 EXP, +15 REP with Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley

Failure: 50 Exp, -100 Reputation gain with the Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley

Quest is Mandatory

"Brilliant," Harry shook his head and sighed, "another one."

The pop-up before it blinked out of existence the moment he pressed 'yes' or declared said word. It wasn't the first one and Harry doubted it was going to be the last one either.

The event of seeing it had occurred well over a month ago. At first Harry began to believe he was going mental. His aunt and uncle had often told the neighbours as such and upon seeing the screen he'd begun believing them. That all changed when he could actually touch the floating text box. Mental or not, Harry was pretty sure that such an action wasn't supposed to be possible. Seeing things only you could see was one thing, seeing them and actually feeling them was another ball game altogether.

It had taken some use to – not that he had a choice in the matter, really – but by last week he ended up accepting the odd ability/anomaly that affected his life. It could have been worse, he thought. Living his life as if it was part of a video game, as that was what it felt like to him, had changed things up a bit. He could have woken up with the ability to cause things to spontaneously combust.

Harry had read part of the book in the library and knew having that ability didn't end well for the protagonist. No matter how much the blighters deserved their comeuppance. That King bloke had an imaginative if not twisted mind for coming up with such a thing.

Getting out of the cupboard, Harry proceeded to the kitchen and was determined to go about his normal everyday routine… That is, of course, until he started seeing textboxes floating above his family members' heads.

"What the?…" a stunned Harry thought at the sight before him.

Vernon Dursley – Director of Grunnings – Level 20

Petunia Dursley – Housewife and Gossip – Level 18

Dudley Dursley – Bully of Privet Drive – Level 4

"Oy! What are you gawking at, boy?"

"Nothing, Uncle Vernon," Harry said and got to work on making their breakfast. The boy was discreetly glancing at his family members and the floating text boxes on top of their heads. "Those weren't there before… were they?" he idly wondered if it had anything to do with him finally coming to terms with whatever was happening to him.

It mattered little really, the boy continued to prepare the meals for his family like he did every other day. If there was one thing Harry did like it was cooking in general. Though he kept that tidbit of information to himself. Once the meals were done, Harry placed them on their plates and only received a grunt of acknowledgment from his uncle and cousin and a curt nod and sniff from his aunt before she quickly dismissed him.

|Congratulations! A skill has been created due to a special act! You've learned the Basic Cooking Skill!|

|Basic Cooking: Lv 9. 47% to next Lv| Mastering Speed: A| The ability on how to cook meals and how good it turns out. Current level only allows you to make simple meals such as cooked bacon, fried eggs, or toast. Hint: Some meals can only be made when using a recipe or having watched someone teach you how to cook it.

* Increases cooking speed by 9% (instant meals aren't affected)

* Increases success of creating a Basic Non-Recipe Dishes by 59%

* Increases success of creating a Basic Recipe Dishes by 89%

"Oookaaayyyy," now it was definitely starting to look weird. But Harry also noticed that neither of his relatives saw the floating text box. Something the young dark haired boy was thankful for. Neither his aunt nor uncle would enjoy seeing something out of the ordinary such as this. Out of the ordinary was not something either one of them enjoyed. Ever!


"Family" Breakfast

Main Quest: Make breakfast for the Dursley Family. (Achieved)

Rewards: +250 EXP, +50 REP

Once more the young lad pretended to ignore the floating text box, despite his intrigue at what was occurring. Making himself a slice of toast for his own breakfast, Harry ate quickly before he began his morning chores. The result of which caused another set of Daily Quests to occur and then be completed a few hours later. By the time the dirt-covered boy entered the house, welcoming the warmth it offered, Harry found a note on the counter addressed for him.


We've gone out. The house and chores better be finished by the time we get back! When you're done leave and be back by supper, or else!

- Vernon

Harry rolled his eyes. Most people nowadays would be given a text explaining this rather than by pen and paper. It was the twenty-first century for crying out loud! But his aunt and uncle wouldn't bother to buy him a cell like they did his cousin. If he recalled correctly Dudley was currently on his fifth one in two years as the previous ones either ended up destroyed in one of his tantrums or because he wanted the latest model.

Harry rarely had any money. Only once in a blue moon when Vernon was being generous, and the term was used loosely, that he'd be given a pittance. Sometimes he get some from the neighbours he did chores for such as the crazy cat lady, Mrs. Figg. With what little he earned he'd treat himself to a sweet from the local confectionary before Dudley found out about it. It hadn't been the first time the larger boy took it from him and told his parents. Harry had learned long ago not to bother in saving up a large amount; he had no place to hide it inconspicuously.

