Fumika watched as her sister sighed as she closed the door to another noisy library.

"There are four whole library rooms, so why do they all have to be noisy?" Haruhi grumbled.

"Well, I heard that one of the Music Rooms, Music Room #3, is abandoned. Maybe we could try there?" Fumika said quietly, giving her sister a small smile.

"Yeah, okay," Haruhi sighed, "But just watch as it turns out that there's something crazy in there."

The two of them silently walked to Music Room #3. When they finally reached it, Fumika looked at it with uncertainty.

"Wait, what if you're right, Haruhi? What if there's something crazy in there?" Fumika said, nervously.

"Well, I can't seem to hear any noise from inside it, so it doesn't seem to be in use..." Haruhi said, already placing her hand on the handle, "This is probably the only place where we can study in peace and quiet..."

But as soon as Haruhi opened the door, rose petals started flying out of it.


"What the-"

Fumika couldn't help but stare. There, in front of her, were six boys, all of which she had to admit were good-looking. There was a really short blonde next to a really tall guy. There was a set of red-haired twins and a guy with glasses was next to them. And in the middle, on a throne-like chair, was a blonde guy with violet-blue eyes.

The sound of the door slamming shut was what made Fumika realize that she and her sister had actually stepped into the room.

"Oh, it's a boy."

Fumika gave her sister, who was currently pressed against the door, trying to open it, a sympathetic look. There were times when being invisible had its good points.

"Hikaru and Kaoru, this visitor is in the same class as you, right?" The guy is glasses asked, turning to the twins.

"Yes, he is, but he isn't very sociable, so we don't know him too well," the twins replied together.

"It's impolite to say it like that," The man in glasses said, smirking, "Welcome to Ouran Host Club, Honor Student."

"What? Then, this exceptionally rare honor student we've heard about, Haruhi Fujioka, is you?!" the guy with violet blue eyes asked.

Haruhi stopped trying to open the door when she heard her name, "How do you know my name?"

"It's just that our school tradition makes it difficult for commoners to get in," The guy in glasses said, "I've been told that unless you possess a rather audacious nerve, you cannot become an honor student here."

"Why...thank you..." Haruhi managed to say before the blonde grabbed her.

"Yes! He's saying that you are a hero, Fujioka-kun!" he said, dramatically, "Even though you might be at the head of the class, you are still the poorest person in the whole school."

At this, Haruhi started moving away from him, but he continued to follow her.

"Maybe you lowly people are looked down upon."

"No, I wouldn't necessarily go that far," Haruhi protested.

"It doesn't matter, does it? Long live the poor!" The blonde cheered, "Welcome to our world of beauty, poor man!"

"Excuse me," Haruhi said, ignoring the blonde and walking over to the doors. But before she could even reach it, a short blonde kid pulled her down.

"Ne! Haru-chan! Haru-chan! Haru-chan, you're a hero? Amazing!"

"I'm not a hero, I'm just an honor student," Haruhi told the kid before realizing what he called her, "And who are you calling 'Haru-chan'?"

"Still, to think that such a fabled erudite student would be gay..." the other blonde said.

"Gay?" Haruhi repeated.

"What's your preference?" he asked.

"The wild type?"

"The boy Lolita type?"

"The little devil type?"

"The cool type?"

"I-It's not like that!" Haruhi protested, stepping back, "My sister and I were just looking for a quiet place where I could study."

"Or maybe..." Tamaki continued, ignoring what Haruhi had said, "you'd like to try me? How about it?"

Startled, Haruhi jumped back, crashing into the stand holding the vase.

Fumika could only watch in horror as the vase seemed to be falling in slow motion. She winced as the crashing sound of the vase breaking echoed in the room.

Fumika silently walked over to the broken pieces of the vase and started to pick them up.

"The Renaissance vase that was to be featured in the school auction!" the twin on Haruhi's right said.

"Now you've done it," the twin on Haruhi's left commented, "We were going to start the bidding at 8 million yen for that!"

"8 million yen?!" Haruhi repeated, shocked.

'How can something be so expensive?' Fumika thought as she placed another shard into the pile she created.

Fumika froze as the man in glasses bent down next to her and picked up a shard. For a moment, Fumika thought that he glanced at her.

