Holy. Mother. Of f ck. How long has it been since I've had the gall to look at my own written story? To see that, somehow, people were still prodding at it every so often.

For those who have continued to keep this story in your follow/notification, I wish to say two things- thank you, and sorry.

I thank you for giving my story a chance, finding this mental awkward mess of personal thought to be worth your time to go through, and I sincerely do hope you've found some form of amusement or entertainment out of this work.

As for the apology, it's been... I dunno, almost five years now? Six? I've lost track and I'm afraid to look at the 'updated' date. _

But that aside, Its been many years since I've been able to put my words, my personally woven tale, to the forefront of my mind, and to share it here for those few of you who've come to cherish this story... or at least bothered to humor me and read it yourself. ^_^,

But I digress. It's been far too long since I've made a return to this site, and I do not wish for this story to be left hanging off of the meat hook even after The Undercity was turned into Azeroth's Chernobyl. I wish to tell you all that, yes, I will be making a glorious return to this grand beginning of (what I hope to be) a saga that, perhaps with your help, can make this story truly feel alive... and definitely come out better than how Warlords of Draenor did.

I'm sorry- but when expansions later are making fun at how this was all set up (firstly by the Allied Race quest line, and if you've joined the Night Fae, have a play of your 'recent achievements' put out on display), you know someone at the dev meeting that time of year fucked up somewhere. But I'll give the devs credit for making fun of themselves in one way or another.

"They fought against Gul'dan! But this was a Gul'dan from another world! From another timeline!... wow, this is really weird."

Ffs, that broke me into a giggly fit afterwards XD I loved that stage play- best quest ever. Fight me on this, I dare ya.

Anywho, I should probably go over what you've all said and see about what I can do to either update and improve what's already here, or maybe get around to finishing the draft of the chapter I left unfinished. Work in 2016 was a bitch. But now that COVID's come in and forced everyone to slow the hell down, I can perhaps get back to delving on this amusing line of thought for a while longer.

Once more, I thank all of you for taking an interest, and I hope to get around to forcing myself to finish typing out the chapter.

I do hope you're all staying safe out there as well.