The young lad pushed the thought aside before he took off his clothes and took his shower. As the hot water and soap cleaned his dirty skin from the filth that littered it, Harry pondered on what to do. "Should I go to the library? Or the arcade – Oh, wait, Dudley's gang said they were going there this weekend," the boy cursed at the rotten luck. There was no doubt Dudley would probably ask/demand his parents to drop him off there rather than go shopping for clothes.

It wasn't the first time he had encountered Dudley, Malcolm, Piers and the rest of his gang at the arcade. All of them had a reputation of stealing games from others by either taking their money to play the games or hogging them from those younger than themselves. Harry had been a victim, a frequent victim to be more accurate, before he wizened up and avoided the place whenever they were spotted or when he knew they were coming.

"Library Centre it is then," it wouldn't be so bad he surmised. The old library had been torn down and its contents moved into the locale community centre that had undergone recent renovation. As a result, it was bigger, nicer, and had received new computers and several books. Some he had learned were based on fantasy and science fiction.

The boy recalled it was due trying city officials trying to promote greater awareness for creative writing and reading among younger generations. The place had been categorized and was split into specific sections such as fantasy and science fiction along with anything video game or computer related being in said section. It also allowed him to play some of the online video games that some of the electronic businesses had been generous enough to donate.

Dudley and his friends, having little to no interest in such places and books in general, avoided the area like no tomorrow. The fact there was also a security guard with a low tolerance for bullying also acted as a safety buffer and it was more or less a safe haven for Harry whenever he had some free time. Dudley and his gang were stupid, but not that stupid. That or he surmised they weren't brave enough. The fact it was only a twenty-minute walk from where Harry "lived" was also a bonus.

Though as Harry left the house, wearing one of the Dudley's old coats, and walked down the street did the boy notice some more floating text boxes above the heads of nearby individuals. Once more he was rendered into a state of befuddlement at the phenomena. Why were floating text boxes appearing above the heads of others like an RPG? Harry knew better than going to his aunt and uncle, or any adults really, for answers. They'd throw him in a loony bin or actually place him in St. Brutus more quickly than when Dudley tore into his presents.

It was best he kept it to himself, and since it wasn't actually causing him any harm there was no point in saying anything really.

|Congratulations! A special skill has been created through a special act!|

"What?" a stunned Harry was wide-eyed at the act.

|Through continuous observation of others in order to find out more about them the passive/active ability [Observe] has been created!|

|Observe: Lv 1. 64% to next Lv Mastering Speed: C| This skill allows the user to see the target's information. Its current level only allows you to see the target's max HP, STA, and MP.

"That's useful," the boy noted. It wasn't exactly awesome in the sense that wouldn't be able to throw fireballs, shoot lightning bolts from his hands, or summon weapons but having a skill that allowed him to find out more information on something or someone was still useful. If merely observing others could be turned into a skill, what else could be turned into one?

(Sometime Later)

Harry yawned as he left the gaming area. An unspoken rule among the regulars was not to hog the games or computers for over two hours, and Harry had no intention of getting a bad rep with one of the few places he enjoyed. Video games, much like books, were one of the few secret pleasures Harry had in his life. His cousin often received the newest games and console that came out during the holidays, but Harry had never been allowed to touch them.

Other than video games and bullying, Dudley was pants at virtually everything. Even then Harry had often seen that games with higher difficulty were not exempted from his cousin's tantrums. Dudley was currently on his second PS3, and even then the system had cracks and dents in them.

Had he any systems or games of his own, Harry would make sure they were properly taken care of. Games and consoles weren't cheap, and the way Dudley went through them was frightening in his opinion. Video games often gave Harry a form of freedom that he otherwise didn't have at the Dursley homestead. In a video game, Harry could be anyone he wanted to be. A fearsome warrior with incredibly brutal strength, a knight with mastery over all weapons, an adept thief in the shadows and incredible sleight of hand, a monk with spiritual prowess and perfection of the body, or an mystic wizard with control over the elements and the arcane wonders.

These aspects were just a small example of the commonly used classes out of the many others available in the world of fantasy. So many options and variations to see which one suited the person's style of combat, many a time did Harry lose track of time when this happened.

"Speaking of which," glancing up at the clock mounted on the wall, Harry noticed it was a little after four o'clock. "I've still got some time to spare," he noticed. During the weekends the Dursleys had earlier meal times and take out, Dudley would throw a tantrum otherwise if they didn't. But that was usually at 5:30 to the usual 6:30.

