2012 – Beginning of March

Brittany, now two days into her ninth month, was craving certain foods and drinks; pickles, burgers, fries, steak, fried mushrooms, milk, beer – of which she was only allowed one a day – and pizza. Santana gave her whatever she wanted for the cubs, with Alice's confirmation that the cubs and Brittany would be healthier if she ate and drank what she was craving in moderation, on the condition that she went for a walk with Santana in the woods every day to keep Santana's lion at bay due to the fact that it was becoming anxious considering the cubs were due to arrive in twenty-six days.

The three boys were kicking quite a lot and moved around happily when Brittany had a bath or relaxed in their heated pool which she got to with Santana helping her climb up the stairs. Every time she'd relax in the pool Santana would strip down and shift into her lion, swimming around in the pool to bond with her cubs while they were still in the womb, pawing at Brittany's belly softly and licking it every so often which Alice said was good in order for the cubs to bond with her lion as well as her human.

Since Brittany's due date was so soon, Alice had jotted down a few notes for Santana on what to do when her cubs shifted as soon as their twenty-fifth hour in the world started. It went as such:

During the Entire Time You Spend At the Hospital:

You must shift into your lion and let them lie on your chest to feel your heartbeat.

You must give them their first bath in your lion, licking them clean and letting Brittany put them in their cribs at the hospital – you will most probably be there for a week.

You may shift back into your human form when your cubs are asleep but when they wake and cry you must shift and let Brittany take care of their needs while you stand by her and watch them; this makes them feel safe.

There will be a bed for you in Brittany's hospital room right next to hers and whilst she feeds them you must be in your lion form on the bed making sure your cubs can see you while they nurse on their bottles.

Lastly, when you leave the hospital you must shift into your lion only ONCE each month for their first year and spend that entire day – from the moment you wake up to the moment your cubs go to sleep – in your lion form. They need to get used to seeing you as your lion as they get older.

Santana had also begun to draw up blue prints for the other four houses she was going to build for the rest of the pride and was going to put them all close together on the land hers and Brittany's house rested on with connecting corridors coming off each house and leading to Brittany's parents' house which she'd now gotten permission to demolish and turn into their Pride House, promising her fiancée she'd save all the parts of the house that held significance to her. Brittany's idea for the Pride House was to have a wall for each couple so they could take pictures of their cubs every two months when they were in lion form as they grew and then stick them on the wall to show how much they grew every two months. Santana proposed the idea to the pride and they adored it so she drew up a five wall floor plan for the pride house and put it with the other four house blueprints in her desk. She had big plans for the pride's future and was determined to follow them through.

At her current – and fourth – ultrasound, Brittany's belly was ginormous as she lay on Alice's exam table with Santana's hand in hers as they looked at their cubs in 4D for the first time with large smiles as she watched the tiny humans sleep curled up with each other in her womb. Alice offered to show them the hospital room they'd be staying in once they arrived at the maternity ward she and Richard built together with the pride's parents when they were still kids and Santana and Brittany happily accepted the offer, Santana asking if the room they'd be staying in could be their room for when they had all their kids. Alice told her it was already reserved for them with a sign on the door that read: Room 12, Santana and Brittany Lopez. They had a total of fifty rooms in the ward and were working on expanding it to the basement of the shopping center as the pride was going to get bigger when all of the current members had cubs.

With their sonogram photos in hand, Santana and a waddling Brittany slowly followed behind Alice as she led them to the maternity ward and led them to their room. She told them that some of the other pride member's parents had been hired as nurses to help out as well as all their siblings who were trained in the profession. Santana and Brittany walked through the currently empty maternity ward as Alice told them that the nurses were starting work on Brittany's due date to be safe and to get everything ready for the expecting couple.

"That's really awesome of you, Al; thank you." Santana said, one hand on Brittany's back and the other holding her hand as they followed Alice to room twelve which was close by.

"Of course." Alice said with a smile over her shoulder as she stopped at room twelve and opened the door, leading the couple inside and smiling when their eyes widened.

"This is great." Brittany said, "So cozy. It feels like a home. I don't think I'll have any problem staying here for as long as we need to. I already wanna get into that bed."

"That's because you've come to the point in your pregnancy where you need bed rest and very little exercise to get ready for the cubs – the last month is always the time to relax and get yourselves ready to be parents." Alice said as Santana shifted into her lion and walked up the padded ramp attached to the bed to the left of Brittany's. She pawed around on the bed and then walked off, shifting and giving Alice a smile.

"That's really comfy." She commented and Brittany smiled, pecking her fiancé's lips and wrapping her arm around the woman's waist, "So, bed rest?"

"Yep. For the next month the only exercise you should be doing is walking up and down stairs – slowly – and moving carefully around the house." Alice said, shutting off the light in the room as she led the couple out, "And, if you're overdue, you can walk to make the labor happen but otherwise you should try and stay off your feet for as long as possible."

Santana and Brittany told Alice they understood as she shut the doors to the maternity ward and locked them, "Thanks, Al." Santana said and Alice smiled.

