Cyclonesally: hello everyone and welcome to my second crossover! i may seem like a slice a' life fic, but i have one big story coming!

Conan: (praying) please don't torture me.

Cyclonesally: no.

Conan: noooooooo!

Cyclonesally: also, lets play spot the reference! onto the fic!

"Dad, I'm going out!" Shouted Ran. "I may be away for a couple of days, so I'm leaving you lots of bento boxes!"

"Eh. Whatever." Said the famous detective Mouri Korogo. Obviously drunk and distracted by Yoko, he had not heard a single thing that Ran had said.

"Ran-neechan, where are you going?" Asked Conan. While he asked he thought, I hope it's just a karate tournament. If I have to tag along with Sonoko one more time, I'll go crazy.

"Actually, I'm going to meet a friend I made at a karate tournament." Explained Ran, "This is also the only person who ever beat me at karate."

Well, I was close. Thought Conan. I wonder who beat her? It gives me the shivers. Ran's so good, I can't imagine anyone beating her. He then said aloud, "can I come too Ran-neechan? Please? I want to see them. Please!" He then gave a puppy dog pout that could rival Mara Wilson. If this person is a guy, I have to be the in case he tries to make a move on her. "I want to go! I want to go!"

"OK Conan-kun." Said Ran "But you have to promise to be on your very best behavior."

"I will! I promise" said Conan. If I had my real body, I could warn them away by just being there.

Ran went to go shopping. saying, "I don't think that dad even knows the direction to the store, let alone where the bento boxes and instant ramen are."

Conan responded with a "Hai!"


"ran! Ran! Where's my dinner! Ran!" Korogo and realized that there were bento boxes and a note that said:

Conan- kun and I are leaving for a trip. The minimum is 3 days; the maximum is 3 weeks. I've gotten you enough bento boxes and instant ramen to last 3 weeks, just in case. I'll call you if I need you,


"bu-bu-bu-but what about my dinner!" shouted Korogo.