The skinny male headed off towards the fantasy book section before he commenced browsing. Many authors Harry had to admit were very talented individuals for coming up with such classics. Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, The Swords of Shannara, Dungeons and Dragons, Artemis Fowl, and many more. Part of him wondered how such authors managed to gain these ideas. He knew that many based things off of folklore and old fairy tales that had been around for god knows how long. But where did those things originate from in the first place?


How do they do it?

Main Quest: Find the origins of fairy tales and myths where famous authors get their ideas.

Main Quest Completion: +5500 EXP, +5 Attribute Points, ?

Accept (YES/NO)

"That's new," he muttered but accepted the quest anyway. Usually, the amount he'd be given was below five hundred, so this was a welcoming change. The attribute points, however, were new. Going further into the fantasy section, Harry came across what he was looking for. "Here we go," he nodded as he opened and browsed through the D&D Player's Handbook, 4th Edition.

"Alright, thought so," he muttered. Harry had never played the game itself but had read a few books based on the D&D universe. A little refresher now and then never hurt anyone. Whatever it was that was happening to him, Harry now noticed it involved elements of fantasy.

"Attributes Points and Attributes," Harry muttered, he forced himself not to shout at the pop up.

|Attribute Points|

Attribute Points, or AP for short, also known as Stats, are essential to any adventurer as it allows them to increase their Attributes (except for DEF directly). Attribute Points are generally earned whenever a person levels up. However, there are items and quests that grant Attribute Points as well. Once applied, Attribute Points cannot be readjusted, so be cautious and thoughtful before applying them.


Your attributes determine your strengths and weaknesses. The most common way for your attributes to increase is by levelling up. Doing this increases your attributes by a small margin. Another way to increase your attributes is by training or performing certain tasks. An example would be physical training, which depending on what is being done will increase your Vitality, Dexterity, and Strength. Currently, there are three training categories.

Magic Enhancement Training:

A training method that increases your magic, control, and potency of magic based techniques.

Physical Enhancement Training:

A training method that increases your physical capabilities and physical based techniques.

Mental Enhancement Training:

A training method that increases your mental faculties.

|Important Special Note!|

Furthermore, once you've increased your attribute level 50 you will gain a perk that as time passes will increase for every 50th level. This perk can also be temporarily increased even more through certain skills that enhance a specific attribute. Be forewarned, depending on circumstances such as your race and flaws, if a single attribute, other than VIT, has been increased to a ludicrously high level compared to another it will begin to have a negative effect on the body, as it cannot withstand it. This can usually be rectified or at least be managed by increasing your VIT attribute, or by gaining certain Special Perks or skills.


Strength (STR)

The Strength attribute determines the person's overall physical power. This attribute affects the amount of damage a person can inflict on another with martial arts, bladed, or blunt objects. It also affects a person's ability to reduce damage when blocking and affects the amount of weight they can lift, or throw. It's very important when one's fighting style focuses on using heavy weapons, wearing heavy armour, or brute force.

20 VIT & 20 END & 20 STR = 1 Defense

Vitality (VIT)

The Vitality, also known as the Vigor attribute, determines the person's overall health. This attribute also affects a person's ability to regain health in and outside of combat and resist specials types of damage from things such as poison, bleeding, paralysis, burns, etc.

1 VIT = 25 HP

1 VIT = .5 HP REGEN Per Minute (Outside of Combat)

1 VIT = .25 HP REGEN Per Minute (During Combat)

20 VIT & 20 END & 20 STR = 1 Defense

Dexterity (DEX)

The Dexterity attribute determines the person's overall movement. This attribute affects a person's accuracy, evasion, speed, and ability to land critical strikes on an opponent in close, mid, and long-range combat. Dexterity also plays a major role in pick pocking, stealth, use of weaponry and the ability to dual wielding weaponry properly.

Endurance (END)

The Endurance attribute determines a person's overall stamina pool – which affects how long they can fight, perform some form of activity, plays a role in how quickly their fatigue levels increases. Similar to Vitality and Strength this attribute also plays a role in the person's health by increasing their natural defense when not armoured.

1 END = 25 STA

1 END = .5 STA REGEN Per Minute (Outside of Combat)

1 END = .25 STA REGEN Per Minute (During Combat)

20 VIT & 20 END & 20 STR = 1 Defense

Intelligence (INT)

The Intelligence attribute determines the person's overall ability to think quickly, to learn, memorize, retain information, and determines how smart they are. This attribute affects one's ability to properly control and efficiently mold their magic. It also enables one to perform a technique with the smallest amount of magic necessary while still achieving the desired results. Much like Wisdom, Intelligence also affects ones ability to learn and develop certain skills such as Potions and Transfigurations along with successfully enabling new variations of certain techniques to be.