"You two drive safe. I'll see you when I see you." She said and turned to head back to the store while Santana and Brittany went in the opposite direction towards the parking lot.

As soon as they got home they made love due to Brittany's spontaneous shock of arousal and then lay in bed watching movies until dinner while Santana sat naked under the sheets and drew up more of her plans for the small – yet large enough for the entire pride – village she wanted to build. She planned to build a wall around the entire property and was overjoyed when Brittany told her that the woods behind their house belonged to her since her grandparents grew all the trees in them when they bought the large slab of land. Santana's plans then became even bigger and she drew up blueprints for a small shopping center in the woods after clearing out some of the trees, a hospital, restaurants and a preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school where their cubs could go instead of being stuck in a regular school where they couldn't shift.

Most of the blueprints for the necessities in the forest were done and Santana was holding off on the blueprints for the other houses until someone fell pregnant. She was certain that her plans for the small town she wanted to build were full-proof and would become a reality. And, in the future, when her cubs had their own cubs, she'd clear out more of the trees and build their houses as well as houses for the rest of the pride's cubs' cubs. She planned to wall-in the forest and make it inaccessible to outsiders who weren't a part of the pride.

The couple then ate dinner and went to bed, sleeping the night away after making wild love before they fell asleep.


A loud, irritable groan was heard from the master bedroom and Santana looked at it from where she sat at her desk as Brittany – now huge – walked out holding her belly and lower back with an annoyed and uncomfortable expression on her face, "Bay-bee," She whined and Santana scrunched her eyebrows up in sympathy for her fiancée, "My due date was a week ago! Can't you just light a fire up in there and smoke them out?"

"I'm sorry you're uncomfortable, sweetheart." Santana said, putting her pencil down and pouting at her fiancée who pouted back and then waddled over slowly.

"It's April first," She huffed, "They should've been here seven days ago! This is ridiculous. Seriously, just reach up in there and yank them out before I go nuts."

"Well, the books and Alice said that walking's good so why don't we go for a little stroll across the land and I'll show you where I wanna put the other four houses and the corridors connecting all five to the Pride House?" Santana suggested and Brittany nodded. Santana nodded back and stood, taking her fiancée's hand and walking her slowly to the stairs, helping her down them and then walking her to the backdoor in the kitchen and helping her down the porch steps before they stopped and Brittany panted.

"Fuck!" She groaned and whined, "Just come out already!"

Santana pouted, rubbed Brittany's large belly and kissed it before starting a slow walk with Brittany's hand in hers, "All right, next door on the right I'm gonna build Louis and Brooke's house, about a hundred meters behind the Pride House I'm gonna build Riley and Penny's house and next to each other to the left of the Pride House I'm gonna build Puck and Quinn's house and Blaine and Kurt's house." She told the woman as they walked around the right of their house slower than snails with Brittany nodding along as she spoke while rubbing her belly, "And then the corridors coming off all the houses will all connect and they'll be high enough off the ground for me to walk under them with no problem in lion form. And then, behind our house about two hundred meters off and to the right of Riley and Penny's house will be a sandy, grassy spot where we can relax in our lions, train our cubs and play around and I'm gonna put outdoor furniture down so the mates have somewhere to sit."

"That's a great, beautiful, brilliant idea-Ah!" Brittany shrieked at the end, gripping her belly and squeezing Santana's hand in a vice grip, "Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Fuck you, cubs!"

Santana's eyes widened as the rest of the pride came out of the house that would soon be renovated into the Pride House and ran over to where they stood, "Brittany, are you okay?" Brooke asked, coming to a stop next to Brittany and putting her hand on the woman's belly while the pride gathered around them.

"Yeah. Yup." Brittany said as she practiced her breathing with frantic nods, "But I just went into labor." She told them and they smiled and began to cheer in excitement as Santana smiled widely while she and Brooke helped Brittany to the car while Riley ran inside to grab the baby bag and labor bag Santana had packed the week before Brittany's due date. She came racing out with them and opened the trunk of Santana and Brittany's Ford while the rest of the pride yelled in excitement as they hurried to open the passenger door for Brittany as Brooke and Santana helped her slowly to the car. Another contraction hit and Brittany screamed out in pain, squeezing the shit out of Brooke and Santana's hands who didn't feel the pain a regular human would feel due to their lion strength.

And then her water broke. Riley's eyes widened and she opened the trunk back up, digging in the labor bag and pulling out Brittany's sweats, shutting the trunk and racing over, "Here, take those off and put these on." She said and Brittany shook her head frantically.

"No! My legs are too fat." She whined and Santana frowned in sympathy for the woman, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.

"Your legs are beautiful." She said, "We'll help you get the sweats on, okay? You won't be any more comfortable in wet pants, baby."

Brittany then nodded and Riley pulled down her wet sweat pants, helping her out of them before helping her into her dry sweats and pulling them up her legs and to her waist, "Okay, the bags are in the trunk; you're good to go." She said as Louis opened the passenger door while Brooke and Santana continued their slow walk to the car with their hands in Brittany's. They helped her into the car, shutting the door while Brittany buckled herself in and Santana pulled open the back door.

