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Starling City, next day

Late night/early morning

"Can't believe we're doing this." Diggle muttered to Laurel as he pulled on his ski mask.

Laurel and Diggle had gone to Merlyn Global, but Oliver and Malcolm were both gone by then. Realizing the other archer must have been guarding Merlyn and had taken Oliver, Laurel had told Skye to activate the tracker Oliver told her he kept in his boot. Which had led them here.

"Let's do this." Black Canary said as she put on her mask.

The two then stormed the warehouse, Black Canary kicked the doors in. the guards raised the guns but Black Canary screamed, causing them to drop their guns as they instinctively covered their ears. Diggle then opened fire on them, knocking them down as they were hit by his barrage of bullets. The two then moved throughout the warehouse and saw a staircase. They raced down and found Oliver. He was bare from the chest up and had chains on his arm that were wrapped around a man's neck. He was kneeling on the floor when a guard approached him with a gun. Acting fast, Diggle fired, killing the guard and Oliver practically sagged n relief as he saw them.

I take back every joke I ever made about you sticking a tracer in your boot." Diggle said in greeting.

Arrow lair


"So Merlyn and the other archer-" Diggle began as the trio entered the lair.

"Are the same person." Oliver finished.

"And I thought it was a bad joke when Tommy said his dad could be a supervillain." Laurel said dryly.

"Where are on we on the device?" Oliver asked.

"Wait, we found it, why are you still worried?" Diggle pointed out.

"Merlyn told me he has a backup device. So where are we?" Oliver demanded.

"I have the schematics of the device; I'm going over them now." Skye said as she looked at them and Oliver nodded.

"I need to go talk with my mom again. Laurel, go speak with your father, try and get him to have the police to get as many people out of The Glades as you can." Oliver ordered and Laurel nodded.

The couple walked up the stairs and walked out to see Tommy had arrived, starting to set up the bar. Oliver shot Laurel a look and she nodded as she walked off.

"Hey buddy." Oliver said as he walked over to Tommy.

"Hey, I'm just setting up for tonight." Tommy said.

"Don't," Oliver said and Tommy looked up at him surprised, "I'm giving you the night off, send out an email or something giving everyone else the night off to."

"This is the third night in a row this has happened Ollie, what's going on." Tommy demanded.

"I can't explain right now, but I need you to trust. Do this and stay out of The Glades tonight. Do that and I promise I will tell you everything when this is all over. Can you do that?" Oliver asked him.

"Yeah." Tommy said after a moment.

Oliver nodded and then walked off.

Laurel's apartment


"Laurel?" Quentin called out as he entered his daughter's apartment after getting her text, telling him to meet him there.

"In the living room dad." Her voice called out.

Quentin walked into the living room and stopped cold, staring in shock. His daughter was there, sitting on the couch, dressed as the Black Canary. On her table was the mask and side batons.

"Wh-what is this?" Quentin demanded in shock.

"Exactly what you're thinking." Laurel said as she stood up.

"You, you're the…" Quentin couldn't get the words out.

"Yes." She said bluntly.

"How, why, I-" Quentin stammered.

"Dad, I know this must be a shock, but I'm not telling you this just so you know," Laurel said and he looked at her with his shock filled eyes, "Malcolm Merlyn is planning to destroy The Glades."

"What?" Quentin said hoarsely.

"He had a device created that can produce a manmade earthquake; he plans to use it on The Glades tonight." Laurel explained.

"Why-why would he do that?" Quentin said as his brain truly caught up with what she was saying.

"He blames them for the death of his wife. Dad, I know this is a lot to take in, bit if we fail, a lot of people are gonna die. I need you to have the cops start evacuating The Glades. Can you do that for me?" Laurel asked him.

"Yeah, yeah I can do that." Quentin said lowly as he nodded.

Queen Mansion

Same time

"Mom," Oliver said as he walked into, "we need to stop this."

"Everything I've everything done has been to protect both you and you're sister." Moira said as she packed up Walter's things.

"What about all those people in The Glades?" Oliver demanded.