Wisdom (WIS)

The Wisdom attribute determines the person's common sense, innovation, and perception. Wisdom, along with Intelligence, also plays an important role in learning certain skills such as Alchemy and Occlumency along with successfully enabling new variations of certain techniques to be created. More importantly, it affects how resistant they are to damage from mental based techniques.

Charisma (CHA)

The Charisma attribute determines a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and their attractiveness. The Charisma attributes plays a role in certain skills and spells such as those involving mind control, intimidation, bargaining, and even plain old lying. In addition, Charisma, much like Wisdom, also plays a role in resisting skills and effects that affect you mentally, and allow you an easier time to detect when someone is lying or telling the truth.

Spirit (SPI)

The Spirit attribute determines a person's overall magical reserve, ie, how much mana they have, and is special as only those that meet certain conditions have access to it. Spirit also plays a role on if certain spells can be used, how powerful those spells will be, and how quickly you can regain the lost mana.

1 SPI = 25 MP

1 SPI = .5 MP REGEN Per Minute (Outside of Combat)

1 SPI= .25 MP REGEN Per Minute (During Combat)

Luck (LUK)

The Luck attribute determines the person's overall chance. Luck is unique compared to all the other attributes as it is capable of influencing anything from finding or looting random items of various rarity, winning money while gambling, to encounters, and even playing a role in landing critical hits.

"Wait, I can do that?" Harry was left momentarily surprised before it changed into one of curiosity, "If I can do that then how about … Status Window!" like magic another pop-up screen appeared before him and Harry was left… disappointed.

Status Window

Name: Harry James Potter

Job: N/A

Level: 3 Next Level: 978/1400

HP: 150

STA: 200

MP: 350

STR: 4

VIT: 6

DEX: 8

END: 8

INT: 11

WIS: 13

CHA: 8

SPI: 14

LUK: ?

DEF: 1



Special Perks:

Gamer: Allows you to live your life like a video game.

Unknown Blessing: Your luck is immeasurable. Don't be fooled as it can go either at random.


?: +25% Effectiveness, Power and EXP Increase towards [Spell Skills], +1 SPI per Lv, ?


?: +1 to All Attributes per Lv, +10% EXP Gain, +25% Reputation gain towards ?, -25% Reputation gain towards ?

?: +25% Effectiveness, EXP Increase towards ?, +25% Effectiveness, Power and EXP Increase towards ?


Malnourished: Hampered physical growth rate, -25% to VIT, DEX, END, and STR stat base, -25% Tolerance towards Poison Debuff, Fatigue rate increased by 25% when performing physical activities (Can be removed)

Impaired Vision (Nullified): -75% Effectiveness towards Accuracy, -75% chances of landing Critical Hits (Can be removed with proper eye surgery or nullified with corrective lenses)

Description: Harry Potter's background is shrouded in mystery. Orphaned at a very young age, Harry was left in the care of his aunt and uncle, though neither his aunt nor uncle care all that much about him and merely tolerate his existence. Often he is seen performing chores around the Dursley homestead such as cleaning and cooking. Due to his upbringing, Harry was forced to mature more quickly than those in his age group and has a bit of trust issue towards adult figures. Currently capable of living his life like a video game but has no idea as to how it came into being.

Currency: 3 Pounds

Attribute Points: 7

"Gamer? Explains what's allowing me to see everything like a game," at least that answered one question in Harry's mind. However, it didn't explain why he had it in the first place.

Furthermore the Status Window he saw left much to be desired, at least, from a video game enthusiast's perspective. Even beginner characters had better stats than this. The stats he had were geared more towards Non-Player Characters or Non-Combatants or the average Citizen category individuals.

Harry proved this by using his Observe on nearby individuals, levelling it in the process, and saw that his attributes were actually a bit lower than others with the same level. On average children his age were levels five to ten; most teens and young adults were at level fifteen to twenty. Adults averaged at twenty-five with those like the fit security guard being marked with question marks.

"Guess that means my level's too low," the thought didn't sit well with him, as most characters had fifteen points to above twenty points in their attributes when they began. Harry knew he had to improve his attributes but even then it was only a short-term fix and he needed a better diet to remove it. But with the way the Dursleys fed him that was going to take some time to take care of.

