The Most Famous Tickle Scene Redone

Note: This is the True Final Chapter,since I can't think of anymore original tickle stories (ie. ideas,I haven't used before). So Enjoy.

Don Turetlli's Penthouse Suite,NYC 3:40PM

Don Turtelli and his 2 henchmen,Rodney and Bruce,are watching over April O'Niel and her friend Irma Langenstien(?),who were tied up to chairs,blindfolded,and barefoot. Bare feet are placed on ottomans.

The 2 ladies were just recently captured by Turtelli and his gang for questioning.

Don Turtelli takes out a feather from his jacket and turns his attention to April.

"Okay, little lady, sing. Tell me all you know about kimonos?" The Don inquired,somewhat threatiningly.

"Never, you crook!" April told him defiantly.

"Uh, April, couldn't you maybe tell him a little something?" Irma told her friend,with slight nervousness in her voice.

"Not in a million years!" April continued defiantly.

"Okay, lady, you had your chance. Now pay the penalty!" Turtelli told her maliciously as he waved his feather a bit.

Bruce pins down April's legs,as Don Turtelli starts tickling her feet with the feather. And he does it with gusto. Bruce stares at April's feet with a bit of lust in his eyes.

"Ahahahahahaha!Forget it!Hahahahaha! I-I won't talk,you fiend!Hahahahahahaha!" April laughed hysterically,still very defiant.

Turtelli continues tickling April's beautiful bare feet for another couple of minutes.

"It's no good, boss. She'll never break, she's too tough" Rodney observed.

"Well,then. Let's see if this cutie will break" Turtelli told his minion as he stopped tickling April and moved on to Irma.

Bruce releases April's legs and walks to Irma.

"Ok,cutie. Talk? Where can we find quality Kimono's?" He asked,threateningly.

"Have you tried Japan. I hear Okinawa has some pretty cool Kimono's!" Irma told him with some snark.

"Oh,A wise gal huh? Well,let's see how ticklish your feet are?" Turtelli told her slightly annoyed at her snark.

Turtelli tickles Irma's bare feet,as Bruce pins down her legs.

"Hahahaha! T-This is kinda kinky!Hahahahaha!"Irma admited,as she laughed hysterically.

"If ya know what's best for you. Talk!" He warned her as he continued to tickle her soles and toes.

"She has nice feet too,boss" Bruce commented,excitedly.

"Yeah,nice and ticklish...just like I like 'em." Turtelli replied,still tickling Irma's feet.

Suddenly,a commercial on the TV catches the attention of the Turtelli gang. It's Kimono Kal (Donatello in disguise) and he's just opened up a new kimono market. Turtelli stops tickling,and Bruce releases Irma's legs.

"Kimono Kal is your Pal,So C'Mon Down to Kimono Kal's" various voices badly sung in the backround of the commercial. (actually the other turtles).

"That's right partners,We have Kimono's imported from all over Japan and Okinawa. All quality made and at a low price. Nothing but the best for Kal's customers. Because Kal is your Pal!" Kimono Kal enthusiastically told the people watching.

With that,the commercial ends.

"Looks like we have a fresh new target,boys." Turtelli told his minions,smiling deviously. "Go to Kimono Kals and...make him an offer he can't refuse. heh,heh,heh!

The two henchmen immediately head to Kimono Kals. Turtelli puts the feather back in his jacket.

Both women bring their feet down to the floor.

"I'll deal with you 2 lovelies later,after I've taken care of some buisness" Turtelli told the ladies of Channel 6 News,as he left the room.

"Good,he's gone! Now we can get out of here!" April told Irma with releif in her voice.

"I dunno,I kinda like having my feet tickled,hehehe!" Irma admitted as she giggled slightly.

"Be serious! Now let's get out of here!" April scolded her friend a bit as she tried struggling out of bondage. "Ugh! It's no use,these ropes are too tight!"

"Looks like we're stuck here for a bit" Irma told her friend sighing. "So,wanna play 20 questions,while we wait?"

April groans in annoyance.

The End!

This Final Chapter was a remake of that unforgetable foot tickling scene from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles '87. Episode: Case of the Hot Kimono's. Only this time,I replaced that annoying Vernon,with Irma.

And that concludes 'Foot Tickle Mini-Stories'. Stay Tuned for the Spin-Offs.