"I'm not their mother." Moira insisted.

"So you'll condemn hundreds, thousands of people to death to protect two? That makes you no better than Malcolm. Mom, I spoke to Malcolm." Oliver told her and she froze.

"He could have killed you. He killed your father." Moira warned him.

"No, he didn't. After the Gambit went down, we both made it to the life raft. And we drifted, for days. In the end, there wasn't enough food or water for both of us. So he shot himself in the head." Oliver explained bluntly.

"I don't wanna hear anymore." Moira said as she turned away.

"He sacrificed himself so I could live. Do you really think I could go on knowing you sacrificed thousands more in my name? Mom, please, you have to help me stop Malcolm. We need to know where the device is." Oliver pleaded with her as Moira's phone went off.

"Malcolm, how can I help you?" Moira asked as Oliver began to pay attention to the call, "I see. Thank you for calling."

"What is it?" Oliver asked.

"Malcolm has accelerated the time table. The Undertaking is happening tonight." Moira said and Oliver nodded and turned away, "where are you going?"

"Someone in this family needs to put an end to this. If it's not gonna be you, then it sure as hell will be me." Oliver snapped as he walked out.

Arrow lair


"The Undertaking happens tonight." Oliver said as he walked into the lair.

"We may have found something." Diggle told him.

"This map," Laurel held up the list, which was opened to a picture The Glades, "what if it's more than just a map? What if it's where Malcolm is putting the device?"

"Malcolm's putting it underground." Oliver realized.

"Yeah," Skye said as she brought up a geographical map, "this is a US geological survey of the tectonic plates under Starling City. The red line here is a known fault that runs right below The Glades."

"About a mile, the fault runs underneath the old Tenth street subway line." Diggle chimed in.

"I know where the device is." Oliver said and the others looked over at him.

Before he could say anything, his phone rang. Oliver pulled it out and saw it was Thea, quickly answering it.

"Now is not a good time." Oliver said.

Yeah, no kidding. Mom has a bunch of reporters here, she's holding some kind of press conference." Thea told him.

"What channel?" Oliver demanded.

"Uh, looks like all of them." Thea said and Oliver abruptly hung up.

"Skye, pull up the local news." Oliver ordered and she did, everyone staring at Moira's picture on the screen.

"My name is Moira Dearden Queen. I am the acting CEO of Queen Consolidated and, god forgive me, I have failed the city. For the past five years, under the threat of my life and lives of my children…I have been complicit in an undertaking with one horrible purpose: to destroy The Glades and everyone in it. I realize now that my family's safety will mean nothing if I let this dreadful act occur. But you need to know that the architect of this nightmare is Malcolm Merlyn. And I have proof that he has killed dozens in pursuit of this madness. Adam Hunt, Frank Chen, and my husband Robert. Please, if you reside in The Glades, you need to get out now. Your lives and lives of your children depend on it." Moira said before the news feed cut out.

"Whoa." Skye said as she stared at the blank screen.

"She gave them a chance." Oliver said as he walked over to a crate.

"I thought Merlyn broke your bow." Diggle said as Oliver pulled out a bow.

"I have another." Oliver said simply.

"I was going over the semantics, the device be activated by a timed detonation or a mobile transmitter." Skye told him.

"Merlyn could have it on him." Oliver noted.

"If we can get our hands on the transmitter, maybe we don't need the device." Diggle said optimistically.

"That's a bigger if than I'm comfortable with." Laurel noted.

"Me to. Someone needs to disarm it," Oliver said before his phone went off, "hello?"

"You knew about this, didn't you?" Tommy said as he paced back and forth in Caitlin's apartment.

"Tommy…" Oliver trailed off, not sure what to say.

"You're The Hood, aren't you? It all fits: those unexplained disappearances, The Hood is always in the right place when we need him to be. It's you, and Laurel's the Black Canary." Tommy realized.

"Yeah." Oliver finally broke, realizing it was no use lying about it.

"You know what, I'll deal with that later. Are you gonna kill him?" Tommy demanded.