"Get in; we don't have time to stall." She said, waving her pride into the car. They all climbed in, taking one seat each of the remaining, empty ten, and she shut the door before moving to the driver's side and climbing in while Riley handed her the car keys over the back of her seat. She pulled out her phone, opened the group chat with the parents of all the pride members and handed her phone to Riley, "Announce that Brittany's gone into labor. I know my parents are gonna wanna be in the waiting room." She said, pulling on her seatbelt and starting the car before looking at her fiancée who'd gripped onto her thigh as another contraction hit while she breathed and breathed and breathed heavy breaths, "We're gonna be parents." She said and Brittany struggled a smile onto her face while the pride clapped and some of them got tears in their eyes, "You're doing good, babe. Hang in there." She said, putting the car in drive and speeding off down the dirt driveway, through the separate groups of trees, which was the entryway to the house, and driving in direction of the shopping center where the spirit lion hospital was.

The pride cheered the whole way there and then, when they'd arrived, all climbed out of the car – Riley grabbing the bags from the trunk – and Santana and the rest of them helped Brittany out of the car before Santana locked it and they all helped her to the hidden back entrance as a group while Riley led them there with the bags in her hand.

Clearly Richard and Alice had gotten the group text as Richard was waiting by the door of the hidden entrance with a wheelchair. Brittany sighed in relief and was helped into it before Santana grabbed the handles and ran the chair to the maternity ward. Richard ran alongside them and pushed the door open where Alice met them and led the pride to the waiting area while Santana pushed Brittany to their room with Richard and two nurses – who were Brooke's mother, Lillian, and aunt, Lindsay – walked with them to do their jobs.

Brittany was in a gown and in her bed within an hour and practicing her breathing while Santana held her hand through the contraction as Alice snapped on gloves and checked her dilation, "Three centimeters. You have a long way to go, Brittany. Would you like an epidural?" She asked and Brittany nodded frantically along with Santana before Alice nodded and left the room to get Brooke's father, Collin, who injected the epidurals.

Brittany was in active labor after an hour and Alice told her she was only four centimeters dilated as she relaxed into the bed, having had the epidural injected, while Santana lay on her own bed and listened to Alice with a reading book in her hand, "You've got a long road ahead but you are moving along so just relax – I'll be back every hour to check your dilation – and play some games, read a book or sleep for a bit. When you're ten centimeters – if you're asleep – I'll wake you up." She said and Brittany nodded with a smile as she inhaled a deep breath and sighed it out in relief that she could no longer feel her contractions.

Santana's parents came to visit them as soon as they arrived at the hospital and brought flowers and a balloon that said: One, Two, Three Babies! They sat with them for an hour and a half before Alice came in, checked Brittany's dilation and smiled.

"We're at six centimeters." She informed the couple, "Almost there, sweetheart."


Brittany had been in the delivery room pushing for two hours and, before she went in, she asked Collin to turn off the epidural so she could feel her boys come out. She was pushing like crazy; screaming, shrieking, sobbing and squeezing Santana's hand as hard as she could.

"All right, I see a head." Alice said and Brittany lay back, panting with sweat covering her forehead, "Okay, give me another big push and your first boy will be out, all right? Push, sweetheart."

Brittany sobbed and pushed again while Santana kissed her head and whispered words of encouragement. Alice repeated the word push three times before a loud, squeaky wail was heard in the room and Santana and Brittany looked up, smiling when they saw little Cole in Alice's hands crying and waving his blood-and-goo covered arms in the air. Santana got tears in her eyes at the sight of the baby and Brittany smiled brightly at him before he was handed to Lillian to be bathed, weighed and changed into his canary yellow footed pajamas that had Cole – 1 printed on them. Another four minutes of pushing and Kody was out, wailing just as Cole did as his parents got a chance to look at him before he was handed to Lindsay who took him to the back of the delivery room to bathe, weigh and change him into his grass green footed pajamas with Kody – 2 printed on them. Mitchell clearly wanted to stay in because, after another fifteen minutes of pushing, he finally came out butt first and took his first breath, wailing and flailing his limbs in the air as his parents looked at him with the same love-struck smiles on their lips as they'd had when they saw Cole and Kody before he was handed to Lillian to be bathed, weighed and changed into his navy blue footed pajamas with Mitchell – 3 printed on them after she handed Cole to an exhausted Brittany. The blonde happily took her son into her arms and smiled down at him as his cries died down, tears pooling in her eyes as Lindsay handed Kody to Santana. They both stared at two of their three identical boys with happy smiles before switching and holding the one the other held first. Lillian stood with Mitchell in her arms as Brittany put Kody in the medium sized bassinet next to the bed in the delivery room for all three of them before handing the small boy to her. Brittany stared down at baby Mitchell while Santana put Cole in the bassinet with a now calm Kody who'd opened his eyes and was looking around, showing off his bright blue eyes. Cole then opened his eyes when Santana put him down and she smiled, leaning down and pecking his forehead as he blinked his deep brown eyes and relaxed next to his brother.

