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So, I've been feeling a need to write another Lauliver story since writing the last few chapters of my post 4x18 story and a video I saw on YouTube last night inspired me. I'm not completely sure where I'm going with this is going, but bear with me. Sometimes this story will follow canon but other times it will deviate. A few things I've tweaked that you need to know right off the bat:

Sara is dead. Whether she died on The Gambit or on The Amazo is up to you. I love Sara, she's one of my favorite characters, but for the purposes of this story she needed to stay dead.

Ted Grant will be in this story but he will be older and more like the comics and the Justice League cartoon version than the version in the show. He will also only be a supporting character.

Moira never had Oliver kidnapped but still had Diggle assigned to Oliver as a bodyguard. With no need to rush ahead with his plans, Oliver was able to wait a bit and brought Diggle in on his secret.

Parking Garage


A whooshing sound echoed throughout the garage before a light exploded above Adam Hunt and his crew of thugs and bribed officials. They ducked and dodged the sparks as the lights went out in the parking garage. An arrow struck one of Hunt's associates in the chest, killing him instantly. Hunt scrambled into the car as his remaining guard took out a gun while the bribed official ran. The guard fired in a random direction then stopped.

"Hey," a voice called out and he turned around, "you missed."

An arrow flew into his chest and he dropped dead. Someone approached the car and a hand reached through the window, shattering it easily, and grabbed Hunt by his color. Hunt looked up to see a man in a green hood with a bow and arrow aiming his weapon at him.

"Just tell me what you want!" Hunt said as he held his hands in fear.

"You're gonna transfer forty-million dollars into Starling City Bank account one-one-four-one by ten P.M. tomorrow night." The Hood snarled.

Before Hunt could respond, a loud sonic shriek pierced the air. Both The Hood and Hunt grabbed their ears in pain as every car window shattered. The Hood felt himself get grabbed from behind. When Hunt looked up, The Hood was gone.

In an alley not far from the parking garage, The Hood broke out of his assailants grip and got a look at them. It was a masked blonde women dressed completely in black. She glared at him in a way that was strangely familiar.

"Why are you interfering?" The Hood snapped.

"Adam Hunt is a pathetic excuse of a man, but you don't get to rob him for your own gain." The woman said.

"It's not for my own gain. I'm going to give that money back to the city." The Hood growled and she softened considerably.

"Still, you killed those men." She told him in a clipped voice.

"It was necessary." The Hood snapped.

"I think you actually believe that and maybe you're right. But I don't allow remorseless killers in my city, so if you take another life without just cause, I will take you out." She growled at him.

Before The Hood could offer up any sort of response, she turned and vanished into the shadows.

Arrow Lair


"So did it go as you planned?" Diggle asked as Oliver walked down the stairs.

"Yes and no," Oliver said and Diggle looked at him curiously, "I got what I wanted from Hunt for now, but there's someone else out there Diggle. A masked woman in black. She had a sonic…thing."

"A sonic thing?" Diggle asked confused.

"She turned it on and all the windows in the garage shattered." Oliver explained and Diggle's eyes widened.

"So she does exist." Diggle breathed and Oliver raised an eyebrow.

"You know about this woman?" Oliver asked.

"Just from whispers in downtown. For the past five months, there have been rumors of a woman in black with a scream that break glass. Everyone just assumed that it was someone on drugs seeing things until someone else spotted her. She's become something of an urban legend; they call her the Black Canary. No one could ever prove that she existed…until today that is." Diggle said amazed.

"Well, she threatens to interfere in our mission, so that makes her an enemy." Oliver said firmly and Diggle nodded. Though he looked skeptical.

Starling City

Same time

The Black Canary crawled through the window of her apartment stealthily, none of her neighbors noticing. Taking off her wig to reveal dark brown hair, she put the wig on a dresser as she removed her mask. Walking into the bathroom, Laurel poured herself a glass of water as she thought of what to do about this new player in town.

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