And because of said debuff hampering his physical attributes it would take a while for him to properly increase them through common exercises. With that in mind, Harry realized he needed more attribute points, and to get more of said points he needed to level up and complete quests. Luckily for him, the Christmas holidays started early next week. But even then he knew the only time Harry ever received quests, the only time he could even take them really, were during the weekends. Hopefully the holidays would allow him better opportunities to level up, sad as it was given it was a time to relax.

"The only other way I'd be able to level up more quickly is by grinding in a dungeon," he chuckled at how ridiculous it sounded. A dungeon in Little Whinging of all places was pushing it.


Where there be Dungeons?

Main Quest: Find the natural dungeons in the Little Whinging area! (0/4)

Secondary Main Quest: Conquer the dungeons of the Little Whinging area! (0/4)

Main Quest Completion: 150 EXP per dungeon found.

Secondary Quest Completion: 1000 EXP, +1 Attribute Point per dungeon conquered.

Warning: Quests must be completed before the end of the school year!

Accept? (YES/NO)

Harry could only gape at the pop up that appeared, not realizing that he had subconsciously accepted the quest. "Dungeons… Little Whinging has dungeons?" truly this was remarkable, and unbelievable, too, ability was beginning to become stranger and stranger. On the one hand, Harry found the answer he was looking for when it came levelling up. On the other hand, "Now I have to find them, and fight what's in them," there was the challenge.

Harry wasn't the most imposing of children. He wasn't naturally aggressive, like his cousin, or knew how to throw a proper punch. The last time he did was a rather pathetic attempt and it had gotten him in serious trouble.

Dudley himself had no real technique but his large size and aggressiveness more than made up for it against someone as scrawny as Harry. Certainly during the rare times Harry was angry he would get rowdier, but that had mostly been when he was younger. Vernon and Petunia made it perfectly clear early on that they weren't going to tolerate such a thing. The boy had contemplated long ago to run away and never look back, but Harry knew realistically that he wouldn't last long on the streets without any means of surviving. It was the same thing with the dungeon. Without any skills, combat ones at least, or proper gear his chances of lasting long were slim. It was basic knowledge and common sense, really.

For thinking things through your INT has gone up by 1!

"That's useful," Harry made a mental note to find other ways to improve his INT. Every little bit would prove useful down the road. For now, Harry pondered on how to develop some skills and get some gear. It wasn't as if he could waltz into a store and ask for a sword and armour. Well, he could, but plastic and rubber wasn't going to be of much help.

Harry knew he had to figure this one out on his own. Luckily he still had time to spare before he needed to head back to Privet Drive, and Harry had a bunch of useful material around him that could help in his endeavours. If he couldn't figure out the answer himself, he'd use the resource made available to help him. It was a good thing that winters in this part of Great Britain weren't as cold as other parts of the United Kingdom; the walk back would have been unpleasant otherwise.

For thinking things through your INT has gone up by 1!

(The Next Day)

It was a little after 11 that Harry was done the chores of the day; he had done most of them the day previous so his free time was lengthier. Once more the house was empty; Vernon was at Grunnings, as he needed to deal with some last minute events that would take up most of his day; Petunia he knew was out with a neighbour and most likely gossiping like she usually did, and Dudley was at a friend's house until supper as usual.

Harry thought long and hard the other day on what do today with the gift and opportunity that presented itself. The action had resulted in his INT levelling up an additional two times. Harry was tempted to locate at least one of the dungeons in the area if only for the sake of knowing where they were when he was ready and the experience he'd get from finding them.

He was also tempted to enter one too despite not knowing many techniques. Luckily he partially solved one of his gear problems, which, ironically, was thanks to his cousin. Over the years, Dudley had received many toys and sporting equipment from various birthdays and holidays. Equipment such as croquet mallets, cricket bats and baseball bats. Most of which Dudley had gotten rather bored with after he was introduced to video games and barely even looked at or remembered he had.

Fortunately his Gamer ability had the ability to grant Harry an inventory box that allowed him to hide whatever he had taken from Dudley's second bedroom. Even on the slight chance Dudley noticed the missing equipment, which Harry highly doubted, there would be no way of proving he had been responsible.

"Then again, they would probably find some way of putting the blame on me," Harry frowned at how unfair it was before he focused on what he needed to do.

"Observe!" Harry announced as he took out the "loot" as it were, having managed to level up the skill by a decent amount to set what objects could offer him.