Once Santana had held Mitchell, she put him with his brothers, telling Brittany his eyes were brown before they wheeled Brittany and their triplets back to room twelve – happy and healthy. Before Santana went to the waiting room to tell everyone their cubs had arrived, Brittany took a bath in the bathroom of room twelve and put on the labor pads for the bleeding before pulling on her pajamas and getting back into bed while the boys slept, curled up in each other in their bassinet. Santana stared down at her three sons with absolute love and awe in her eyes before gently kissing each one on the forehead and joining her lips with Brittany's. They'd put the boy's bassinet in the narrow space between the two beds in the room and Santana leaned over it to kiss her fiancée, telling her how proud she was of the woman and thanking her for bringing their boys into the world.

As the clock struck midnight and April first turned into April second, Santana made her way to the waiting room and inhaled a deep breath as the entire pride and her parents sat at attention looking tired yet excited to hear the sexes and names, "We have three baby boys." She said and the pride cheered earning chuckles from some of their parents who worked in the ward, "Cole Carter Lopez came out first and four minutes later Kody James Lopez popped out. And fifteen minutes after that Mitchell Tomas Lopez came out butt first. They're all happy and healthy; mother, cubs doing great."

The pride cheered and clapped before they pulled Santana into a group hug, congratulating her on her boys. She then led them all to room twelve and they piled into the large room, gathering around the beds as they quietly congratulated Brittany while Santana slowly and quietly lifted a sleeping Cole from the bassinet and handed him to her mother. She then passed him onto her father as Santana handed her Kody and eventually the entire pride had held and greeted the three newest members and the boys were back in their bassinet by one a.m.

The pride then left the new mothers alone with their cubs and Santana and Brittany stared down at their boys with large smiles and tired eyes before they both fell asleep.

During the night the boys woke up one after the other for a diaper change and a feeding. Brittany nursed each one on both breasts, switching them to her other breast two minutes into the feedings so one breast wouldn't turn out smaller than the other. And then, during the day, the pride was in and out of room twelve, wanting to be there at 11:26p.m when Cole would shift first into his cub form and then, four minutes later at 11:30p.m when Kody would shift. And fifteen minutes later at 11:45p.m when Mitchell would shift. They wanted to take pictures of how big the cubs were for Brittany's wall idea for the Pride House and they wanted to be present for each cub's first bath given to them by Santana in her lion form as soon as they'd shifted.

Brittany pumped milk out of both breasts at the same time all day filling the each of the cubs' four bottles for feeding times after their twenty-fourth hour. Alice said that the cubs were only allowed to breast feed after they were born during the first twelve hours and then had to be fed with the bottles for the last twelve in order for them to get used to the change in teats for when they shifted into cub form. Therefore, Brittany was literally pumping again after the boys had finished two bottles, connecting each one to the pumps and pumping again, filling them with milk before rubbing her nipples with nipple cream so they wouldn't crack. She had no problem pulling her breasts out in front of the pride and they politely focused on the babies while she pumped or rubbed on nipple cream. She napped every so often during the day, would wake up and pump again, immediately applying nipple cream afterwards.

And then it was 11:25p.m, the boys were butt naked and arranged in order of who came first, second and third between Brittany's legs on her bed and the entire pride was in the room when Santana shifted and Brittany put a wide-awake Cole on her bed with her. She stared down at her boy as the clock struck 11:26 and the pride watched, amazed as the tiny baby started to slowly shift into a lion cub the size of his back in baby form. Fur started sprouting up all over his skin and his little hands and feet turned into paws. He whined as his head shifted slowly into a cub's and then, after twenty seconds, he was the tiniest little lion cub, rolling onto his stomach and letting the pride and his mothers' observe his fur; he had tawny colored, slightly fuzzy fur and a dark raven line of fur stretched across his tiny back. The tops of his ears were raven colored and he had a white spot behind his right ear. Santana immediately started to lick his back with her large, lion tongue while Brittany and the pride cooed over the tiny cub who was literally the size of his own back in human form – so, so tiny. He squeaked and whined as Santana licked him which meant he didn't like baths and Santana then nudged him onto his back, licking his tummy, legs and paws before licking his tail and purring as his eyes closed and he fell asleep on her bed while Brittany put a sleeping Kody down next to a now sleeping Cole and they all watched as he shifted at 11:30 just as Cole did. His fur was also a tawny color and he had three large dark brown spots of fur – one in the middle of his back, one on the back of his neck and one on his left side. Santana bathed him with her tongue and he didn't complain once, now awake as he looked around at all the people cooing over him and then resting his head, rolling onto his side when Santana had finished his stomach and closing his eyes as he curled into Cole and fell asleep with his head rested on Cole's neck. Kody was smaller than Cole in lion form which just made the pride coo more at how cute and tiny he was. They all watched the two boys sleep while Brittany cuddled Mitchell until 11:44 when she put him on Santana's bed and stood next to Riley in front of Santana's bed, stroking her two already shifted cubs and pressing kisses to their heads between their ears. And then Mitchell shifted as well, the same size as Kody, and yawned as Santana licked him clean, squeaking through the yawn and looking straight at Brittany who had tears in her eyes, overwhelmed by the sight of her three lion cubs. His fur was completely tawny and the tips of his small ears were white. Santana finished licking the cub clean and he stood up shakily on his legs and stumbled his way to the edge of the bed clumsily to lie above Cole's head, curling his body around the two other cubs and going to sleep while Santana roared in pride and then licked her nose, resting her head above Mitchell's little butt and listening to the pride coo at how Kody and Cole's butts ended before her neck did. Her mane kept the cubs warm as she shut her eyes and Brittany said goodbye to the pride, showing them out and then watching her fiancé shift back to human form. They snapped pictures of the cubs together before gently moving each one of them back to the bassinet and watching as they all curled back into each other, fast asleep.

