The first time Satya sees Junkrat, it's when Winston and Tracer return from one of their headhunting excursions.

Clustered over by the facility entrance, a wiry man and a living mountain accompany the two disproportionate shapes of her friends. From her vantage point in the workshop threshold, she assesses the strangers' choice of dress. Tattered and ragged might be generous terms, she thinks, and lacking seems far more apt. Neither wears a shirt of any kind; instead, some sort of harness is strapped across the chest of each. Odds and ends are hitched to their hips and shoulders, none of which she can quite see. Supplies, she supposes, but with the bulky weapons slung across their backs, "supplies" could mean almost anything.

The wiry man leans in toward Winston with a hunched posture, conversing rather animatedly with his hands. Half of his right arm appears to be a replacement, albeit a crude one—did he design it himself? He should have consulted a proper mechanic!—and she runs her fingers along the warm white metal of her mechanized hand in thought. Half of his right leg is missing as well, supplemented with an odd peg-leg sort of structure instead of a prosthetic calf and foot, and Satya is left wondering exactly what sort of trouble had cost him not only one limb, but two.

As she peers out from the doorjamb, the colossus shifts to look in her direction with thick, folded arms. A black mask conceals the bulk of his face and any discerning features, and that somehow proves more unsettling than his immense size. Unlike his partner, he doesn't seem to be missing any major limbs. That either credits his ability to avoid conflict or to annihilate it altogether.

Satya sucks in a breath and attempts to steel herself under what she can only interpret as an intimidating glare from the eyes behind the black mask. Prickles drop down the vertebrae of her spine in an uncomfortable twist and she resists the urge to slink back into the workshop. If these two are to be part of the regenerating Overwatch recall, she can't afford to fear them. There is no need to let herself succumb to things like that. She is stronger than this.

And yet, when the wiry man notices his partner's pointed gaze and glances over his shoulder, Satya retreats with her teeth sinking into her lip.