Child Size Aluminum Baseball Bat – Common Quality

Weapon Type: Blunt

Durability: 24/30

Attack Power: 9-12

Description: A baseball bat meant for children to practice with. Due to it being made of aluminum and a few different alloys it is meant to last for quite a long time. However, as it is primarily composed of a soft metal it will start to develop dents and ultimately become useless after prolonged usage.

One would doubt the parenting skills of Vernon and Petunia for giving Dudley – an aggressive and short fused child – such a potentially dangerous and hazardous piece of equipment, but none knew them like Harry did. The metal bat had been bought to replace the wooden one Dudley broke when he was younger. It should have been obvious really seeing as how Dudley kept smashing the blunt instrument onto something hard it had only been a matter of time before it broke.

On the plus side, at least Harry had some means of protecting himself if he was to enter a dungeon. It wasn't much but it was still better than going in with nothing. Putting away the bat, Harry left the house once more and began to search for potential locations. Usually, dungeons were common in places adventurers needed to enter to find loot such as forests and caves or underground places. Harry didn't really know much about any caves in Little Whinging, the sewers could probably count as one, though Harry would save it for last if he could. It didn't take a genius to know that the sewers weren't exactly the most comforting of places to be in.

As for a forest there was a decent sized nature hike area not ten minutes from here, it was better than going in the murky and foul smelling underground anyway, "The woods it is then," Harry hoped and prayed that his hunch was right.

(Sometime Later)

|You've discovered [Abandoned Mines], one of Little Whinging's natural dungeons!|

|Levels Required to Enter: 3-5|

"Oh, bloody fantastic," Harry muttered darkly as he gazed at the entrance of the old mines and abandoned construction site. Harry's hunch on the woods being a dungeon had proven correct, but there had only been the problem of his level being too low to enter it, and that he needed to defeat the first dungeon to be allowed in. Which, unfortunately for Harry, was the underground one. The boy counted his blessings that the dungeon wasn't a sewer… well, yet at least.

Earlier in the week, Harry remembered hearing Vernon speak about the halt of construction due to the discovery of some old catacombs in the abandoned mines. The mine business didn't exactly go very far at the time but went deep enough that officials planned to convert it into a new sewer. Apparently Grunnings was somehow involved in the construction and the stop in it had not pleased Vernon at all seeing as how it meant money potentially being lost. Or whatever he was going on about.

His uncle had raved to others about merely getting rid of the catacombs due to them being useless old rubbish that no one cared about in this day and age. The debate would have continued to this day had another and more lucrative opportunity not occurred. It was fortunate, too, as the man would have kept raving on the loss of his bonus. Either way, the walrus of a man's loss was Harry's gain in his mind.

"Observe," he muttered at the entrance in front of him.

|Warning! Warning! Your [Observe] level is not high enough to view the information of this dungeon!|

"Arghh," Harry glared at the pop up for not being more helpful. He'd rather not go into the unknown, despite the thrill of it; it wasn't wise to do so. But what else would he do?

"Okay, Dungeon!" he called out.


Dungeons are places filled with foes, treasure and other resources needed to improve the life of any adventurer. By defeating enemies one gains experience that allows them to level up and acquire items that can potentially make life easier for them down the line. Conquering a dungeon, which is done by defeating every foe in it, is the ultimate goal due to its benefits. Currently there are three types of dungeons: [Natural], [Event] and [Instant Creation].

Natural Dungeons

Natural dungeons are dungeons that have naturally occurred in nature due to powerful magic lingering and affecting the area. They can only be accessed by physically going to them and some can only be accessed at a certain level and/or if you possess a specific skill or group. Once entered a person cannot leave until it is conquered without facing varying consequences. Conquering them allows you to re-enter them at a higher difficulty to earn more EXP and increases the chance of encountering [Rare Spawns], but item and money drops along with penalties for exiting without defeating the boss generally stay the same. Conquering a Natural dungeon requires one to wait a full twenty-four hours before re-entering said dungeon regardless of IDC Skill level. After being conquered several times a Natural dungeon can have its time-flow manipulated. The time flow of Natural Dungeons, however, can be manipulated even if it was never conquered if one's IDC Skill is high enough. Most natural dungeons have a minimum level requirement.

Event Dungeons

Event dungeons are created due to situational circumstances that occur outside your control and are usually accompanied by a mandatory quest. Unlike its Natural and Creation counterparts, Event dungeons cannot have their time flow manipulated no matter how high your IDC level, are only active for a select amount of time, and can have a myriad of different types of foes and items instead of a single kind. As they are generally a one-time occurrence, upon completion of an Event dungeon's quest said dungeon will disappear forever.