'But that's impossible,' Fumika denied, 'I'm invisible.'

"What will it be, Tamaki?" he asked.

"Have you ever heard this saying, Fujioka-kun?" the violet-blue eyed blonde, who Fumika assumed was Tamaki, said, sitting down on a chair, "'When in Rome, do as the Romans do!'

"If you have no money, then pay with your body. Starting today, you are the Host Club's dog!"

Fumika gave Haruhi a sympathetic look as Haruhi turned pale. If this was an anime, you could probably see her soul leaving her body.

'If this was an anime, it would be pretty terrible,' Fumika thought, smiling a little.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you, Ms. Fujioka," a voice whispered into Fumika's ear, breaking her train of thought.

Fumika jumped a little. She turned to see the man with glasses standing behind her, smirking.

"You knew I was here?" Fumika asked, surprised.

"Why would I not?" the man asked, raising an eyebrow.

"W-well, not that many people really notice my existence. I'm not that noticeable you see..." Fumika said, trailing off at the end.

"I can't see why," the man said, causing Fumika to flush, "As I was saying, because you were also in the room and made no attempt to stop the vase from breaking, you will be sharing the debt with your sister."

"However, instead of being a dog for the Host Club, you will be serving as a maid," he informed her.


"I expect to see you here, after school," the man told her, "Don't be late."


|| Time Skip ||

"Um, excuse me," Haruhi said, before opening the door, Fumika following silently behind.

Inside were all of the hosts, all doing their own thing. Tamaki was dramatically saying something to the man with glasses, while the man himself, just ignored Tamaki, typing something on his laptop. The short blonde was eating cake while the tall guy just sat next to him. The twins were sitting on the couch, talking to each other with bored looks on their faces.

At the sound of the door closing, all the hosts turned to look at them-well more Haruhi, than Fumika.

"Ah! Fujioka-kun! There you are!" Tamaki shouted, "We have run out of coffee. Now, be a dear and go get some."

"Alright," Haruhi sighed, "Damn rich people."

"Did you say something?" the man in the glasses asked, not looking up from his laptop.

"Nothing!" Haruhi said quickly, "I'll get right on it!"

As Haruhi passed Fumika, Fumika could hear Haruhi whisper, "Good luck."

Fumika watched her sister leave the room. She sighed as the door closed, her sister disappearing behind it. Silently, she walked over to the man in glasses.


"You will be my assistant," the man interrupted, "You will do whatever I ask you to do. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes," Fumika nodded, "But um... may I ask...um...what's your name?"

The man finally looked up from his laptop. "Kyoya Ootori."

|| Time Skip ||

"U-um, Kyoya-senpai..."

Kyoya looked up from his laptop once again to see Fumika standing there, fidgeting nervously.

"Yes? What is it?" Kyoya asked, bringing his gaze back to his laptop.

"U-um I did all the paperwork...you...gave me..."

"Let me see," Kyoya said, taking the papers from Fumika, accidentally brushing his fingers against hers and causing Fumika to blush.

"Well, it seems like you've done everything correctly," Kyoya said, scanning the papers, "Well done."

Fumika's face practically lit up at Kyoya complimenting her, "Th-thank you!"

"I'm back," Haruhi mumbled, walking over to the two.

"Ah, Haruhi. Welcome back," Fumika greeted.

"Thanks for shopping for us, little piglet," Tamaki said from the couch nearby, "Did you get everything bought all right?"

"Pig?" Haruhi questioned, handing Tamaki the bag.

Fumika shrugged.

"So, what's this, then?" Tamaki asked, taking out the container of coffee grinds.

"Just what it looks like. It's coffee," Haruhi told him.

"I've never seen this name brand," Tamaki said, "Is this the kind that's already ground?"

"No, it's instant."

"Instant?" Tamaki's guests repeated.

"Oh, commoner's coffee, where you only have to add hot water, right?" Tamaki exclaimed in awe. By then, more and more guests started gathering.

"Oh, I've heard of this."

"So it's true about poor people not having any free time, so they can't even grind their own beans, huh?"

"Commoners have their wisdom," Kyoya commented.

"Not really," Fumika muttered, "It's just easier this way."