"…I'll see you Tommy." Oliver said before hanging up.

"So, who'd disarming it?" Skye asked.

"Laurel, find the device, disarm it." Oliver ordered and Laurel scowled.

"I don't take orders." She hissed.

"This isn't about you Laurel. It's about…" Oliver trailed off but she got the message and she realized he was right. She couldn't put their child in danger by going after Malcolm.

"Fine." Laurel seethed.

"So what, you're just gonna go after Merlyn by yourself?" Diggle demanded incredulously.

"He'll kill you Oliver. You need to take Laurel." Diggle insisted.

"I'm pregnant John," Laurel said and he froze, "I can't put my baby in that kind of danger."

"Oh." Diggle said lamely.

"I understand your concern John. He's beaten me twice and I don't know how to stop him." Oliver confessed.

"Then how about this time, you bring something you didn't have the last time: Me." Diggle declared.

"I can't let you do that Diggle." Oliver told him.

"You are not by yourselves anymore, not since you brought me into this. "Besides, army regulations: a soldier never lets a brother go into battle alone." Diggle told him.

Diggle held out a hand to Oliver and, after a moment, Oliver took it in a symbolic handshake.

"I'm out of bows." Oliver quipped.

"I've got my gun." Diggle smirked.

"Laurel, the device is in an abandoned subway station near Pabst Street." Oliver told her.

"How do you know that?" Skye asked.

"That's where Tommy's mother was murdered." Oliver explained.

Laurel's phone went off and she answered it.

"Dad?" Laurel said and they all turned to her.

"You were right." Quentin told her.

"Dad…" Laurel trailed off, unsure what to say.

"Is Queen with you? Because he's The Hood, right?" Quentin guessed.

"Yeah." Laurel said as she looked over at Oliver.

"Well, good luck from me. To both of you." Quentin chuckled humorlessly.

"Dad…I need you to do something for me." Laurel said.

"What else do I have left to give?" Quentin asked dryly.

"On the chance we fail to stop this, get the people out of The Glades, get the people out." Laurel explained.

"Laurel, I'm not exactly on the up and up with the people in The Glades." Quentin told her.

"I know. But I know someone who is." Laurel told him.

The Glades


"All right, listen up!" Ted shouted at his assembly of people from the gym, "people out there are panicking and they have every right to. Get them to safety; get them out of The Glades. Now go, go!"

Quentin walked into the gym as Ted's white hats ran out into the street. Ted noticed him and walked over.

"Detective." Ted greeted.

"Did you know about Laurel?" Quentin demanded.

"I trained her." Ted said and Quentin gave him an angry look.

"I'll be mad about that later. What do you need me to do?" Quentin asked and Ted smiled.

"Get people who can't leave to safety." Ted ordered.

Merlyn Global

Same time

The Hood and Diggle, wearing a ski mask, entered Malcolm's office and saw all the dead bodies of police officers.

"Looks like we missed him." Diggle muttered as they looked around.

"He wouldn't go far…he must be here." The Hood said.

"Wait." Diggle said as he walked over to a wall.

Curious, The Hood followed him. He saw it then two: There appeared to be a crack in the wall.

"Looks like a false wall." Diggle noted.

At The Hood's nod, Diggle pushed it open and they walked into the room. It was some sort of lair you might expect a supervillain in a movie to have. There were two tables stacked with weapons and Malcom was standing at the end of the room in front of a fan, dressed in his Archer outfit.

"Hello gentlemen." Malcolm greeted coldly "I've been waiting for you. I wanted to see you watch your city die."

"Where is the transmitter?" The Hood demanded.

"Somewhere I can easily get to it." Malcolm assured him.

"I doubt it. You'll be too dead." Diggle said before the fight began.

The Glades

Same time

"Skye, I found it." Laurel said over the comms as she saw the device in front of her.

"Okay," Skye said as Laurel knelt down in front of it, "you should see a circuit board. Pull it out."

Spotting it, Laurel did as Skye told her.

"Okay, do you see a timer?" Skye asked her.