Creation Dungeons

Creation dungeons are the most flexible and largest of all the three dungeon types, as they can be used and accessed practically anytime and anywhere by the creator. However, once conquered one for the first time, and after increasing the [Instant Dungeon Creation Skill] to a certain level, the dungeon can be manipulated to add more foes, stronger ones, combine existing dungeons, and affect its time flow. Unlike Event and Natural dungeons, adventurers can enter and exit a Creation dungeon at anytime without fear of consequences. However, due to its extremely large size and the amount of foes, conquering them is a slow process, especially for first timers. While there is no time limit for entering and exiting a creation, regardless of IDC Skill level, once a foe has been defeated, it will take approximately a full day for them to respawn.

Harry frowned when he read he wouldn't be able to exit the dungeon until he defeated the boss. Should he risk it? It was a low-level dungeon after all so it wouldn't be that bad he surmised. The young boy had put all his AP into his DEX to boost his speed. At first he thought about putting them all into his STR but that was both an overdone cliché and rookie move for new players. Super strength was cool and all but Harry preferred ending a fight as quickly and with little mess. Aside from being able to move at blinding speeds, a high DEX count would allow him the ability to land more critical hits and enable him to perform moves STR wouldn't.

Despite the MP amount he had it wasn't as though he knew how to use any magic spells.

"Where would I find books on spells anyway?" maybe in some old bookshops or the library where books on magical lore or myths in general were made available? It was worth a shot, he believed. Harry would have dismissed it some time ago had his ability not come into being.

Even then it was a long shot and it was already past noon. Finding this dungeon had taken some time compared to the forest one, and it was nearing 2PM at the moment. By the time he got to the library center, which was a good forty minutes in the opposite direction and looked for what he needed and came back it would be close to over two hours and by then Harry would be needing to head back to Dursley's.

Taking a deep breath, Harry ultimately decided to go for it. He hadn't worked this hard to find the blasted location only to be forced to quit now. Harry remembered the words of an author, "To become stronger means having to step into the unknown and accept what is thrown at you. Taking the easy way out may be the safest route, but, in the end, you'll never push yourself or come out stronger for it. Life is about pushing pass boundaries, not accepting them or accepting the easy way out."

Was it wiser for him not to do this with his current lack of skills? Oh, definitely. But if it went well, Harry would come out stronger for it. "Who knows, I might even find some skills in there anyway!"

With that thought in mind, Harry approached the entrance to the dungeon and accepted the pop up asking him to enter. His world soon flashed with a brilliant light that robbed him of his vision before it just as quickly disappeared. The spectacle boy blinked the brightness out of his eyes and gazed upon a strange sight. On the outside, it was a dark and broken cavern, inside it was still indeed cavernous but now illuminating the darkness and hanging on the walls of rock were torches and glowing fungus like flora. Though it bothered him little at the sudden change. If the ability he had altered an area turned dungeon for better visual acuity then Harry was all for it.

"Into the fray, I guess," taking out the aluminum bat and gripping it tightly with both hands, Harry cautiously walked down the lit cavern. The boy kept an eye out for any sound or movement that might end up being an enemy. The notion actually gave him slight pause and made him wonder what sort of enemy he was going to encounter.

"Is it rats? Slimes maybe?" rats and slimes were one of the lowest and weakest of monsters or creatures one encountered early in a fantasy game. Though Dire Rats had a tendency to be larger and more difficult for early adventurers to deal with; especially their leaders or the boss variants. Slimes were generally harmless unless they were the equipment eating kind. Those variants weren't the most popular of creatures whenever one lost a powerful piece of equipment to them.

But what he saw next was neither rats nor slimes, but instead a small reptilian creature walking upright, "Observe!"

Status Window

Kobold Labourer – Lv 4

HP: 150

STA: 275

MP: 50

STR: 9

VIT: 6

DEX: 14

END: 11

INT: 6

WIS: 5

CHA: 2

SPI: 2

LUK: 3

DEF: 3



Special Perks



Crafty [Basic]: +30% Increased Power and Effectiveness towards [Trap Skill], +30% Increased Effectiveness towards [Stealth Skill], and +30% Increased Effectiveness towards [Crafting Skill]

Nimble: +30% Increase to movement speed in and out of combat, and +30% Increased Effectiveness towards [Evasion and Dodging Skill]

Darkvision: Allows recipient to see very well in darkened areas


Light Sensitivity: -30% Power, Accuracy and Effectiveness towards Skills when [Light] based items or skills are used against it, 30% Chance of being affected by [Dazed] Status Effect