"It says that 100g costs 300 yen," the twin with his hair parted to his left (our right), who Fumika had now learned was Hikaru, read.

"That's an incredible price drop," the twin with his hair parted to his right (our left), Kaoru said.

"I'll go buy something else," Haruhi exclaimed, annoyed by all the rich people's ignorance, "Excuse me for not buying expensive beans."

"No, wait!" Tamaki stopped Haruhi, standing up, "I'll drink this." Everyone gasped, causing Fumika to sweatdrop.

"I'll drink this, all right! I'll drink the commoner's coffee!" Tamaki dramatically declared, causing everyone to applaud (excluding Fumika and Haruhi of course).

"All right, Haruhi, come over here and make this commoner's coffee," Tamaki ordered.

"Damn these rich people," Haruhi muttered to Fumika.

"Oh, Tamaki-sama, you carry the joke too far," Fumika turned to see a girl with long red hair talking to herself, "There's no way that such a lowly person's drink will be to your taste."


"Forgive me," the girl said, turning to face the sisters, "I was talking to myself. "

Maybe Fumika was seeing things, but she could've sworn that she made eye contact with the girl for a second.


"Coming..." Haruhi muttered.

|| 2 minutes later... ||

"Here you go," Haruhi said, holding out a tray that contained 4 cups of coffee.

"Let the tasting begin," Tamaki declared.

Fumika nervously walked over to Kyoya, careful not to spill the coffee in the cup she was holding.

"U-um, Kyoya-senpai?"

Kyoya looked up from the notebook he was writing in. "What is it, Fumika?"

"U-um...w-well...u-uh...H-Haruhi was making coffee, s-so I...um...well I... what I'm trying to say is...um...Imadeyousomecoffee!" Fumika stuttered, quickly holding the cup out for Kyoya (surprisingly it didn't spill).

"Thank you," Kyoya thanked, taking the cup.

"Hm...For something created by commoners, this is actually pretty good," Kyoya said, surprised, "It's really cheap, too. If we switch to using commoner's coffee, we'll be able to save a whole lot more money..."

"Hehe...glad you...like it..."Fumika muttered, feeling a little sad that Kyoya didn't talk to her more.

"I'm sorry, I'm late." Fumika turned to see the short blonde, Honey, and his tall cousin, Mori, walking over to their guests.

"Honey-kun! Mori-kun!"

"We've been waiting this whole time for you!"

"I'm sorry," Honey said as Mori set Honey down, "I was waiting for Takashi to get out of his swordsmanship club, but I drifted off to sleep

"And I still seem to be sleepy," he continued, rubbing his eye, sleepily.

"Kawaii!~" his guests squealed.

"Is that boy really a 3rd year?" Haruhi asked Fumika.

"Honey-senpai is a prodigy despite his appearance," Kyoya explained, walking up to them. He stood next to Fumika, causing her to blush. "And Mori-senpai's draw is his silent disposition."

"Haru-chan!~" Honey sang, jumping onto her, spinning her around. "Haru-chan, want to have some cake with me?"

"No, I don't really like sweets..." Haruhi said, dizzy from the spin.

"Well, I'll let you borrow my bunny, Usa-chan!" Honey said.

"No, I'm not up for Usa-chan, either," Haruhi tried to tell him.

"You don't like my Usa-chan?" Honey said, pouting.

Fumika and Kyoya as Haruhi stared at the bunny for a few seconds.

"I-it is cute, huh?" Haruhi admitted.

"I think Honey-senpai's finally realized that Haruhi's a girl," Fumika whispered to Kyoya.

"It seems so," Kyoya replied, pushing his glasses up.

"Take good care of it, okay?" Honey told Haruhi, pushing Usa-chan into her arms.

"Our club's policy is to utilize everyone's individual characteristics to respond to the needs of our guests," Kyoya explained to Haruhi and Fumika, "By the way, around here, Tamaki is number one, the king. His request rate is 70%."

"What is the world coming to?"

"By the way, with your 8 million yen debt, you are this club's dog until you and your sister graduate-oh, pardon me, errand boy," Kyoya said, faking a smile.