Standing up, Laurel easily spotted it and her heart sank as she saw the numbers counting down.

"Skye, we have less than seven minutes." Laurel told the hacker.

Merlyn Global

Same time

Malcolm had incapacitated Diggle and had led Oliver onto the roof during the fight. The two archers fired at each other, arrows missing the other as they rushed at each other. The two began using their bows as swords before Oliver grabbed Malcolm's arm and threw him to the ground. Oliver notched an arrow as Malcolm stood up. Oliver fired and Malcolm caught the arrow before it exploded, sending him to the ground.

Underneath The Glades

Same time

"Okay, you need three wires. A green one, a yellow one, and a blue one. Cut the blue wire." Skye told Laurel over the comms.

"Okay." Laurel muttered.

Tense, Laurel used the plyers to cut the blue wire. Suddenly, the device seemed ready to activate. It rose up and Laurel jumped up to see the timer tick down to two minutes.

"Oh my god. Skye, the time decreased!" Laurel shouted in panic.

"There must be some sort of safe guard, damn it!" Skye cursed.

"What do we do!?" Laurel asked panicking.

"Okay, I need you to listen to me very carefully." Skye told the slightly older woman.

Merlyn Global

Same time

Malcolm kicked Oliver to the ground and he lost his bow. As Oliver stood up, Malcolm slugged him. As Oliver started to go down, Malcolm grabbed him from behind and started choked him as he lowered them both to their knees.

"Don't struggle. There was never any other outcome. Don't worry, your mother and sister, as well as Miss Lance, will be joining you in death soon enough." Malcolm promised.

'Survive.' The memory of his father's final moments flashed through Oliver's mind.

Spotting an arrow near him, Oliver desperately reached for it. Grabbing it, Oliver turned it on himself and stabbed it through him and into Malcolm. Oliver then pushed the arrow all the way into him and into Malcolm as the other archer gasped in pain. Malcolm let go of him as he fell to the ground and Oliver fell face first onto the rooftop as he breathed heavily.

"Thank you," Oliver began as he started to stand up, for teaching me what I'm fighting for. But my father taught me how."

Once he had stood up, Oliver slugged Malcolm, who went down on his back.

Underneath The Glades

Same time

Laurel twisted a few wired under Skye's instructions and the device sparked. Laurel beamed as the machine died and she sighed in relief.

Merlyn Global

Same time

"Oliver, Laurel did it." Skye said and Oliver and Diggle smiled at each other.

"It's over Malcolm. The device has been disarmed." Oliver said and Malcolm glared at him.

"You've set the city back decades. The city needed this!" Malcom cried.

"No, what it needs is to be rid of you." Oliver said coldly.

Malcolm glared on last time before he fell over, dead.

Laurel's apartment, next day


"So, it's all over then." Laurel said as she and Oliver watched the news report.

"Yeah. The Undertaking was stopped and on Malcolm's computers was a list of all the coconspirators and a list of all the crimes the people on the list had, who are now under investigation. Tommy was named CEO of Merlyn Global in Malcolm's will, and he's using that position to cooperate fully with the police." Oliver said and Laurel nodded.

"So, the city was saved, the people on the list are under fire. And you and Tommy?" Laurel asked concerned.

"I talked with him, told him everything. Given everything that's happened, he was surprisingly cool about it, even me killing his dad," Oliver said and she nodded, relieved, "Speaking of dads, how are you with yours?"

"I told him everything. He was very, very chill, I almost had to check it was really him," Laurel joked and he laughed, "he's not gonna turn us into the police. Honestly, he was more upset by the fact that I'm pregnant."

"So…have you considered what we talked about?" Oliver asked and she nodded.

"I have…and I decided you were right. The city is safe, the people on the list are getting what they deserve, and the city is getting cleaned up. We've done our part, now it's time to hang up the masks." Laurel said and Oliver smiled.

"So…you and me then?" Oliver asked and she smiled.

"Yes Ollie, it's time to begin our normal, boring lives together." Laurel said as she kissed him.

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