"They are so beautiful." Brittany whispered as they stood in front of the bassinet in each other's arms and looked down at their cubs, "Look at Kody's beautiful spots and Cole's stripe and the small white spot behind his ear. And Mitchell's little white-tipped ears."

Santana smiled and stroked all three down their little sides and kissed her fiancée's forehead, "And how the tips of their tails are dark brown." She said, "When they get older the tips will grow out and their tails will get longer and thicker… just like their Johnson's."

Brittany chuckled and buried her head in Santana's chest before they settled into their beds for the night, said goodnight and went to sleep.

The first time a loud, squeaky cry escaped one of the cubs was when Kody woke up needing the bathroom and hungry. Brittany picked him up out of the bassinet and hushed him while Santana shifted into her lion and leaped off her bed, following Brittany tiredly to the litter box filled with sandy beach soil in the bathroom. The blonde put Kody down on the sand and kneeled down next to the litter box while Santana lay on her stomach and rested her head on the edge of it while they watched their boy take his first, clumsy steps in the sand, clumsily digging a small hole and having his first poop as a cub. He then buried it and stumbled back over to Brittany in the sand earning a lick to his side from Santana before Brittany picked him up and got one of his warm and full bottles, resting in her bed and holding him under his stomach while he sucked on the teat of the bottle with his head tilted up slightly as his little tail swayed. His eyes were closed as he finished his entire bottle and Brittany put him back in the bassinet after kissing his head and cuddling him to her chest for a minute.

She and Santana, both back in their beds, closed their eyes for eleven seconds before Cole woke up needing the bathroom and hungry. They repeated the process, Santana remaining in her lion, and watched the future King of the pride do a number one and a number two in the litter box before they fed him and put him back. Mitchell then woke up six minutes later and Santana shifted again – he made a number one in the litter box and then Brittany fed him and put him back in the bassinet with his sleeping brothers before she and Santana fell asleep again.

"You know," Santana said as she stretched out on hers and Brittany's bed, happy to finally be home after a week and three days at the hospital, "When our boys are twenty-one, I'll have to hand the title of King over to Cole." She told her fiancée who lay down next to her and sighed happily, "And when they turn seventeen they'll automatically shift into their lions for that entire year and shift back on their eighteenth birthdays."

"Why?" Brittany asked with a confused frown.

"Because they need to learn, in that year, to fend for themselves, protect their family and hunt. And it'll be my job to teach them." Santana explained with a sniff before standing up and moving over to the intercom by the light switch next to the open double doors. She then tapped into the rooms on the intercom named Cole's Room, Kody's Room and Mitchell's Room. She turned the volume up a fraction and moved back to the bed. They watched the screen of the intercom and smiled when they heard a tiny squeak as the button for Mitchell's room lit up in navy blue before going back to being grey and Santana kissed Brittany's head, "He's dreaming." She told the woman, now knowing all the sounds their cubs made and knowing what each sound meant.

Brittany chuckled and nodded against her chest, already a little smaller than she was when she was pregnant – the weight from carrying the cubs was falling off of her faster than she thought, "Yeah. Thank God we have a few hours to ourselves before one of them wakes up needing the bathroom and a bottle." She said with a tired sigh as Santana wrapped both of her strong arms around the woman, "I've refilled the ones we fed them before we left the hospital."

"Perfect." Santana said and kissed Brittany's head again, "They're beautiful, aren't they?"

"They really are." Brittany said with a smile, "And how come they're identical – aside from eye color and hair color – in human form but they're not identical in lion form?"

"Because their lions aren't their humans. Their lion faces are identical but their size, eye color and fur markings won't be." Santana said, "I guess it's just the way it works."

Brittany nodded in understanding and wrapped her arm around Santana's waist in the front, "Remember our third day at the hospital?" She said with a giggle and Santana groaned with disappointment in herself.

"Fuck, I scared Kody so bad." She said, "I didn't mean to bark at him but he was being naughty in that litter box by stalling and we were both exhausted. And I know he was doing it on purpose."