Fumika tried to stifle her giggles as she watched her sister stare Kyoya, a terrified expression on her face.

"You're free to run away, but my family employs an able, private police force of roughly 100," Kyoya told her, "Do you have a passport?"

Fumika giggled. "Kyoya-senpai, was it really necessary to scare her like that?" Fumika whispered to Kyoya.

"Well, I must make sure that she knows what she's up against if she tries to run away," Kyoya informed her.

Fumika just giggled in response.

|| Time Skip ||

"Haruhi-kun, what hobbies do you have?"

"Do you do anything special to your skin?"

"It's terribly pretty."

"Haruhi-kun, why did you join this club?"

Haruhi sent Fumika a pleading look. Fumika just shrugged her shoulders, sending her sister a look of pity and sympathy.

Yesterday, after giving Haruhi a makeover, the Host Club decided to make her a host. If she manages to get 100 customers, their debt will be forgotten.

Fumika smiled at the memory. The twins tried to change Haruhi, but she kicked them out. That was when they realized Haruhi's real gender.

Suddenly, Fumika had an idea. She walked over to Haruhi and stood behind her. Luckily, no one seemed to notice.

"Tell them the story," Fumika whispered.

|| 1 minute later... ||

"I see, your mother passed away ten years ago, after being sick? So, who does the domestic chores?"

"Oh, I do those myself," Haruhi told them, "Well, my sister and I do. My mother was good at cooking and she left us lots of recipes when she was in the hospital."

By then, everyone was watching her.

"Learning each one of them is fun to do, and on days when they turn out well, my father is delighted, too. Those are the times that I really like," Haruhi continued, giving them a smile.

"Um...Tomorrow, could we..."

"...request you once again?"

"Oh, I would appreciate that."

"He's popular, right from the start," Kyoya commented, "A real natural."

"No help needed," the twins agreed.

"Tamaki-sama," the red-haired girl from the other day said, drawing Tamaki's attention back to his guests.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my princess," Tamaki apologized, "I'm just a little concerned about my boy."

"You seem to be keeping an eye on that one quite a bit," the redhead said.

"That's because I'm raising him like he was my own," Tamaki said before snapping his fingers. "Haruhi! Come here for a minute."


"Say hello. This is my regular guest, Princess Ayanokoji," Tamaki ordered.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Haruhi said, smiling.

"That was so cute, Haruhi!" Tamaki cried out, hugging Haruhi tightly and spinning her around, "That air of bashfulness was good, good, very good!"


"I'm not letting you go!"

"M-Mori-senpai! Help!" Haruhi gasped out.

Fumika watched with amusement as Mori rushed over and lifted Haruhi out of Tamaki's arms. Though it was small, Fumika noticed Mori's eyes widen.

"I think Mori-senpai found out Haruhi's real gender," Fumika whispered to Kyoya.

Kyoya looked up from his black notebook, "It seems that Tamaki has yet to figure it out."

Fumika nodded. "I think he'll find out tomorrow," Fumika said, "I mean, he can't be that dense."

"You do not know him like I do," Kyoya told her, "Unless something big happens, he will most likely never find out."

|| Time Skip ||

Fumika glared at Ayanokoji who was sitting at a table alone with Haruhi. Why she had requested Haruhi, Fumika had no idea.

"I see. That must have been terrible, huh?" Ayanokoji said, sipping her tea, "Having your bag fall into the pond all on its own.

"Although, to make Tamaki-sama go to all the trouble
of picking up your grimy bag for you, you really don't know your own place, do you?" the redhead continued, "Tamaki-sama is only paying you any attention because your upbringing was so unusual. Don't go getting any ideas as to why he's doting on you."

If looks could kill, Fumika's glare would have Ayanokoji buried 10 ft. underground. 'She's obviously jealous of Haruhi...'

"So what you mean is..." Haruhi said, realizing what the redhead meant, "...you're jealous?"

It happened all so fast. One second, the two were just sitting at a table, and then suddenly, Ayanokoji was screaming while Haruhi was on top of her, obviously confused.

"Haruhi-kun...Haruhi-kun suddenly attacked me!" Ayanokoji shouted, "Somebody, quick! Deal with this commoner!"