Craven: -30% Tolerance towards [Intimidation Skill] unless in groups in groups of five or six, Enemy skills effectiveness doubled when suffering from [Scared] related status effects

Description: Kobolds are considered to be among the weakest of malevolent beings due to their overall lackluster talent for combat. Despite their size, kobolds are naturally aggressive yet industrious humanoid creatures. What they lack in combat skills they make up for their skill at building traps, preparing ambushes, mining, and building well maintained constructs. Kobolds make up for their unimposing nature by attacking foes in large groups. In addition, due to their appearance, Kobolds have been theorized to either be distantly related to dragons or were created using dragon's blood, but lack the former's legendary might and tolerance to fire. Kobold Labourers are young and are tasked with hauling ores and minerals rather than mining them, as they are neither strong nor intelligent enough to perform the task. Nor are they as cleaver when setting up ambushes or traps.

EXP Earned: 50 + 10% = 55 EXP

Common Drops: ?, ?

Rare Drops: ?

"There's a cliché if I ever saw one," Harry thought, but then again it was an old mine after all, a mine that didn't really take off but a mine nonetheless. What was odd was the fact that he was so calm about this. The dark haired boy thought he'd be scared out of his wits or at least hesitant to face such a thing. Yet he remained calm. Why was that?

Gamer's Mind (Passive Skill) Max Lv

A skill that allows the user to calmly and logically think things through, grants a peaceful state of mind and immunity to negative psychological factors such as fear, confusion, and mind control. However, though it protects you from its negative effect it does not grant immunity from having your thoughts and memories read like a book.

Harry's eyes widened as a lot of things started making sense to him. His eyes widened as he processed something even more incredible, "I'm immune to fear now!" he couldn't help but declare at the fantastic feat he was given. Unfortunately, the act had given away his position in the process.


"Whoops," Harry would freely admit that had not been the smartest moved he ever pulled and though he wanted to approach his first fight smartly, and perhaps stealthily, Harry knew that ship had sailed.

Though smaller in size, as Kobolds on average only stood at two to three feet tall, the creature was still quick even with Harry's boost in speed. The lizard like being brandished of all things a sling and just as quickly threw a rock at him with surprising accuracy. Harry felt it striking his stomach and the momentary distraction allowed the Kobold to get in close with a knife.

Harry was caught off guard and the Kobold used it to his advantage by getting in several hits before he could retaliate with one of his own. The first strike missed the Kobold completely, allowing it to land another hit on him. The second swipe forced it back, as while he missed once more, its knife went flying. Harry took advantage of this by tripping the creature before continuously bashing its head over and over again. The creature clawed at him as it tried to escape but Harry's greater size gave him the advantage. Over time the repetitive strikes caused it to become dazed, which allowed Harry to land few critical hits and ultimately enabled him to bring down its health to zero.

|Congratulations! A special skill has been created through a special act!|

|By relentless beating an enemy with a blunt object you've gained the passive ability [Blunt Weapon Mastery]!|

Blunt Weapons Mastery. Lv1. Next Lv 37%/100%. Skill Modifier: STR [D] Mastering Speed: B| A skill that allows you to freely handle blunt weapons with better proficiency, allowing for better accuracy, speed and power to be dealt to your foes.

* Passively increases the power of blunt weapons by 11%

* Passively increases striking speed and critical hits of blunt weapons by 1%

"Bloody hell. That was exhausting," Harry muttered, but even then exhilaration pulsed through his veins. Unfortunately, so preoccupied was he that Harry didn't notice several sets of eyes staring at him from the shadows above. Nor did he hear the sound of the large boulder they were pushing towards him.

Here is the redo of chapter one. Sorry it took so long. As you can see I added two new things. END and SPI (look up), along with CHA for multiple reasons. One, intelligence does not equal having powerful magic in the Harry Potter world. I never understood that in games. INT will allow him to use spells more conservatively and allow him to do things with it brute strength can't (variants). In addition, this isn't Naruto were END represents chakra and stamina, magic does not equal stamina. Chakra represents stamina in the Naruto universe, magic does not, nor has it ever been believed to be otherwise. Ps. Witcher elements, not all like original, will remain and I will be adding elements from another Gamer/Player manhwa called Solo Leveling.

Finally, I have made an important decision. Harry Potter will not be telling anyone about his Gamer ability in this story. It will still affect those he is with but he wont tell em about it. Furthermore, just a reminder, Harry was born on July 31 in the year 2000, the month remains the same but the year is done for other game and increase in technology purposes and the year will have a decent significance *not uber important* that will be explained later on.