Brittany chuckled into her chest and pressed a kiss to it before resting her head there and snickering, "The way he jumped was so cute and then he immediately made his number one before trotting over to you and nuzzling his teeny little head in your mane in apology." She reminded her fiancé who nodded and sighed.

"I just felt bad." She said, "I really scared the poor kid. I think he only peed in fright."

Brittany laughed and shook her head, "He jumped and then moved across the litter box and made his number one." She said, "It wasn't in fright it was because he knew he was being naughty. I mean, they're literally the size of a human baby's back and they're already so damn mischievous."

"They really are." Santana said, "But we love them."

"We really do." Brittany agreed, "And I also love how they didn't all start crying at the same time when we were in the hospital. It's like they knew that you wouldn't be able to feed them because you had to be in your lion the entire time they were awake when we were there."

"Yeah, that's usually what happens." Santana informed her fiancé who made a sound of surprise, "But now that we're home two of them will probably cry at the same time but never all three at once."

"That's okay because now you can actually feed them." Brittany said, "When do you shift next month for the whole day?"

"On the second." Santana replied and Brittany sniffed with a nod, "The same day I shifted when they did. I have to shift on the second of every month until their first birthday. Which is great because I'll at least have one day to stretch my legs."

"Yeah, that's the great part. And I think we should take the cubs for walks on those days in the woods with you and around the land to get them used to walking for long." Brittany said and Santana hummed in agreement, "How big will they be next month when you shift?"

"The size of a regular lion cub that's one week old." Santana replied, "Basically it goes like this: if they're one month old, they look one week, if they're one year old in lion form, they look one month old and so it goes. When they're seventeen years old and have to be lions for the year their lions will look like a seventeen month old regular lion. Which is quite big. They'll already have small manes and everything. But they won't be their full size. When they're twenty-four they'll be their full size."

"That's interesting." Brittany said, "And they'll be their full size at twenty-four because at twenty-four human years their lions will look twenty-four months and that's usually when a regular lion stops growing. Right?"

"Exactly." Santana said with a proud smile, "You catch on so fast."

"That's just because you explain things really well." Brittany said and then Santana smiled and kissed her head yet again, "I'm sorry I told the pride not to come back after they saw the cubs shift." She said softly, "I just don't want them bonding with our cubs until they're one month old, you know? I feel like that's when we should take them outside and introduce them to everyone. On the second of next month when you shift. So the other lions in the pride can shift too and we can spend some time out back with them and the other mates… After that they can see our cubs as much as they want to but when they do I want them in lion form just until the cubs are six months and are babies again."

Santana smiled and inhaled a deep breath, speaking on her exhale, "That's completely normal for the human and lion mother of a spirit animal." She informed the blonde, "I don't want them seeing us and the cubs until next month either. The boys need to get used to the environment here before they meet four huge lions and those lions' human mates. If they met them now they'd just be startled. They're too little right now."

"It's really normal?" Brittany asked and Santana hummed in confirmation.

"Completely." She said, "It's just a protection thing that's embedded into the both of us when they're born. If parents of a spirit animal don't have that protection urge then something's not right. You weren't coming off as a bitch or anything if that's what you're worried about. The pride understood."

"No, I know. I just felt like I was being rude." Brittany said.

"They're our cubs." Santana said, "We make the rules. And you were unbearably sweet about it too. I feel like you don't have a single mean bone in your body."

Brittany chuckled and gave her fiancé a squeeze, "I wanna get married in July. The first. It's the day we met last year and you'll be in lion form on our one year anniversary." She spoke her thoughts and Santana smiled.

"That sounds like a perfect idea." She said, "July first; done. I'll speak to Kurt and mom about the planning."

"Great. And I wanna get married out back." Brittany added, "And we can have the reception in the house. But it can't be a huge party because the cubs will only be three months then. We can just have a quiet dinner with the pride while they play or sleep on their play mats. Is that okay?"

"Of course. I agree with you. I don't want a big party either." Santana said, "We're parents now so it's not good for us to get drunk and play loud music when we have three month old triplet lion cubs. And I think my mom and dad can cook the food and everything. And we can use the dining room chairs for the ceremony. Oh! And Blaine's ordained so he can marry us."

"I think it's all sorted then." Brittany said with a wide smile and Santana nodded as the blonde leaned up on her elbow and looked down at her mate, "We're getting married in three months."

"We are." Santana said with a wide smile as she brushed a strand of hair out of Brittany's face, "We most definitely are."


The cubs were one month old now and were the size of a one week old regular lion with tiny ears and tiny paws, thin tails and small eyes. And today was the day they met the pride. Brittany had sent out a text on their group chat and asked if the lions could shift and move out back with their mates. She also asked that the mates sit next to their partners in order for the cubs to know who's who.

Cole absolutely hated water and would cry and whine and squeak – which was his attempt at a roar – at his mother's when they gave him his weekly bath. In lion form they only had to bath once a week and their fur would stay smooth and soft until their next bath.