That was the last straw for Fumika. Without a second thought, she grabbed the thing closest to her, which was a pitcher filled with water, and dumped it on top of the redhead, soaking Haruhi during the process.

Apparently, the twins had the same idea because they were standing on each side of Fumika, the water pitchers in their hands upside down, unaware of the girl standing in between them.

Ayanokoji stared at the twins, completely ignoring Fumika. "What are you doing?"

Tamaki walked over to them and helped her up.

"Tamaki-sama, Haruhi-kun assaulted me-"

"How disgraceful," Tamaki interrupted, "You're the one who threw Haruhi's bag in the pond, aren't you?"

"How can you say that?" Ayanokoji exclaimed, "Do you have any proof?"

"You really are quite pretty," Tamaki said, cupping his hand under her chin, "but you are not fit to be our guest. I know this much-Haruhi is not that kind of man."

"T-Tamaki-sama, you idiot!" Ayanokoji shouted, running away.

Tamaki sighed, "I'm going to decide your punishment for causing this trouble. Your quota is increased to 1,000!"


Tamaki smiled and offered Haruhi his hand, "Here."

"I'm expecting much from you," Tamaki told her, helping her up, "natural rookie."

"This is the only spare uniform we have," Kyoya said, holding out a paper bag, "It's still better than that wet one, though, right?"

"Thank you very much," Haruhi said, looking into the bag.

"Fumika," Kyoya said, handing the said girl another paper bag, "I ordered you the girl uniform."

"Ah! Thank you so much!" Fumika thanked, "but what about the guests? If Haruhi walks out in a girl uniform, some are bound to figure it out."

"No need to worry, I have that covered," Kyoya told her, pushing up his glasses, "I'll just tell them that the Host Club must close early in order to clean up the mess from earlier. Now go and get change, I need to know if it fits."

|| Time Skip ||

"I still can't believe Tamaki-senpai still hasn't figured out that you're a girl yet," Fumika told her sister, pulling off her top.

"I still can't believe that you're a D-cup. I'm only an A-cup and even Mom's weren't that big," Haruhi muttered, unbuttoning her shirt.

"Haruhi, here..." the girls heard Tamaki say. Fumika quickly ran to the corner closest to the curtains, in hopes of Tamaki not noticing her.

"Some towels," Tamaki said, pushing the curtains open.

Fumika watched as Tamaki stared at Haruhi in her cami, while Haruhi just stared back at him. They all just stood there for a few seconds before the curtains fell from Tamaki's grip.



"You're a girl?"

"Biologically, yes," Haruhi replied, pulling the curtains open once she was done changing. Fumika quietly slipped past her and walked over to stand next to Kyoya. The two just watched as Tamaki starting freaking out.

"Senpai, if you all think of me as a boy, then that's okay with me, too," Haruhi said, fixing the bow on the collar of the dress, "My feeling is that any awareness of being a boy or a girl falls lower than that of being a person."

"This is quite an interesting development," Kyoya commented, amused.

"It sure is," the twins chorused.

"Still, Senpai, you were kind of cool earlier," Haruhi said, causing Tamaki to blush loudly.

"Could this possibly be the beginnings of love?" Kyoya commented, jokingly.

Fumika giggled, "Don't count on Haruhi to notice, though. She's really dense when it comes to things like this."

"You know, being a host, and getting fussed over by girls might not be all that bad," Haruhi thought out loud, "I know! From now on, I'll just start referring to myself by using 'ore' (an informal way to say 'I' usually used by boys/guys)."

|| Time Skip ||

"Bye Kyoya-senpai," Fumika said.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Kyoya replied.

Fumika smiled to herself, unaware of her sister walking up behind her.

"So Kyoya-senpai, huh?"


Haruhi smiled at her, "You like him, don't you?"

"W-what are you t-talking about?!" Fumika stuttered, instantly blushing.

"You don't have to hide it," Haruhi told her, "I'm fine if you like him. He seems to treat you better than others anyway."

"T-that's not true..." Fumika muttered, her cheeks still tinting pink.

"Whatever you say..."

"I don't want to hear this from you!"

"What do you mean by that?!"

"I mean you are really dense when it comes to love."


"See, you know I'm right."

"Shut up."

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