Kody loved bath time and would swim in the water earning laughs from his mothers. He was the most mischievous one out of all three boys and would test his mother's every chance he got.

Mitchell was the quietest of the three but loved to cuddle and was a definite mommy's boy, constantly following Brittany around when he was awake.

They still had fuzzy fur and had started growing their lions' milk teeth so Santana and Brittany had weaned their lions off the bottle and onto solid food but, when they shifted back to human form, they'd go back on the bottle and eat baby purée until their humans started growing milk teeth. Santana and Brittany would feed them thinned and sliced steaks, each of them getting one and finishing it off. They now had their own, rather large, food bowls with their names printed on them as well – Cole's was canary yellow, Kody's was grass green and Mitchell's was navy blue. The markings on their fur had also become clearer with Cole's raven stripe becoming darker and the white spot behind his ear more visible as well as the raven tips of his ears getting darker as well. Kody's dark brown spots had become a darker brown and he'd gotten tiny dark brown speaks between his ears. Mitchell's white tipped ears had become more visible as well and he'd gotten one random dark brown patch on his front left paw.

Santana had shifted as soon as she woke up and Brittany got ready to meet the pride outside with Santana and the boys before she carried the three cubs downstairs to the carpet separating the dining room from the kitchen and watched Santana gently swat at them with her paw when they climbed on her while she made the four lions their breakfast as she ate a bowl of cereal. Santana now had her own bowl as well with her name on it and it was deep red. Brittany then put their food down with their full, yet smaller than their food bowls, milk bowls that were the same color as their food bowls and had their names on them as well.

She then ate some more cereal and drank a cup of coffee while she watched her family eat before she put all the empty bowls in the dishwasher and opened the backdoor, heading onto the back porch and holding the door open for Santana and the cubs who followed their lion mother's front legs as they walked underneath her stomach. Brittany shut the door and smiled as she walked down the front steps in front of her family and saw the pride waiting in the grassy area behind the two houses. She waved at the mates and gave them all hugs when she got to them before petting all the lions as her family followed slowly behind her. Santana was walking slowly for the cubs' sake as they couldn't walk as fast as she could, still slightly clumsy in their steps.

Brittany studied all the other lions' fur and then had their lions features locked in her mind; Quinn's lioness was slightly smaller than Brooke's and she had one white ear, tawny fur and one dark brown ear and the end of her tail was dark brown as well. Brooke's lioness was also a tawny color, the end of her tail dark brown, and both her ears had dark brown spots at the back of them. Blaine's lion was slightly smaller than Riley's but still bigger than Brooke's and Quinn's and his mane was completely raven while his tawny fur was covered in the same dark brown specks that Kody had between his ears, his long tail ending in raven fur. Riley's lion was bigger than Blaine's, Brooke's and Quinn's but way smaller than Santana's; her fur was also tawny and her tail ended in dark brown mixed with light brown fur. Her front right paw and back left paw were white and she had a dark brown stripe going down her spine which was similar to Cole's but lighter in color. And Santana's lion was the biggest of the lot, her head ending at Brittany's chin. The end of her long, thick tail was raven colored and she had dark brown patches behind both her ears with a light brown stripe traveling down her spine. Her mane was huge, a dark brown mixed with raven, and she even had some of her mane on her lion's chest and the elbows of her front legs. And they were all beautiful and way larger than regular sized adult lions and lionesses.

Penny, Kurt, Puck and Louis cooed when they caught sight of the cubs underneath Santana's stomach as she got closer and Brittany smiled, sitting down in the open space of the circle the pride had made and waiting for Mitchell to come to her with Cole and Kody noticing and following suit. As soon as the cubs had clumsily fallen into the space between Brittany's crossed legs, Santana lay down behind the woman and roared loudly, telling the other lions in the pride that if the cubs came to them they could bond.

"They are so cute." Penny said as she looked at the cubs from where she lay with her head on Riley's side right opposite where Santana and Brittany sat. Brittany smiled and stroked her cubs as they looked around at all the pride members, panting from their walk over.

"They are." She agreed and Louis smiled, Brooke's large lion head rested on his outstretched legs while he leaned back on his hands.

"They have distinct differences." He said and the mates agreed, "Which one's which?"

"This is Cole; future King." Brittany said, lifting Cole up and showing the group as they studied his fur before she put him down, out of the safety of her lap, and watched as he looked around the group before moving over to Kurt who had his head rested on Blaine's side in the same position as Penny. He walked clumsily up to the man, smelled him and made his squeak which the mates chuckled at, "That's his little roar. Kurt, you can pick him up. Just watch his teeth, they're quite sharp." Brittany warned before lifting Kody into her hands and putting him down in front of her crossed legs, "That's Kody." She said and the pride studied his three dark brown spots and the dark brown specks between his ears, implanting what his lion looked like in their minds before he looked around the group and walked straight to Louis and Brooke, climbing onto Louis' lap and biting on Brooke's ear. Brooke gently swatted his rear-end with her left paw and he clumsily walked over her head and extracted his claws to climb up Louis' shirt to his shoulder which he lay over and did his squeaky roar earning chuckles from the group, "And, last but not least, this is Mitchell." Brittany said, putting Mitchell in front of her lap on nervous legs and letting the group study his white tipped ears and the brown patch on his left paw before he turned and climbed back into Brittany's lap, resting his head on the crook in her crossed legs. They chuckled and Brittany scratched his little head, "He's shy." She told them, "He'll come to you when he's a little more comfortable." She then lifted him up and lay back into Santana, resting her head on the lion's side and stretching her legs out in front of her before putting Mitchell on her chest and stroking him as he lay down between her breasts and looked around at the group.

"Britt, you look—" Louis began before Penny finished for him.


"Fantastic." Louis agreed with a nod and Kurt nodded as well along with Puck who was scratching Quinn's head between her ears. Kody clawed his way back down Louis' shirt and retracted his claws before climbing clumsily over Brooke's head and taking a clumsy stumbling leap off of Louis' lap before walking to Quinn and Puck, "He's a feisty little guy." Louis said and Brittany nodded with a chuckle as Mitchell stood on her chest and moved slowly off of her before walking nervously towards Penny and Riley, curling up against Riley's mane and letting Penny stroke his fur with a proud smile.

The cubs continued to bond with the rest of the pride, all of them cooing over the tiny lions, before they eventually made I'm hungry cries and Santana roared, agreeing with them. So the couple said goodbye to the pride and Brittany put all three cubs on Santana's back as they walked back to the house with their tired and hungry boys.

When they got back to the house Brittany fed the three lions in their now clean bowls and gave them some milk to drink before putting the bowls back in the dishwasher and turning it on before she put the tired and falling asleep cubs on Santana's back and followed the large lion upstairs to their bedrooms where she put each one in their crib, covered them with a blanket and then went to the family room with Santana behind her, yawning. She sat on one of the sofas and Santana lay on the same one, resting her large head in Brittany's lap, letting the blonde run her fingers through her big mane as they both fell asleep. They then woke up six hours later at dinner time to the sound of all three cubs crying for the bathroom and dinner through the intercom. They moved to their rooms and Santana carried them, still crying, on her back to the bathroom before Brittany put them in the litter box and all three immediately made a number one and two before burying their number two's and letting Brittany put them back on Santana's back before she followed them downstairs for dinner.

Brittany prepared the cubs and Santana's food first before heating up some microwavable mac and cheese, sitting in the breakfast nook while the four lions ate their dinner.

The day was brilliant and successful – the cubs all bonded with each of the eight other pride members and played for a while on their play mats after dinner until they were tired and Brittany and Santana took them to bed with them falling asleep on Santana's back on the way to their nurseries. Santana immediately shifted back to her human form as soon as the last bedroom door was shut and she smiled at her fiancée, lifting the woman into her arms and carrying her to the bathroom bridal style, sitting her on the toilet seat, tapping into the cub's rooms on the bathroom intercom and then turning on the shower. Brittany got the hint and they both removed their clothes, climbing into the shower after Santana put a condom on her fully erect penis and giggling like schoolgirls as they kissed while Santana hoisted Brittany into her arms and leaned her against the shower wall, lining her member up with Brittany's entrance and pushing in earning a surprised gasp.

This was the first time the couple was making love since Brittany was pregnant with the boys and they were both incredibly relieved to be able to be with each other in that way again. Santana began a slow rhythm as Brittany moaned softly, her forehead resting on Santana's and her arms slung around the woman's neck while the water washed over them. Santana joined their lips before picking up the pace of her thrusts and grunting into Brittany's mouth earning a moan.

"Oh, God." Brittany breathed out as she tangled her finger's in Santana's now wet hair before she let out a loud moan of approval when Santana pushed herself all the way in and held herself there before pulling back out and thrusting back in as hard and deep as she could, "Shit! San!"

Santana buried her head in Brittany's neck and began to kiss it as she began to thrust in and out as fast as she could earning loud moans of pleasure and approval from her fiancée who dug her nails into a tan back and threw her head back against the shower wall. Santana thrust in deeper when Brittany told her to and began to grunt into the woman's neck after she'd placed a rather large hickey just under her jaw. Brittany's thighs began to shake and she announced she was about to cum, spurring her fiancé on and earning three hard thrusts into her G-spot which sent her over the edge and she squeezed her legs together, trapping Santana between them as she arched her body off the wall and into Santana's chest. The brunette's hips began to jerk and she came into the condom before she began to sink to her knees, causing Brittany to slide down the wall with her as she lay the woman on the floor and began to laugh euphorically. Brittany, now panting, laughed along with her and brought her into a tight embrace, kissing her cheek and canting her hips up.

"I love you." She whispered and Santana smiled, pressing a lingering kiss to her neck before raising her head and looking into Brittany's beautiful blue eyes.

"I love you more." She said and Brittany smiled brightly as the water continued to wash over them as they lay on the shower floor in each other's arms.

"I love you most."